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It is very nice place to stay. Host, Mark is very kind and other housemates are also very friendly. He gave me a ride to show around his house, and sometimes he provided meals. I definitely recommend this accommodation!!

Review of Mark's Awesome! Staying at Mark's was my very first AirBnB experience. From the day I walked in & met Lyn until the day I left, I felt like I was with lifelong friends. The digs: My room was great - easy access to front door, bathroom & kitchen & I had a very relaxing view of the atrium while doing computer work at my desk. The kitchen was very well supplied, complete with Vita-mix, coffee bean grinder & French press as well as anything else I needed for food prep. I had my own (more than adequate) space in the fridge as well as in the pantry. The deck is great for enjoying the California sun & his lemon & grapefruit trees are loaded! While I was quite worried about having to share a bathroom, this proved to be no problem for me. The internet provider was having issues while I was there, but the majority of the time it would test at 80-100 mbps. The host: Mark is simply a great guy. I thoroughly enjoy our many conversations, especially as I was coming in from work in the mornings & winding down while enjoying a spinach & salmon omelette or green smoothies. He is so attentive to his guests & goes above & beyond to accommodate. I went to Yosemite for the weekend & he made sure I had all of the gear that I needed! He opens his home for all to enjoy & is a truly gracious host. He is a guy that knows all of his neighbors by name as well as all of their children. He and Lyn are an awesome resource for anything from restaurants & activities to nails & massages. Speaking of which, the neighborhood is awesome. Everyone is friendly & either speaks or waves! (How often do we see that anymore?) when staying at Mark's you are less than 15 minutes from anything (except the beach - that's 45). Perfect location! Kenji - in a category of his own: What an incredible creature! He & I became big buddies during my stay, with walks around the neighborhood, to the park, & even a trip to the beach! He is very intelligent, keeps up with his "herd" & is quick to let you know when someone is coming in. The only thing I can hope for is an open room the next time I'm in San Jose.

Enjoyed the company and the accommodation. The room was comfortable and the listing description accurate. Thanks Mark.

Really enjoyed staying at Mark's place. Clean, quiet, easy to find and in a nice neighborhood on a quiet street.

Although Mark was traveling, he reached out to me several times to be sure that I had what I needed. He had appointed an onsite representative -- Lyn -- who helped me get settled and answered all my questions. She even streamed some of my favorite TV programs for me! There is no cable, so streaming TV shows is the practice there. The other people staying at Mark's were very nice and I enjoyed talking with all of them. And Kenji, Mark's dog, was a delight! I had never been in an Eichler home so it was an interesting experience with the Atrium just inside the entrance and the rest of the house configured around it. It's very open and airy and therefore very cool in the house. The room I stayed in was nice with a very comfortable queen-size bed. I would recommend Mark's house for an economical retreat!

We spent quite a long time in Mark's house with my husband. I should say that this is the best experience I had on airbnb - Mark is an amazing host, his house is really unique - atmosphere, all the little decoration details and everything you can need! You can spend the fist day just observing all the details here. And then you meet Kenjii! The cutest and funniest dog ever!! He would definitely insist on you playing with him! As for the facilities - Mark is very kind to help you in case of any need. I became a lazy wife here - the house is cleaned, you have only to wash your clothes - press one button and to dry it - press one more button :) House is big, I definitely liked the yard and the atrium inside - there are a lot of flowers and greenery. Mark also allowed us to invite our friends and colleagues to have a barbecue. We were a bit loud, so I should say sorry for that. So, how I can give more then 5 starts? 6, even 10!! Do not hesitate choosing this place!!


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This bedroom has an amazing energy and feel. It has a Queen sized bed,


你正在选择一个非常独特的家园,如果你作为客人留在我们身边,你将会住在一个已经更新的中世纪现代(1960年代)的家中,这是一个由约瑟夫·艾希勒(Joseph Eichler)建造的真棒家。这是一间四间卧室,两间浴室,它内有几个地方可供您在家休息。 你的卧室有一个非常舒适的QUEEN大小的床垫和床架,枕头和漂亮的床单,毯子,还有你的桌子和椅子。浴室设有浴缸/淋浴,共用,有一个“无罐”热水器,提供无限量的热水,所以没有人需要强调最后一个在淋浴或浴缸,你会有热水! 我们有高速24 mbs无线上网,淋浴/浴缸,我们住在一个非常安全和安全的社区,室内中庭,停放您的自行车,大量的自行车俱乐部和选择地区骑5到15英里内。我也循环,愿意分享我的知识。只有注意事项是我有一个中等大小的狗Kenji,一旦他闻到你,你会没事的,狗是家庭和家庭的一部分,所以你必须这样做。他不坐在沙发或椅子上,也不睡在任何床上,但他非常认为他是部落的一员,他喜欢和人一起出去玩耍。他保护你,并且一旦知道你,就会期待一些偶然的回头。 后院有一个非常大的红木甲板放松,日光浴或寒冷!有五个柑橘树,大量的风铃,邻里的鸟和松鼠,你的听觉和视觉喜悦。从上午七点到晚上11:00,我们还有一个非常棒的104度热水浴缸。 我是一个狂热的自行车和摩托车手,我有几个额外的摩托车在房子周围,因为我骑和工作在他们身上。我住在一个相当古雅和非常友好的社区,叫做Willow Glen,我们距离一个更小的城镇坎贝尔只有几英里远。距离EBAY 1.3英里,距离赛灵思2.5公里,距离好撒马利亚医院3英里,凯撒 - 圣克拉拉大约9英里,距离圣何塞5公里,距离圣何塞州6英里,可方便前往所有高速公路。 Los Gatos距离酒店仅有8英里远,Santa Clara距离酒店有12英里,圣克鲁斯海滩只有25英里,Palo Alto距离酒店有22英里,旧金山距离酒店有48英里,洛杉矶距离酒店有310英里。 我们在三(3)个不同的24小时健身场所的八(8)分钟内,距离所有主要高速公路分钟。公路17,高速公路85,高速公路87,高速公路280和高速公路101.也是公共交通只有三(3)个街区。 停车很容易,直接在房子前面没有问题。 您充分利用现代厨房,带Bose音响系统的家庭房,并使用我们的洗衣房来洗衣服。我们有一个伟大的新闻锅咖啡壶....或者你可以步行/开车到约8个街区的星巴克。许多当地的餐馆或杂货店在几分钟之内。后院有不锈钢烧烤架,整个家庭功能是娱乐的好地方。 房子有一个非常好的气氛,我们偶尔烧香,并有一个房子的音响系统,从Pandora在Bose Lifestyle音响系统中播放许多音乐风格。我们是WiFi启用,所以你可以冲浪,听,观看视频,没有问题的Turbo Speed(24mps)AT&T互联网,我们有。你也可以在红木甲板的后面出去玩电脑,WiFi也在外面工作!我们确实有一个位于中心的50“等离子电视来观看电影或玩游戏。 基本的东西,如卫生纸,毛巾,床单,洗衣粉/软体,洗碗机肥皂和清洁用品,公用事业都包括在客人的价格! 我不想卖空,所以我会把它留在那里!问题欢迎。 所有公共区域,客厅,餐厅,中庭,家庭房,后院,17英寸娱乐桌,350 SF红木甲板,以及您可以选择和吃的所有柠檬和葡萄柚。 我是一个相当互动的主持人,我喜欢发现他们是谁,他们可能比我更了解甚么,谈论世界,音乐,食物,旅游,人,动物和文化(没有政治)! 坐在后院的天气,树木,动物总是有可爱的风铃,或是早晨鸟儿的声音。它很漂亮,非常安全。 是否有在硅谷运行巴士和轻轨的VTA(谷运输局)。我也可以推荐下载智能手机APP“UBER”,具有出色的可靠性和便利性。
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You are choosing a very unique home ...if you stay with us as a guest, you would be living in a Mid-Century Modern (1960's) home that has been updated, it's an awesome home built by Joseph Eichler. This is a four bedroom, 2 bathroom home, it has several areas inside and around the home available for you to spend time in.

Your bedroom has a very comfortable QUEEN sized mattress and bed frame, pillows and nice sheets, blankets, there is also your desk & chair. Bathroom has a tub/shower and is shared, there is a "tankless" water heater which supplies unlimited hot water, so no one needs to stress about being the last one in the shower or bath, you will have hot water !

We have Hi-Speed 24 mbs Wifi, Shower/tub,we live in a very secure & safe neighborhood, indoor atrium to park your bike, lots of cycling clubs and choice areas to ride within 5-15 miles. I cycle as well, and am willing to share my knowledge. Only item of note is I have one medium sized dog Kenji, once he smells you, you'll be alright, the dog is part of the family and the household so you have to be okay with that. He does not sit on the couches or chairs nor sleep in any of the beds, but he very much thinks he is part of the tribe and he likes to hang out with the humans. And he is protective of you and will expect some occasional back scratch once he gets know you.

Back Yard has a very large redwood deck for relaxing, sunbathing, or chilling! There are five citrus trees, plenty of wind chimes, neighborhood birds and squirrels for your auditory and visual delight. We also have an awesome 104 degree Hot Tub available to you from 7:00am - 11:00pm.

I am an avid bicyclist and motorcyclist, I have a few extra motorcycles around the house, because I ride and work on them. I live in a fairly quaint and very friendly neighborhood called Willow Glen, and we are only a few miles from an even smaller town Campbell. We are 1.3 miles from EBay, 2.5 from Xilinx, 3 miles from Good Samaritan Hospital, Kaiser-Santa Clara is about 9 miles, 5 miles to Adobe San Jose, 6 miles to San Jose State, and have easy access to all freeways. Los Gatos is only 8 miles away, Santa Clara is 12 miles, Santa Cruz Beach is only 25 miles, Palo Alto is 22 miles, San Francisco is 48 miles, Los Angeles is 310 miles, so we are close to everything.

We are within eight (8) minutes each of the three (3) different 24-Hour Fitness locations and minutes away from ALL the main highways .... Highway 17, Highway 85, Highway 87, Highway 280, and Highway 101. There is also public transportation just three (3) blocks away.

Parking is easy and never an issue directly in front of the house.

You have full use of the very modern kitchen, family room with Bose sound system, and have use of our laundry room to wash & dry your clothes. We have a great Press Pot coffee pot....or you can walk/drive to a Starbucks about 8 blocks away. Plenty of local restaurants or grocery stores within minutes of the house. There is a stainless gas BBQ grill in the backyard, and the entire home functions is a great place to entertain.

The house has a very good vibe, we occasionally burn incense, and have a house sound system that plays many musical styles from Pandora on the Bose Lifestyle sound system. We are WiFi enabled so you can surf, listen, watch video with no problem with the Turbo Speed (24mps) AT&T internet that we have. You can also hang out in the back on the Redwood Deck and do computer work, the WiFi works outside as well! We do have a centrally located 50" Plasma TV to watch movies or play Games on.

Basic things like toilet paper, towels, bed sheets, laundry detergent / softner, dishwasher soap, and cleaning supplies, utilities are all included in the guest price!

I don't want to over sell the space, so I'll leave it at that! Questions are welcomed.

All the Common Areas, living room, dining room, Atrium, Family room, Back Yard, the 17' entertainment table, the 350 SF Redwood deck, and all the lemons and grapefruit that you can pick and eat.

I am a fairly interactive host, I do enjoy discovering about who they are, what they may know more about than me, and talking about the world, music, food, travel, people, animals and culture (NO POLITICS!)

The weather, the trees, the animals, sitting in the back yard there is always the sound of the lovely wind chimes, or the sound of birds first thing in the morning. Its pretty darn quite and very safe.

Yes there is the VTA (Valley Transit Authority) that runs the buses and light rail here in Silicon Valley. I can also recommend downloading the smart phone APP "UBER" it works with superior reliability and ease in the area.


所有公共区域,客厅,餐厅,中庭,家庭房,后院,17英寸娱乐桌,350 SF红木甲板,以及您可以选择和吃的所有柠檬和葡萄柚。
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All the Common Areas, living room, dining room, Atrium, Family room, Back Yard, the 17' entertainment table, the 350 SF Redwood deck, and all the lemons and grapefruit that you can pick and eat.


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I am a fairly interactive host, I do enjoy discovering about who they are, what they may know more about than me, and talking about the world, music, food, travel, people, animals and culture (NO POLITICS!)

可住: 2
卫生间: 1 (共用卫生间)
床型: 实体床
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 14:00后
退房时间: 12:00
房间类型: 独立房间


额外房客: 20 / 晚 (房客超出一人后的人均费用)
清洁费: 50
押金: 100
满1周立减: 10%


We have basic adult rules in place:
Any smoking is done outside away from the house.
Keep all the common areas cleaned up behind yourself, especially the kitchen.
Be respectful of other peoples schedule for morning and late night schedule, conversation, music, late night activity.
Please refrain from speaker phone conversations.
Stay in communication with the host about things that need attention, and or compliments.
If someone offers you a glass of wine … join them!





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Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my listing! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I live in San Jose

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