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Bungalow @ N 25th with Architectural Tour Tickets
Bungalow @ N 25th with Architectural Tour Tickets

The Bungalow @ N 25th, devoted to use as a short-stay Guest Home, offers comfort, character & convenience. Located a couple of blocks from a main East/West corridor of the City, there is easy access to Historic Downtown, museums, shopping, restaurants and pubs, and Missouri Western State University. Decorated in old and new, a stay at The Bungalow @ N 25th will be an experience set apart from the rest!


The Bungalow @ N 25th was constructed as a Victorian Cottage. Later it was "remodeled" to give it a forties-fifties "contemporary" feel. And so, the interior now looks like a Bungalow. The home was once used as an office and reminders of that mixed-use can be seen. The home is easy to live in and has a warm and inviting feel. The furnishings are old and new, borrowed and blue. Everything in the home is there to be used and enjoyed.


The main floor of the home offers all of the amenities and necessities required to enjoy the home for short-term stays.


Pam and/or Linda will be available to Guests throughout their stay. The Hosts want Guests to make a great memory while in St. Joseph.


TOUR TICKETS INCLUDED. Two tickets to the 2017 "Jewels of St. Joseph Annual Homes Tour," showcasing 6 historic homes and 2 historic churches on September 17, are included with a booking check-in on September 15 and check-out on Sunday September 17 (i.e. a 2 night stay). (Additional tickets can be purchased from the Host with the booking for $20 per ticket.)



入住时间为14:00 - 19:00

- BE ON TIME: We want to meet our Guests in person to provide keys to the home and so a mutually acceptable, and respected, check-in time is a necessity. -- PROFILE PICTURE: Please be sure the “Guest in Charge” has a profile picture so the Host can identify the Guest by sight. We want to recognize our Guests, so we don’t get confused and give keys to some stranger. -- APPROVED GUESTS. All persons who will be overnight guests must be identified, approved, and registered in advance through the booking process and shall not exceed 4 individuals. Guests must be at least 18 years old, unless they are accompanied by a parent or other adult relative. -- NO-SMOKING HOME. The home is a no-smoking environment which means no smoking of any kind should occur in the home. Smoking on the side patio is acceptable so long as the butts and ash are contained in the sand-filled receptacle provided. Please, no smoking on the front porch. -- ALCOHOL. Responsible consumption of alcohol in the home, within all legal limits, is allowed. -- DRUGS. Use of drugs is not allowed inside or outside of the home unless the drugs have been prescribed for an approved and registered Guest by a licensed health care professional. -- HOME TEMPERATURE. Guests have access to the home’s HVAC thermostat. Your Hosts are a somewhat conservative bunch, and ask that you do not run the thermostat colder than 70 degrees or hotter than 78 degrees and that when heat or air conditioning is being used, keep the windows and doors of the home closed. -- COMING AND GOING. The front door should be used for coming and going. Please lock it when you leave. If you have opened other exterior doors, please be sure to lock them when you leave as well. -- ALARM SYSTEM: The home has an alarm system and we will teach you how to use it. You will be given a personal alarm code when you are our Guest and you should use the system at least when you are going out. -- KITCHEN: You are welcome to use the appliances and all dishware and other items in the kitchen of the home so long as you do so carefully and responsibly. Feel free to use the dishwasher but limit running it to one time per day (again, somewhat conservative Hosts). Make sure that at least on a daily basis, all dirty dishes are washed or are put away in the dishwasher. -- FOOD AND DRINK. Confine eating to the kitchen, dining room or side patio. Drinking beverages throughout the home is allowed so long as drinks are set on coasters and not directly on furniture or floors. -- BEDDING: If your bedding should need changed during your stay, extra bedding is in the home for your DIY (Do It Yourself) use in handling the change. -- TRASH. The Hosts will pick up trash on a daily basis between 10 a.m. and noon, so please pull the bags in the trash cans in the home, tie the bags closed, and put them out in the trash can outside on the side patio. All trash put in the outside trash can must be bagged. Trash bags are under the kitchen sink for replacing them in the trash cans. -- WET TOWELS, ETC. A drying rack is located in the Hall Luggage Closet for use in hanging wet items to dry. Please don’t leave wet items on any furniture or on the floor. Once dry, previously wet items can be tossed into the hamper which is also in the closet. We want to prevent fabric mold and mildew. Promptly let the Host know there is soiled laundry and we will pick it up and take care of it. -- IF YOU DIDN’T BRING IT PLEASE LEAVE IT. We will try to anticipate well the things you might need during your stay (furnishings, towels, bedding, dishware, coffee and tea, paper products and toiletries). When you go, please leave the things that you didn’t bring with you when you came. -- ASK – DO TELL. If you have a question or other issue do ask or tell the Host by phone call or text (if you have to wait on a reply, call or text again within an hour). Please don’t call or text between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. except if you are encountering an emergency situation. -- SECURITY DEPOSIT. We expect to do a “fundamental cleaning” after you check-out. If the House Rules have been followed, this clean-up should be no big deal and so we don’t charge a cleaning fee. If however, the home is left in an atypical condition with respect to cleanliness, or if things are damaged or are left in a condition described as being “beyond normal wear and tear,” the Security Deposit will be applied to resolve whatever the situation may be, cleaning and/or damage and/or beyond normal wear and tear. A charge of $25 will be made for any key not returned for any reason. This is in addition to the security deposit and not a part of the security deposit.

需爬楼梯 - A few steps at the front entry. The Living Area is on one floor, no steps.
便利设施缺陷 - BYO (Bring Your Own) Internet Access (No WiFi); there is a Roku TV for use with a phone/tablet and a DVD player; limited antenna TV can be viewed



The Bungalow is close to downtown St. Joseph and the host has very good communication. The back yard is not very large but there are so many things to do in town that it is not a big deal.

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