cosy living room with wood stove in summerfunctional kitchen in 'vista sul mare'
Paradise in Italy's green heart, new swimming pond




2 - 12岁

La casetta degli angeli (angels house) is a modest villa in romantic 2 ha.'s parc. in Etruscan Central Italy. Rome and Florence 1 and 1,5 hrs per train.
You find two gites in the house, but rather rent the entire house to guarantee your privacy.

New in 2017: a large natural swimming pond with childs bath: no chlorine, no salt. Plants, planted in a separated part, depurify the water. A real treat for your skin.


La casetta degli angeli (angels house) is a modest villa in romantic 2 ha.'s park which is known as 'al settimo cielo' (in seventh heaven).
It is in Etruscan Central Italy. Rome and Florence are easy to reach, either by car (110 resp. 130 km) or by train(1 and 1,5 hrs by train).
Although the house has two apartments, it is to let as an entire house as well.
The apartments are furnished in a personal way with a mix of modern&vintage furniture. All art in the apartments is for sale. So you may not find, what you have seen on this website!
Central heating is available, wood stoves as well.
In each bedroom/mezzanino is room for 2 persons. There are 8 single beds, 6 beds are 200cmx90cm and two are 200cmx80cm. We can make a child's bed available on request.
The kitchens are well equipped with plenty of crockery, (tea) towels etc.
You will find blankets+sheets on the beds (one set per week), we provide towels (one set= two towels per person per week). You will have to bring your own towel to ly down on (for the swimmingpond/pool or beach).
There is music equipment and internet (wifi).

We are extremely flexible: you may choose total self-catering or getting fresh bread in the morning, baked by the celestials.
You may also sit down at our table twice per week. We will prepare you a heavenly meal with wine out of Bacchus's jars (25 euro per person).
You choose us because of our personal approach and flexibility.

We can provide you for fine arts materials and eventually a teacher on request, if possible. Price depends on our mutual agreement.

The owners are most willing to take you to secret places which you would not have found. If you prefer to go on your own, many small towns and villages are in the very vicinity, just like Etruscan excavations, museums, churches, sculpture parks etc.

This paradise is perfect for people seeking for rest and peacefulness, like nature lovers, writers, composers,readers,musicians. Also parents with small children may have a good time here. It is too beautiful to just stay one night!

NB. 1
If the entire house is too big for you, please contact us. You may rent just one apartment.

If you are 10 we offer you a wooden lodge with a double bed, bathroom and small terrace and (since we installed a swimming pond) 'vista sul lago' for 200 E(midseason) and 300E (highseason) and 450E per week extra.

NB. 3
In all seasons gas and electricity according to consumption!

In case you would like to stay for longer than a holiday please get in touch: (EMAIL HIDDEN) is a heavenly spot, perfect for writing a book, composing music, concentrating on creative work like sculpture, ceramics, painting etc.

We have had many positive reviews. We cite only this one:"We stayed in the 'casetta degli angeli' at alsettimocielo over the wint(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) period for three and a half months. If there was a heaven on earth then this is the place to be. A stunningly tranquil setting to structure my book disturbed only by the wildlife. Observing nature through the seasonal changes (even through one of the harshest winters of recent years!) we found meditative, spiritual and rewarding. We left here with a new language, a love of Italian food and a refreshed zest for life.
Edith and Willem have made us both feel welcome and have been both helpful and accommodating since the day we arrived. As tour guides, they are informative and passionate towards sharing their knowledge and love of this beautiful area of Italy. As multi linguists they possess a wicked, dry sense of humour!

We hope to return to 'Seventh Heaven' in the near future.

Alice and Leslie Pearson x"
Redcar, UK (but always travelling around the world)


The entire parc is at your disposal. Feel free to stroll around, sit down where you like it, read a book on the edge of one of the ponds or just being lazy, watching the buzz in the pond, where always is happening something: croaking frogs, fishes swimming slowly around. We only ask you to respect the privacy of eventual other guests and the owners, whose private garden is on another level. And of course we expect you to respect the wildlife and nature.

From spring 2017 you can dive into the cristal clear water of the natural swimming pond. The water is purified by plants, which are planted in a separate part. No bleach, no salt is used, a real treat for your skin.

You will find plenty of garden furniture. You can park on the site.
Please be aware that Umbria can be very hot and dry in summer. So don't be surprised when the grass is not green and many plants are suffering. Water is the new gold of Umbria:-)


The owners, 'celestials' are living on the site. So if you might have a problem, they are very near to help you to find a solution.
The celestials are extremely flexible: you can choose from total self-catering to getting fresh bread in the morning and twice a week heavenly meals made by the celestials, wine out of Bacchus'jars. You choose this place because of celestials' personal approach and flexibility.
They can provide you fine arts materials and even a teacher on request, if possible. Price depends on our agreement.
The celestials are also most willing to take you to secret places which you would not have found. If you prefer to go on your own, there are many small towns and villages in the very vicinity, just like Etruscan excavations, musea, churches, sculpture parcs etc.


For more information, photo's etc. visit (URL HIDDEN)
al settimo cielo is the perfect place to be for people seeking for rest and peacefulness, like naturelovers, writers, composers,readers,musicians,parents with small children. It is too beautiful to just stay one night!

卫生间: 3
卧室: 4
床铺: 8
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客: 42 / 晚 多于6位房客
清洁费: 121
押金: 424



Most important: no smoking. Although the house consists of two apartments (with each a kitchen and a bathroom) plus a separate bedroom with a big bathroom, we rent out the whole to garantuee the highest privacy.
Of course the apartments are clean, when you arrive, but we expect you to clean the apartment yourself during your stay, although we can provide extra cleaning. Price by mutual agreement. Please take into account that water is a scarse item in summer. Respect the ones who are living on the property; wildlife is amongst them. Check-in time by mutual agreement. Further rules to be found in the house.







El septimo cielo, es un alojamiento totalmente acorde con su nombre. Edith y Willem, son dos anfitriones inmejorables, y nuestra estancia allí ha sido maravillosa, no sólo hemos podido disfrutar de las excelentes instalaciones de la casa, sino también de la maravillosa compañía de sus anfitriones, compartiendo mesas y fiestas. la ubicación de la casa es inmejorable, y la zona de la Umbría totalmente recomendable. Ha sido una experiencia que no olvidaremos jamás, gracias a Edith y Willem, unos amigos para siempre. Un fuerte abrazo desde España

Séjour vivifiant et régénérant dans une propriété fleurie et arborée avec une piscine naturelle à tester absolument pour la douceur de son eau et le bien-être qu'elle procure. Sans oublier l'accueil aux petits soins des hôtes,Edith et Willem, le panier d'accueil avec vin, huile d'olive de leur production et confiture maison. Ils ont dû s'absenter pour raison familiale mais ont continué à s'inquiéter de nous via les mails. Leur ami présent dans la propriété durant cette absence fut également à la fois discret et présent. La seule remarque concerne le chemin hors route goudronnée qui oblige à une conduite très prudente sauf si on s'y rend en SUV.
Edith And Willem的用户个人资料
来自Edith And Willem的回复:
Merci beaucoup pour le révision très gentil! Ce fut un plaisir de vous avoir comme nos hôtes. Peut-être `a une fois prochaine et cordiali saluti, met vriendelijke groet namens alsettimocielo, with the kindest regards Willem et Edith.

We enjoyed our stay with Edith and Willem, who were very hospitable and welcoming. We enjoyed a meal with them and the food was delicious and traditional. Our hosts were very friendly, and helpful. Our accommodation was comfortable, with comfy beds and good showers. The house is in isolated location which meant we needed to cook each night but would be perfect to write a book or draw as suggested in the website. Our only disappointment was that the cottages we stayed in did not have the views as depicted in the photos - these are from the main house where Edith and Willem live.
Edith And Willem的用户个人资料
来自Edith And Willem的回复:
Ciao Jeryn, Thank you for your lovely words and your feedback. You have been a great group, it was lovely to hang around with you. You are welcome whenever you would like to come again. You are right about the views: reviewing photo's and texts we could make this more clear. We thought that we have done this already by inviting guests to use the entire 'park' and as subtitle of one of the photo's is written 'viewing point in the celestials'garden; ask them to sit here to enjoy the view on Orvieto's duomo'. Now I see, that we should make more additions to the photo's with views. We hope that you will have a nice stay in Berlin and thereafter a safe flight home. cordiali saluti, Willem and Edith.


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After having worked as (Dutch) lawyers over 35 years we , Willem Smit and Edith Brons, decided to change track and to dedicate ourselves to another passion, arts. We have always had a wide interest in arts. A few years ago we got in touch with the meditative power of sculpturing ‘al fresco’ in the wonderful Italian landscape. That was very inspiring. We wished to share this experience with other people. So in 2004 we started undertaking the search for an inspiring spot in central Italy. Three years of efforts were rewarded: finally we found a wonderful, poetical spot in the south of Umbria. The location is more than ideal just between Rome and Florence, easily accessible both by public transport and by car. One year we have been working on the preparation of the property and the accommodations. It has really been tough to reach the seventh heaven!

Our creative force is in the development of ideas, bringing the right people together, to stimulate and to create the proper basic provisions, like housing, materials and tools, tasteful meals, good music, inspiring excursions etc.

5 thing we cannot live without: our children, eachother, our family, friends, art...
Our favourite travel destinations: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal are our favourites until now; we still have many wishes: East Asia, South America, China (for a ceramic tour).
Books to many to mention: we have been reading all our lives and still do. Shows? we are not very fond on shows, unless you can consider Cirque du Soleil as show. Music: omnivores: 60's and 70's (Bob Dylan, Stones, Beatles etc. etc), jazz, classical musi (chamber music), Spanish folk and the pop based on this music( Tomatito, El Barrio and many others), fado (even Duitch fado!), worldmusic like Anour Brahem etc.etc.. We now are discovering Italian pop based on Italian folk (e.g. tarantapop, Eugenio Bennato), .
Food is very important to us; therefore we partially live in Italy! We love cooking good fresh food from the region, honestly prepared. We love long dinners with family and friends.

Please read the reviews to know how it is like to have us as a host.
Life motto? Enjoy life, try to forgive and do not put too much energy in regretting things you might have done wrongly, try to avoid stress.

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