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ER9 Single Room Guest House Carlton
ER9 Single Room Guest House Carlton

Rm 9 SINGLE private lockable room.
Just 1 km to city centre
All bills & Linen inc. Internet $16.00 per week extra


This room, is fully furnished. There is a king single bed, wardrobe, two seat sofa, an an LCD TV and DVD player, desk and chair, side draws & bookshelf. All linen, included towels are provided.


The property has a small outdoor BBQ area, a perfect way of socialising with the other guests. The lounge / dining room provides a perfect setting for the guests to meet and socialise. The full equipped kitchen has stone bench tops and dishwasher.


I don't live at the property. But I do live and work from my office 600 meters away in Carlton. I am always available to respond to my guests requests. I offer a 24 hour emergency telephone number.


The common areas of the home is cleaned professionally every week


清洁费 $98
押金 $704


- IN SHORT: Respect your fellow house guests Clean up after yourself when using common facilities Follow Victorian Law relating to noise No smoking in the house No additional guests staying over (may visit) House Policy At our licensee Homes, we expect residents to respect each other’s right for safety, privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of the property. This means, courtesy, sharing and co-operation in the use of all communal facilities and areas. We strongly believe that, a caring and mutually sharing environment will achieve great benefits, such as, lasting friendships, and an independent lifestyle, as well as, a comfortable and supportive home away from home for all our residents. In order to achieve the above goals for all concerned, we expect residents to follow the Conditions and Responsibilities of our House Rules & Agreement, as set out below: Additional conditions applicable to our Apartment House style living: Section A: SAFETY ISSUES 1. Management forbids excessive drinking by Residents or friends on the premises, as it can lead to drunken and disorderly behavior, resulting in injury to persons and damage to property. 2. No illegal drugs to be brought onto the premises, including marijuana. 3. The burning of candles or incense is prohibited in rooms or anywhere in the building. 4. Heaters or other electrical appliances must not be used for the drying of clothes. 5. No tampering of any electrical appliances. Contact supervisor of any electrical fault immediately. 6. No electrical appliances to be brought onto the premises and room, without prior written consent of the Manager. 7. Smoke Alarms are fitted in every room as well as hallways and lounge areas. In order to prevent accidental activation, please note that every stove is fitted with a range hood. Please ensure this is used when cooking. Whilst the alarms are hard wired, each unit is fitted with a back up battery. It is strictly prohibited to tamper with these devises or remove the battery at any time. Section B: HEALTH ISSUES 1. Rooms must be kept clean and tidy: free from floor clutter, food scraps, bottles and rubbish. Inspection of room can be done every three months, if so deemed necessary by Manager of property. 2. All cups, plates, cutlery etc. must be promptly returned to the kitchen and put away. They should not be left in the bedroom. 3. Residents are expected to wash and put away their kitchen utensils and clean benches. If a dishwasher is available, the dishes to be stacked in the dishwasher for washing later that same day. 4. Cleaning of kitchen electrical equipment after use, i.e. microwave, grillers, oven and sandwich maker should be done by the person who has used these items on the day. 5. Dining room should be kept clean from cups, dishes, newspapers, cutlery, etc. after use. 6. No pets are allowed on the premises. Section C: COURTESY ISSUES: 1. No loud music, outdoor lights, obscene language or behavior that can disturb or offend other Residents or neighbors. Please note that, Victorian EPA law does stipulate Prohibited times under the Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2008. This applies to all residents of Victoria without exception in a residential area and states that: • A musical instrument and any electrical amplified sound reproducing equipment including a stereo, radio, television or public address system. • Monday to Thursday: Before 7 am and after 10 pm. • Friday: before 7 am and after 11 pm. • Saturday and public holidays: before 9 am and after 11 pm. • Sunday: before 9 am and after 10 pm. 2. No admission into any other bedroom without occupant’s permission. 3. Licensees and their guests must be dressed respectfully of other guests when moving around the house and when in the common areas of the house. 4. Use of Electrical appliances such as washing machine, dryer and dishwasher is not permitted between the hours of 10.00 pm and 7 am. 5. No borrowing of other Resident’s personal possessions without their permission, including food from pantry or refrigerator. Doing so will be considered as theft and relevant notices will be issued, including the possibility of eviction. 6. People other than residents may not use house facilities, e.g. showers, laundry etc. 7. Melbourne is experiencing a severe long-term drought and therefore water restrictions. Please ensure water is not left running or unattended. Section D: GENERAL ISSUES & CHARGES 1. Walls and carpet in room & home are not to be marked or stained. 2. The cost of damage to the property and equipment, caused by friends, shall be the responsibility of the resident. 3. No furniture or existing house items are to be taken out, or large furniture brought into the house. 4. No personal items such as clothing, shoes, books, stationary etc., should be left lying around in Dining room or around the house. 5. Power should be used wisely, for environmental reasons, as well as, in the hope of keeping rents low. 6. Other individuals sleeping over are prohibited by management, as it could affect the privacy & full access to all facilities of residents. Victorian laws strictly govern the number of residents living in this type of housing and we are already at maximum capacity. Breach of this condition will lead to termination of lease and loss of deposit. The amount of occupants permitted for each room is stipulated in each individual license agreement.






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Hi, my name is Valeria. My husband Ben and I own and manage a number of upmarket guesthouses located in the inner Melbourne suburbs.

We specialise in offering a new and unique opportunity to overseas, inter and intrastate visitors, career professionals, academics, post and undergraduates (3rd year and over), trainees, language students, doctors, teachers and other business specialists to gain superior inner Melbourne accommodation and lessen the stresses of moving to a new town, new state or a new country.

We offer fully furnished, centrally located properties with plenty of parking and quality fixtures and furnishings, each has an alfresco entertainment area and BBQ in a garden setting, a fully equipped property in an exclusive professional apartment house environment, where new arrivals, to Melbourne, or people going through a lifestyle transition, can experience an instant community atmosphere for medium (from two weeks), or long term stays, and say goodbye to lonely, restrictive and expensive apartment living.

No more solitary TV dinners! Each property provides apartment house accommodation on a room-by-room basis with shared kitchen, dining and lounge facilities. This style of apartment house living provides opportunities for new arrivals, to Melbourne to quickly, form friendships, build networks with other likeminded people and settle more easily into a new life. This helps to alleviate homesickness and improves their effectiveness in the workplace or place of learning.

A safe and comfortable home life makes for a happier Melbourne experience.

Typical Tenant Profiles

Flexi is open to a wide range of people from professional backgrounds usually between 22-35 years of age. Typical residents are overseas, inter and intrastate visitors, corporate and career professionals, academics, post and undergraduates (3rd year and over), trainees, language students, doctors, nurses, teachers and other specialists or people in the throes of re-establishing a home and life in Melbourne.

Ben and I hope you choose to stay with us and we have the opportunity to make your stay in Melbourne a life long happy memory.

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