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Off the Grid Cottage in Olive Gardn
Off the Grid Cottage in Olive Gardn

Secluded garden and cottage for a couple or family up to 4 people who wishes to pull back from the busy life. Ideal for meditation retreat - or romantic get away.
Entire property is off the grid so you will need to put in a little work. . . to make it go . .


The cottage is a 1 room (26 sq. meter) stone cottage with large bed (2x2 m), fireplace, simple bathroom, shower and small but functional kitchen. Sheets and towels are provided. It has a large shaded terrace of 30 sq. meters with a stunning pastoral view. Bedroom #2 is a 4m round Silby Bell tent with comfortable mattresses and carpets. Really unique! The tent is about 200 m. from the cottage in the olive garden.

The cottage is situated in a quiet and open olive tree garden on a steep hillside. It is quite secluded with no other neighbors that "live" nearby . . . only local farmers that come for the day to tend their own gardens and then go home at night. Neighboring farmers keep to themselves. Occasionally, you will hear the local farmers using their garden machines (chain saws, weed cutters) but that is usually not for too long, it is at a distance and also simply integrated with the country life. There is also a local sheepherder, so you will hear him and his sheep pass by 2x daily. The local life is quite rustic and charming.

The cottage is 2 km from the local town of BOSA. It is a comfortable 10 minute bike ride or 20 minute walk to town.

In the local town there are several grocery stores, local vegetable shops, 2 pharmacy/apotek, 1 "erboristoria"(a store that stocks herbal medicines and a few natural foods). Italian is the local language and only a minimum of english is spoken here. Many understand Spanish as well.

The closest airport is ALGHERO (AHO). The garden is about 50 km from the airport. You can rent a car, or take a bus to BOSA. From Bosa, there is no local transport. Serious inquiries can ask for more details on transportation.

Beaches are 4 - 6 km from the garden. And in all seasons except the summer beaches are basically abandoned and beautiful. Temperatures in the winter months are 5 low/12 high (it can rain or be sunny) Spring and Fall months 10 low/22 high (usually clear skies).

Cottage has no central heating, so you have to use gas heater and/or fireplace in the winter. In the summer, you will have the natural warmth of the summer days. There is no air conditioning, but things cool off in the evening nicely.

If you use wood/gas, You will be responsible for paying extra for gas tank/fire wood.

In summer months, we have solar showers that are very well heated by the sun.

For water, you must pump water from the well to the storage tank about 1x per week (depending on usage), with a simple turning on of the generator. Once you get the instructions, it is quite easy and comfortable.

For early fall or late spring guests, a tent is also available if you prefer to sleep out of doors.

There are also a few outdoor toilets and an outdoor shower heated by the sun for summer guests . . . An outdoor kitchen is available as well, more functional during early fall and mid to late spring guests.

This garden and cottage is owned by Ateeka and Ola who both are dedicated meditation practitioners and use this space for their own retreats in various times of the year. We enjoy most of our sits outside on the shaded terrace, but in winter, we also like to go up on the hillside to take in the sun.


Our intention is to rent this cottage and garden out for who wishes to sit on meditation retreat or who wishes to pull back from a busy life.

The garden is a drug free environment.

There are a few cats that live on the property - they basically take care of themselves . . . catching mice, but if you will be kind to feed them (with food we leave for you), the cats are extra happy. There are no other domestic animals on the property but lots of nice wild birds year around.

There is no wifi on the property, but a weak 3G signal can usually be accessed on an iPhone.

Meditation cushions, zabuton, yoga mats are there for you to use.

Two bikes available - not sporty but functional! :-)


See above


Very little.


入住时间为16:00 - 20:00

Please leave the property clean.

Please remove and have washed your dirty sheets and towels and put new clean sheets on the bed.

You will be asked to pay 40 euros for propane tank / gas for generator per week in addition to rental fee.

If you use firewood, we ask you to make a contribution towards that.

Thank you!





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