Well reviewed - Whole flat - Shoreditch - Zone 1
Well reviewed - Whole flat - Shoreditch - Zone 1




2 - 12岁
坐落在一个现代化,光线充足的1张床上,完全符合自己的要求 - 配有一张大双人床。它位于时尚Shoreditch的心脏,非常接近Spitalfields市场和Hoxton,老街和利物浦St站
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Set in a modern, well-lit 1 bed flat entirely to yourself - comes with a large double bed. It is situated in the heart of trendy Shoreditch & very close to Spitalfields market and Hoxton, Old Street and Liverpool St station


1)客人没有清晰的个人资料图片显示全脸,客人谁不看起来像他们的个人资料图片是不允许按照我的房子规则。 2)请提供一个明确的理由留下来。 3)请提供所有个人(通过私人讯息)的全名,他们将被留在上市 4)我很高兴主持新客人Airbnb,没有评论,以帮助他们习惯了平台,只要您向我发送链接到您的链接的个人资料或您的脸书简介,清楚地显示您的专业能力和匹配您的Airbnb个人资料图片,以便我可以独立验证。 如果上面的点1到4(这是我的房子规则的一部分)不符合,我可以根据平台的政策自动取消预订 在您了解更多关于平面之前,有几个常见问题 问:我有整个公寓吗? A:是的,你做在说明中清楚地说出“整个单位”,你将看到。 问:您的位置是否可用于日期X到日期Y? A:您可以在日历中清楚地看到它,实际上是发送您需要选择住宿日期的信息,如果您确实可以选择所需的日期,那么当然可以使用 问:这是沙发床吗? A:是的,客厅里有一张非常漂亮的沙发床 问:什么时候可以办理登机手续? A:最好的入住时间是在下午4点或之后。但是,我在附近工作,我很灵活,可以提前入住(从各种评论可以看出)。我非常友好,很乐意尽可能多地帮忙。 (请查看我们的入住政策) 问:退房后我可以保管行李吗? A:可以,可以。客人很多(请看自己的评论)。最好是在上午10点之前退房,还可以将行李放在公寓内,并保持钥匙,去探索城市,稍后再回到机场或火车站,拿起行李并给我回来的钥匙(请阅读我们的退房政策) 问:地方是中心的,我可以很容易地看到各种景点吗? A:是的,非常好 - 它在1区,几乎接近一切。请参阅评论,并参阅下面的“环游”部分 该公寓位于时尚Shoreditch中心的一栋建筑(带电梯/电梯)的三楼(更多关于下面的邻里)。 电梯将携带您和您的行李到这个光线充足的3楼公寓在一个安全的建筑物。您的友好主持人(我:)将带您进入附近,提供有关活动,餐馆和活动的大量内幕提示。 你会得到一张真正的床;完美无暇的带淋浴和毛巾的私人浴室;厨房准备好的厨房;免费无线网络在艺术,充满活力和步行的社区。方便地铁,火车和巴士连接。 利物浦街站(地铁/管/火车到机场) - 10分钟 Shoreditch高街站 - 5分钟 老圣站 - 7分钟 最近的巴士站 - 就在建筑旁边 最近的超市 - 就在建筑物的旁边 机场 - 利物浦站与所有机场通过巴士/火车线路连接到英国其他地方
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1) Guests without clear profile pictures showing full face, guests who don't look like their profile picture are not allowed as per my house rules.

2) Please provide a clear reason for your stay.

3) Please provide full names of all individuals (via private message) who would be staying at the listing

4) I am happy to host new guests on Airbnb who are without reviews to help them get used to the platform, provided you send me a link to your Linked in profile or your Face book profile that clearly shows you in a professional capacity and matches your Airbnb profile picture, so that I can independently verify.

If the points 1 - 4 (which are part of my house rules as well) above are not met, I have automatic right to cancel the booking as per the platform's policy

A couple of frequently asked questions before you learn more about the flat :)

Q: Do I have the entire flat to myself/my group?
A: Yes you do. It clearly says "Entire flat" in the description as you will see.

Q: Is your place available for Date X to Date Y ?
A: You can clearly see it in the calendar and in fact to send a message you need to choose the dates of your stay, and if you can actually choose your desired dates, it is of course available

Q: Is it a sofa bed?
A: Yes, the living room has a very nice sofa bed
Q: What time can I check in?
A: Best time to check in is at or after 4pm. However, I work close by and I am flexible and can accomodate early check in (as you can see from various reviews). I am super friendly and happy to help as much as I can. (Please check our check in policy)

Q: Can I keep my luggage after I check out?
A: Yes, you can. Lot of guests do it (please see reviews yourself). It is best if you check out by 10am and you can keep the luggage inside the flat still and keep the keys, go explore the city, and come back later when you want to go to Airport or train station and pick up the luggage and give me back the keys. (Please read our check out policy).

Q: Is the place central, and can I see various attractions easily?
A: Yes, very much so - it is in zone 1 and close to almost everything. Please see reviews and see the "Getting Around" section below

The flat is located on the 3rd floor of a building (with a lift/elevator) in the heart of trendy Shoreditch (read more about the neighbourhood below).
An elevator will carry you and your luggage to this well-lit 3rd floor flat in a secure building. Your friendly host (me :) will usher you into the neighbourhood with plenty of insider tips on activities, restaurants and events.
You'll get a real bed; immaculate personal bathroom with shower and towels; cook-ready kitchen; and free wireless in an artsy, vibrant and walkable neighborhood. Convenient to metro, train and bus connections.
Liverpool Street station(for metro/tube/trains to airports) - 10 mins
Shoreditch high street station - 5 mins
Old St station - 7 mins
Nearest bus stop - right next to the building
Nearest supermarket - right next to the building
Airports - Liverpool st station is connected to all the airports via bus/train links, and to rest of UK


客人可以充分使用豪华的客厅 - 配有餐桌,无线网络连接和迷人的沙发。有几个吉他,对于音乐精明的客人和墙上的美丽的画作与装饰。客人还将拥有自己的卧室,配有一张非常舒适的双人床,以及橱柜/衣柜间以及床头柜和灯具,包括一个日出灯,可以在早上慢慢地唤醒你的唧唧ping ping的声音。客人会有自己的浴室,淋浴很好。客人还可以使用厨房 - 配有洗衣机,微波炉,烤箱,热板以及所有餐具/餐具/板材,非常舒适的住宿
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The guests will have full access to the plush living room - complete with dining table, wifi-connection and a fantastic sofa. There are a couple of guitars, for the music-savvy guests and beautiful paintings on the wall to go with the decor. Guests will also have their own bedroom that has a very comfortable double-sized bed, and cabinets/closet space along with bedside table and lamps, including a sunrise lamp that would slowly wake you up with chirping bird sound in the morning. Guest would have his own bathroom, with a great shower. Guest can also use the kitchen - complete with washer, microwave, oven, hot-plate, and all utensils/cutlery/plates for a very comfortable stay


我一直住在伦敦已经六年多了,我会说英语,法语,俄语,还有一些中国人,在世界各地旅行了很多。我将能够帮助客人如何获得伦敦最好的提示 - 无论是酒吧,音乐场所,餐馆或夜总会。 我会给你在Shoreditch地区的良好的第一手建议/提示 - 并指出最好的东西 - 公寓周围的酒吧/酒吧,或Box Park(英国第一个弹出购物中心),几个世纪的SpitalFields Market的传统和历史 - 让你知道最好的事件发生在哪里,并做任何介绍必要的帮助你的地面运行。
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I have been living in London for over six years and I speak English, French, Russian and bit of Chinese and have travelled a lot around the world. I would be able to help guests with tips on how to get the best of London - be it bars, music venues, restaurants or nightclubs.
I will give you the good first hand advice/tips on the Shoreditch area - and point out its best things - the bars/pubs all around the flat, or the Box Park (the first popup mall in the UK), SpitalFields Market with centuries of tradition and history - let you know where the best events are going on and make any introductions necessary to help you hit the ground running.


在预订我的地点之前,请留下一张纸条,并让我知道一些关于您/其他客人的信息 - 如果您的个人资料文字中没有详细资料,以及您的个人资料中没有评论/参考资料。非常感激 我是一个非常友好和平易近人的人,在会见优秀人士方面拥有丰富的经验,并希望将新用户接纳给Airbnb - 所以请告诉我一些关于你自己
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Kindly drop me a note before booking my place, and let me know a bit about yourself/other guests with you - if you do not have some details in your profile text, and if you do not have reviews/references on your profile. Much appreciated
I am a very friendly and approachable person and have had great experience in meeting great people, and would love to host users new to Airbnb - so please do tell me a bit about yourself


可住: 3
卫生间: 1
卧室: 1
床铺: 2
入住时间: 16:00 - 00:00
退房时间: 10:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客 $28 / 晚 多于2位房客
押金 $834
满1周立减: 5%


入住时间为16:00 - 00:00

- -Please keep shoes in Shoe rack inside the flat: I keep my shoes just inside the flat, but outside the bedroom and living room areas in a shoe-rack. I would request you to do the same once you come inside the flat as well. This means the flat is always clean and tidy.
- -Cooking in the House: If you plan to cook you are expected to clean after yourself and wash your dishes. Please clean after cooking and wash all your dishes. This keeps the flat very clean.
- -Only guests who have booked are allowed in the apartment unless prior notice has been given.
- -This is a non smoking flat, but if you wish to smoke you can do so just outside the flat
- -Please make sure both the front door and balcony door are closed properly when you are not inside the flat.
- - Strictly no parties

Check-out Policy:

1- The check-out is no later than 10 am on the day.

2- We do not offer a late check-out; however, we are happy to keep your bags until 3.30pm. If you wish to request this service, please let us know on the day of your check in.

3- Please note that we will come and check the flat between 10- 10.30am on the day of check-out.

4- Kindly note that we will charge an extra fee if you stay at the property longer than permitted. Please see below the costs break down:

• 10am – 11am: GBP 10.00
• 11am – 12pm: GBP 20.00
• 12pm – 1pm: GBP 30.00
• 1pm – 2pm: GBP 40.00
• 2pm – 3pm: GBP 50.00
• any later than 3pm, you will have to pay for the cost of the following night.
These charges are for guests staying in the flat after 10am, not for keeping luggage which can be kept with prior permission till 3:30pm.

Check-in Policy:

1- Early check-in has to be considered between 11am and 4pm. This means that you can come and leave your luggage, however you will only be able to settle in once the flat has been fully cleaned. Please request an early check in at least 48hrs prior to your arrival.

2- If you require to check-in earlier than 10 am, we will ask you to pay a percentage of the previous night. The amount extra to pay will depend on the time of your arrival.
Please contact us for more details.





Good place, good connection with the 55 bus into the centre

Lovely and comfortable flat. We had a very pleasant stay. Close to the overground and walking distance to many yummy restaurants and cute cafes! Must try the cardamom buns at Fabrique! Marta is very welcoming and Sam is very accommodating.

Sam and Marta's place is in a very hip area of London, close to many unique bars and the famous and eclectic Spitalfields market! It's just enough out of the way for a quiet evening, if you want it. Central London is easily reachable by the tube as well. The place itself was immaculately clean and very nicely furnished. All the amenities you could ask for! Thanks to Sam and Marta for such a pleasant stay.

The flat was walking distance from Hoxton overground station and some bars and eateries. Sam was very prompt to give us the keys and was on had should we need anything else. A lovely little flat.

Very cozy place in nice residential building. Host lives in building next door which provides a nice "go-to" option if you need anything not in the flat. It's a bit of a short walk to closest tube station, Hoxton, but not bad at all, and there's also a bus stop right across the street. So good for both tube and bus travel.

Very comfortable apartment and convenient location on Hackney Road within 5 minutes walk of Shoreditch High Street and on the bus line to Oxford Street

The apartment is great: big and very tidy, with everything you need (towels, shower gel in the bathroom, tea, salt, oil in the kitchen, iron, etc.). The location is very convenient as well, with Hoxton station within 2 minutes walk and many shops, supermarkets and restaurants nearby. However, the arrival was a bit difficult because nobody was there to meet me at the apartment and I tried to call Sam without success. I turned out that they sent me an email a couple of hours before to tell me that they could not be there and to give me instructions on how to enter the building, unfortunately I had no internet access while travelling. I would have liked a more direct communication instead of a sending of instructions by emails and dropbox file. Anyway, I had a great stay apart from this so I would indeed recommend the place!


伦敦, 英国注册时间:三月 2017

Finance professional turned tech-entrepreneur. I have lived in Hong Kong, Paris and been in London for over six years. An avid-traveller myself. I love food, dancing a bit of salsa every now and then and playing my guitar. Have an engineering major and an economics minor - studied in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I love exploring London - and still feel like so many areas in London, so many nice restaurants, bars and cafes are left unexplored. Would not mind giving my advice to explore the best bits of London to my guests

语言: English、Français、Русский、日本語