The Virgin Rainforest that surrounds us is breathtaking!The kitchen is stocked with all you need to cook awesoem meals, we can even provide organic food packages or meals! (NO FRIDGE, a/c etc)
The Etho-House: Off Grid Experience
2 - 12岁

If you are looking for an affordable way to experience the Virgin Rainforest & natural beauty of Belize this is the place! A Basic Kitchen, Low-Voltage Solar Electricity, & Flushing Toilet ensure basic comfort while stepping off the beaten track!


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."
The Etho-House IS that difference! Slow down, unplug your devices, don't style your hair today, just be in the Rainforest!
This is a cabin with a spacious kitchen and a tiled spring fed shower house downstairs. Upstairs is a studio style sleeping accommodation with a Full size bed and four twin beds. There is also a flushing toilet with a hand sink, and a spacious deck upstairs.
The kitchen is equipped with a 4 burner propane stovetop and a 2 burner pancake griddle. There is also a huge sink with three seperate sprayers to make cleanup a breeze! A large array of stainless steel cookware is sure to meet your needs, as well as a variety of kitchen accessories like graters, sieves and even a tortilla press!
At the STAND Center everything is off grid and sustainable! Renewable solar and hydro electricity serves this permaculture farm and research Center. Your house has low voltage lighting and small reading lamp and rechargeable flashlight is also available for your use, while here. There is definitely no a/c so be prepared for the actual outside temperatures, generally a breezy 75-90 degrees F, though it can drop down into the upper fifties here in the mountains! We can also teach you about native flora & fauna, organic permaculture, primitive skills and natural living! This is definately a one of a kind experience, not available anywhere else in Belize! We can set you up with local affordable tour guides and companies to visit the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, waterfalls, rivers for tubing or kayaking and more, all within a few miles of our location! If stunning views of pristine Rainforest, natural sights like sinkholes, caves, and waterfalls, and waking up to the sound of parrots, toucans and howler monkeys sounds like your cup of tea, we've got what you are looking for! If on the other hand you want access to lots of night life like clubs and restaurants check out San Ignacio! And finally, we are not attempting to present ourselves as a fancy resort accommodation. We are a family-run not for profit business, and while every effort is made to ensure your safety and comfort while here, it is a simple but sufficient house to relax in after a day of touring, or to write that next novel!!!


Basic Kitchen (4 burner propane stovetop, 2 burner pancake griddle, sinks, cabinets and produce racks) Flushing Toilet, Tiled shower with 75° spring-fed tropical water, Full Linen Service available, Lockers in house, Safety Deposit Box available, Nature Trails, Pristine spring-fed Natural Swimming Pool, Seasonal Waterfall, and more await!


We have our own private home on the same property, about 1000 yards away ensuring privacy yet the security of knowing we are close-by to help you! We have 6 beautiful children and would be delighted to invite you for a dinner in our home if you like kids and family settings!


We can include a local handmade farm to table breakfast and dinner each day, if you wish! ($25 Per person per day) Comes with unlimited bottled water, and lunch fixins fir you to make yourself. We also offer various organic and whole food packages, for you to prepare your own meals! We host a wide range of workshops to teach you about the natural flora & fauna, organic permaculture, and sustainable living! Learn to make Cacao, build a thatch or harvest bananas!! It's another world! Get ready!

Things to pack:
-Headlamp and spare batterries!
-Shoes: Chaco/Teva or other jungle hardy sandals/water shoes or waterproof boots. LOTS OF SOCKS.

-Natural bug repellent! (Or make your own here with us!) And skmething with DEET, just in case, (trust us, while we have the least bugs in all of belize... there are times....)
-Clothes: Quick drying synthetic materials are ideal for our environment, a soft raincoat will also make life nicer if it is drippy! Even though it is warm here, people like to layer. Cotton underclothes to wick moisture, synthetic overshirts (think Columbia, Patagonia etc) and pants are your best friends. Ladies, dress modestly, tshirts and jeans or the like,
Out here in the jungle the boys won't see you, but the BUGS WILL! ;)
-Attitude: Go into this not thinking of the posh jungle resort (thats called Pooks Hill and is across the river!) But of camping...with a posh tropical hardwood cabin, with kitchen and bathroom for a tent! ;) It's a nice spot, if you really enjoy stunning old growth rainforests!

1张大床, 4张单人床
2张地板床垫, 2张吊床


额外房客 无需付费
满1周立减: 10%


1: DO NOT BURN CANDLES, INCENSE, OR MOSQUITO COILS ON BARE WOOD, ALWAYS USE A CERAMIC OR METAL PLATE AS A BUFFER! There is a fire extinguisher, but we hope to never need to use it!
2: DO NOT LEAVE GATES OPEN! We are a family farm, first and foremost, we have sheep which we depend on to help clean oir orchards, so please, if you ooen it shut it, and then check to be sire it is a tight fit!
3: Do unto us as you would have us to unto you if we were the guests! Just be respectful. We are a Christian Family, so in general, we ask you to refrain from consuming copious amounts of drugs and oralcohol (not a good idea anyway!) ;) or carrying on otherwise obnoxiously! We also advise you to be efficient with your electricity use, ie do not just leave lights on etc. Or you might find yourself out of juice!!!






The host canceled this reservation 7 days before arrival. This is an automated posting.

The directions to the place were pretty accurate. We rented a 4wd Jeep Patriot from crystal auto rental and it performed just fine to get us out there. When we arrived, things were exactly as described and the pictures show. The property was well maintained, clean, and had more than enough space for just 2 people. In the mornings we heard calls of numerous birds and even spotted some toucan and parrots. Andrea help us with groceries and organizing a tour. She even brought us coffee and breakfast after having a more challenging day. Unfortunately the solar powered electricity for the place didn't work properly and our busy schedule didn't leave time to communicate this with our host properly and it was unresolved by our departure. In all, this is a wonderful place I would recommend to my more adventurous and Eco-friendly friends who are willing to try low impact living in a beautiful place.

If you are looking for a true jungle experience, the Etho House is it! Andrea and Forest were very gracious hosts and increased our jungle knowledge with facts and interesting stories of their own life experiences living off the grid for 15 years. Andrea prepared wonderful meals for us. Four wheeled vehicles are a must.

Verschrikkelijke ervaring Foto’s kloppen niet met wat je aantreft (waarschijnlijk nog van start b&b) Leuning trap is verdwenen Groot gat in plafond slaapkamerverblijf waar je doodgespoten beesten tegen dak ziet plakken Totaal geen verbinding met telefoonnetwerk. Als er iets gebeurt heb je dus geen bereik. Man die ons er is komen ophalen stond zelf versteld van de toestand van het verblijf. Na vertrek na 1 nacht wordt je dan nog beschuldigd van het afbreken van lavabo’s… Hebben reeds veel ervaring met kamperen en off-grid verblijven. Hier was zogenaamd elektriciteit op zonne-energie. Echter niet genoeg om lampje te laten branden waarbij je een boek kan lezen of kleine ventilator te laten draaien. Wil je veel betalen voor weinig kwaliteit moet je hier zijn: - Lakens vol met (urine?)vlekken. Matrassen zeer vuil. - geen ijskast in dit tropisch klimaat (salmonella?)!!! - geen ventilator - geen gsm-verbinding Communicatie gaat steeds over geld : - zeker niet in verhouding met wat geleverd wordt vb. vervoer verblijf naar vliegveld :Normale prijs voor vervoer naar vlieghaven is ongeveer 75dollar. Zij vragen 175 vb. voedselpaketten : Best geen maaltijden reserveren. Worden in grote koelbox gedaan waarin ijs op bodem ligt waarbij bij ons de kapotte eieren in lagen (smurrie). Betaalden 400 dollar voor voedselpakketten voor week. Dachten daar zij bijna volledig zelf voorzien in voeding van eigen teelt en kweek dat dit vooral om verse pakketten ging maar bleek voornamelijk uit bokalen, blik uit de Chinese supermarkt te gaan waardoor hun prijzen wel erg hoog liggen. Voor 400 US dollar kan je met 3 personen makkelijk elke dag op restaurant gaan eten. Zijn na een nacht naar andere air b&b gegaan. Dit voor de helft van de prijs naar dubbele kwaliteit en service. Hebben ongeveer 1000 euro voor nacht betaald (verblijf, voedsel, niet gedane uitstappen) en willen ons dan nog eens 150 dollar afpersen voor onrechtmatige beschadigingen. Als je ongeveer 1000euro verliest om ergens anders te gaan (waar je bovendien opnieuw huur betaalt) wil dit toch wat zeggen denk ik. Een verwittigd man is er twee waard.
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来自Forest & Andrea Joy的回复:
Deze gasten hadden op verschrikkelijke ervaring , omdat ze totaal onvoorbereid voor off -grid leven. De foto's van het huis werden jaren geleden genomen , en we moesten de trap , anders dan dat het is precies hetzelfde als afgebeeld herstellen! We zullen meer foto's toevoegen van de nieuwe (URL HIDDEN) ventalation gat in het plafond verwijderd warmte, maar heeft geen dode dieren te hebben! Dat is helemaal niet waar , ze zijn dpouti ga veel leugens om te proberen te voorkomen dat het betalen voor hun werkplaats en de extra schoonmaakkosten voor haar heeft verlaten zo'n puinhoop ! Ik denk dat de bottom line is , ze zijn uit België en gebruikt om een zeer verwend leven niet zoiets als plaatsen met weinig cel -signaal, en geen koelkast (WE vertelde hen dat aan de voorkant ! ) Kijk naar Pascales en Stevens recensies onder hen en je kunt zien , bleven ze net voor deze mensen ! En geen problemen als dit kwam !

The family was very nice and hospitable. We definitely recommend having a large four wheel drive and they mean what they say when it comes to OFF THE GRID experience! We have done a lot of camping and it felt more like staying in a camping shelter than a house.
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来自Forest & Andrea Joy的回复:
Thanks Stephen!!! You guys were awesome guests! We would love to have you back anytime!

Really off the grid! If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life then this is a great place to go. Loved swimming in the pond, relaxing, unwinding and literally doing nothing. I loved it. Advice: Don't try and drive in late at night at least the first time as it is easy to miss a turn and the last few miles are unpaved. Bring food with you. If you need the internet or TV then this is not a good fit for you. Ask Forest to take you on a tour of their land. Go to Barton Creek for an awesome tour. Enjoy the rainforest!
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来自Forest & Andrea Joy的回复:
Thanks Pascale! We really enjoyed these guysm even though we only caught a few chats with eachother! They seem like intelligent busy people who relished in the low tech break of belize! Left the place practically spotless! Even stripped the sheets! What an awesome house guest! Come ba k anytime you need to stop and smell the 'frangipannis' again!

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Alex & Jeff
Guests should take caution before signing up to stay here. We were a group of 5 adults with our own car. The host provided us with very dubious instructions to get to her home, including landmarks such as a "pile of rocks" to mark turns. It took us several hours to find the house, and when we finally did, it was as if they were not expecting any guests at all. All of the lights were turned off and there was nobody to great us (despite the instructions of "Just honk! We will hear you no matter what!") We honked and searched the area for half an hour until we were forced to turn around and find new accommodations. I called the host several times with no answer. Furthermore, upon requesting a refund, we were denied because the host assumed that we left because we did not like the rough, off-beaten-path look of the home. I have traveled around the world, slept in jungles on dirt floors and bamboo huts. I am also an airbnb host, and have never considered giving impossible directions or not be there to greet a guest, or atleast leave a note on instructions to enter the house. This, in my opinion, is not fulfilling host obligations. We were told by a local hotel owner that many guests end up turning around and leaving this place. Had I felt better informed about the house before pressing the "PAY IMMEDIATELY" button, I would have chosen something less isolated with options to be nearer to the many things to do in Cayo. If you plan to bring your own car, don't. If you plan to not have a car, expect to be VERY isolated and not actually near any of the advertised places, and therefore expect your only experience in Cayo to be the STAND Center.
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来自Forest & Andrea Joy的回复:
I am proud to say my only poor review as a host comes from guests who never met me!!!! Unfortunately I never got the chance to meet Alex and Jeff! As they showed up about 9 pm and left before I was able to meet them (our house is a 2 minute walk from the ETHO-House and I heard them honk upon arrival as I was outside in the pasture feeding a bottle lamb and walked down immediately after this.) They did honk but it must have been moments before they left as they were gone in the 5 minutes it took me to go inside and put away the lambs bottle and walk down the hill. Then wrote a very rude email explaining that they had a hard time finding the house and got some flat tires on the road and chose to leave after finding the accommodation because no one was there immediately to greet them at 9 pm, and the lights of the house were off (we have renewable energy systems and thus I turned the lights on at dark and off again at 8:00 when I was sure they must have had a cancelled flight and would surely arrive the next evening!) Alex felt this was all my fault and they deserved full refund. I replied very politely explaining that while I was very sorry they had a frustrating journey to find us neither the flat tires of their failure to show up at any normal hour (who checks in at 9pm!!!!) were my fault and that I had the accommodation ready and waiting for them, it was unlocked, all they needed to do was to go inside, and that further more I had two separate inquires for that same time slot they paid for and reserved and had to turn them down and one of them was for an entire week so I would have turned over almost twice the profit. I hoped they might understand this but instead they wrote this nasty review. I believe they made the irresponsible decision to try to find their accommodations after dark, since there are no road signs of street lights this was poor planning. It gets dark about 6 pm here and our home is about a 45 minute drive form the main highway. THere are only two turns, two turns ONLY so even if they had missed the first turn (over the bridge) there is only about 2 minutes more of road to go on before it end abruptly at a neighboring farm, and again, if they had missed the second turn, the parking lot for the ATM cave is only a bout 5 minutes past that, where the road also ends, so how on earth it could have taken them several hours to find us in beyond me, but even if it did take them 2 hours... that STILL means they left after dark to find us... poor choice. I believe they actually decided they did not want to stay in a remote ''isolated' location as they mentioned in the review and that they would have been better off in town not in a PRISTINE REMOTE LOCATION, OFF THE BEATEN PATH which is exactly what this listing describes!) Other accommodations in locations like ours cost hundreds of dollars a night, we are offerring a very affodable stay in a pristine Rainforest location!


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We have lived in Belize for almost fifteen years now and are raising our six children here in the Rainforest on our Permaculture Farm @ The STAND Center. We are committed to the growing of our own foods and over 95% of our diet is grown processed and prepared directly from our gardens! We also eat primarily wild caught fish or other hunted game. We do occasionally butcher chickens from our free range chicken flock as well. Finally we raise native fish in our Aquaculture Ponds, and Sheep help keep the undergeowth benesth our Stacked Polyculture Forest Gardens clean! We offer guests the chance to participate in a variety of exciting workshops in the field of natural living, and run a volunteer program as well.

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