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Cabin for 2 Persons – Your Hotel-ly Different Holiday

Jamaica unplugged! The owner, reggae musician Jamaica Papa Curvin, has lived in Germany for 40 years and just recently discovered his favourite property on the island. Now he lives in Jamaica and is looking forward to hosting guests with a genuine interest in his home country.

The Artist house is located on a vast property with stunning sea views and tropical garden, just above a rocky cliff.

From your front porch or sitting in the hammock or on the new build sun deck you will enjoy the beautiful garden and the panorama views of the sea. You can also discover exotic birds and butterflies in the lush vegetation on the huge property. In the evenings you can watch the light of fireflies.

If you want to, you can fish directly on the property or get refreshed by jumping from the cliffs into the sea, if the sea conditions allow.

You can lounge in several hammocks. During the summer months you can enjoy stunning sun rises and sunsets from here.

NEW: Patio deck overlooking the cliffs, giving you a panoramic view of the ocean! Visit our CAVE! See photos.

Jamaican breakfast and/or dinner on request.

James Bond Beach!:
A short walk will take you to the famous yet hardly frequented James Bond Beach – a divine Caribbean beach with sun loungers and changing rooms free of charge as well as restaurant where you should definitely try jerk food. Thanks to an offshore reef the sea is very tranquil here, ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Since there is a small fee to access the beach you will often be able to enjoy this beautiful spot all by yourself.

Vacation far away from the crowds!:
How about a trip to a beautiful waterfall not far from the property – without bus loads of tourists? Enjoy the beautiful location to swim or jump from the cliffs right into the water. During the week you will hardly meet anybody here, but on the weekends this is a popular hang-out place where local youths like to gather. As a whitey you will find it very easy to get into conversations with them. Or you can let Rasta Selassie take you to his hidden farm in the mountains - on site, we can organize individual Real Jamaica tours that will lead you to the unknown treasures of the island. This location offers you everything for a perfect vacation far away from tourist crowds. Here you will get in touch with the locals and discover the real Jamaica!


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House Rules

Curvin and the Real Jamaica Team warmly welcome you to our home. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. May it be a memorable visit and one that you would like to repeat.

Here are a few facts we would like to point out for you:

Take care of your valuable on the property, especially on the deck and on your veranda. We can not accept any responsibility for loss or damage. You may deposit your valuables in a safe at the main house.

A vegetarian Jamaican breakfast and/or dinner can be ordered a day before up to eleven o'clock am.

Towels and bed sheets
Clean towels and bed sheets will be provided for you once a week.

When you have eaten, others will love to eat as well. A lot of insects are waiting for their share.
If you don't like the ants and others around, please put all leftovers in the plastic containers provided or store in fridge.
There is also a garbage container provided for your convenience.

Electrical Supply
An international adapter is available at the main house.
A European adapter is plugged in one of the plugs.

The Toilet
is connected to a septic tank!
Please do not deposit any waste products such as cigarette butts sanitary towels etc in the toilet basin as this will affect the chemical balance of the enzymes in this tank. To avoid a blockage use as less toilet paper as possible. Thank you.

An extra blanket is provided in your wardrobe for your convenience.

Our domestic lady will be happy to do your laundry and ironing.

The weekly and the final cleaning are included. If you would like more housecleaning we can arrange it for you.

There is a smoking area nearby. Smoking and naked fire (e.g. candles) are strictly prohibited in the house (Danger Fire!).

Please take the hammock back to the house after each use to prevent it from getting wet and dirty (e.g. droppings from the birds).

Please take all towels and cushions back to the house.

Swimming/Jumping from the cliffs
When the sea conditions allow and you are a very good swimmer, we can show you the place where you can jump from the cliffs and where to get out of the water. Swimming and jumping from the cliffs is on your own risk!

Bicycles / fishing-rod
There are two bicycles and a fishing-rod available at the main house. Please ask.

Car Parking
Please make sure, that all valuables are removed and that the vehicle is locked as we can not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

Medical Services
Should you require the service of a doctor, dentist or a pharmacy please contact us.

Thank you very much and enjoy your stay with us!

Dog(s)和cat(s) live in the house




The Real-Jamaica experience was amazing! We felt like part of the family from the time we checked in both with Papa Curvin and his family but also other guests. The Rasta ital dinner was wonderful with live Reggae music cooked over a wood fire. The location is very convenient to beaches and restaurants within walking distance. Pappa Curvin and Joan made arrangements for us to join "Turtle Man" to help with the release of baby hawk-billed turtles that was a highlight of our trip. Grace was always on hand to help with any housekeeping needs and to prepare amazing Jamaican food! If you would like to experience a "Real Jamaica" instead of the sterile all inclusive resort kind this is the place to stay!

It was great. We enjoyed the property. 3 days away from the city and closer to natural. Curvin was very accommodating to all of our requests and was very helpful with our excursion to blue hole.

What a great space to call home for a few days. Loved it! Small but perfect, loved the kitchen being out by itself, undercover of the same roof but a separate space. The views from the deck at the shore, on this property are amazing. Papa and Grace were awesome, the feeling of the local culture is great. Blessings to all, thanks for a wonderful experience.

Our visit with Curvin and his family exceeded our expectations. The real heart and soul of Jamaica is in the warmth and openness of its people. We felt immediately welcomed more as new friends rather than just strangers staying for a few nights. The cabin reminded us of camping for adults, but being here brought us out of our tech focused world, and allowed us to truly chill and relax in peace. Comfy bed, kitchen with everything we needed, and a view from the platform overlooking the ocean that we will never forget. Grace was always nearby to see if we needed anything, and can provide a real Jamaican home cooked breakfast or dinner. We enjoyed our meals, especially the chicken curry for dinner. We also tried some of the local food places, and loved the fried fish... a must try if you can One of the highlights was our trip to the blue hole. Curvin led the tour and was full of great stories and insights into Jamaica and the culture. This place is not to be missed, and the opportunity to share the day with Joanne, Curvin, and his son was very special. Part of our overall trip to Jamaica included the luxury of an all inclusive resort. We wanted to know more about the real Jamaica than what we can see inside the resort walls. Curvin's place let's you have that real experience.

The Real Jamaica is a place everyone should stay!! Grace is the most welcoming person and cares for your every need. Pappa Curvin is truly the most amazing man!! The location is everything it describes and more!! The patio is a must!! The sunrise and sets are just so amazing!! Ask about Sugarpot Beach!! It was the best and recommended by Pappa Curvin! I hope to make my next trip back as soon as possible!!

I stayed here for a week in July. It's the perfect place to relax. The beach is just a few minutes away and sitting on the back deck is like a scene from a movie. Curvin was a great host, and does a great tour of the Blue Hole and Sugarpot beach (as well as some interesting spots along the way). Everyone was very welcoming and accommodating. After a few days of walking around the town I felt almost like a local. I'm planning on booking next year as well. My cabin was sufficient, but for anyone interested I'd recommend booking the one closer to the water for the better view.

Curvin's place was amazing!! Exactly what we needed after a week in the bustle (but mostly hustle) of Negril. We actually got moved to one of the other cabins as Curvin had friends staying in the Artist House, but as it turned out we far preferred the new spot. It was the closest cabin to the sea (which you could see through the trees), and much quieter as it's further from the road. A fully stocked kitchenette (sans spices, etc.), mosquito net for the bed (which was unnecessary), and platform over the sea made this a fantastic spot that I can't wait to come back too. The cabins are well constructed with nice sized bathrooms, great porches, and hot water in the shower (although I still preferred to take a cold one after long days at the beach!) A great homemade guidebook of area tours and local beaches made the transition easy, and everyone in the neighborhood was super friendly and willing to help when we got turned around. The Sugar Pot Ruins beach was our favorite spot (called Ria Nova by the locals...we got lost trying to find it by the other name), followed closely by the completely natural Gibraltar beach behind the abandoned Golden Seas hotel. Also, don't miss the Blue Mountain Coffee Farm tour, it was one of the highlights of our trip!


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Jamaica Papa Curvin has now reached the status of a Reggae Legend. Even before Reggae was born, Curvin came to Europe. He has taken a shine on ska and calypso, the precursors of reggae, in the early 1960s. From the "Bamboos of Jamaica" Curvin’s musical way led him over "Broadway" and "Malcolm's Locks" to "Boney M.". With "Boney M." Curvin toured as a drummer, even in the Eastern Bloc, which was closed for most other Western bands. His singing career began timidly at first but friends and musicians urged him to sing. Curvin could not let his drum go but because his instrument is anyway united with him he accomplished a rare feat: For years he has been playing drums while singing simultaneously. Meanwhile, he is the pure front man. After 40 years in Europe Jamaica Papa Curvin returned to the most beautiful island in the world: Jamaica. In Jamaica he runs a studio and continues what he already started in Germany: Supporting young talents. The secret of his authenticity: "I see my audience as a part of me, when I speak to my audience, I have a feeling I'm talking to myself", Curvin reveals.

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