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我家中世纪的主卧室设有私人浴室。我的家似乎适应客人所做的任何事情:旅行,重建,工作或其间的事情。它只是工作! 公共图书馆是隔壁的。街对面是一个鸡尾酒休息室和比萨饼。骑自行车,徒步旅行和步行的机会比比皆是。我喜欢认为和我一起呆在一起就像呆在一起。我希望你放心,并且在尊重的时候舒服
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The master bedroom in my mid-century home has a private bathroom. My home seems to accommodate whatever guests are doing: traveling, recreating, working, or something in between. It just works!
The public Library is literally next door. Across the street is a cocktail lounge and pizza joint. Biking, hiking & walking opportunities abound. I like to think that staying with me is like staying with a laid back relative. I want you to feel at ease and be comfortable while being respectful


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My master bedroom is large and the plush queen bed leaves room for an air mattress for extra guests. It features an en suite bathroom with shower pressure like you've probably never experienced unless you're a firefighter. Don't let the eerie blue light from under my Japanese style super toilet seat freak you out, it's very handy at night, you'll find. The tush warmer is just decadent (and always sterilized). If you snoop in the medicine cabinet, don't move anything please. In the bedroom, there's wall to wall carpeting, and double opening casement windows facing North and East. There's another North facing window in the bathroom. It has a view of the estate's North Lawn that you have to be 'seated' to experience it properly. Bring a book or your phone, you'll want to stay there and soak up the relaxing view, and if you're lucky, the smell of cut grass! There are two good sized closets for hanging up lots of stuff. I keep one empty and the other one has some of my stuff in there. The same is true for the low boy dresser and night stand. There are some empty drawers for you to use. There is to be no swinging from the chandelier unless pre-approved.


除了私人卧室,您还可以与我分享我的大部分家。 你可以选择坐在阳台上,看日落,人们来图书馆,还有一个在上面盘旋的鹰。厨房和洗衣房可供您使用,欢迎使用电视。 总是有可能发射Weber烧烤炉,或在我公园般的后院露台上的火坑。我通常会有一个tiki火炬来分类气氛,并把蚊子赶走。在寒冷的月份,一个真正的壁炉里的篝火总是只是一个阀门的转弯。走廊浴室设有带淋浴喷头的浴缸,大量的柜台空间和充足的空间。 所有的窗户都开放,3季门廊的饭菜经常有野餐的感觉。主要的房间,南,西的全景玻璃是空白的石板。它适合用于跳舞,瑜伽,冥想,甚至作为身临其境的VR舞台您可以欣赏放置在软地毯上,享受整洁的空间,同时观看大窗外的天空。我甚至用这个房间作为一个观测台,注视着我的小望远镜。我在家里列出了多个备用房间,所以在这里可能会有其他的客人在同一时间。
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In addition to the private bedroom, you will share most of my home with me.
You may choose to sit on the balcony and watch a sunset, the people coming and going to the library, or a hawk circling above. The kitchen and laundry room are at your disposal, and you're welcome to use the TV.
There is always the possibility of firing up the Weber grill, or the fire pit on the patio in my parklike backyard. I usually have a tiki torch around to class up the ambiance and shoo away the mosquitoes. In the colder months a roaring fire in a real fireplace is always just the turn of a valve away. The hallway bathroom has a tub with a shower nozzle, lots counter space, and plenty of room.
With all the windows open, meals on the 3 season porch often have the feel of a picnic. The main room, with it's panoramic glass to the South and West is a blank slate. It's suited to be used for dancing, yoga, meditation, or even as an immersive VR arena You may just enjoy laying down on the soft carpet and enjoying the feeling uncluttered space while watching the sky outside the big windows. I've even used the room as an observatory for planet gazing with my little telescope. I list multiple spare rooms in my home, so there may be other guests here at the same time.


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I work rotating shifts at my regular job, so I may or may not be around when you check-in, or at other times. We'll probably meet, but I try to set things up so that your stay is perfect even if we don't. If you prefer no interaction, just let me know, yo''ll still be welcome, but I'll try to not bother you. A significant reason I host is for the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. When I'm home I tend to leave gusts to themselves, but I really enjoy sharing stories and experiences with each other when the situation permits. It's great fun for me to learn about other people. Especially if they like to share. I list multiple spare rooms in my home, so there may be other guests here at the same time. We all share the shared things.


我家的路上目前正在建设中,直到2017年冬天,道路封闭,但是维护了所有物业。我在项目的非常西边。只要你知道,几乎所有的建筑面积都可以避免。我很乐意提供更多信息。请问 影响是微乎其微的,但我觉得在预订前通知潜在客人很重要。沿着同一条路线,我不得不从阳台栏杆上清除一些覆层。阳台仍然可以接近,但是删除的指甲,有钉子,在那里,暂时要小心。
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The road my home is on is currently under construction, and will be until winter 2017, The road is closed, but access to all properties IS maintained. I am on the very Western edge of the project. As long as you are aware of that, almost all of the construction area can be avoided. I'll be happy to provide more information. Just ask.

The impact is minimal, but I feel it's important to notify potential guests before you book. Along the same line, I've had to remove some cladding from the balcony railing. The balcony is still accessible, but the removed boards, with nails, are out there, for the time being, be careful.

1张大床, 1张充气床垫

可住: 4
卫生间: 2 (独立卫生间)
卧室: 1
床铺: 2
入住时间: 灵活
退房时间: 13:00
房间类型: 独立房间
自助入住: 密码钥匙盒


额外房客 $25 / 晚 多于2位房客
押金 $200
满1周立减: 10%


* Pets must be under control of the guest at all times. This does not mean they must be leashed. If a leash is necessary for control, then so be it. Of course everyone like friendly, happy pets, but as long as they're under control, and non destructive, ALL pets are welcome, even the ones who aren't so cuddly and cute.

* Please keep food out, and shoes off of anyplace that is carpeted, except the porch. If you have shoes you know without a doubt are impeccably clean, there are exceptions, otherwise leave them on the entry landing please.

* Keys are to be left on the kitchen counter at check-out. Nowhere else please.

需爬楼梯 - There are a few steps to the front walkway, then inside there are two flights, one up, one down.
需公用某些区域 - Guests share the entire main level of my home, excluding other bedrooms. Space is available in my fridge, and the kitchen & laundry are shared.
便利设施缺陷 - The Air Conditioning in my home is very weak therefore A/C is intentionally NOT listed among my homes amenities.





Rich is an awesome host. And his home is easily one of the coolest I've ever seen. Come for the Mad Men home, stay for the heated toilet seat! You'd be hard pressed to find a better place to stay for a better price. Thanks again Rich....I'll see you soon!

The location was perfect for our plans and Rich was a very thoughtful and welcoming host.

This was my first Airbnb experience and wow, the bar has been set high. Rich was a pleasure to work with, even able to accomodate my friend last-minute. His house was roomy and clean, the yard was huge (I only wish the weather was nicer that we could've enjoyed it more!) and he kept us up to date on any changes. We were traveling to Madison daily and while Fitchburg is a little out of the way, we knew we were booking outside of Madison and it was a quick trip into town. Would recommend booking with Rich to any fellow travelers, and if my travels bring me back to Madison or the surrounding area in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to Rich again. A++++

Thom & Jan的用户个人资料
If you are more interested in meeting interesting and nice people than in luxury linens you will love Rich's place. He was helpful, welcoming and entertaining. He even shared his telescope with us to see the rings of Saturn and Jupiters moons. Appreciated his attitude of sharing. Great bargain. Great access to Madison the by car.
I do like to think that I am an interesting guy. I feel my home is lovable regardless of my guests level of interest in things I make no claims to offer. The non offered things I do share, I feel make my home MORE lovable, and they're free!

We had a great stay at Rich's place. Just as described, and Rich is very friendly and accommodating. Arrival and checkout is easy. We were not in Madison very long, but we hope to be back soon.

veey clean uncluttered home. host is very courteous and accomodating.

Rich was a fine host. My wife & I stayed there 5 nights for a family reunion. We left in the mornings and returned late at night. The only time I knew he was around was when he inquired, half way through our stay, if there was anything we needed. Thanks, Rich.


Fitchburg, 威斯康星州, 美国注册时间:三月 2017

I'm a blue collar industrial worker. After a hitch in the US Navy during the early nineties I traveled all over the world for many years, starting up new power plants. After doing that I settled into working at one of those plants in Madison, Wi.

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