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Luxurious Hideaway on Beaverhead River - Cervelli
Luxurious Hideaway on Beaverhead River - Cervelli
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The Cervelli House is an open and inviting, 2200 sq. ft. home of wood and stone among various hand-crafted elements throughout. The home has three bedrooms, a cozy upstairs loft, hand-crafted staircase, two bathrooms with walk-in showers, a family room highlighted with a stone, and a see-through gas fireplace. A perfect place to getaway from the hustle and bustle and do some fly fishing on one of the best rivers in the nation.



清洁费 $75
押金 $200
满1周立减: 15%



ARRIVAL: We do not have a front desk staff waiting at all times to receive guests, therefore, please be mindful of our listed arrival times. If you would like to plan for an earlier or later arrival time, please ask, good communication makes for smooth arrivals.

SECURITY: You are expected to close and lock all windows and doors anytime you leave the home.

PETS: We do allow pets to stay on our property. They should be on a leash outside unless previously discussed prior to booking.

PARTIES: Frankly, any stay at our homes qualifies as a party, but if you would like to host additional guests beyond those listed in your reservation, this must be discussed AND approved with owner prior to your reservation. Parties are a lot of fun, but they make more noise, mess, and utility usage. Therefore, there are limits to the amount of partying we're willing to host, and there will be additional fees for additional guests. Rates determined by specific party parameters.

GOOD NEIGHBOR CLAUSE: People live near our homes. You may be able to see and hear them in some instances. Your dress and demeanor should be shared-space appropriate. Likewise, our neighbors like us. We do not wish for that to change based on your visit to the home. Therefore, no illegal, annoying, or disruptive behavior at the home. Quiet hours 10pm-8am.

HOUSEKEEPING: I'm the kind of traveler that checks behind and under the bed to see if a hotel room is clean. I intend to give you a space that you will readily agree is 5* Clean. You should leave the home in a state that says "I appreciate you sharing your home with me." As a guest, your cleanliness will be reviewed just like mine will be as a host. These are the things that I expect you to pay attention to for cleanliness:

**Avoid things that can stain, soil, or stink furniture, bedding, rugs, pillows, curtains, towels. This could be food, drink, dirt, makeup, sunscreen, lotion, self-tanner, perfume, smoke or the hand stamp from last night's concert. Best course is to avoid damage, but barring that we expect you to swiftly reimburse us if we have to clean or replace any items from the home because they have been stained, soiled or been made smelly by you or your group.
**Take care of the space: If there is a spill, wipe it up. Trash goes in the trashcan. Dishes go in the dishwasher. Be a tidy and conscientious house guest.

SEPTIC SYSTEM: It is important for the proper functioning of the plumbing to know just a few things.
**Do NOT leave water running.
**Do NOT put food scraps into drain. These go in the trash.
**ONLY human waste and reasonable amounts of toilet paper into toilet.
**Absolutely no trash in toilet: tampons, applicators, pads, condoms, cotton balls,Q-Tips, bandaids, tissues, receipts, hair, etc. All these belong in trash, not toilet. Similarly contact lenses, fake eyelashes, lint, paper, etc should go in trashcan, not down a sink drain.
**Plumbing issues attributable to guest misuse will be charged to guest for repair. Btw, these plumbing rules are good anywhere, not just with a septic system.

LIGHTS & UTILITY USAGE: Be conscientious with utility usage. Turn off AC when doors/windows are open. Turn out lights when you're away.

MISCELLANEOUS:**NO Smoking/Vaping in the home at all, EVER. Evidence of smoking or residual smoke smell will be charged a remediation fee to remove smoke from home.**You may smoke in the driveway if you do not leave behind ash, butts, or smell.**Responsible internet/cable/tv use only, no illegal or illicit content.**Notify host immediately of accidents/damage, or anything in the home needing our attention.**Please let us know how we can make your visit to Dillon and the home more enjoyable.

DEPARTURE: Our standard departure time is 11am. If you would like to purchase a later departure time, we're happy to discuss this prior to your arrival, ideally at the time of your reservation.

BIG PICTURE: We're all adults, and I'd rather be doing lots of anything other than writing up rules, but in this transaction we're both subject to AirBnB's rules, and we're both subject to being reviewed by the other. So, know that for as careful as I'm asking you to be with the house, I will be just as careful with your time and your stay. We appreciate your visit, and we'd like for both you and us to feel like your trip was a 5* experience.

RESERVING GUEST: The reserving guest needs to be on property for the duration of the reservation and is the person legally responsible for your group and the home for the duration of your stay.

PROFILE: You should have a complete profile prior to reserving, or I will ask you to complete it prior to your stay. This means 1) a profile picture in which you are identifiable, we need to know that the right person has arrived. 2) verified ID with ABB, including government ID.

LISTING INFORMATION: This listing is painfully long and specific. Please see this as an advantage, I've really tried to think of everything anyone might possibly want to know, so read the listing thoroughly and confirm that you understand what is and isn't offered here. If you have questions, please ask before you book. If there is something you think I've missed, please tell me!

We appreciate you taking the time to read through all of the rules, agreeing to them, and making bookings for future guests the best they can be.







Stayed here with a group of 5 while we were in the area working on a video production. The house was beautiful and matched the photos, description & reviews. Michael was awesome and got back to us right always with any questions we had. Would absolutely stay here again.

You could not ask for a better place to stay while visiting Dillon. All the comforts of home and an amazing host. Sitting on the porch and having coffee listening to the sounds of the river was so calming. We will be back.

best Airbnb we have stayed in
Thanks Steve! We are so glad you enjoyed your stay.

This home had a well thought out architecture and quant western decorating theme. The furniture was like new and very comfortable. Everything was very clean and the kitchen had all we needed (pots, pans, plates, utensils, etc) to fix great meals! We saw deer in the back field by the river as we sat on the outside patio. It felt secluded yet was very close to town and convenient to a grocery store. We would definitely stay here again.

Very impressive, newly built home. Great layout. Double fireplace. Two sitting rooms and nice porch. Would like to spend more time there.

What a nice place! Brand new in every way. Cozy bedding and well appointed. The location is close to other houses but the back yard offers a great view of the river and wildlife. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

The house was brand new and beautifully constructed decorated and appointed. Very comfortable great for romantic or group. Location was in town yet once arrived on site beautiful and scenic on the river. Beds were luxurious. kitchen well appointed which allowed us to enjoy great local steaks etc. which is important as location is all about the best fishing and hunting but don't expect high end cuisine just great fun and local color at restaurants. Host communicated well as gps was tricky. This is a gem! But don't take our spot next year


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