Guest house lower level covered patioLower level queen size bed
Guest house for family(lower level)
Guest house for family(lower level)

Occupy the entire lower level of the guest house and have your own living room, 2 bedrooms, full size kitchen with all the cooking amenities, dining room, bathroom/jacuzzi tub and washer/dryer in your unit.


Guests will occupy the entire lower level of the guest house. One is a huge room, studio type, with a living room, dining area, office and a walk-in closet. The other room is a regular bedroom with a walk-out patio. There is a newly built kitchen, refrigerator oven and all your cooking needs. The washer/dryer is also on this level. Microwave, convection oven will be available for guests to use for heating up meals.
There is a huge jacuzzi/tub shower that guests will enjoy on this level.


Aside from the main house patio which has a built-in barbecue grill,lounge chairs etc, guest can enjoy their own patio located just outside their bedroom.


Host family is occupying the main house so guests can always come up for anything they need. Someone is always home because they are retired and the wife Sonia works out of the house.

额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 ¥683
押金 ¥1366
满1周立减 11%

Please no smoking inside the house and no loud parties outside after 11pm.



Beautiful home. AMAZING value for the stay. Comfortable, convenient and cozy. Loved our stay and Sonia and Hugh were accommodating the entire time. Upon arrival we had fresh fruit and bottled water. Those little consiserations are just some of the amazing things offered. Seriously couldn't ask fot nicer and more open hearted people to host us.

A great deal and great house. Plenty of space well stocked and if there are any problems Sonia and Hugh will come to the rescue promptly. Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to have a great time in California.

I specifically booked this location because the check-in and out time was "flexible" and we intended on sleeping late after spending a day at the Stone 19th Annual Celebration (lots of beer drinking). However, before even checking in, Sonia asked us what time we intended on checking out. Why ask me if your follow-up response is "Latest is 10 am". She had another renter booked and wanted time to clean up. I booked this place MONTHS in advance so we would be able to leave a bit later in the day. This was disappointing but we complied. Sonia and Hugh were nice and "upgraded" us a different apartment but it also wasn't what we booked. Other than that, our stay was nice. The property is beautiful and we had no other complaints. However, I would not book here again for those reasons.

Sonia and Hugh were awesome guests. They made us feel very welcome and went out of their way to accommodate us earlier than expected. The place was clean and spacious. The place was also close to lots of restaurants and retail shops. Would definitely recommend for a nice quiet weekend.

Our scheduled stay was from Thursday night to Sunday morning; however, our stay was far from a feeling of welcome or “at home” from the very start. When we arrived at the airport later than anticipated because of delays, as a courtesy we called Sonia to let her know we were on our way to the property, she replied, “Ok, but I am tired”. Upon arrival, 4 guests were ready to enter the property for our stay (the maximum capacity for the room we chose), but Sonia was disgruntled that the main point of contact (myself) had not arrived yet. However, Sonia was displeased with this and moved our room, commenting that she was “upgrading” our stay, I will describe how the location UNDER the main floor of the home was anything but an upgrade later in this review. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to catch an early morning flight and did not arrive with my parents and siblings. I did not think this was going to be an issue since I had already paid for the room and we were not exceeding maximum capacity. When I did arrive early the next morning, I called Sonia to be let into the security gate and she immediately scolded me for not calling her the night before. In an attempt to seek her perspective I apologized and went to my room. The “upgraded room” where she had us stay had a faint moldy odor, like a small steady leak was present at one time or another. Additionally, we were awoken early each morning by what sounded like people moving furniture above us. The following day (Saturday) my mother and I left the house in the morning to meet family and spend time together, again the gate malfunctioned, and again I let Sonia know. She sent me a text and acted surprised, telling me that this NEVER happens, but then proceeded to call me to ask me to return to the house and “fix it” with her specific instructions. I let her know I was gone form the property and did not feel comfortable fiddling with the fence. A few hours later Sonia called me back (while I was out with family) and asked me if I could park my rental car on the street OUTSIDE of the property to avoid waking her up if the gate malfunctioned. To appease her I agreed although I was not comfortable with the idea. She also asked us to check out one to two hours early the following day. After our experience, we checked out on Saturday afternoon (one day early), I personally have never felt so unwelcome in my life. I would NOT recommend this location of stay to anyone. In addition to the horrible hospitality, parking is awkward on a hill with a tight area to turn your car around. The gate is unreliable and there is not always someone at the property to help you navigate issues you may have.
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I did not tell anyone that I was tired, particularly Angelica's guest when they arrived at 1125pm at night. True, I should have been tired but I knew from our email correspondence with Angelica that she is arriving at 1100pm in the first place. Although she didn't, it was the other members of the family. I'm not aware of any odor at any time since we began renting his apartment. We've received happy accolades of enjoyment from everyone else. This was an upgrade since the original unit Angelica rented was only approximately 1000 sqft of space and this is a 1500 sqft accommodation. Furthermore, there is a large culdesac adequate for parking 10 cars, this is in no way tight parking, remember this is in an acre property. The occasional sound of water they hear is either the running of our dishwasher or the kitchen sink. They would have seen water if there was a leak. When Angelica texted me that Sat morning about the gate not closing, I asked her to try opening and closing it closer to the center of the gate, but when she said she was already away from the house, then I told her don't worry we'll take care of it when we get home, which we did. Since this gate seemed to be an issue that just happened while they were in residence, I asked them that if they are staying out late that night to please just park outside the gate so that I don't get waken up at 200am, which by the way, happened the night before. With the holiday weekend upon us, it will be hard to get anyone to come and fix the gate. I felt this was a good workaround, they can stay out as late as they want and not have to feel that they are imposing on us. I'm also not aware of any toiletries that they need or asked for, so I cannot answer this particular issue. As i said, there were many people and cars coming and going into the property. They had even asked if additional people can crash at the house for the night and they will pay the extra fee. I again accommodated this request, but did not receive the payment as of this date. I believe we have done everything and anything they have asked for and have bent over backward to make their stay as pleasurable as possible. It is surprising to us how Angelica would take offense because we asked if it's possible for them to check out either at 9 or 1000am rather than 1100am as they had planned. I never would have asked had I known that this would send her off running. It is sad but as the saying goes, you can't win them all. As a host, we strive to do everything we can for our guests, and this is evident by the sterling reviews we've received in the 3 years we have been with Airbnb.

Sonia and Hugh made us feel at home! There were a couple things we needed in the house upon move-in and if Sonia didn't already have it to offer she bought it to complete our stay. We had compound dinners, late night backyard fires, and even went out to party on the town together. "Welcome" is an understatement. I will miss you guys! Thanks for all the memories!!

Staying here was beyond perfect for our day adventure to Stone Brewing. Sonia was very welcoming and accommodating and the place itself was so comfortable and relaxing. It was way more space than we needed with a full kitchen, but that's what made it more comfortable than staying in a small hotel room. Everything just worked out perfectly and it was awesome hanging out on the patio in the evening with a full moon in the sky. Thanks Sonia & Hugh!

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American Chinese couple, married for 36 years and have traveled to all parts of the world.
Hugh is semi-retired while Sonia is still working full time, but work at home most of the time.

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