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Honeymoon cottage on a lake with chatty loons!
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Check out the photos for bedroom logistics. There is a double bed in the main room and two double beds in the loft. This unit comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a hot water shower. There is a wood stove (Inside firewood is provided, and outside fire wood costs $15 per wheel barrel) and a BBQ outside as well as a fire pit overlooking the lake.


区域:Oyama湖是一个800英亩的火山湖,有很好的钓鱼和27个岛屿探索。湖的最深处达到了87英尺的深度,是寻找不同大小的鳟鱼的好地方。这也是与孩子们游泳的好地方,但是我们要求所有小人的穿着救生衣。除了附近的许多其他远足/骑自行车/骑马路径以外,受欢迎的“高边缘”小径与Oyama Lake Road相交,距离酒店仅有米,后面还有许多未受到侵蚀的自然景观。 到达这里:要找到我们,您首先需要找到位于基洛纳和弗农之间的小山镇。有一条伐木公路,将您带回到小山的Oyama Zipline(也真的很有趣!)。继续经过zipline,停留在伐路上约20分钟。这是一条开始美丽而光滑的土路,但接近尾声,它变得非常颠簸。我们建议您打开四轮驱动器,如果有的话。如果你没有它,你仍然可以得到这里,如果你开车漂亮和慢! 理由:我们是一个有15个不同大小和风格的小屋的钓鱼胜地。我们还有一些露营地和休闲场所。一些小屋拥有所有的设施,包括热水淋浴,其中一些没有。在这个页面的底部,我描述了您选择的客舱特有的设施。 对于没有私人浴室的小屋,有一个淋浴房,按需提供无限热水的热水系统。我们还有遍布整个酒店的众多外屋,还有一间带抽水马桶的女士粉房。 我们有一个船只发射,对于与我们在一起的人是免费的,外面的客人是10美元。 在船上发射附近有一个儿童游乐场,所以我们要求任何开车进入营地的人开车慢跑。 钓鱼:每年都有(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)鳟鱼有很多的地方。现场有一个鱼类清洁站以及吸烟者。大多数钓鱼方式都会看到成功,尽管钓鱼者需要使用一个无倒钩钩系统。 租赁:我们出租非机动船只(独木舟,皮划艇,桨船)25美元至4小时,45美元至8小时。 3人机动船为45美元至4小时,全天为75美元(一名司机)。 4人机动船为55美元至4小时,全天为95美元 商店:有一个店内开放时间为上午8点至晚上8点,您可以购买基本用品,以防您忘记任何东西。我们还以每轮15美元的价格出售用于户外火灾的木柴,从我们的政变中可以看到农场的新鲜鸡蛋,手工制作的苍蝇是当地的手工艺人(安迪的飞鸟),小吃和冰袋,价格为4美元。 带来什么:您将需要自己饮用水和食物(如果您选择了没有冰箱的客舱,请确保带上冷却器)。如果有什么你认为你需要的,不能在客舱里找到,只是停在商店,我们可以帮助你! 什么不带:不要带任何玻璃瓶。如果您有玻璃瓶,我们会要求您在营地时将内容物倒入塑料杯中。 宠物:一定要确保你的宠物在营地内的皮带上,请确保带上随身携带的袋子。宠物每次入住另加$ 10(不是每晚) 篝火:所有的小屋和露营地都有自己的私人篝火坑(有些有bbq取决于机舱)。我们提供室内木材,如果你想要户外烧烤,木材的成本是每轮15美元。还要确保你的火势保持小而且包含在坑内。每个站点旁边都有水桶,所以你可以在湖水完成后把它放出来。注意:省防火禁止外面的火灾。在此期间,户外丙烷消防场所可出租。 Boatzebo:有一个由一艘老船制成的巨型烧烤中央区域。这个区域供所有客人使用;然而,在操作炉子之前,每个人都必须停留在商店并获得一些简要说明。这是一个有趣的挂出点! 游戏:我们有一个巨大的jenga集,孩子们会喜欢。由商店停下来请求借钱!在商店里还有一个带跳棋,棋牌和其他有趣的游戏的庭院,让家人玩。
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The Area: Oyama Lake is an 800-acre volcanic lake with great fishing and 27 islands to explore. The deepest part of the lake reaches a depth of 87 feet making it a great place to find trout of varying sizes. It is also a great spot for swimming with the kids, however we do request that all little one’s wear life jackets. The popular “High Rim ” trail intersects Oyama Lake Road only meters behind the property in addition to many other hiking/biking/riding trails nearby and lots of untouched nature to explore.

Getting Here: To find us you first need to find the town of Oyama, which is right in between Kelowna and Vernon. There is a logging road that takes you up the back hill towards the Oyama Zipline (Also really fun!). Keep going past the zipline and stay on the logging road for about 20 minutes. It is a dirt road that starts out nice and smooth but near the end it gets very bumpy. We recommend turning on your 4-wheel drive if you have it. If you don’t have it you can still get here if you drive nice and slow!

The Grounds: We are a fishing resort with 15 cabins of varying size and style. We also have some camping spots and RV sites. Some of the cabins have all of the amenities including hot showers and some of them do not. At the bottom of this page I describe the amenities particular to the cabin you have chosen.

For the cabins that do not have a private bathroom there is a shower house with on on-demand hot water system supplying limitless hot water. We also have a multitude of outhouses scattered throughout the property as well as a lady’s powder room that has a flush toilet.

We have a boat launch that is free for those who are staying with us and $10 for outside guests.

There is a children’s playground near the boat launch so we ask that anyone driving into the camp to please drive SLOW.

Fishing: Stocked every year with (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) trout there are lots to go around. There is a fish cleaning station on site as well as smoker. Most styles of fishing will see success, though anglers are required to use a single barbless hook system.

Rentals: We rent out non-motorized boats (canoes, kayaks, paddle boats) for $25 up to 4 hours and $45 up to 8 hours. 3 person motorized boats are $45 up to 4 hours and $75 full day (One driver). 4-person motorized boat is $55 up to 4 hours and $95 full day

The Store: There is an on-site store that is open from 8AM-8PM where you can buy basic supplies in case you forgot anything. We also sell firewood for outdoor fires for $15 per wheel barrel, farm fresh eggs from our coup, hand-made fly’s be a local artisan (Andy the fly guy), snacks, and bags of ice for $4.

What to bring: You will need to bring your own drinking water and food (If you have chosen a cabin without a fridge make sure you bring a cooler). If there is something you think you need and can’t find in the cabin just stop by the store and we can help you out!

What not to bring: Don’t bring any glass bottles. If you do have glass bottles we ask that you please pour the contents into a plastic cup while you are in the camp.

Pets: Always ensure your pet is on a leash within the camp and please make sure to bring baggies to pick up after them. Pets are an additional $10 per stay (Not per night)

Bonfires: All cabins and campsites have their own private bon-fire pit (Some have bbq’s depending on the cabin). We provide a indoor wood and if you wish to have an outdoor fire the cost for wood is $15 per wheel barrel. Also make sure your fire stays small and contained within the pit. Each site also has bucket beside it so that you can put it out with lake water after you are finished. Note: outside fires not permitted during provincial fire ban. Outdoor propane fire places available for rent during this period.

Boatzebo: There is a central area with a giant BBQ made from an old boat. This area is for all guests to use; however, everyone must stop in to the store and get some brief instructions before operating the stove. It is a fun hang out spot!

Games: We have a giant jenga set that the kids will love. Stop by the store and ask to borrow it! At the store there is also a patio with checkers, chess, and other fun games for the family to play.


额外房客 $8 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
满1周立减: 10%


入住时间为15:00 - 21:00

- Smoking only allowed by campfire
- No glass bottles
- Quite hours are 11PM - 8AM
- Have the BEST time




Amazing lakeside location and the hosts were lovely. The hut could have done with a little TLC but it was a quaint hut on the lake. We didn't have a suitable car (our fault) for the drive up so took us over an hour to do the last few Km. would recommend though, just with a more suitable vehicle.


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We (Nick & Nickie) live on a fishing resort on an 800 acre lake with 27 islands in the middle of the woods. It is peaceful, beautiful, and loony (Literally, there are chatty loons living on the lake that talk to us at night).

I'm an artist who loves painting on the deck and invite you to come and unleash your creativity. Or you can just chill by the fire, or take a boat out to catch some fish, or hike through the woods. Whatever floats your boat ;)

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