Living Room, sofa is a hide-a-bed.  Very comfy.
Cottage in Magic Horse Garden Sanctuary
Cottage in Magic Horse Garden Sanctuary


I was surprised by your negative response. I would like to know what was not accurately reflected in description - in the photos and the wifi. They are photos of our place and the wifi is as I described it. You made no mention of that to me. You were clearly uncomfortable with the animals, in particular the chickens and did tell me about that. I had my helper power wash the whole area for you and spray with bleach which our chickens do not like and will stay away from the cottage. Most people love the chickens, feed them, play with them. It was clear you did not want to be on a farm. You did not take part in any of what we had to offer, never walked through the gardens, did not feed or even visit the animals, did not walk on the dyke or take the kayaks out. You really wanted a four star hotel for a hundred dollars a night. You asked for a lot of things no one ever asks for.. a big pot for soup making, a scissors, and a bucket of ice for your beer. I can't imagine your not liking the towels as they are brand new, never used. I put them in the cottage myself. I know you changed your mind about your stay and before you even arrived you told me you wanted to leave early to go to Banff. I am wondering if you are making all these complaints in hopes to get a refund. I am very disappointed. You were all smiles and even gave a gift. And offered to have tea with me on your last day. So this is so inconsistent with how you presented yourselves to me. I am sorry it wasn't to your liking. It is advertised as a sanctuary with animals.

The cottage was very clean, with all amenities necessary for self catering. The farm is a unique environment full of love and caring for the many animals.
Hello Sue, Your grand daughter is so dear. I will think of her often and with affection. Since you are moving to Seattle, we may see one another more often.

Carolyn's place is adorable. Peaceful and serene with lots of animals.on the property, giving it a farm like feel. Very strategically located near high end grocery stores and not far from the lake. It is the perfect, unique get away. We highly recommend it and return.
We hope you do. You were delightful guests.

We enjoyed staying here and learning a few things about how Carolyn runs her farm.

Our stay at Carolyn's cottage was wonderful! She was such a great host! The interactions with her and the animals made our experience unique and memorable. The cottage was clean, private and had everything we needed for a comfortable vacation. We highly recommend staying here!

Our stay at Carolyn's place was lovely! Her animals were so friendly and beautiful. Great communication. Carolyn was a great host. I loved feeding her animals.

Our 6-day stay in Carolyn's cottage suite was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed the tranquility and beauty of the farm and gardens, and our two children had a great time feeding the llamas, cuddling the chickens, and riding the mini horses. Carolyn is such a kind and welcoming host, and hearing her telling the enchanting stories of her animals was very interesting and inspiring. The suite is a decent size for a family of four and has all the amenities we need. We cooked a couple of times in the kitchen. We also used the gas grill once and ate in the charming veranda right next to the cottage. We will miss everything about this place and we hope we could come back one day!
I am so delighted that you enjoyed your stay. I certainly enjoyed having you as our guests. Hope you can come again.


Why visit Magic Horse Garden in October? Fall beauty enhances the garden. Due to someone cancelling, we have open spaces and are offering new bookings a second day at half price. If you book for four days, two are half price.

Folks today seek more than a comfortable and safe space to stay; they seek a unique experience. Come to our location and it is guaranteed. Walks, kayak rides, gardens, fishing, interaction with animals - at your fingertips.

Children especially love the experience.


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What makes Magic Horse Garden Sanctuary unique? Two beautiful gardens housing many ponds and fountains, made magical at night with hundreds of lights. What makes Magic Horse Garden Sanctuary unique? A gorgeous Friesian horse who loves to be cuddled. Five curious mini lamas, who enjoy nibbling grain from your hand. Two mini horses who provide an opportunity for children to experience riding for the first time. A wild Chincoteague horse who can amaze you with her beauty and mischievous intelligence. Fresh eggs for breakfast every morning. It is a sanctuary for the creatures who live here and it is a sanctuary for you. This cottage is ideally located 40 min. from Vancouver and from the US border, nestled behind the Golden Ears Mountains, next door to a gorgeous dyke and the Alloutte River. Secluded and serene, smelling of grapes and herbs and roses, this rental will be your private sanctuary. Everyone here loves to live here, and we will do our very best to make sure you do, too.


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Magic Horse Gardens is a sanctuary where guests are invited to have a BBQ in the private porch attached to their cottage, and to roam, enjoying the gardens, observing the animals, sitting in the evening by the outdoor fire, enjoying an outdoor picnic with an outdoor heat lamp if the evening gets cool. You are not just renting a small cottage, you are renting access to a five acre property which has been prepared for your enjoyment and total relaxation. Access to large animals is limited for your safety. Please contact Carolyn if you want to enter the large fields and arrangements can be made. Time with animals is limited to one hour a day for feeding and interacting.


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Our house is on the same property and I am often available for you. Just let me know your needs. I can also show you the grounds and answer any questions about the gardens. I can introduce you to the animals and provide food for you to feed them if you so choose. Please do not feed unless I am with you.


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If you love nature, this will be an ideal place for you to visit. The grounds have been designed to enhance your pleasure. Bring warm clothing and have yourself an outdoor picnic. Or roast marshmallows over an open fire. There is a washer and dryer if you need them. Having comfortable shoes is a good idea as there are so many opportunities to enjoy walking just minutes from our place. October and November are exceptionally beautiful and ideal for walking and boating. Fish are biting in the river. Fall leaves abound. The weather is a perfect temperature. Escape the noise and congestion of the city. Be one with nature and renew and refresh yourself and your relationships with those special people in your life. Partners have time for one another in a loving space. Parents and children have things to do and time to do it together.


清洁费 $21
押金 $124
满1周立减: 15%


入住时间为14:00 - 23:00

- Guests are invited to enjoy animals at own risk provided animals are never treated with disrespect
- This is a sanctuary and guests are asked to treat it as a place of peace and tranquility
-Enjoying the grounds for small parties or events can be arranged.

房源里养有宠物 - dogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, doves, llamas, mini horses, horses



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When you visit ‘Magic Horse Garden’ you will be greeted by me, Carolyn. As owner and operator of the farm, I can be found knee deep working in the flower or vegetable garden, brushing the enormous tail of our Friesian, Valentino, or teaching Twilight, my Chincoteague mare, to paint the barn. She is outrageously smart and needs a constant challenge. A stay in the cottage means you will be surrounded by nature and creatures, four legged and feathered. We all live together in mutual trust and respect in this sanctuary we call home. In my “spare” time, I am a professor of education at Simon Fraser University. When I can squeeze it in, I write children’s books and screen- plays and teach in the film industry. I’m not as smart as my mare, but like her, I am always looking for a chance to learn something new. Every ten years, it seems, I take on a huge project. As a result I’ve had so many marvelous adventures – I’ve operated a consulting company using Jungian archetypes, I’ve built a botanical garden in WA, and presently I am an equine therapist introducing my students to animal assisted learning. I should be retired, and each time I take on a new project I promise myself I will let go of one of my jobs. Alas, I enjoy them all so much, I simply add the newest to the list. As active as I am, I relish my time of peace and quiet at the farm. I am often seen rocking our huge rooster Stanley to sleep; or singing softly to Sasha, our blind Polish hen, who loves to perch on my shoulder or ride on Joey, the mini horse’s back. Though she technically has decided my daughter Mickey is her ‘real’ mother, Sasha is very friendly and allows guests to hold her and feed her grapes from the vines that surround the cottage.

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