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2 - 12岁

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Perfect for Business & Touristic travelers! Suitable for Singles, Couples, Groups, Senior, Families with Children and take cruisers in SJU. Spacious and beautifully furnished Apt with a contemporary nautical style. Set in an area rich in Culture, Nightlife and Tourism, impressive casinos, bars, beaches and many places of interest nearby. Pool, 24/7 Security, Free WiFi (60 Mbps) and Parking Space. SJU Airport-7min, Old San Juan-15min, Condado-9min.

1张双人床, 2张单人床

可住: 4
卫生间: 1
卧室: 1
床铺: 3
入住时间: 15:00后
退房时间: 12:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客 $7 / 晚 多于3位房客
清洁费 $65
满1周立减: 5%
周末价格 $79 / 晚


For your benefit, you must read these >>House Rules<< carefully before booking our property. If you do not understand any of the points, ask us for more information.

- Prices
All prices published: of our accommodation in the AirBnb platform at the time of reservation are per night and include, a fully furnished and equipped apartment (unless otherwise indicated) the services of electricity, water, gas, internet (WIFI) and (when specified), telephone and cable or satellite Tv connection.

Internet Service: Ours apartments have published Internet service. You do not have to pay for this service, we include it free in your reservation. We remember that it is a service provided by a local company, our company, employees, partners, or other related can't take responsibility for that service be provided proper and uninterrupted during the stay.

Cleaning (one required per reservation) and Taxes: will be added to the nightly rate. If when booking through the AirBnb platform, these amounts are not included, it is understood that must be paid immediately arrive at the property. The required payments can be made through of any valid Credit or Debit Card in the AirBnb Platform (dedicated to offering private accommodation and tourist).

Special Requests Charges: When request additional cleaning, shuttle service (from/to airport), wake-up call and other extras not included in the regular reservation to be understood that additional charges will apply and must be paid in advance. Extras or Special request: Can be paid through of any valid Credit or debit Card and Cash, directly with us (only applies to payments for Specials Requests or extra services not included in the regular reservation).

- Booking
It is mandatory: that the person who is making the booking our properties through the AirBnb platform be largest of age in your country of residence and must guarantee to be financially responsible for payment of the contracted our services.

Acceptance: The person who makes the booking, once required payment has been made and processed successfully, is deemed that you accepted the terms and conditions of AirBnb platform, our company, the property as advertised and House Rules.

Your payment: It will be taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions published. Will guarantee your reservation once that your payment has been registered and confirmed.

Confirmation: The AirBnb platform provides you a confirmation number. The confirmation number is proof that we have accepted your reservation. The reservations of our properties will not be binding, until Airbnb provide you the confirmation number. Only then we proceed to lock the dates requested on the property calendar.

Any outstanding balance: it will be paid, before the day of delivery of the property with payment authorized method, or at the Check-in time will be paid in cash upon arrival to the property.

Important: Reservations are made for a certain period of time (dates of Arrival and departure). The dates of confirmed reservations, will remain blocked and no longer be available to book.

Each reservation: will be exclusively for a property. It is not possible to divide a reservation between several properties.

Your reservation is not transferable: You cannot transfer or resell your reservation (in whole or in part) or advertise or offer for sale, or attempt to transfer or resell your reservation. If you do not meet this, we may cancel it, will be notify to AirBnb, and you would not receive credit or refund for any amount you paid for that reservation. We are not required to maintain any reservation resold or transferred and accept no responsibility in this regard. We can also refuse to accept any booking possible that you make in the future.

Number of guests accepted: You must provide our company with the name of each guest included in your reservation (this information will remain confidential). Persons who is not included in your reservation, not may stay overnight in the property reserved. If you exceed the number of guests included in the reservation, you will be charged twenty-five dollars ($ 25.00) for each extra guest, per night of your total reservation.

Arrival after Check-in date or departure before the Check-out Date: If you will arrive at the property after the original start date of your reservation or if for any reason you decide to leave the property before the end date of your booking. In any of these cases, you will not get refunds for unused days.

Note: For each booking we assigned a team member, that will take care and to ease of your arrival and check in at the property, and will be available to help if you need assistance during your stay. Also take charge of your Check out.

House Confirmation: The guest will receive from us a confirmation with all the details you need, and the contact information of the assigned team member to assisting you during your stay.

We do not have front desk: Check in, is personalized service and the guest is required to notify the arrival time, airline and flight number.

- The Unit
We do not require any Security Deposit but: At the end of each booking, one of our representatives, checks the inventory and the general condition of the property. It's mandatory the standards of decency to maintain order and cleanliness in our property.

Will be under your financial responsibility: the replacement of the anything damaged or missing of our property as the responsibility of cover the relevant costs, paying the amount necessary to return it to the previous state

If something at our property resulted damaged or lost during your stay: You can notify us to pay the amount required as applicable and will receive a receipt for the amount paid. If instead, you decide to hide anything damaged or missing of our property and occurred during your stay, both you and Airbnb will be notified and the payment will be requested through AirBnb platform to be charged to your Card registered when payed your reservation.

It is the duty of all guests: return the property under the same conditions of order in which it was delivered. The cleaning service we required and charged at the reservation, does not release the guest from the obligation to leave the apartment leaving it in the same good conditions of hygiene and presentation in which it was received.

If a property is returned in an inadequate state of order and cleanliness: may be requested, through Airbnb, payment by the hours of cleaning needed to leave it in conditions or must then pay the full amount of an extra cleaning service.

- Check in time

Check in time: 3:00PM

Early Ckeck in: If your arrival time is before 15:00hs and the apartment was available and ready to use, may have your early check in, without paying any additional cost. However, it may happen that at the time of your booking is confirmed an early Check-in with you and then it has to be modified, for some new reservation that has its check out that day. That is to say, if the property is occupied on the day of its arrival, it should wait for the moment of the regular registration.

- Early check in - late check in:
On the agreed day and time: our representative will meet you at the rental property to present him with the keys. At this time any outstanding pay and balance is payable as applicable.

Check-in 7hrs to 21hrs: Our Company offers this service free of charge from Monday to Sunday

If you wish to be received outside these times: please note this so that we can make arrangements to receive it.

Check in 21hrs to 7hrs: The service may have the following additional cost: up to $ 30.00 (thirty US dollars) applicable without distinction of person.

Important: This service will incur regardless of the actual time of arrival at the department. Let's say, if we had a company representative waiting at the agreed time especially, but you finally will arrive within the schedule considered "free" must pay the contracted service; as well as if you have coordinated the check-in time within the schedule considered "free" but will arrive department within the schedule considered "charged" should pay the additional cost for the service up to $ 30.00 (thirty US dollars) applicable without distinction of person.

- Check out time
Check out time: 12:00PM

Early Check-out: The Check-out is carried out by a company representative on the day and time agreed during check-in, the guest must return the keys. The Check-out time, it may be modified as appropriate.

- Early Check out – Late Check out
If the time is later than 12 PM. and the property has no other immediate reservation, the guest will be allowed to stay in the property until the departure time most convenient to your check-out, without paying any additional cost. (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF ACCOMMODATION) Need approbation.

If the property will have an immediate reservation (last minute booking): guests must vacate the property at that time. Even in cases of a late check-out confirmed.

- Early check-in time or late check-out time guaranteed
If you want to guarantee an early check-in time or late check-out time: note that the only way is, at paying according to your time of arrival or departure per one night before and/or per one night after. If not, you should understand that any agreement in relation to these services may be modified at the time and without prior notice. And then, you are obliged to wait for your regular check-in time or leave the property immediately as the case may be.

- Other Relevant Information
Parking space: This Unit have a parking space inside the property. It’s free to ours guest.
In any case, remember – All our bookings, have an assigned team member, that will be in charge of your stay, please give him a call once you've arrived and you're waiting your luggage.

We recommend - That you do not enter to any building, property, or parking lot before meeting or contact with our team member assigned to your booking.

After visiting the beach, please use the water faucet located on the first floor at the building, to remove the sand before entering the apartment.

Do not bring to the apartment: animals of any kind, flammables, explosives, firearms or knives unregistered and declared at the time of booking, illegal drugs, or any other items whose possession is prohibited by Federal Law or by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Acts that are contrary to good morals or that cause nuisance to neighbors are strictly prohibited.

The apartment may not be used for any purpose other than housing.

Wet towels should be hanged on the hooks. Please don’t place wet towels over furniture or in balconies.

Do not place or hang any personal belongings in the hallways, windows or balcony.

Refrain from using devices and accessories for purposes other than those intended.

Do not remove or alter any equipment or accessories of the apartment.

During the Check-out process, is to note that at the time of delivery of the property no breakages, damage or missing items within the property (towels, blankets, carpets, mattress covers, pillow cases, pillows, quilts, pots, cups, plates, bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons, electrical appliances, hair dryers and, others as applicable).

You will be charged for any damage to property caused by you or your guests. The person in charge of the booking will be responsible and will respond with any payment required at time of check-out. It only applies it there were damages or missing objects on the day of the departure.

The owner of the apartment or a representative review the inventory and the general condition of the property.

It is the obligation of all guests to return the property under the same conditions in which it was delivered. The maid service included on the reservation does not release the guest from the obligation to leave the apartment in good conditions of hygiene.

If a property is returned in a grossly inadequate state, the owner may require payment for the necessary cleanings hours, to leave it in good condition.

If for any reasons, a payment is to be received on the day of your check out, please note that at this time, we will only accept cash payments.

All our properties are private and reserve the right to refuse service to any person. Whenever there is a justified reason, and Airbnb will be notified.

We will not be responsible for accidents or damage that may arise with the host or guests due to negligence, nor are we responsible for the loss of money or valuables, or for damages or theft to your car or any items left in it.

Ours apartments are smoke free and is non-smoking. (Please don’t smoke inside, smoking is permitted only in outdoor areas)

These rules will be applied without distinction of person. It is a structure that allows us to provide you with an excellent service that meets the quality standards and expectations.

- Charges as applicable
For loss of key, beeper or parking label (as applicable): $ 125.00 each
Charge for smoking inside the apartment: $ 200.00
Pets: 150.00 per night
Loss or damages: will be charged at the current value of the item. (Consider items such as plates, cups etc. these will be charged at the current value of the set, as they will be replaced as a whole).

As you can see all these rules are basic and must be observed by all our guests.
For us, you are very important. Please help us improve the quality of service we offer.
We hope your stay in our property, be of your total satisfaction. We help to make your stay memorable.
Any questions please contact us. We hope to have you soon in our facilities.







This condo is walking distance to the beach and only a few minutes from the airport. There are restaurants near that are all in walking distance. I did not rent a car and didn't need to. Uber is available and there are bus stops to get around on public transportation as well. We had a great stay and our host was great!
Dear Veronica, For the International Vacation Rental family, it is a joy to know your pleasant experience during your stay at our Isla Verde CARIBBEAN BALCONY property, thank you for sharing it. Know that you enjoyed the comfort of our property and services provided. Absolutely agree with you regarding how to move without having to pay for the rent of a vehicle. We hope to have the honor of receiving you soon at home. Adrián C.

Our flight arrived at 1am and Adrian had someone meet us to hand us the keys. The place was nice, it had access to the pool, parking and is a gated property. The theme of the studio was beach. There are 2 beach chairs and towels that you can use. The walk to the beach is only 5 minutes away. We were so close to everything; restaurants, clubs, 24-hour pharmacies & airport. Old San Juan is a 15 minute drive. I enjoyed hearing the Coquis at night. The balcony is awesome to sit on the chairs and have a few drinks. I had a blast here. Highly recommended!
Dear Jose, For us it is very gratifying to know your excellent comments about CARIBBEAN BALCONY, our property in Isla Verde, which encourage us to continue working hard to provide a Hight quality service. Our approach is to be able to guarantee our guests a memorable stay and to be satisfied with service provided. In relation to property, it is of great joy to know that it met your expectations, however, soon there will be some transformations that will make it much more attractive. We hope to have the privilege of receiving you soon at home. Thank you again, Adrián C.

Estuvimos muy a gusto durante nuestra estancia, siempre hubo comunicación y pronta respuesta por parte del anfitrión.
Estimada Claudia y familia, Muchas gracias por el tiempo que nos dedicaron para escribir la reseña sobre su reciente estadía en Caribbean Balcony nuestro apartamento de renta vacacional turística en Isla Verde. La opinión de ustedes es muy valiosa para nosotros. Nuestro equipo de trabajo se siente feliz por sus comentarios positivos acerca del servicio que recibieron durante su estancia. Es maravilloso saber cuando logramos cumplir con las expectativas de nuestros huéspedes. Les agradecemos nuevamente por haber escogido una de nuestras propiedades como su alojamiento para sus días de visita en Puerto Rico. Esperamos que se integren y sean parte de nuestro selecto grupo de huéspedes leales. Esperamos verlos pronto. Adrian C.

Adrian is a very good host. Great communication. I think it's a very nice location of the place. Steps from the beach. Very close to restaurants, pharmacy,food market etc. Thanks for everything Adrian. We had a great staying at your place. definitely coming back soon!


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Greetings travelers from around the world!

My name is Adrián, 38 years - CEO, CMO and Corporate President of the Corp. de Propiedad Inmueble de PR (CAP). As frequent traveler I have discovered how easy it is to plan a pleasant staying in any city with AirBnb.

Along the way, I have met memorable hosts and I like to become part of this selected group. My priority is to reach a high standard of "Security and comfort" during your staying in Puerto Rico, by delivering our cozy spaces where you can feel like being at home.

I have the training and over 10 years of experience in the tourist accommodation industry, ample knowledge and mastery in travel, hospitality as well as experience with reservation systems, distribution, product management, design, consultancy and travel analytics.

We strive for standardization and quality control to position our properties as reliable accommodations for the guest. And our goal is to create the loyalty of travelers who stay with us.

Saludos viajeros de todo el mundo!

Mi nombre es Adrián, 38 años - CEO, CMO y Presidente Corporativo de la Corp. de Propiedad Inmueble de PR (CAP). Como viajero frecuente he descubierto lo fácil que es planear una estancia agradable en cualquier ciudad con AirBnb.

A lo largo del camino, he encontrado anfitriones memorables y me gustaría formar parte de este selecto grupo. Mi prioridad es llegar a un alto nivel de "Seguridad y comodidad" durante su estancia en Puerto Rico, entregando nuestros acogedores espacios donde usted puede sentirse como en casa.

Tengo la formación y más de 10 años de experiencia en la industria de alojamiento turístico. , Amplio conocimiento y maestría en viajes, hospitalidad, así como experiencia con sistemas de reservas, distribución, gestión de productos, diseño, consultoría y análisis de viajes.

Nos esforzamos por la estandarización y control de calidad para posicionar nuestras propiedades como un alojamiento fiable para el huésped. Y nuestro objetivo es crear la lealtad de los viajeros que se quedan con nosotros.

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