Front of the house June 20`17Hand carved mahogany low boy; amenities
Popular Largest Suite - professionals 28 nights+
房东:...Just Mandi
...Just Mandi是房东。...Just Mandi是超赞房东。
2 - 12岁

150 sq ft, ideal for one professional. Nice if you have a lot of luggage. 50/10 wifi. (Shared) 4pc bath is right there. Your own air conditioner, microwave, mini fridge, etc.


Love the walk in closet!

Check in 4PM-midnight. Self check in is also available. Keypad entry to home and key to room

Close to Dofasco, Hamilton General, St. Peter's Hospital, Osteopath College, Brock U Teacher's College. 1 bus to McMaster; approx. 30 min. one way.

Free street parking
Cats may be present


One of two suites located on the top floor. 4 steps into the house and 15 steps to this level.

Upper bath is right there. This room has a walk in closet, refinished laminate floor, no carpets, blackout curtains, and it's own air conditioner in season. It faces the backyard and the sunset. Expect neighbourhood sounds - children playing, dogs, chatting. The lower bathroom, which is in the basement, and which you are also welcome to use, has a very low ceiling and is 12 steps down.

One of 2-4 single occupancy suites in home. Host occupied. Average total occupancy less than 3 people in total per night, though very occasionally we may have 1-2 nights of peak occupancy at 5 people. Favoured by MD's, PhD's, PEng's, Accountants, postgrads.

Guest trend is nearly 80 % male.

Please note that cats may be present.

Postal code L8L6K9

Busses run up to 21 hrs a day and are steps away.

Access to Pearson, Hamilton International, and Toronto Island airports by Uber, GO Transit, Hamilton Transit. 24-hour Restaurants are a 10-minute walk away.

There is also a gym 1 km away.

West Harbour and Liuna Station is within a mile or so.

There is also excellent rental bikes, hiking trails nearby including access to the Bruce Trail.

Library and computers within close walking distance.

Hidden Hamilton: waterfalls, 24 hour restaurants less than half a km away, a great gym, inexpensive food, world biosphere hiking trails, and a backyard that's perfect for star gazing!


Guests are welcome with the following exceptions:

Quiet hours are 10P - 6A

. Major appliances (dishwasher, washer and dryer) are available 7P-7A and weekends


Most Guests work long hours, and enjoy a friendly "hello!", a warm welcome, and the offer of a conversation.

This room is one of 2 on the upper level. It is our most quiet, private suite, facing the back yard. Neighbourhood sounds - a dog, children playing, neighours conversing.

This Host does occasionally go away for a few days, as mutually agreed


Gentle reader, because this is a shared space with the Host and other Guests, interaction and fit are critical. Please ensure that your profile is fully completed and that you have provided information on both the nature of the stay and your expectations. Any special requirements that you may have should be noted at this time. Also it would help to know what attracted you to this listing. Cheers!


清洁费 $41
押金 $124
周末价格 $17 / 晚


入住时间为16:00 - 00:00

Gentle Guest, this is a shared experience with myself and other Guests. If there are any questions, please contact me prior to booking. Thank you.

You are responsible for ensuring that accommodating that any and all special requirements, allergies, and sensitivities will be assumed and approved by this Host prior to booking. If we can do it, we'll do it. If we can't, we can't.

You are responsible for reading, acknowledging, and accepting the description, rules and terms prior to booking.

Cats may be living here.

No alcohol, smoking, or guests, please.

Shoes off, thanks.

Quiet hours 10P - 6A

The stove and oven are off limits. There’s cheap and cheerful eateries within ½ km (see House Manual).

Washer dryer and dishwasher are available to run between 7-10P, and on weekends. Just drop your rinsed dishes in the sink.

It takes seconds to keep your suite and common areas clean. Rinse the bathroom sink and tub after using, and spray/tidy/wipe after yourself with the bleach spray provided. Keep the seat down in the loo.

Open food invites pests. Cover and seal all food. Put everything in sealed containers, or in your fridge.

Feel free to use the recycled rags, clothesline, etc. as much as you like. Turn off the lights, air conditioning when not needed.

If something breaks, spills, not working, or is otherwise on your mind, let us know!

Please do not walk on our neighbour's property, pathway, etc.

The magic word is "pinch".

On leaving, just leave the used linens, towels, etc - no need to fold, thanks. Pop dishes in the dishwasher, close the windows and curtains, leave the common areas tidy, and the key in the door.


需爬楼梯 - 4 steps into home, 15 steps to upper bathroom, 12 steps to lower bathroom
可能会有噪音 - Host and other guests live here. Conversations, using internet, possibly the TV; also neighbourhood noises like a car going by, children playing; dogs
房源里养有宠物 - Two geriatric Himalayan cats. Not always here.
房源里不能停车 - Free street parking.
需公用某些区域 - This is a room and all accessible spaces are shared with Host and guests except your room. your
便利设施缺陷 - No oven or stove access.





Simply one of the best hosts, locations and experiences we have encountered on AirBnB!
...Just Mandi的用户个人资料...Just Mandi是超赞房东。
来自...Just Mandi的回复:
Thank you so very kindly! If I can support you at any time, please consider this your home away from home! Cheers!

Thanks for putting me up (and putting up with me) at the last minute again. Great to stay here again!

Mandi is a very kind and loving host. She does everything in her power to make guests feel comfortable with their arrangement. I am an international student currently attending the university of waterloo. Upon chekcin Mandi picked me up from my hotel to make the move easy for me. Also when I checked out of the room Mandi gave me a ride to Waterloo. This just speaks to the kind caring characrer of Mandi. My stay lasted 3 months, during this time I was graced with several bouquets of flowers. During my stay I also enjoyed several entertaining, deep and meaningful conversations with Mandi and other guests. Words can not describe how sincre Mandi is. I can go on and on about the countless things she has done for me but here is the bottom line. Mandi is a magnificent host and I am elated with her accommodation. It is truly a 5 star experience with a 2 star price.
...Just Mandi的用户个人资料...Just Mandi是超赞房东。
来自...Just Mandi的回复:
Your comments touched my heart, Nik. Please accept my deepest and most sincere gratitude. You will always be welcome here, and you have a friend in Hamilton.

Mandi is a nice host, very responsive and easy to communicate with. She was nice to help me find the best accommodation in her house. I stayed for a month and I can say I would recommend staying for the night given the small price but not for a long term. I guess that happens when there are too many guests in one house at the same time.
...Just Mandi的用户个人资料...Just Mandi是超赞房东。
来自...Just Mandi的回复:
I was sorry – and surprised - to hear of Anastasia’s unhappiness. •Anastasia asked to book my couch surf for a month. Instead, gave her my largest suite for the same price,(EMAIL HIDDEN)munications with her were pleasant, and we regularly checked in with each other. •Her suite has few reviews. In 2017 it was booked for 3 months, plus Anna’s month. It is presently booked for 3+ months, with a 6-month for September in negotiation. •My home can accommodate up to 4 guests, and has 2 shared full baths. During her stay, everyone included, there was an average of 3.55 occupants per night. •Rules regarding cleanliness, bathroom disinfection, shoe removal, etc. are consistently respected. •No issues were raised by Anastasia, save asking to turn the tv down once, and finding cat hair on her bed, both on her first night. My mistake! Both were easily remedied immediately. •When discussing this a few days before her month ended, I also enquired as to why she repeatedly wore street pumps in my home. Hamilton rained 16 days out of 30 days in May. It was impossible to keep a white kitchen floor pristine under these circumstances. Given the late date, I suggested we both be mindful, and set these matters behind us. •To assure her of my sincerity, I forwarded a copy of my review of her before posting, welcoming comment. All of the above statements are verifiable. A 2-star review between two intelligent, well educated professionals is therefore not shared by me. It begs the obvious question: why suffer for a whole month? Hey, stuff happens. That’s why I uphold my 5-star review of Anna’s stay, and continue to wish her the very best. justMandi

I am 100% recommending the place to anyone who needs an accommodation near Hamilton center. The house is conveniently located near public transportation and many groceries and restaurants. The room is fully furnished with a lot of other necessity (I was even provided a microwave, coffee machine for my OWN room). The host is Mandi, she is a really nice and caring person. I feel really comfortable feeling her as a friend, not a host. She even helped me with my work issues and provided me advices and supports. I am really appreciated that. Thank you. This was my first experience ever with Airbnb, but I am sure the place and hospitality should be placed among the best in ranking. Minh
...Just Mandi的用户个人资料...Just Mandi是超赞房东。
来自...Just Mandi的回复:
Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Minh! You are so easy to get along with that you make it easy for me. I know that you are going to be a great success, and I am grateful for having this small opportunity to assist you. Cheers! Mandi

This was an amazing, comfortable place with the best homeowner you could imagine! Mandi made sure I had everything I needed - both with the basic necessities and special requests I had to do what I needed to while I was there. I stayed here while working in town and it was a nice, quiet, residential area, but also had close access to main roads and bus routes. The amenities, fixtures, furniture and bedding were just right! Everything from the bedding to the bath and common areas were clean and welcoming. The common area was great to hear interesting stories from Mandi and other guests. I don't think I could have completed my work as well as I did if it were not for Mandi's hospitality and her great, comfortable place to stay each night!
...Just Mandi的用户个人资料...Just Mandi是超赞房东。
来自...Just Mandi的回复:
It's a pleasure, Chris - so glad you booked with me again ;)


Hamilton, 加拿大注册时间:三月 2017
...Just Mandi的用户个人资料...Just Mandi是超赞房东。

....just Mandi's provides a simple, supportive and caring home for longer term business professionals.

It's a perfectionist-free zone where it is easy to relax and enjoy. Call it an Airbnb 5 star experience with a 2 star price.

Sharing a home requires a special kind of Guest. You are responsible for your own happiness. Please be sure to read the descriptions carefully and have a fully completed profile, including itinerary, hours and employer.

You can expect a very down to earth, fun environment where you are both welcomed and valued.

I offer 2-4 single occupancy suites plus 2 shared bathrooms. I also live here. Average total occupancy is under 3 persons per night, though this can vary by season, occasionally hitting as many as 5 persons.

Guests typically are post grad and/or management, including MD's, PhD's, PEng's, IT professionals, and senior contractors.
+ 80% are male.

DOCTOR, DOCTOR - in gratitude to the UHN team who were so kind to our friend Rob, we are offering an extra special welcome to Med Students and Residents. Please contact me in advance with your dates.

Kindly note that I am also a frequent traveller and am not always here. However I am always accessible by phone, and co-host Marianne is also here frequently.

Please note that my knowledge of French is basic.

Cats are frequently here.

Please be sure to read our terms, rules and description thoroughly before booking. I am happy to answer any of your questions in advance.



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