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Steps to the Beach and Boardwalk in OC!!!!




2 - 12岁

This Beach Block condo building is located right off the boardwalk end of 7th Street. In the heart of the amusement section of Ocean City. Features include ocean views, SWIMMING POOL, sun deck, onsite coin laundry, one assigned parking space.

可住: 4
卫生间: 1
床型: 实体床
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 14:00后
退房时间: 10:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $50


Must be over 25 years of age to rent
The Guest agrees to rent from the Owner and the Owner agrees to lease to the Guest the Property. Owner and Guest understand and agree that the Property is a vacation rental. The Guest is a transient guest or seasonal Guest. The New Jersey Anti-Eviction Act does not apply to this rental. This Lease is valid only when accepted by the Owner via signature, and may be terminated by the Owner upon default of any payments or other obligations of the Guest, as outlined in this Rental Agreement.

Check In Time
A- Check-In time is between 2pm and 5pm. NO KEYS WILL BE HANDED OUT PRIOR TO 2:00 PM.
B- Check Out time is 10:00 AM. All Keys are to be returned by 10:00 AM to the Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore office in which you checked in.
C- Pets: Are not permitted unless given an Addendum to the Lease allowing pets.

OCCUPANCY/USE/CARE OF PROPERTY: The maximum number of persons allowed to occupy Property, including children, is indicated on the Confirmation/Signature page. The Guest shall take possession of and use the Property only as a private residence for no more than the maximum number of persons. The Guest shall not allow the Property to be used for any business, professional or unlawful purposes. House trailers and recreational vehicles are not permitted on the Property. There shall be no alterations to the Property and no fixtures, appliances or air conditioners shall be installed without written consent of the Owner. The Guest affirms that he/she is over twenty-five (25) years of age and minors will not occupy the Property unless an adult is present. It is the policy of Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore to rent (1) to family groups only, or (2) to non-family groups wherein at least two Guests signing the Rental Agreement are 24 years of age or older and will supervise and be responsible for members of the group that are under 25 years of age. A family is defined as parents, grandparents, children and extended family members vacationing in one property. A non-family group is defined as unrelated adults, high school students, college students or any other type of a situation not meeting the age requirement stipulated herein. Should Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore personnel ascertain a non-family group occupying a property in violation of the age requirement; the group is subject to immediate termination of the Rental Agreement with no refund. Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore reserves the right to refuse rental, cancel existing reservations and terminate occupancy without refund if the occupancy, in our opinion, is detrimental to the rental property and its owner, whom we represent, without refund. Unreasonable noise or disturbance by the Guest may result in eviction. Guest agrees to return premises to Owner on expiration date of Lease in as clean and good condition as reasonable use will permit and to repair, replace or pay for any breakage or damage to the Property, furnishings and equipment. Guest is only responsible for breakage or damage done by Guest and/or their guests. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED!

Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore HIGHLY RECOMMENDS PREVIEWING THE RENTAL PROPERTY. ACCEPTANCE OF PROPERTY: Opinions as to the condition of the Property vary from individual and are very subjective. If the Guest has not personally viewed or inspected the Property, the Guest shall not rely on any opinion expressed by a third party, including the Rental Agent, Owner, Website or Owner Website. The Guest bears sole risk of renting the Property SIGHT UNSEEN and in not being satisfied with the condition of the Property at the time of check-in. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT THE GUEST PERSONALLY VIEW THE PROPERTY BEFORE SIGNING THE RENTAL AGREEMENT. THE PROPERTY IS BEING RENTED “AS IS”.
NON-LIABILITY OF THE REALTOR: The Owner and the Guest understand and agree that Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore and their agents are not Property Managers or Rental Managers for the Property. The Agents are acting merely as Rental Agents in this Rental Agreement transaction. The Agents shall not be liable for any claims, demands, damages or costs in any manner relating to either alleged defects or problems with the Property or to any other circumstances surrounding the rental. In the event Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore has made a payment to the Owner which the Guest withdraws or otherwise cancels such that Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore never receives the funds, the Owner agrees to reimburse Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore for any such funds. Guest understands that all Guest payments are the property of Owner with exception of the commission, admin fee and SDPP. Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore has no authority to return any Guest payment without the consent of the Owner. This agreement is entered into based upon the Guest’s independent knowledge of the Property or the representations specifically contained in the Rental Agreement and not on any representations made by the Owner or its agents. Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore and their agents shall not in any event be held liable to the Owner.

SUGGESTED ITEMS TO BRING: The Owners do not provide: sheets, pillow cases, pool/beach towels, bath towels, laundry detergent, dish detergent, paper products of any kind, beach supplies, bikes and personal items unless otherwise noted in the “Detail” section of the Property on the website. The full list of amenities is found on each Property. No warranties are given as to its accuracy. Appliances, air conditioning, and amenities are not guaranteed and refunds will not be given due to breakdown. Repairs will be made as soon as possible.
Parking - Each property may offers convenient parking of . Please be sure to comply with local ordinances and posted condo association rules and regulations. KWRJS will not be responsible for parking tickets or towing expenses.
WASTE/RECYCLE/TRASH: All of the municipalities recycle. Therefore the Guests are responsible to separate all trash according to the Property in which you are renting. Please follow all condo association rules and regulations. Recycling is mandated by the State of New Jersey and will be strictly enforced! The Guest will be responsible for any fines that are levied by the City to the Property during your specific rental period.
REPAIRS: Please report any necessary repairs to the Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore office between the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore is not responsible for any maintenance or repair of the Property and any such obligations or issues are solely responsibility of the Guest and Owner.
VISITATION PERMISSION: Upon reasonable notice the Owner or Agent shall have access to the Property to provide services, inspect and/or make any necessary repairs. In case of emergency or the Guest’s absence, the Owner or Agent may enter the Property without the Guest’s consent.

INSURANCE OF GUEST’S BELONGINGS: The Owner DOES NOT provide insurance covering loss to any of the Guest’s belongings. The Guest has total responsibility for securing protection against loss by fire or other cause to the Guest’s belongings.
SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE: Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore is acting as a transaction agent only and does not warrant nor guarantee specific performance of any Rental Agreement. We reserve the right to decline offering a rental to anyone misrepresenting themselves in any fashion. At times due to reasons beyond ours or the Owner’s control but not limited to a double booking, death of an owner or foreclosure, a comparable unit may be offered a Guest. Realtors reserve the right to show the home with adequate notice to the renting family if the unit is listed for sale.

GUEST CHECK-IN INSPECTION: I waive my right, as laid out in my agreement with the credit agency through which I have prepaid monies to Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore to request a refund of said monies in all cases except the following:
1. Upon arrival at the contracted property at the contracted time, as described in this rental agreement, the said property is considered by myself and Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore to be uninhabitable, or in conditions extensively variant from those advertised; whereas Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore is given notice , in writing, of such conditions within 24 hours of arrival at said property; whereas the situation is unable to be rectified to the standards advertised and set forth in this rental agreement after Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore has made every reasonable effort to correct and/or provide compensation for such conditions.
2. The transaction(s) by which said monies were prepaid to Keller Williams Realty Jersey Shore are found to have been made fraudulently.

KEYS: All keys given and held by the Guest are to be returned to KWRJS at the termination of this rental agreement. There is a $25 charge for each set of keys, fobs, or swipes not returned and/or lost. This will automatically be charged to the credit card on file. By acknowledging this rental agreement you permit KWRJS to charge up to $100.00 for a lock change and/or replacement keys.
CHECK-OUT: Prior to 10:00 AM on scheduled departure date. When checking-out Guests must be mindful of the next family and be sure the following items are completed.
1. Remove personal belongings.
2. All trash and recyclables must be placed in their proper receptacles and set curbside on appropriate date.
3. All utensils and dishes utilized must be washed and placed away where they were found.
4. General cleaning of each unit must be completed. Each unit must be left in a neat and tidy condition and in the condition you found upon check in.
5. All keys must be returned to the KWRJS office from which the Guest checked in.
Failure to abide by check-out time will result in an automatic charge to Guest’s credit card on file:
• From 10:01am to 10:30am, $50.00 late departure fee
• From 10:31am to 11:00am, $150.00 late departure fee
• After 11:00am, $200.00 late departure fee

CLEANING SERVICE: Prior to arrival each property is cleaned. Daily Cleaning is not included. However, it is the obligation of the Guest to surrender the property in good, clean condition by the time specified in the lease agreement.
REPORTING DAMAGES: Upon arrival, if you discover any damage to the Property or have an incident resulting in damage to the Property - Please report it immediately to our office from which you have checked in.
VIOLATION OF LEASE AGREEMENT: Upon violation of the following terms and conditions, specifically any occupancy limits, substantiated parking, noise and/or trash complaints the lease is subject to immediate revocation, and Guest is subject to immediate removal from the property, a minimum $500 fine and cleaning fees will automatically be charged to the card on file. Additionally, Guest acknowledges that they may be subject to consequential damages as a result of their violation, including, without limitation, damages associated with KWRJS.








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