View from the sofa View of the bed during the morning. Always, freshly washed cotton sheets and pillowcases, with a clean blanket in case you get cold at night. 

The bedsheets are one-of-a-kind hand printed designs using Malayan Straits floral motifs.
2 - 12岁
这是一个矩形的中型房间,光线充足,享有吉隆坡塔的壮丽景色。外观是Post Independence-era建筑,配有大理石,瓷砖和镶木地板内饰。 “Markazz”距离您的KL城市地图仅几步之遥。
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This is for one rectangular medium-size room, well-lit, with a grand view of the KL Tower. The exterior is Post Independence-era architecture, furnished with marble, tile and parquet interiors. "Markazz" is within walking distance of your KL city map.


马尔卡什宽敞,光线充足。窗户面向吉隆坡塔,有一双双塔和城市风景。东部日出洪水房间和阳台与柔和的晨光。 公寓靠近主要道路是我客人的主要关注点,高峰时段的交通工具,偶尔的道路工程和不可预知的汽车报警器可以聚在一起成为城市风声的喧嚣。这些都不幸发生在像吉隆坡这样的发展中世界城市。然而,这些噪音并不是一般的破坏性或创伤性的。如果您是轻型睡眠者,还是在体育场独立街上有周杰伦演唱会,宾客也推荐使用耳塞。同时,我正在采取措施缓解噪音水平,让您体验更少的噪音。 在房间里面有一个新的,木制的单人床,坚固,干净,床垫总是覆盖着新鲜的棉床单,枕头和一条新鲜的毯子,功能荧光顶棚照明,吊扇,暖灯,一个写字台/笔记本电脑桌与桌子灯,一个古董柜/衣柜,用于服装储存和挂衣服(提供衣架),另外一个柜子用于额外的物品。房间装饰有选择性的复古和/或恢复的可循环使用的碎片。因为这些作品中的一些是数十年,它可能会在外部显示出它的年龄。已经注意到这些物品上的任何污渍,尽管有消毒剂,大量肘部润滑脂和恢复性工作,但仍存在污渍。 尽管其折衷主义的性质,一切都是基于舒适,清洁和功能的理念而选择的。收集大部分家具,并从精巧的古董店和院子里销售中精心打捞。它实际上是从建筑物建成的时期开始的。 自2014年3月以来,这个房间偶尔升级改组 与现代公寓单位不同,“马克马尔”具有现代70年代的时代建筑布局,设有一个淋浴间和一个标准的坐厕,而不是一个组合的浴室。这是伟大的,因为这意味着你很少需要等待使用舒适。但是,如果以前从未遇到过这样的结构布局,那有点奇怪。 这是一个三居室单位。休息区面积很大,包括一张餐桌和一个沙发区,而阳台则有盆栽热带植物和树木。厨房设备齐全,配有基本器具,烹饪炉灶和普通电器,包括用于存放易腐货物的冰箱和洗碗碟的水槽。居住在这个空间的房子蜥蜴。你已经被警告了! 还设有洗衣区,配有顶级洗衣机,洗衣洗涤剂和空调,可将衣物悬挂在空气中。如果您需要,我也有熨斗和熨衣板。 客人将被告知当前与房屋和公寓楼相关的情况。 最短停留时间是连续两晚。虽然,长期的客人欢迎!抵达后,客人将获得一套钥匙和101张关于空间的钥匙。毛巾和洗浴用品最好由客人自己携带,卫生原因。但如果你不小心忘记带上你的,那里有紧急毛巾,牙刷和牙膏。
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Markazz is spacious and well-lit. The windows face the KL Tower, a bit of the Twin-Towers and the city-scape. The eastern sunrise floods the room and balcony with soft morning light.

The apartment's proximity to a main road is my primary concern for guests, traffic during rush hour, occasional roadworks and the unpredictable car alarm can come together to become a cacophony of city-scape sounds. These are all unfortunately endemic to developing-world cities like KL. The noises are, however, not generally disruptive nor traumatizing. Fellow guests have recommended ear-plugs if you are a light sleeper or if there is a Jay Chou concert on at Stadium Merdeka. At the same time, I'm taking steps to buffer the noise level so that you experience less of it.

Inside the room; there is a new, wooden, single-bed with firm, clean, mattress always covered in fresh cotton sheets with pillows and a fresh blanket, functioning fluorescent overhead lighting, a ceiling fan, warm-light lamps, one writing/laptop table with desk lamp, one antique cabinet/closet for clothing storage and hanging clothes (hangers provided), another cupboard for extra items. The room was decorated with selectively vintage and/or restored recyclable pieces. Because some of these pieces are decades-old, it may shows its age on the exterior. Any stains on such items have been noted and exist in spite of disinfectant, much elbow grease and restorative work.

Despite its eclectic nature, everything was selected based on the idea of comfort, cleanliness and functionality. Most of the furniture is collected and carefully salvaged from combing antique shops and yard sales. A lot of it actually dates from the period the building was built in.

Since March 2014, the room has been occasionally upgraded and reorganized

Unlike a modern apartment unit, "Markazz" has the modernist 70's era architectural layout where there is one shower room and one standard sitting latrine, instead of a combined bathroom unit. This is great because it means you rarely have to wait to use either amenity. But it's a little strange if you've never encountered this kind of structural layout before.

This is a three bedroom unit. The lounge area is large and includes a dining table and a sofa area, while the balcony has potted tropical plants and trees. The kitchen is well-equipped with basic utensils, a stovetop for cooking and general appliances, including a fridge for storing perishable goods and a sink for washing dishes. There are house lizards living in the space. You've been warned!

There is also laundry area with a top loading washing machine, laundry detergent and a space for hanging your laundry to air dry. If you need it, I also have an iron and ironing board.

Guests will be informed about current situations related to the house and apartment building.

Minimum stay is two consecutive nights. Although, longer-term guests are welcomed! On arrival, Guests are given a set of keys and the 101 about the space. Towel and toiletries are best brought by guests themselves though, for hygienic reasons. But if you've accidentally forgotten to bring yours, there are emergency towels, toothbrush & toothpaste.


客人可以进入整个空间(我的卧室除外) 这包括体面的无线网络,烹饪设施,洗衣设施(包括熨斗),休息室和用餐区。让我知道,如果你想借书。 附近有便利店(其中一些交货)和7-Eleven路。许多当地美食的餐馆都在步行距离之内,如果您想探索夜生活,唐人街内设有酒吧/酒吧。 但是,客人请注意,午夜12点后返回家园需要事先通知,并与公寓的新安全协议相结合。客人不得随时邀请其他人进入房屋。主门必须随时锁定。 停车位可免费使用,但有一点散步,不推荐夜间停车。该混合动物停车是可用的,但每小时RM2.50的价格。但是从晚上10点到8点,总共花费RM3。
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Guests will have access to the whole space (except my bedroom)

This includes decent wifi, cooking facilities, laundry facilities (including an iron), the lounge and dining area of course. Let me know if you would like to borrow any books.

There are convenience stores nearby (some of which do deliveries) and a 7-Eleven down the road. Many good eateries serving a variety of local cuisine are within walking distance and if you want to explore the nightlife, there are pubs/bars in Chinatown.

However, guests are reminded that returning home after 12 midnight requires prior notification, in tandem with the apartment's new security protocol. Guests are not allowed to invite another person into the house at any time. The main door must be locked at all times.

Parking spaces are available outside the compound for free but are a bit of a walk and not recommended for night parking. Parking in the compound is available but is priced RM2.50 an hour. However from 10pm - 8am it costs RM3 in total.


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My work schedule is unpredictable but once we have agreed on your stay, we will keep in communication. While at home, please make yourself comfortable. I'm usually cleaning, gardening or looking for antique finds, but am always interested in conversation when available. By midnight, it usually gets quieter at home.


客人有义务尊重房子的规则。客人在办理入住手续时将提供一套房屋钥匙。 如果发生紧急情况或需要医疗帮助的情况,请告知在短时间内有几个诊所,医院(公共和私人)可用。我不得不承认,我不是认证合格人士,就医疗相关问题提供意见。 如果您需要他们知道您的下落,您可以通知您各自的大使馆或领事馆。但建议您尽快通知我您的具体医疗需求。如果您需要特别注意和关心,请在预订开始时通知我。
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Guests are obliged to respect the rules of the house. Upon check-in, guest will be provided with a set of house keys.

In the event of an emergency or a situation that requires medical assistance, please be informed that there are several clinics, hospitals (public and private) available within short traveling distance. I have to admit that I am not a certified nor qualified person to advise on medical-related issues.

You can inform your respective embassies or consulates if you need them to know your whereabouts. But it's advisable that you inform me at the earliest opportunity about your specific medical needs. Let me know at the beginning of the booking if you need special attention and care.

可住: 1
卫生间: 1
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 灵活
退房时间: 12:00
房间类型: 独立房间


满1周立减: 10%



I require potential guests to have fully filled out Profile Descriptions and Verified ID. AirBnB Users without this will risk not having their requests fully entertained. You should of course have a valid Identity Card or Passport and guests should not be attempting to evade the authorities.

Respect and consideration are especially essential in keeping the space comfortable. It's always better to have guests who are respectful of others and culturally sensitive, as another guest may be from a completely different part of the world from you and have a different world perspective. So far, Guests to "Markazz" have been of this mindset.

Though I am not entirely vegetarian, please be reminded that the space is MEAT-FREE. Eggs, dairy products and certain animal by-products are okay. Please ask further if you are concern that the limitation imposed might affect your current diet.

In a twist of irony, smoking and using tobacco (balcony area only) and alcohol consumption (lounge/balcony area only) is generally okay.

If you are using the water-heater, washing machine or iron. Please be sure to turn the power off after usage. I would also appreciate it if you remember to turn off your lights and/or fan before you leave your room. It's better for the long-term use of the fan's motor and in any case it's good for the environment.

The space is strictly off-limit to others who are not approved as a guest to "Markazz". Guests are not allowed at any time to bring another person into the house/room under any circumstance without first giving prior notice to myself and receiving permission. Failure to abide by this rule may result in termination of your stay, unfortunately. This is for safety reasons.







His place was really neat and I just loved how he decorated his home. He was really accommodating and made me feel very comfortable. My room was well ventilated and well kept so I appreciated that as well. I recommend this place since it is close to the train station and not hard to find when using uber.

One of the best Airbnbs I've had the good fortune to stay at. Tad is a great host, very thoughtful and helpful. I really enjoyed chatting with him about anything and everything. He also has a great eye for furnishing his home with interesting antiques and plants. The apartment is centrally located with a good transport link. I hope to be able to visit again!

The host canceled this reservation 19 days before arrival. This is an automated posting.

Xue Qu的用户个人资料
Tad is super friendly to walk me downstairs and get me a taxi. I really appreciate it. His place is nicely decorated which shows his good taste as everyone has mentioned. I enjoyed the sunrise and night view from his balcony. It's in a safe and quiet neighborhood but pretty close to Chinatown. And it costs like 10 rm for a uber to the major sights. The only problem is that wifi wasn't so good. But I'm only saying coz I have some work to do. It should be ok if you are just traveling.

I stayed at Tadz's place for three and a half weeks during my study abroad program in KL. Tadz is a very friendly, kind and helpful host. The apartment is charming and has amazing views of the city. Everything was clean and well-maintained. The apartment is near public transport so it's easy to get around the city. It's close to Chinatown where you can find markets, restaurants and cafes within a short walk. There's a great Indian restaurant outside the apartment building, which is perfect for breakfast! You will have a great time in KL staying here :)

Tadz's home is amazing! I fell in love with it at the first sight. All the interesting vintage accessories, the plants, the refreshing breeze. He provides you everything you need so you don't need to worry that you forget to bring sth necessary. And the location is perfect. It is close to the train station and 5mins to the famous Chinatown where you can find a lot of good bars and restaurant. I haven't got to try the famous Indian restaurant right under his building but my Malaysian friends all said it is very good! If you come to KL, definitely stay with Tadz. This guy rocks!


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I'm almost a vegetarian, a pacifist, a fan of The Smiths and other 80's legends, who collects all things quirky, vintage and pretty in my spare time. I work in the field of democracy and international affairs and have traveled extensively for work so I know what it's like to be in a different places, needing a convenient and safe place to land. I'm opening up my home because I have the extra space and I like conversations.

To help me hasten your request please establish yourself and intention clearly and make known your traveling plan - flight schedules. If you do not have a photo, details, review and being vague, we do not have a deal.

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