Modern apartment near Main Bus station! New!
Modern apartment near Main Bus station! New!
2 - 12岁

Oaza apartment Zagreb is fully equipped and modern decorated. Apartment is situated on the high ground floor of the new building, spreading on 49 square meters, situated in wider center area of Zagreb, near central bus station in peaceful street. Apartment is very well air conditioned and equipped with central heating system. It has fully equipped kitchen, free high speed WiFi, fresh bed linen, clean towels, hairdryer and washing machine, king size bed and free parking place near apartment.



额外房客 $12 / 晚 多于2位房客
满1周立减: 10%
周末价格 $49 / 晚


- To make sure that you will have a pleasant stay at the apartment and to prevent any misunderstanding, please read this house rules. When you confirm a reservation or pay your rent it is implied that you are familiar and agree with them and that you fully agree to respect them. Violation of any house rule can result with the cancellation of the reservation and charging the full service amount regardless of the shorter stay. • On the arrival day guest is obligated to show his identification documents (Passport or ID) for the purpose of registration at the Tourist Board. Before entering the guest has to pay to the owner short term stay rent for the whole period of stay in Apartment. • The owner will be available to the guests during their stay for any information and assistance they may need. In case of any complaint about the quality of the accommodation please contact the owner over phone or email. • The guests are responsible for the cleanliness of the Apartment. The owner is not required to clean and tidy up, or to take out the garbage during the whole stay of the guests. • In case of longer stay the owner will change the bed linen and provide the guests with clean towels regarding to guest's needs. • The owner is neither obliged nor responsible to organize guests free time or to entertain them. • The guests are obliged to take care of their personal things and valuables left in the Apartment. The owner will not be responsible in case of any disappearance in any case. Before going out, please close the windows and lock the door. • The owner will not enter in the Apartment during the absence of the guests, except to stop damages or a danger occurring in the Apartment. In this case, owner will inform the guests about it as soon as they come back at the Apartment. If the owner have any reason to believe that house rules are violated, the guest must let the owner enter the Apartment in order to check the situation. • Pets are not allowed. Bringing pets is not allowed in any case. If guests brings any kind of pat the owner has the right to cancel the reservation or has the right to not let the guests in the Apartment. • It is not allowed to bring any weapon, inflammable or explosive substances and products with strong or unpleasant smell into the Apartment. As well any cooking and electrical appliances are not allowed without the agreement of the owner. • The guests are kindly asked to take care of the Apartment and its furniture. The guests are not allowed to move the furniture or to transport it out site of the Apartment. When leaving the Apartment the guest is obligated to switch off the lights and electrical appliances. • The guests are asked while they are outside not to leave the air-conditioning on. All doors and windows must be closed while the air-conditioning is in use. Violation of this rule can result by reducing the use of the air-conditioning remote. It is not allowed to cool down food and drinks by leaving them under running water. It is forbidden to throw waste in the toilet or in any other place not predicted for this purpose like outside the Apartment. • It is strictly forbidden that any person other that the guests stay inside the Apartment. If any person other than the one declared at the moment of the reservation are present in the Apartment, the owner have the right to cancel the stay of the guests, no rental money refund or charge the additional guest fee. • Guests who intentionally or accidentally damage the property, will have to reimburse the owner the full amount of the occurred damage. The owner can ask the guests to leave a deposit on their day of arrival. The deposit will be refund to the guests in its totality on the day of departure only if they leave the Apartment in the same status as they found it. If the owner request a deposit, the guests will be informed about it when receiving the invoice. • If the guests intend to arrive after 19:00 on the first day they have to inform the owner about it in order to avoid that the owner propose the Apartment to the other guests. If the guest makes a reservation over phone and later doesn't show up on agreed time, not informing the owner that he will be late, owner is not obligated to wait the guests more than 30 minutes which can lead to cancellation of the phone reservation and proposing the Apartment to other guests. • On the departure day the guests have to leave the Apartment the latest at 11:00, in order that the owner have time to prepare it for the next guests arriving at 13:00. The guests are obligated to leave the Apartment in the same condition as they found it, tidy and undamaged. • Before entering, guest will recieve one (1) set of keys. On the departure day the guests must hand over the keys to the owner. Any lost keys are subject to change of lock(s) which you shall be responsible to pay. (120,00 € Euros). • The guests are requested not to disturb the peace of the neighbors from 23:00 to 8:00. Hearing loud music and making loud parties are strictly prohibited. Disobeying of public order and decency by making noise will result with the intervention of the Zagreb Police department. The minimum fine for disturbing public order and decency goes from 150 € Euros. In some cases disobeying of public order and decency can let to spending the night or two in jail. • The owner can put an end to the reservation of the guests who do not respect house rules. In this case the guests will be charged for the entire amount of the reservation, regardless the shorter stay. • When starting to use the Apartment it is assumed that the guests are familiar with the house rules and that they agree with their conditions and obligations. Any problem that cannot be solved on the spot with the owner will involve the intervention of the Zagreb Police department. According to the National Consumer protection law (Art. 8, Paragraph 2 – published at NN br. ) guest can write a complaint letter at and we will reply to you within 15 working days. • Complains will be considered only if reported during the stay. Subsequent complains will not be considered.





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