Stunning view looking north at 5amDramatic clouds over Holywood Cottage and Boathouse. Right in the heart of the Kawarthas.
4 Mile Lake Kawarthas. Awesome Cottage & Boathouse




2 - 12岁

Beautifully set in the heart of the Kawarthas on 4 Mile Lake. Ready for you to escape the city and relax. Less than 2 hours from Toronto! Fish, kayak, sunbathe, swim, read a book or do nothing in the serenity of cottage country.
Clear flat rock bottom waterfront and lots of private spaces to relax. You can choose the large dock over the water, or the grassy sunny area beside the dock, or the boathouse deck over the water or the big deck with some tree cover to hide from the sun.


Welcome to Holywood Cottage & Boathouse, a charming (and rustic) waterfront cottage at 4 mile lake in the heart of the Kawarthas. We searched for years to find the perfect cottage ON the water on a beautiful clear lake. This is a cozy, family-friendly retreat where you can enjoy sitting on the dock, watching gorgeous sunsets, casting for bass or swimming in the clear freshwater lake.

There are 2 buildings. The boathouse is over the water and has a full kitchen living room with 2 couches and 1 bedroom. It has a spectacular deck over the water with sliding doors to go out onto. Great for entertaining.

The other building has a bathroom and 4 bedrooms.

The cottage sleeps 6. Master bedroom is a king size bed. 2 bedrooms are queen size and there is a double bed and 3 singles.

The kitchen is completely stocked for entertainment with a dining room table that can be extended to seat 12.

The bathroom has a stand up shower but we do try to conserve water as we have a holding tank.

There's lots of lounging outdoor space. There's a BBQ for cooking great meals.

Everything is at your disposal. Feel free to use the kayaks and canoe. Ensure you wear life jackets.


The boat and seadoo are not for guest use.


You will have access to the entire property. Swimming is step in by the dock. It's shallow so no diving. The water is clear and there is rock bottom. The Kayaks are available with paddles and life jackets. The Boat and Seadoo are not. We do recommend watershoes.
You must be 25 to rent this space.


We are not on the property but available anytime for questions or concerns.


If you use the kayaks please ensure you use lifejackets.
Boat and seadoo are not for rental use. Please ensure after use they are brought up on lawn and turned upside down. Please DO NOT use the canoe or aluminum boat stored at the top of the property

Please bring your own sheets. There are laundry facilities in Coboconk or Fennelon Falls.

You must be 25 to rent this space. We also prefer references.

Please note we do own a dog so if you have severe allergies this might not be a good fit. We do get it professionally cleaned.

卫生间: 1
卧室: 4
床铺: 6
入住时间: 16:00后
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓
自助入住: 密码钥匙盒


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $125


This is the manual and rules to the cottage and boathouse.

You must be 25 or older.

We want your stay to be fun, relaxing and enjoyable so we’ve prepared these rules to give you the ultimate cottage experience!

Hello guests and welcome to our Cottage and Boathouse.

This place is very special to us and we are very careful whom we approve as guests. All we ask is that our property be cared for, the rules followed and our neighbors privacy and peace respected.

As you can see, the buildings are older and vulnerable like most cottages. Things can easily break so please take care of everything on our behalf during your stay.

We’ve set up these rules so there is no confusion and you know exactly what to do. Be sure to reach out to us with ANY questions.

Guest Numbers
We have a strict guest number policy and VERY observant neighbors. If the number of guests (this includes day visitors) is more than agreed we will be turning up in person, asking you to leave immediately, not issuing a refund and reporting you to airbnb. This rule is also in the house rules, which you had access to well before you arrived. Just sayin’.

On Leaving
Please leave the Cottage and Boathouse better than you found it

On the blackboard

Water & Sewerage
We run a holding tank which is very small and needs to be emptied regularly to avoid overflowing (you don’t want that!) so here’s the drill:
• We ask that you keep showers to an absolute minimum and less than 1 minute (we use the lake)
• Human waste only in the toilet please with EVERYTHING else, including toilet paper going in the waste bin beside the toilet. Spare waste bin bags are under the washroom basin.
• When washing dishes, please use the square plastic dishwashing bucket to hold water and empty it in the garden between the deck and the fence just to the left of the Boathouse door when you walk outside.
• Please don't leave water running down the kitchen sink or washroom basin.

Zebra Muscles
Dang! Who let these pesky little buggers into our lake? They are as sharp as a razor blade and there is the possibility of infection if not treated quickly with Bactine. Please be careful swimming and walking in the water. We have a basket of water shoes we keep in under the boathouse with the life jackets. You’re welcome to wear them but please make sure they go after use.

You are bringing your own sheets and towels so please be sure to take them with you when you leave.

Heating in the boathouse
If you need to switch the heating on, the thermostat is on the wall behind the fridge. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SWITCH IT OFF BEFORE YOU LEAVE

The City Of Kawartha Lakes is super strict when it comes to garbage and recycling. Here’s what to do:
• All regular kitchen and household garbage, like food waste and non-recyclable packaging needs to go in a CLEAR bag which we keep under the sink. If the garbage guys see bottles, recyclable plastic, paper, cardboard or cans in this bag they won’t collect and you will be asked to pay for a dump run. Full garbage bags need to be tied and left out in the bear proof bin on Holy Bay drive with the lid closed and secured and the yellow metal flag pointing up. Don’t leave them outside or them varmints will attack and you’ll be left with a massive mess to clean up.
• Glass bottles, plastic bottles and containers and tin and aluminum cans need to go in the clear blue bags also under the sink and can be left BESIDE the Bear proof bin on Holy Bay Drive
• All paper and cardboard can either be burned or left in a blue bag and can be left BESIDE the Bear proof bin on Holy Bay Drive

There is an issue with Bears at Four Mile Lake so please be careful. You can drastically reduce any Bear risk by making sure your garbage is correctly disposed of either inside or in the Bear proof bin up on Holy Bay Drive. Whatever you do, don't leave food out overnight!

The Shower
Our holding tank is tiny and we don't want to risk a sewerage overflow during your stay. We ask that you keep showers and water going down both kitchen and washroom sinks to an absolute minimum and showers to less than 1 minute (we use the lake)

The Fire Pit
Please feel free to enjoy our fire pit but we ask that you use wood sparingly. It is there for your enjoyment but you don't need much to get a great fire going. An axe for chopping kindling is kept at the bottom of the stairs in the cottage.

Fire Pit chairs
We keep these in the small white metal shed under the tree towards the front of the property. Please return them after use.

Outdoor furniture cushions
These are kept under the boathouse, which you access from the north side. If these cushions get wet, it’s a major issue and guests will be charged for cushions left wet or damaged. We ask you to make a judgment call before leaving them out in the event of threatening rain.

Drinking water
We have installed a UV filter which makes our lake water drinkable from all taps

Out Buildings
These are off limits except for the white metal shed under the tree towards the front of the property. This is where you’ll find the fire pit chairs.

The Wet Slip (Under the boat house)
This is where we keep the Kayak life jackets. Please be sure to keep this door closed by slipping the latch through the keeper as the wind will smash the door if it’s left unsecured.

There are a number of outside lights that, because of the antiquated electrical system, burn a ton of power. Can we please ask that you switch all outside lights off before turning in?

Property Boundary
Our boundary is about 1 metre south of the deck at the front of the property and follows a line back to Holy Bay drive along the line of small pine trees past the fire pit. Please understand the whilst there is a U shaped drive way coming in and returning to Holy Bay Drive, only half of it is our property. We ask you respect our neighbor’s property rights and do not park on their land or use their half of the driveway. Please come and go via our driveway. The old cottage to the south of us is NOT on our property.

There are 2 Kayaks with paddles for your use down on the grass area near the water. The life jackets are in the wet slip which you access downstairs near the water under the boathouse.

Shopping. There’s a Foodland in Coboconk plus a Beer Store and LCBO. If we’re doing a serious shopping run, we normally head into the Sobeys at Fenelon Falls where there are some lovely cafes (like Murphys right on the Lock downtown) and Sweet Bottoms who make a great cup of coffee.
Four Mile Lake is the highest lake in The Kawarthas. It is spring-fed, landlocked and elevated at about 60 feet higher than Lake Balsom which is the highest lake on the Trent-Severn System. The mixture of limestone (south end) and granite (north end) is said to be a positive influence on the Ph balance which is why the water is so clear.

The Lindsay Emergency Clinic is part of the Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) and is open 24/7. The address is 10 Angeline Street N, Lindsay, ON.

That’s all folks!
We have stayed at dozens of airbnbs in the past and always find that following the rules assures us a fun and relaxing time.

We are delighted to share our cottage and boathouse with you and wish you a great Four Mile Lake experience.

Warm regards, Christine & Ray Wood.

Please be respectful of our neighbors and keep noise to a minimum.

Your dog is welcome but must be kept within the property and cleaned up after. There is no fence to contain the dog so please be respectful of neighbors.

Rentals are Friday to Friday 7 day minimum.

需爬楼梯 - There are about 10 steps down to the water, a few over the deck and about 20 to the first floor (4 bedrooms) in the cottage





I went to the cottage with my husband, two other couples and our dogs. We had a fun weekend with the dogs swimming while we enjoyed the sun, kayak and paddle board. The cottage is definitely "glamping" as Ray described to me and with the water restrictions I would not recommend more than 6 people. Overall a great weekend getaway from the city!

Barbara L的用户个人资料
Ray's description of the cottage is very accurate, with one small exception that will only matter to a minority of guests--the canoe wasn't in good shape and was missing one seat. The location is lovely; Four Mile Lake is very nice. My son and I did some fishing and he caught a pike that was at least 2-feet in length. The cottage is also very close to Coboconk (5 minute drive), which has pretty much everything you need or might have forgotten. This shouldn't be much as the cottage is very well-equipped. Ray is very clear about the need to be careful about limiting your use of water, so if this bothers you, this is probably not the place for you. That said, the water heater is very good so you don't have to run a lot of water before it gets hot. This makes taking a quick shower much easier than you might expect. Otherwise, the BBQ worked really well (I started thinking about buying a new one for myself when I got home) and if you want to have a campfire the setup is very good and (at least when we were there) there's lots of wood so you don't have to worry about buying anything. We didn't speak to Ray much on the phone because we didn't really have any problems. When we did though he was very friendly and helpful. So, in short, Ray is very frank about the pros and cons of this cottage. If you like what you read, you'll like what you get.
Thanks Barb for your lovely comments. The Canoe is actually not to be used, just the Kayaks. I guess I need to be more specific. Thanks for the heads up and so glad you had fun. So cool for your son to catch such a great fish. How awesome!

Serenity peaceful relax privacy great view....what else can you ask for! This cottage is great for family fun and reconnecting with our kids was priceless. Thanks Ray!
Thanks Joy. So glad you had a great time. We sometimes watch movies on our laptops but (for us) the cottage is about doing not watching. We're both in IT and the cottage gives us the screen free time we cherish.

Ray and Christine have an amazing place to share. They were really honest about the place and the fact that this is a cottage, feels like a cottage should feel like and it's not a 5 stars hotel. The deck space is amazing and the whole place feels like home away from home. We want to go back! Thank you for an amazing stay!


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I'm a marketing and software guy. My wife Christine is an engineer. We're into skiing and snowmobiling (our chalet is only a few minutes from Mount St Louis Moonstone (The best snow close to Toronto) We love to travel and explore the world. I play guitar, host a regular podcast for real estate professionals and enjoy cooking up a big feast for friends and entertaining.

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