The way upViews in every direction from the open-plan dining and kitchen
A Room at the Rock—360 degrees of nature
A Room at the Rock—360 degrees of nature
2 - 12岁
这个迷人的地方的自然规则栖息在世界的关怀之上。 你可以在云中一分钟;接下来,塔斯曼湾,Motueka谷和Motueka河就像一个地毯一样散布着南尔逊湖南部的山峰 房子舒适,装饰精美。你可能会看到weka鸟在围绕着房子周围的麦卢卡和卡努卡缠绕着。 你的主人是友好和乐于助人的。高速宽带
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Nature rules at this fascinating place perched above the cares of the world.

You can be up in the clouds one minute; the next, Tasman Bay, the Motueka Valley and Motueka River are spread out like a carpet with the Nelson Lakes peaks to the south

The house is comfortable and eclectically furnished. You may see weka birds stalking around the manuka and kanuka around the house.

Your host is friendly and helpful. High speed broadband.


从日常世界撤退。 一个私人世界高涨 一个安宁,和平与隐私的岛屿 一个拥有山,河和海的史诗360度景观的地方 在岩石的房间 这个新的生态设计的家庭高高而私密,四面环绕着自然界,坐落在Motueka山谷上方的岩石上,享有山脉,海洋和河流的360º景观。享受宁静和高速上网。 简单的白色房间享有山脉和森林的东南部的景色。您可以完全访问具有抛光混凝土地板的房子,并以装饰艺术装饰,日本图片和大型新西兰Kauri桌子折衷而复古的风格装饰。 岩石之室位于Pangatotara的Te Manawa Eco Village,距Motueka有11公里,适合一至两人入住。居民wekas(看起来像猕猴桃的不可飞行的鸟)是频繁的游客,钟声在早上五点左右唱歌。你会遇到莉莉,一个偏心的北美日本下巴狗... 这是一个受欢迎的地方,客人被欢迎作为朋友...所以让自己完全在家里,在主客厅休息,或在阳台上晒太阳。 穿过原住民丛林散步,在林业路上行走几英里。 你可以洗澡,洗澡,尝试淋浴里的真棒流。 有无限的高速互联网。 在低能量冰箱和柜子里,有一个可食用的食物。 “作为一个访客,作为一个朋友,像家人一样生活...”我非常喜欢这个口号,在瑜伽师宾馆在印度尤德尔。经理有一个完美的尖叫声。他很好笑,让我们感觉非常在家,所以我喜欢尝试和夺回那种感觉。 我觉得有一种相互尊重的感觉。我将由你指导你想要与我,主持人多少互动。 欢迎来到工作世界的这个撤退。你可以拥有尽可能多的隐私和杯茶,希望放松你的旅行。欢迎您参加您留下的事情:可能会走上林业,在河里游泳,游览河滨社区收集生鲜牛奶,或者只是享受这个和谐的宁静地点。 我搜索了很长时间,找到一个有着意见,高高在上的自然环境的社区,但并不是太近。六个家庭生活在这个由60ha再生原生灌木围拢的山脊上。有合作精神;我们分享对自然的热爱,并致力于使我们的社区尽可能地工作。这意味着我们每个月都要分享水电系统的监测和参加工作。我们都有不同的技能提供;一些是非常有技能的木匠和追踪者。我提供烹饪技巧,为其他人做午餐。我也编辑和撰写Motueka Valley News作为社区服务。 Pangatotara在地图上几乎不是一个blip。很少有人住在这里。我们距离Motueka仅有11公里,距离亚伯塔斯曼国家公园(Abel Tasman National Park)和该地区许多其他景点都很近。接近这里的最好的一日游是亚瑟山在卡胡兰吉国家公园 - 继续向西岸路行驶另外22公里。 下面的河谷以前是一个烟草种植区,这是由着名艺术家Doris Lusk和Colin McCahon的绘画描述的。 冬天是相当温和的,夏天的温度是正确的。在海拔200米左右意味着可以有新鲜的微风...即使在冬天也可以有阳光全天沐浴。 一般来说,您需要自己的交通工具到达岩石的房间。车道非常陡峭,可能是第一次具有挑战性:它是从岩石上雕刻出来的,而且是稳定的,但关心角落和低速(20公里及以下)是至关重要的。如果你找到车道太多,我会从底部收集你的车,可以安全地停在路边。房子附近有停车场,步行很短。 当我们有自己的电力供应,离开电网,我们实践可持续的生活。我们不使用使用大量能量的电器,如干衣机或电热毯 - 欢迎您使用热水瓶和额外的床上用品! 当它变冷时,我们点燃整个房子的火。
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A retreat from the everyday world.

A private world way up high

An island of comfort, peace and privacy

A place with epic 360º views of mountain, river and sea

A Room at the Rock

Elevated and private, this new eco-designed home is surrounded by nature on all sides, situated on a rock high above Motueka Valley, with 360º views of mountains, sea and river. Enjoy serenity—and high speed internet.

The simple white room has views to the east and south of mountains and forests. You have full access to the house with polished concrete floors and furnished in an eclectic, slightly retro style with art deco, Japanese pictures and a big NZ Kauri table.

A Room at the Rock is situated at Te Manawa Eco Village at Pangatotara, 11 kms from Motueka and is suitable for one to two persons. The resident wekas (flightless birds that look like kiwis) are frequent visitors and the bellbirds sing every morning around 5am. You'll meet Lily, an eccentric Pekinese-Japanese chin dog...

This is a much-loved place where guests are welcomed as (URL HIDDEN) make yourself completely at home and lounge around in the main living room or sun yourself on the verandahs.

Take a walk through native bush to walk for miles on forestry roads.

You can do your washing, have a bath and try out the awesome flow in the shower.

There is unlimited high speed internet.

There is a place for your perishable food in the low energy fridge and also in the cupboard.

"Come as a visitor, live as a friend, go as family..." I was very taken with this slogan at Yogi's Guest House in Jodphur, India. The manager there was a perfect scream. He was so funny and sweet and made us feel very at home so I like to try and recapture that feeling.

I like to feel that there is a feeling of mutual respect. I will be guided by you as to how much interaction you want with me, the host.

Welcome to this retreat from the working world. You can have as much privacy and cups of tea as you wish to unwind from your travels. You are welcome to take part in what is happening at when you stay: there could be walks up to the forestry, swims in the river, a trip to the Riverside community to collect raw milk...or just enjoying the quietness of this harmonious place.

I searched for a long time to find a home with views, elevated, surrounded by nature on all sides with a community close, but not too close. Six families live on this ridge surrounded by 60ha of regenerating native bush. There is a spirit of cooperation; we share a love of nature and are committed to making our community work as well as possible. This means that we all share in the monitoring of the hydro-electric system and attend working bees monthly. We all have different skills to offer; some are very skills woodsmen and track makers. I offer my cooking skills to make lunch for the others. I also edit and write the Motueka Valley News as a community service.

Pangatotara is hardly a blip on the map. Very few people live here. We are just 11kms from Motueka and within distance of Abel Tasman National Park and the many other beauty spots of the area. One of the best day trips that is close to here is Mt Arthur in the Kahurangi National Park -- keep driving up West Bank Road another 22 kms.

The river valley below used to be a tobacco growing district and this is depicted in paintings by well-known artists Doris Lusk and Colin McCahon.

The winters are fairly mild and the summer temperatures are just right. Being 200 metres about sea level means there can be fresh breezes... even in winter there can be sun all day to bask in.

In general, you need your own transport to reach a room at the rock. The driveway is very steep and can be challenging the first time: it is carved out of rock and is stable but care on corners and low speed (20 kms and under) are essential. If you find the driveway too much, I will collect you from the bottom where you car can be safely parked off the road. There is parking near the house with a short walk to the house.

As we have our own electricity supply, off the grid, we practice sustainable living. We don't use appliances that use a lot of energy like clothes dryers, or electric blankets—you are welcome to a hot water bottle and extra bedding!

When it gets cold, we light the fire which heats the whole house.


除了您的房间和使用洗涤和浴室设施(重力饲料上的极好的淋浴流动)之外,您还可以在主要居住区存储食物和煮饭。您可以在木材燃烧炉旁放置舒适的'装饰时代'椅子,并在阳台上晒太阳。我们有一个大的后院,最终在卡胡兰吉国家公园。更远的路是亚瑟山,这是一个高度风景的一日游 - 亚伯塔斯曼国家公园距离酒店有半小时的车程。
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Apart from your room and the use of washing & bathroom facilities (awesome shower flow on gravity feed), you'll be able to store food and cook meals in the main living area. You can lounge on comfortable 'deco era' chairs beside the the wood burning stove and sun yourself on the balconies. We have a big backyard that ends up in the Kahurangi National Park. Further up the road is Mount Arthur that is a highly scenic day trip—Abel Tasman National Park is half an hour's drive away.


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I am guided by you as to how much privacy you want and how much conversation.


这个家是使用水电和太阳能电池板电源的电网。在一年的某些时候,电力供应很低,所以我们必须特别小心。 在车道上缓缓行驶是很重要的。
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This home is off the grid using hydro-electric and solar panel power. At some times of the year the power supply is low so we have to be especially careful.

It is important to drive slowly up the driveway.


额外房客 $7 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)
清洁费 $7
满1周立减: 10%


People who know how to be excellent guests don't need rules. Ask if you have a well-behaved dog. Smoking outside is ok.






We stayed at the room at the rock for one night. Liz was very responsive through email and made sure we had a smooth and easy arrival. The place is as breathtaking as the photos suggest, overlooking the valley, the river and the ocean, a surreal panoramic view to take in and marvel at for a lifetime. The house is tasteful, cozy and simple, a splendid place to take a seat and marvel at the workings of the universe. We had a lovely time meeting Liz and enjoyed our conversations during our short stay. We absolutely recommend the room at the rock and hope to visit again soon.

I had a great experience. Liz was very kind and welcoming. She was lovely to talk to, and giving with the contents of her larder!

Liz was a wonderful friendly and helpful host, and made us feel at home. Spacious modern home in a stunning location with superb views. Be prepared for a long steep driveway, but well worth the effort.
Such interesting, friendly guests. Patrick, John and I had some good laughs. All the best for your travels in the future!

Our stay with Liz was magical. If you like: Inspiring views of mountains, sea, and valley Awaking to a dawn chorus of birdsong Watching a family of weka poking through native brush Stimulating conversation with a remarkable, kind, and generous host Then you will love it at your Room at the Rock.

Liz was very welcoming and we had a great time there. The view from her place is simply epic.

very nice and good view, hospitable lady, strongly recommended

The main problem I found when staying at Liz's was how to stop saying 'wow' all the time. It's about as cool a spot as you could imagine to set up a home. Even close to winter there is pretty much all day sun and the fire makes the house really cosy in the evenings. The road up is actually pretty starightforward; as long as you take it quietly you'll have no issues. Liz herself is excellent company; warm, welcoming and open. I really enjoyed meeting her and felt genuinely lucky to spend time in such an amazing setting. It's really a great place to stay.

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I love sharing the simple and serene life at A Room at the Rock with travellers. It could also be called A Room with A View like the book by the great novelist E.M. Forster. I continue to marvel at being up here in the clouds. It's my pleasure to help travellers feel at home in this special place in the natural world.

My friend and poet Leslie McKay writes..."I was introduced to Liz by a mutual friend and soon felt I had known her forever. Her warm laid back style and charm make her excellent company as both friend and host. I have twice
had the pleasure of being Liz's guest and wrote the following haiku after gazing from the window one early morning.

dry mountain grass
bends in the wind

a whole moment
my silent teacher

As a writer I had the ideal environment - a sense of spaciousness
saturated in peace and bird song and little to think of bar poetry.
Liz's collection of books was another plus. I browsed from
Hunderwasser through to alternative culture in the New Zealand
of the 70's. When I left the Room At The Rock, I was relaxed
and looking forward to my return."

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