Through the gate and onto the fifth fairwayComfy leather furniture and lots of books in the lounge
Danish Blue on the Green, your home away from home
我们的舒适的房子被卷在一个友好的小飞地,位于罗托鲁瓦市中心的一条专属街道上。步行到独特而富有挑战性的Arikapakapaka高尔夫球场的第五球道。或者如果山地自行车是你的东西,骑自行车到附近的Redwoods在一个方向或Waipa山地自行车公园在另一个 - 都很容易到达自行车。 (更不用说很多其他伟大的自行车道。)冒险等待着!
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Our cozy house is tucked in a friendly little enclave on an exclusive street in the heart of Rotorua. Walk onto the fifth fairway of the unique and challenging Arikapakapaka Golf Course. Or if mountain biking is your thing, bike to the nearby Redwoods in one direction or the Waipa Mountain Bike Park in the other - both easily reached by bike. (Not to mention the many other great biking trails.) Adventure awaits!


丹麦蓝是设计为一个家外之家。这个名字源自我的丹麦遗产和哥本哈根皇家板块的收藏,而不是奶酪。但是,如果您要求蓝乳酪,我很乐意提供! 酒店为客人提供无限免费无线网络。 有一个完全围栏和私人后院,甲板和草坪上都有很多座位。 这个房子是一个原始的洛克伍德,它和你谈谈了一点,就像大多数木屋一样 - 随着木材的扩张和收缩,这个奇怪的吱吱声和呻吟声。洛克伍德(Lockwoods)与其温暖的木质内饰相比,我觉得这是一个令人着迷的特色。 MySky电视和许多电影,新闻和体育频道的休息室设有一台大电视。 MySky具有让您暂停和/或录制节目的更多优势。 主卧室有一张大床,今年买了一张新的Ecosa床垫;这是相当坚定的,但反馈已经非常积极,特别是在我添加了一个Ecosa打包机。主卧室有一个步入式衣柜,通过自己的淋浴和虚荣心。它还有一个单独的电视与蓝光播放器(与Freeview而不是天空)。在休息室书柜里有儿童和成人的电影。 有两个浴室,但只有一个卫生间 - 浴室之间的一个独立的房间。第二间浴室设有浴缸/淋浴和梳妆台。 另外两间卧室都有一张单人床。您可以将两张单人床放在一起,并添加一个泡沫打包机,在前卧室制作一张特大号床 - 我可以使用特大床单和被子。后卧室是通过附属的车库,并有自己的牧场滑梯打开在后院的一个小甲板上。所有床都配有优质的美国纯棉床单和羽绒被。 五张床睡六岁,还有一张折叠床可供多一人使用(设在车库或休息室)。我通常不鼓励七人组,因为它延伸了房子的资源有点不舒服,我的客人。但是,如果您对设置您喜欢的折叠床的不便感到满意,那没关系。 (在夏天,你可以把床放在车库里,但冬天有点太冷了) 房子被加热了一个流利的燃气加热器 - 即时热与开关的轻弹,它总是温暖和舒适。后面的卧室是加热器没有达到的唯一的地方,我们已经安装了一个面板加热器的墙壁,以及提供一个单独的加热器在这个房间的较冷的月份。所有床上的电热毯都让你吃惊。 在夏天,有很多交叉通风,我有两个球迷可以享受额外的热天(虽然在罗托鲁瓦,这里通常非常温和,但令人不安的炎热天气并不常见)。 这本书柜充满了成人和儿童阅读的好处,玩了很多游戏,还有一些额外的玩具给前卧室的小人物。只要你把它发给我,我很高兴你借一本书, 有很多床单和毛巾,包括一些沙滩毛巾,你欢迎离开房子。 我们最近又加了一个燃烧烧烤,生活在后院的掩护下。室外还设有桌椅,供户外用餐。 虽然我的大多数客人都带自己的自行车,但我已经把两辆成年巡洋舰式自行车放在车库里了 - 一个有一个购物篮,如果你进城,都有自行车锁。另外还有一堆不同大小的头盔,因为新西兰骑自行车的骑手必须戴头盔。
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Danish Blue is designed to be a home-away-from-home. The name derives from my Danish heritage and collection of Royal Copenhagen plates, not the cheese. However, if you request blue cheese, I am happy to provide it!

Unlimited free wi-fi is provided to guests.

There is a fully fenced and private back yard with plenty of seating both on the decks and the lawn.

The house is an original Lockwood and it "talks" to you a little, as do most wooden houses - the odd creak and groan as the wood expands and contracts. I find it quite an endearing characteristic of Lockwoods along with their warm wooden interiors.

There is a large TV to the lounge with MySky TV and a multitude of movie, news and sports channels. MySky has the added advantage of letting you pause and/or record programs.

The master bedroom has a queen bed with a new Ecosa mattress bought this year; it is quite firm but the feedback has been very positive, especially after I added an Ecosa topper. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet through to your own shower and vanity. It also has a separate TV with a blu-ray player (with Freeview but not Sky). There are movies for both children and adults in the lounge bookcase.

There are two bathrooms but only one toilet - a separate room between the bathrooms. The second bathroom has a bathtub/shower and a vanity.

Two more bedrooms each have a pair of single beds. You can push the two single beds together and add a foam topper to make a king-sized bed in the front bedroom - I have king sheets and comforter available for that purpose. The back bedroom is through the attached garage and has its own ranch slider opening onto a small deck in the back yard. All beds are made up with quality American pure cotton bed linens and down comforters.

The five beds sleep six and there is a rollaway bed for one more person (to set up in the garage or lounge). I generally discourage groups of 7 as it stretches the resources of the house a little and is not as comfortable for my guests. But if you're happy with the inconvenience of setting up the rollaway bed where you like it, that's fine. (It's better in summer where you can set the bed up in the garage but a bit too cold there in winter.)

The house is heated with a flued gas heater - instant heat with the flick of a switch, and it is always warm and comfortable. The back bedroom is the only place the heater doesn't reach and we have installed a panel heater for the wall as well as providing a separate heater for the colder months for that room. Electric blankets on all the beds keep you toasty.

In the summer, there is plenty of cross ventilation and I have two fans available for the extra hot days (though uncomfortably hot days are uncommon here in Rotorua where it is normally very temperate.)

The bookcase is full of good reading for adults and children alike, with plenty of games to play, and extra toys for little people in the front bedroom closet. I'm happy for you to borrow a book if you become engrossed, as long as you post it back to me!

There are plenty of sheets and towels, including a few beach towels that you are welcome to use away from the house.

We have recently added a gas barbecue which lives under a cover in the back yard. There are also tables and chairs outside for al fresco dining.

Although it seems most of my guests bring their own bikes, I have put two adult cruiser-style bikes in the garage - one has a basket for shopping - and both have bike locks for tethering them if you go into town. There is also a bagful of helmets of varying sizes as helmets are compulsory for bike riders in NZ.


我喜欢见我的客人,并展示他们,但如果我不可用我有一个钥匙保险箱可以用于访问。 客人可以在参观俱乐部会所之后进入高尔夫球场(步行到第五球道),以购买他们的回合。车库里有一套女子俱乐部。 附属的单车库有一个自动门,为高尔夫球杆或自行车提供安全的存放。在房子旁边的停车位有两辆汽车足够的空间。在酒店允许的最大车数是两个 - 其他任何一个将被停放在街上,因为我们的邻居需要能够进出。 后院是完全封闭的 - 安全和私人的高栅栏和成熟的种植。到后院的门口有一个锁,这使得房子更安全。
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I like to meet my guests and show them around but if I am not available I have a key safe that can be used for access.

The guests can access the golf course (walk onto the fifth fairway) after visiting the clubhouse first to buy their rounds. There is a set of women's clubs available in the garage.

The attached single garage has an automatic door and provides secure storage for golf clubs or bicycles. There is enough room for two cars in the parking space beside the house. Maximum cars allowed at the property is two - any others are to be parked on the street as our neighbours need to be able to get in and out.

The back yard is fully enclosed - safe and private with a high fence and mature plantings. The gate to the back yard has a lock which makes the house even more secure.


我住在距离丹麦蓝色一箭之遥的家中,我几乎总是可以通过电话。我很乐意为您可能需要的大部分任务提供建议和帮助。 我每天不提供早餐,但是尝试在您抵达时提供一块新鲜出炉的面包,我至少在您入住的头几天提供牛奶,谷物和传播。如果您有特定的饮食要求,请告诉我。
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I live in a home that is a stone's throw away from Danish Blue and I'm nearly always available by phone. I'm happy to provide advice and help for most anything you might need.

I do not provide breakfast on a daily basis but try to have a loaf of freshly baked bread available on your arrival, and I provide milk, cereal and spreads for at least the first few days of your stay. If you have a particular dietary requirement, please let me know.


罗托鲁瓦是山地自行车天堂,也是徒步旅行者和徒步旅行者的好去处。着名的Redwoods有步行和自行车道,距离酒店仅有几分钟的车程或自行车路程。 Waipa山地自行车公园距离酒店仅有几分钟的路程。罗托鲁瓦郊区有各种各样的冒险活动,从Zorb到Luge到喷泉加上堆积更多。轻松的活动 - 波利尼西亚水疗中心和伊丽莎白女王水疗中心(以治疗关节炎而闻名)仅举两例。当然,如果你想发现一些关于毛利人文化的话,你就会有很多的选择。你不应该离开新西兰,不要沉迷于至少一个hangi,而毛利人的音乐会也是壮观的。我们就在Te Puia和Whakarewarewa村的拐角处。迷人的Buried Village村距离酒店仅有很短的车程,罗托鲁瓦或其附近还有许多温泉,从完全免费到相当昂贵。
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Rotorua is mountain bike paradise and also a great place for walkers and hikers. The famous Redwoods with walking and cycling tracks are a few minutes away by car or bike. The Waipa Mountain Bike Park is a few minutes away in the other direction. There are all sorts of adventurous activities available on the outskirts of Rotorua, from the Zorb to the luge to jetboating plus heaps more. And relaxing activities - the Polynesian Spa and Queen Elizabeth Spa (famous for treating arthritis) to name just two. And of course if you want to discover a bit about Maori culture, you have a surfeit of choices. You shouldn't leave NZ without indulging in at least one hangi, and the Maori concerts are spectacular as well. And we are just around the corner from Te Puia and the Whakarewarewa Village. The fascinating Buried Village is a short drive away, and there are many hot springs in or near Rotorua that range from completely free to quite expensive.





We ask our guests to keep the noise down after 10 pm for the sake of our lovely neighbours. And please do not smoke in the house. (Outside if you must!) Pets are not allowed unless there are exceptional circumstances.



Host was very welcoming and helpful in little things we needed! The house has more amenity and entertainments than I had at home! Thanks for everything, Wendy.

Wendy's place is a great location close to town and residential. We loved her welcome and her help along the way.

Wendy is one of my favorite airbnb host. She's very thoughtful and greatly accommodated our needs. The house is clean and comfortable, well stocked with games to keep my 6 and 10 years old busy while I prepare dinner in the well stocked kitchen. Thank you Wendy for making our stay at your house so comfortable and feeling at home.

House is in quiet neighborhood at the end of cul-de-sac, walkable to center of town. There are two showers but only one shared toilet. Beautiful yard. Wendy couldn't meet us but left ingredients and directions for homemade bread, which we enjoyed.

I'll start by saying that the previous glowing reviews of Wendy's home in Rotorua don't do it enough justice. Wendy was traveling in California when we (from California) were visiting New Zealand. Even so, as we walked into the home, there was a freshly baked bread sitting in the bread maker just getting ready. The house feels more like home and less like a rental. Its minutes away from everything and I highly recommend it.
Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed your stay. We enjoyed California as well.

Wendy has been a marvelous host. The place was incredibly homey, with everything we could need for our week long stay at Rotorua. There were even toys to keep our toddler occupied and new books to read her! Wendy herself stopped by several times to make sure we had everything we needed. Highly recommend!

My husband, myself and 22 month old toddler spent 3 wonderful nights in Rotorua. Wendy's place was comfortable, spacious and all of the modern conveniences of home. She even added a toy box for little ones, which is super thoughtful. About 5 min drive to the lake, 10 minutes to mountain bike trails and 5 minutes to the center of (URL HIDDEN) quiet yet well located. She greeted us with fresh baked bread, eggs and muslei...continuously friendly and helpful with great tips on how to best enjoy our time in town. Highly recommend Danish Blue on the Green to anybody spending timing in Rotorua. Thanks Wendy!

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I'm an expat American who has lived in New Zealand for nearly four decades (most of them in our home in Rotorua which I love.) Kiwi/Tongan husband and two mixed heritage kids. I had a Danish grandfather and a Scottish grandfather and lived in Pakistan for five years when I was a…
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