Kitchen refrigerator, stove plus many appliances.Kitchen with micro, coffee pot, coffee grinder, toaster, pots & pans, cooking utensils, utensils, spices, etc.
BE Urself & BE Happy! (3) Playas de Tijuana
BE Urself & BE Happy! (3) Playas de Tijuana

"Mi Casa Es Su Casa!" All travelers are welcome here, but my home does have a small twist to it. Just like many others in the area of Playas de Tijuana, my home also accommodates those who are conscientious of their diet and lifestyle. However, my utmost intention is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. All races are welcome! May your time spent here be a pleasant and memorable one!


The home is very spacious and clean. Bedrooms are all on the second floor. All doors and windows are protected. Although, a healthy alternative lifestyle menu & information is available this is not the main focus when it comes to your stay and comfort. Our priority is for you to have peace of mind, great environment, and that your needs as a guest be fulfilled. I look forward to serving you. Thank you:)


Guests have full access to kitchen with stove, refrigerator, micro, fresh ground coffee, waffle maker, and more. First floor & backyard can be used for classes, meetings, or meditation. The backyard has a large canopy and grill. One parking spot is available. Please be mindful that there may be other guests in the home, as they too will have full access to the amenities of the house. For those staying for more than one week will have limited access to a washing machine. Thank you:)


My co-host Joaquin or myself will be welcoming you upon your arrival. Please know that we will both do everything in our power to accommodate you and make this a happy & memorable stay. If I am available and you are willing I am always open to socialize. Thank you for choosing "BE Urself & BE Happy" with AirBnB. :)


The Airbnb concept and relationship is very new to me as well as my home. So, it will take a bit of time to completely decorate, furnish, and be as comfy for everyone.
I may or not be present as I come and go to furnish and complete everything in the home. But I am always available on the phone or through email. Welcome letter, contact information, full instructions for home use and wifi are posted in the kitchen.
I thank you for your patience. JustBE :)


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $7
满1周立减: 10%



需爬楼梯 - 2 small flights to bedrooms
有共用区域 - Living room, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Patio.




This place is very welcoming and Blanca is a great hostess. We really enjoyed the stay. We recommend it. Thanks Yuana and Manuel

Not much privacy. Blanca was kind although the plans were switched on me last minute when her and her family where there staying with me. I was under a clear impression that I would be able to relax in peace and silence alone and unfortunately it ended up that I couldn't. Wifi is good. Cleanliness good. Location is good and considerably safe. Good food and beaches close. Communication was good except for the switch up which resulted in me staying somewhere more private for the week. I won't be renting out here again.
Dear Kelli, I'm so sorry that you feel this way. However, again, you seem to be under the impression that you reserved the entire house when you only paid for one room. I had the courtesy (as a kind gesture) to let you know that I would be there after checking on you almost every day to see if you needed anything and if all was well. If you read correctly my description states that I may or not be there present in the house. Ironically, according to my neighbors the few days before my arrival you were not there at all during the day and arrived only to sleep. During this time you allowed your two cats to roam around the entire house without any supervision the days I was not there. As for the noise you mentioned my grandchild and I (my family) were not there most of the day due to business we had in town but you were not there for two or three days at a time to know this. The few times you did arrive late night early morning we were already asleep only to leave again at 5 a.m. You say you were there for relaxation, peace, and quiet yet YOU did mention to me that you were in a sort of personal workshop in a wellness center during your stay in Tijuana/Rosarito. Unfortunately what was a concern, is that you did not care for your cats for more than two days in a row. In which I personally called you to ask if they were okay. They created a great mess and horrible smell in the room. They were making lots of noise, the curtains were down, the litter was not changed for days, and again, the smell was horrid. For ourselves, my other guests that arrived when you were not there and especially your cats I felt it was important that I give them food and water and made sure to clean up your cats litter, and disinfect the room the day before you left because it was getting out of hand. FYI, I have pictures of the room in case you feel that this is not true. Yet, I had the courtesy not to post any of this nor the fact that you invited a friend to sleep over the last night you were there when that extra person was not accounted for through Airbnb nor was I notified, plus we called to ask if you would like us to meet you when you left and you did not answer the message instead again you left at 5 a.m. leaving our front door opened. I overlooked everything with the understanding that not all guests will be as clean, respectful, and considerate. Please note that above all it is my irrevocable nature to be genuinely grateful. Thank you Kelli.

Cómodo, limpio y un muy agradable ambiente, como en casa !

El lugar esta cerca del mar, esta muy tranquilo y seguro. La casa esta bien limpia y la dueña muy muy amable y accecible para una platica. I really want to stay again if I go back to TJ. It was a great choice. Thank you so much Blanca!
Hola Mia, Fue un placer tener los aquí con nosotros. Los dos son seres genuinos, gentiles, y muy agradables. Ojalá y los pueda atender de nuevo muy pronto. Besos y abrazos y mucha suerte en su trayectoria.


赛普里斯(Cypress), 加利福尼亚, 美国注册时间:二月 2017

My best springs forth for humanity and myself from a genuine love and respect, first of all, for myself. From this standpoint I offer my home, friendship, products, & services. Also, my entrepreneur and life experiences allow me to be a better host, and provider of such. I am a truth seeker of what it takes to be truly happy and what it takes to live a life of quality. I believe that life is founded on internal happiness and healthy interpersonal relationships.
All of my life this drive has led me to find a lifestyle that conforms and caters to my soul.
So from here I can truly say as it has been said many times before “Mi Casa Es Su Casa”; in which gratefully, AirBnB has made this possible. Know that it would be an honor to be of service to you. Thank you:)

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