the living room changes frequentlya peek at our in-house gallery
The HappilyFactory: Arts by the Sea
2 - 12岁

With interior designs by a regular in Boston Magazine, Boston Globe Magazine, New England Real Estate Journal, HGTV and more, this 106-year-old cottage/cabin is exciting And comforting. Water views & 2-minute walk to the beach make more happily.


A cabin in the woods + a cottage at the beach + a cutting-edge art gallery = the happily factory. Just outside Boston (30-45 min), near Quincy Center, w/public transport access, free parking, 10 minutes' drive to the freeway. It feels like Boston & Cape Cod combined.

It’s a special treat - IF you like antiques, weird cool things, and see beauty in imperfection. But it's not for everyone - so please read on to see if it's right for you...

On the plus side:
- half block walk to the beach
- reading in the hammock on the porch watching birds & squirrels
- grilling steaks or boiling lobster to eat on the farm tables inside or out
- fans, shade, ocean breeze, gentle weather
- flat screen with Netflix & DVDs in the living room
- ping pong, toys, games, & art materials to play with, books to read
- self-serve coffee/tea & Light breakfast included your first night
- loaners like beach stuff, umbrella, sunglasses, stuff you maybe forgot
- cute furry wild animals in the yard who won't bother you (really!)
- naturally clean indoor air, avoiding chemicals
- It's exotic! Stay in the home of a real Bohemian!
- super safe neighborhood, quiet, peaceful
- witty, playful art like the best contemporary museum, in a range of media
- charming! unique! full of life!
- cheaper than a hotel!

On the minus side (for some folks):
- no AC, no TV
- the yard outside is a wild-life preserve, not a croquet court
- inside you may see a spider or something with wings (it's ok! it won't get you!)
- something is always not quite finished being renovated
- sound travels thru wood walls & ceilings more than thru modern ones
- some of that art is related to sex! or bodies! or (gasp) feminism!
- it's not a familiar perfect chain hotel or McMansion
- it's not the cheapest thing imaginable!

But what are the bedrooms like?
- 3 main, 'cute' bedrooms: 1st w/queen bed, 2nd w/twin, 3rd w/full: each w/memory foam-topped bed, mirror, desk, chair, hooks or closet, fan
- 1 less cute but not bad bedroom with two twin bunkbeds

And if we have 8-14 people?
- Living room: queen foldout sofabed + queen air mattress (that also folds up to a sofa for convenience)
- three floor pallettes can be placed up to one each in three of the bedrooms. two are foam mattress and one is feather bed


Full use! Living room (15' x 20'), dining room (seats 8+), big kitted-out-kitchen (microwave, dishwasher, pots/pans, etc). Huge wrap-around porch with multiple seating/dining alcoves & hammock. Full bath upstairs, 1/2 bath downstairs, washer/dryer.


We'll mostly do texting, then phone/web/app. I usually do a tour in person with you upon arrival, but if we can't arrange that, detailed notes will help you feel at-home.


1. Kids: art is within reach, it's not too fragile but active youngsters should be supervised. There's lots of toys and games kids get to play with too!
2. Dis/abilities: 1 full flight of Imperfect stairs outside, squirrels who like to throw walnuts on walk paths & such, & 1 full flight of wood stairs inside.
3. Upstairs balcony: off-limits currently.
4. Yard: not off-limits, but not conventionally landscaped.
5. LGBT friendly, welcoming all, regardless of race, language, nationality, etc.
6. Art: Some of our often playful, witty contemporary art references a bit of nudity & the existence of a concept called sex!

In 4 years I've had 100's of air bnb guests, including children and adults of every age - 98% of guests were content (often overjoyed) with the decor. There are over 100 works of contemporary art. Many are abstract paintings, but others are more unusual sculptures or imagery.

额外房客 $23 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $49
满1周立减: 16%
周末价格 $229 / 晚

1张双人床, 1张地板床垫
1张沙发床, 1张充气床垫

入住时间为16:00 - 02:00(次日)

1. Pets: well behaved pets ok, w/negotiation. 10$/night/pet fee. No pets live here now. There is always a possibility another guest may be staying here with a pet (it's rare). if this is a problem please inquire before booking.

2. Smoking is allowed outside only; 1st floor porch is fine. 420 ok.

3. Information: I've got a ton of info about the house, neighborhood, & Boston public transport in manuals in the house. If it's not in there, i can answer more questions too.

4. Communication: I prefer texting: I don't check email every day, don't do voicemail much, and air bnb's app is unreliable for notifications.

5. Firearms: are not permitted in this home.

6. Off-limits /not included areas: Areas of the house and grounds that are not listed as amenities and are off limits to guests include the 2nd floor exterior balcony, the labeled storage room inside the 2nd floor, and the detached garage. Under no circumstances should these rooms or areas be entered for any reason as they may contain hazardous materials or conditions. In addition, the basement under the house is not a listed amenity and should not be entered unless needing to access a circuit breaker panel or other utility/emergency issues. Items stored in closets, under beds, in opaque boxes on shelves, etc, that seem packed away, not in plain sight nor easy reach, are also off-limits.

7. Fires and candles: We encourage you to avoid fires or candles as they are a top source of house fires and this is a wood-framed house. However, under continuous observation, small fires may be lit in the living room fireplace or outdoor fireplace/grill ONLY, and only one fire at a time only; and candles in plain sight & easy reach on outside porch may be lit. Keep candles away from pets, children, cloth, nearby décor objects or wood walls, etc.

8. Water and Sewer: DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. No feminine pads or baby wipes should be flushed. In the upstairs toilet in particular, DO NOT FLUSH more than 10-15 square of paper per flush, to avoid an inconvenient clog.

9. Any other person in the property is the sole responsibility of Guest. Guests may not exceed the occupancy limit agreed specified in the booking without additional permissions and fees.

需爬楼梯 - one full flight outside from street to house, one full flight inside from common areas on first floor to bedrooms on second floor.
可能会有噪音 - Interior walls, ceilings, and floors are wood. sounds travel easily between rooms.
便利设施缺陷 - If it's not described as a listed amenity, it may exist but not in a (looking or working) conventional way. Please read listing and reviews.





Wonderfully art-filled and charming home

My friends and I loved this place. Very spacious and cozy for us. We only stayed one night, but would totally stay more in the future.

We had a very positive experience staying at Be's house. It is located half an hour from downtown Boston, which was perfect for us. The house had so much character and was incredibly unique. I have never stayed in a home like this!! There was tons of space for hanging out and sleeping, with a beach right down the road. The house was equipped with everything we needed. You will not be bored staying here!! Be was so great and chill, thank you.

Be (and her place) were great! Be was very communicative and flexible and made sure I had all questions answered prior to, and during check-in. The house was awesome, the art inside. was very entertaining and all of my friends were comfortable and happy. We had a great night and definitely recommend this house for a get away! :)

We have been happily renting at airbnbs for several years with our family and have never written a negative review before. It makes me uncomfortable to do so, but I felt I have to warn others who might have a similar response to this place. I contacted airbnb on the first day to ask for a refund but they wouldn’t let us have it. I knew that there was no way that the host would refund us on Friday of Labor Day nor could she repair all the problems or spend the day cleaning. So I write to let others know our concerns: First off, BEWARE THE PRICE. It is listed as $251/night for a 4-bedroom house, but that’s for 2 people. Each additional guest costs $35/night so the price goes up very quickly. And we felt it was not at all worth the $391 we paid for the 5 of us to stay there. First off, the porch is filthy, and we didn’t want to sit there. Not only was it not swept, but there was a full ashtray of butts and a big heap of detritus on the side of it. The hole in the ceiling had rain pouring down. This was not “renovations” listed in the ad. And there aren’t really any “water views” - just tiny slivers of water seen far off from 2 upstairs bedrooms. Similarly, the “nature preserve” in the back is just a scrappy patch of lawn with weeds, empty beer cans and more discarded junk. The house inside was not an art gallery (to us anyway) and certainly not somewhere to be featured in an interior design magazine. It was cluttered, every inch jammed with some strange object. I know the owner is an artist and envisions a “creative space” for herself and her guests. It’s an interesting idea. But it felt dark and messy - and frankly, creepy. We come from a family of artists - 4 generations of them. And we’re from NYC, and enjoy provocative art all the time. Mapplethorpe does not offend. But the giant penis with the Barbie in chains and the box of human hair and the dead baby were just creepy. A few other housekeeping notes: there were dirty dishes left by the previous renters, the dishwasher drawer is broken so everything might fall out when you try and load it, the washing machine leaks and had moldy rugs inside it, the shower head fell off during a shower, there was dirty laundry in the bathroom hamper, etc. There are a lot of positive reviews here and perhaps others find this place an adventure of sorts. We did enjoy sitting together as a family watching movies on Netflix, and most of the beds were comfortable with good linens. We made it work because we had to. But know that the descriptions are not all what they say they are. I'm sorry to have to write this, especially for an artist.

We needed a large place by the shore and this home was just that! We had a fantastic time and thank Be for trusting us with her home. That being said, I highly recommend this home to those that love eclectic and historic homes. As Be says, it is not handicapped accessible but it is also not easily accessible. Steep, crumbling steps greet you with overhanging brush, some with stickers that rip your clothes and skin could have been trimmed prior to our arrival. We were pleased that she permitted us to use her leaky washer, but having to dry and fold her clothes she left behind would have been less of a negative touch had she thanked us for doing so. Her art and style is funny and enjoyable, though had it been less cluttered, the space could have been a bit more comfortable.

We had a great time at the house Be was very flexible and friendly, the place is as described. She even left us breakfast at the fridge Thanks!

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I'm an artist living in a giant gallery & adult summer camp. I've got tons of cool stuff here you can look at & play with. And i've got tons of work fixing a 100-yr-old house, too, so something's always half-done. I was an interior designer for 14 years, and put the really bold stuff in my house.

I'm kind of a hippy, yet am driven - an entrepreneur who typically alternates a few months of 16-hour work days with a few weeks of rest. in my art organization, American Family Happily Institute, i collaborate with about 100 volunteers & interact with thousands of people each year. i am also an introvert and not often chatty at home. If i'm not chatty it has nothing to do with you; i respect all people.

I grew up in the the middle of america but know and love boston well now, and can share tips/cool stuff to do.

i speak a Little french, badly. My good friend, Jean-luc, is fluent in French, German, & Alsatian, and can be available to translate if necessary, either if he is visiting or via phone.

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