Downstairs bathroom area.  Two towels always provided!
More recent bed photo,  before a guest check-in.
This Old House Hyde Park near U Chicago #3
This Old House Hyde Park near U Chicago #3
中型的房间里面有大壁橱里正在进行中的绿洲为旅客在海德公园。 UC艺术中心,附近的其他设施。最近购买的房子,计划恢复到20世纪20年代条件下3楼客房。 事情有点基础(移动箱还在周围),所以我们的速度很低 - 作为频繁的旅行者,我们将尽我们所能,使您的逗留伟大,从USB插头和电缆到任何地方,厨房和冰箱。
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Medium room with big closet inside in-progress Oasis for travelers in S. Hyde Park. UC Arts Center, other amenities nearby. Recently purchased house, plan to restore to 1920s condition w/3 guest rooms downstairs.

Things are a bit basic (moving boxes still around), so we've put in low rates-- as frequent travelers, we'll do everything we can to make your stay great, from putting USB plugs & cables everywhere, to a stocked kitchen and fridge.


经典的芝加哥1910红砖/褐砂石,您将获得一个大型(10'x11)一楼的卧室。它拥有一个豪华的13“大号床垫和一个深(5'x3')壁橱(让我们知道,如果你需要一张桌子,我们会找到一些东西)。市区(南环)是10-25分钟,通过汽车/ cab / uber / Lyft(取决于交通),附近有丰富的公共交通工具,一个朝北的窗户毗邻通道,提供适度的照明。 我们几个月前就购买了这个房子的初期阶段,到了20世纪初的初期,而不是装修,我们正在慢慢剥离过去的变化,以揭示和恢复原始的硬木和其他功能。我们的目的是提供20世纪20年代或30年代的经验,结合必要的现有设施(WiFi,大功率USB插头,制冷!)。 一般来说,我们会尝试将任何恢复功能降到最低限度,而不是以您的方式进行 - 但是,如果您有时间和兴趣并保证小心,我们可以提供30-90分钟的内容用红外线等技术进行涂料清除培训,如“老房子”所示。 这也是更大的教育项目的一部分,下面简要介绍。 在这一点上,我们是宠物友好的(可能只能接受一些宠物*,只要你提前询问,有猫的基本用品)。我们有两个年轻的波斯救援猫,还有一个暹罗人,经常在一楼。如果您需要,我们很高兴将猫限制在顶层。 如果您提前询问,我们可以提供临时的Comcast / xfinitywifi访客密码,这将在芝加哥大部分地区提供漫游访问。 视频安全覆盖户外和一些公共室内区域;见房屋规则。 我们在一个比较安静,高尚,家庭的社区 - 我们有时迟到,通常要完成工作项目!并试图尊重你的日程安排,需要安静。 海德公园的West Woodlawn部分目前是多个项目的重点,旨在促进芝加哥南部的城市更新,同时奥巴马总统图书馆在东部的选址。阳光企业和绿线咖啡在第61和埃弗哈特的角落,已经成为这一努力的中心,而我们现在正在扩展到十二个周边地区的第一个模型。 洛林·汉斯伯里之家洛奇(Hansberry House)围绕着街对面的“阳光下的葡萄干”(和最高法院的案件)。 最后,这个房子是Dikē项目的第一个,试图在Deep Springs诞辰100周年之际,在Southside举办Deep Springs College的教育模式。除了当地员工外,其他5%的利润可以再投资于深泉或当地非营利组织。
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You get a large (10'x11) first-floor side bedroom in classic Chicago 1910 red-brick/brownstone. It features a luxurious 13" queen mattress and a deep (5'x3') closet (let us know if you need a desk, we'll find something). The downtown area (south loop) is 10-25 minutes via car/cab/uber/Lyft (depending on traffic), plentiful public transit is nearby. A single north-facing window abuts a passageway, providing moderate lighting.

We purchased a few months ago and in the early stages of restoring the house to its original early 20th century appearance-- rather than a renovation, we are slowly peeling off layers of past changes to reveal and restore original hardwoods and other features. Our intent is to provide the experience of the 1920s or 1930s combined with necessary current amenities (WiFi, high-power USB plugs, refrigeration!).
Generally we'll try to keep any restoration messes to a minimum and out of your way-- but as "Airbnb experiences" go, if you have time & interest and promise to be careful, we can provide 30-90 minutes of things like training in paint removal with infrared and other technology, as seen on the show "This Old House".

This is also part of a larger educational project, described in brief below.

At this point we are pet-friendly (possibly able to accept some pets *only if* you ask in advance, have basic supplies for cats). We have two young Persian rescue cats, as well as a Siamese, often on the first floor. We are glad to restrict cats to the top floor if you need.

We can provide a temporary Comcast / xfinitywifi guest password if you ask in advance, which will provide roaming access in most of Chicago.

There is video security covering outdoor and some public indoor areas; see House Rules.

We are in a relatively quiet, gentrifying, familyish neighborhood-- we are sometimes up late, usually to get work projects completed! and attempt to be respectful of your schedule and need for quiet.

The West Woodlawn section of Hyde Park is currently the focus of multiple projects to foster urban renewal on Chicago’s Southside, concurrent with the siting of the Obama Presidential Library just to the east. Sunshine Enterprises and Greenline Coffee, at the corner of 61st and Everhardt, have been centers of that effort, and the block we are on the first of a model now expanding to twelve surrounding blocks.

The Lorraine Hansberry House, around which the play “A Raisin in the Sun” (and the Supreme Court case) is centered, is just across and down the street.

Finally, this house is the first of The Dikē Project, an attempt to replicate Deep Springs College’s educational model on the Southside, at the 100th anniversary of Deep Springs. In addition to local staffing, 5% of profits are reinvested in Deep Springs or local nonprofits.


除了其他(私人)卧室之外的房屋的一楼区域。 除了卧室,还有一个浴室(与另一间卧室共享),设备齐全的厨房,带小桌子的客厅等;洗衣房在地下室,封闭后院等 路边停车场车库通道也可以(提前询问)。 请让我们知道你需要的任何东西!
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First floor areas of house except other (private) bedrooms.
In addition to the bedroom, there's a bath (shared with another bedroom), equipped kitchen, living room with smaller desk etc; laundry in the basement area, enclosed rear yard etc.
On-street parking; garage access is also possible (ask in advance).
Please let us know anything else you need!


我们可能正在忙于项目,但一般都在家里工作(除非在城外工作)。作为频繁的旅行者,我们将竭尽全力帮助您度过愉快的时光 - 请让我们知道您需要的任何东西! 请勿进入二楼或打扰二楼的任何人,除非在紧急情况下。
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We may be busy with projects, but are generally around to work on the house (unless out of town on business). As frequent travelers, we'll do all we can to help you have a comfortable stay-- please let us know anything you need!
Please do not enter the second floor or disturb anyone on the second floor unless in emergency.


我可以提供帮助,主要是通过短信 - 可能在周围,或可能在会议/占用。海德公园本地人,最近返回并与Chicagoland重新审查。 最后一刻预订可能需要一些时间才能入住(2-4 +小时),但我们会尝试尽可能容纳。 我们自豪地雇用身体和发育残疾的个人,与当地的社区项目合作。如果出现任何问题,我们希望您能理解和耐心。
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I can offer help, mostly via text messaging-- likely to be around, or may be in meetings/occupied. Hyde Park native, recently returned and reacquainting with Chicagoland.

Last-minute bookings may require some time before check-in (2-4+ hours), but we will attempt to accommodate as possible.

We proudly employ physically and developmentally disabled individuals, in partnership with local community projects. We hope you will be understanding and patient should any issues arise.


City registration pending


1张大床, 1张充气床垫


Behave well, treat the place as your own, leave things *as you found them* and *where you found them.*
Generally clean up after yourself as you can; dishes should be done soon or placed in dishwasher; we realize short-term guests may be on tight schedules and we'll take care of things, but for stays more than 5 days, please take out the trash occasionally etc.
We usually consider 11pm-11am or so to be quiet-ish hours-- we may be working late on a project, we may get up very early, we may be up after noon. We'll be very aware and respectful of noise during these times, and hope you will be as well. (Let us know if you have specific plans that require adjustment).

No drama, keep it cool and reasonable.

"FINE PRINT" stuff that I *really* wish I didn't have to add: (each of these is added here because of an incident):
Do not store food in room (use refrigerator).
Do not change things outside your room or "take care of things" without asking and receiving explicit permission.
DO NOT go into other people's rooms without explicit permission except in a true emergency (this applies if door is unlocked or open).
If you place perishable items in inside trash, please make sure they are removed before rotting, if necessary.
During quiet hours, please do not slam doors, cabinets, stomp around, or make the kind of noise likely to wake someone wearing earplugs. (Only one person has done this, but we have professional lives and obligations, which are sometimes very demanding.)




Very nice living space and comfortable bed. Felt like I was living in Chicago again for a few days. Reasonable and safe walking distance from the university. Kenneth was a great host and very communicative despite being stuck out of the country. Definitely would stay again.

It was a cool place to stay.

My daughter and I came to Chicago a week before her STEM camp. We had a great time. Kenneth was highly approachable and made suggestions for our visit. He would even contact us to make sure we weren't in need of anything if we happened to leave prior to seeing him. It was a great experience for us.
Jennifer was great to have here and among our most down-to-earth guests-- made chatting fun. Best wishes for her daughter's future path-- I hope she will keep Deep Springs College, and our child institutions, in mind as she moves forward in her education. And of course, keep us informed and let us know if there is any way we can help.

Thank you for the last minute stay.

Nos ha gustado la relación calidad y precio. Kenneth ha sido un atento anfitrión y la información sobre la casa y la ubicación fueron verídicas. Había un solo baño para tres habitaciones y no tuvimos ningún problema. La Cocina no la utilizamos pero era completa reúne condiciones suficientes para quien quiera utilizarla.

Amazing stay in a cozy and comfortable house!
Glad to hear you enjoyed! We're just getting started, hope to make the guest experience even more cozy and comfortable-- and to get the paint off some of the hardwoods in the room you stayed in.

Kenneth was very caring for us and tried to make the stay aß comfortable as possible for us. The rooms and the house look in reality better than on the pictures as Kenneth made quite some progress with the reforming. We can recommend this host.
Appreciated you and your guest's company and courtesy. We'll update the photos again on a sunny day-- we have found a matching period hanging lamp for the room you were in. Thank you.


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