Royal Apartment-3bedrom-Roftop pool




2 - 12岁
我舒适的公寓,城市景观和河景,你在家里有3间卧室,2间浴室,1个阳台,1个客厅,1个厨房。 获取关于越南的许多信息,并与最好的当地人一起出游!城市和西贡河的美景。
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My cozy apartment with city view and river view where you feel at home, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, 1 balcony, 1 living room, 1 kitchen.
Get lots of information about Vietnam and hang out with the nicest locals! Great view of the city and Saigon river.


免费如下: 1_矿泉水 2_强大的Wifi和有线电视 3_饮料:可乐,软饮料,橙汁,茶,咖啡,啤酒 4_冰箱里总是有新鲜的热带水果 5_屋顶游泳池 6_健身房健身 7_毛巾,沐浴露,洗发水,卫生纸 8_洗衣粉,软化剂洗衣 9_清洁服务 10_停车 我们还提供每次20美元的接机服务(从机场到市中心或从机场到市中心)。
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Free as follows:
1_ Mineral water
2_ Strong Wifi & Cable Television
3_ Beverage: Coke, Soft drink, Orange juice, Tea, Coffee, Beer
4_ Fresh tropical fruit's always available in the fridge
5_ Rooftop swimming pool
6_ Gym Fitness
7_ Towels, shower gel, shampoo, toilet paper
8_ Laundry free with washing powder, softener
9_ Cleaning services
10_ Parking

We also have pickup service is 20$ per way ( from the airport to city center or to city center from the airport).


您可以全天24小时访问公共汽车,将会有卡入场。安全性全天候提供。接待处将从上午7点至下午6点提供。 屋顶游泳池的上网时间为早上6点至晚上10点。
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You can access the flat 24/7, there will be card entrance. Security is available 24/7. Reception will be available from 7am until 6pm.
The rooftop swimming pool is free to access from 6am until 10pm.


免费早餐1次/每人(越南面:Phở)。 旁边我们还带给游客更多的服务:接送服务,城市旅游。 我们将竭尽全力为您提供帮助。您可以通过airbnb,viber等向我们发送消息。我们将尽快回复。 我们还可以为您提供一本指南,其中包含有关在西贡旅游的所有必要信息(在哪里预约旅游,在哪里吃饭,买东西等)
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Free breakfast 1 time / per one ( Vietnamese Noodle: Phở).

Beside we also bring tourists more services: pick up service, city tour.

We will try to help you as much as we can. You can send us message through airbnb, viber and so on. We will response ASAP.
We can also provide you with a guidebook that includes all the neccessary information regarding travelling in Saigon (where to book for a tour, where to eat, things to buy, etc.)


------- GUEST Q&A ------------ 1 /您是否提供每日清洁服务?如果不是那么垃圾和毛巾怎么样? 清洁服务 - 垃圾 - 毛巾: 通常我们每周清理一次公寓或每次客人退房后。每当你填满垃圾桶,你可以把它带到附近的垃圾场,工作人员会每天清理一次。毛巾 - 我们有洗衣机和一个架子挂衣服在阳台区域外面,所以你可以随时洗它们。 为了逗留5晚,我们可以安排佣人在您入住的第三天进行清洁 - 免费。如果你需要更多的话,那么在清洁公寓的过程中,这个佣金是7.5美元。但是我猜你不需要这个。清洁这间公寓的最大的任务是拖地板,只需15分钟。我们的大部分客人不希望女仆因为隐私而在逗留期间来。 我可以做饭吗,你有足够的工具,如风扇和碗等吗? 是的,你可以做饭 - 我们有煎饼和平底锅和大部分基本的烹饪设备(水壶,微波炉,盘子,碗)。我们也为您提供洗衣洗涤剂和干燥剂片。 这个地方容易从机场到达吗? 这个地方很容易从机场出发。距离西贡西贡酒店仅有300-400米,距离喜来登酒店有600米。同时搭乘出租车到达。您可以搜索图标56 Ben Van Don查看确切位置和比较。您还可以使用屋顶游泳池。 总之,住在这个公寓就像住在你家。您可以随时烹饪,洗衣服,毛巾,完美的隐私,方便和安全。未经您的许可,没有人在您入住期间进入公寓。 4 /可以迟到入住/退房 这取决于我们在您到达/离开的那一天是否有客人预订。 标准入住/退房时间为上午11时至下午1时30分。我们有一个女仆来清洁和刷新(更换新床单,补充洗涤剂等)。 如果您在抵达当天没有客人预订,您可以提前办理入住手续。在你到达的那一天,请包装你的行李,并把它放在客厅,这样女仆就可以清理干净。 如果你的航班晚上9点左右,你可以把你的行李放在前台或安全人员,然后回来拿起。记住,当您退房时,您仍然可以在大堂使用无线网络连接,电梯区域附近的洗手间和屋顶上的淋浴。 5 /我可以自行办理登机手续吗? 是的你可以。 -----自检/自检退出----- - 我有很多客人深夜到达(有时凌晨凌晨3点)。我们唯一知道的是你的到达时间。但是,从您到机场的到达时间到您抵达大楼的时间是非常不同的(因为行李领取,签证时间,行李丢失和交通状况)。幸运的是,我们的建筑物每天都有保安,您可以随时到达,并自行办理登机手续。 - 我将钥匙留在邮箱:16.02。 - 邮箱已解锁。里面是一个信封,有钥匙和卡片可以进入公寓。 - 刷卡可以帮助您进入16层公寓,“R” - 屋顶(游泳池)。 - 当你达到16级,左转,公寓是大厅的尽头。欢迎回家!! -------------------------------------------------- ---------- - 里面有一个房子手册,说明如何在公寓里使用东西。你会得到毛巾(每个一个),洗涤剂,洗发水(在浴室的镜子后面),卫生纸卷。 -------------------------------------------------- ---------- - 第二天早晨/天,如果你有时间,我可以来看看你。如果可能,我们去附近的咖啡。 -------------------------------------------------- ---------- - 如果我在住宿期间很忙,可以给我看看你可能需要的东西(比如说洗涤剂,比如说要做的事情,吃饭的地方)。我会把你需要的东西另外我有一个女佣,如果你需要清理公寓几天后几天停留。 -------------------------------------------------- --------- CHECK-OUT:退房时,您可以将钥匙和卡重新插入邮箱16.02,并要求安全员打电话给您。一切都很好! 我有几个客人留下,但我从来没有看到他们。我在公寓附近工作,但他们的时间表很忙。没有发生任何问题。如果你需要任何东西,我总是有一个备份的人来帮助你(有时候是Van Anh女士,或是女仆,接待员或安全人员,我们有一个很大的团队,所以不用担心)。
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------- GUEST Q & A ------------
1/ Do you provide daily cleaning service? if not then how about trash and towel?

Cleaning service - trash - towel:
Normally we will clean the apartment once a week or after each guest's check-out. Whenever you fill the trash bin, you can bring it to a garbage room nearby and staff will clean it once a day. Towel - we have washing machine and a rack to hang clothes outside balcony area so you can wash them anytime you want.

For your stay for 5 nights, we can arrange the maid to do cleaning on the third day of your stay - free of charge. If you need more, then it is $7.5 paid to the maid for 2-3 hours throughout cleaning of the apartment. But I guess you won't need that. The biggest task in cleaning this apartment is mopping the floor which requires only 15 mins. Most of our guest don't want the maid to come during their stay due to privacy.

2/ Can i cook, do you have enough tools such as fan and bowls etc?
Yes you can cook - we have frypan and saucepan and most of the basic cooking equipment (water kettle, microwave, plates, bowls). We provide laundry detergent and dryer sheet for you as well.

3/ Is the place easy to get to from airport?
The place is easy to get from airport. It is only 300-400 metres from Riverside Saigon Hotel, 600m from Sheraton. Takes around the same time for taxi to arrive. You can search Icon 56 Ben Van Don to see exact location and compare. You also have a access to a rooftop pool.

In short, staying in this apartment is like staying in your home. You can cook, wash clothes, towels anytime with perfect privacy, convenience and security. No one get into the apartment during your stay without your permission.

4/ Can I check in/out late?

It depends on if we have guest booking on the day you arrive/leave.

The standard check-in/out time is 11 am - 1.30 pm. We have a maid coming to clean and refresh (change new bed sheet, restock detergent, etc.).

If there is no guest booking on the day you arrive, you can check in early. On the day you arrive, please pack up your luggage and leave it at living room so the maid can clean.

If your flight is around 9pm than you can put your luggage at reception or security guy and come back to pick up later. Remember that when you check out, you still have access to wifi at lobby, restroom near elevator area and shower on rooftop level.

5/ Can I do self check-in/out?
Yes, you can.
- I have had many guests who arrives late at night (sometimes 3 A.M in the morning). The only thing we know in common is your arrival time. However, from your arrival time at the airport to the time you arrive at the building is very different (because of baggage claim, visa time, lost luggage and traffic condition). Luckily, our building has security guard 24/7 and you can arrive at any time and check-in by yourself.

- I will leave the key in mailbox: 16.02.
- The mailbox is unlocked. Inside is an envelope that has a key and card to access to the apartment.
- Swipe the card help you get access to level 16 where the apartment is and 'R' - rooftop level (swimming pool).
- When you get to level 16, turn left, apartment is end of the lobby. WELCOME HOME!!
- There is a house manual inside that give instruction how to use things in the apartment. You will get towels (one each), washing detergents, shampoo (behind the mirror in bathroom), toilet rolls.
- The next morning/day, I can come and see you if you have time. Let's go to a nearby coffee if possible.
- If I am busy during your stay, you can text me the things you may need (more washing detergent for example, recommendations on things to do, places to eat..). I will bring the things you need. Also I have a maid if you need to clean the apartment a bit after a few days stay.
CHECK-OUT: When checking-out, you can put the key and card back into mailbox 16.02 and ask security to call a taxi for you. Everything is good!

I have had a few guest staying but I never see them. I work nearby the apartment but their schedule is pretty busy. No problem has happened at all. If anything you need, I always have a backup person to assist you (sometimes it is Ms Van Anh, or the maid, the receptionists or the security guy, we have quite a big team so don't worry).

卫生间: 2
卧室: 3
床铺: 3
入住时间: 14:00后
退房时间: 12:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客 $10 / 晚 多于6位房客
清洁费 $10
满1周立减: 5%






Grand appartement spacieux, propre et lumineux, au 12ème étage avec une belle gamme de services (piscine sur le toit, salle de sport, accueil au lobby pour les autres menus services, mini market etc...). Pas très bien équipé pour faire la cuisine (contrairement à ce qui est indiqué dans le descriptif). Et notamment pas suffisamment de matériel pour 6 personnes (assiettes, couverts, chaises). L'appartement est grand et confortable, avec une belle vue et relativement au calme malgré les travaux du moment. Un petit plongeon, après une journée de visite, dans la piscine qui donne une vue panoramique sur la Saigon River est vraiment appréciable. Dans le descriptif, il est indiqué la disponibilité d'eau, café, qu'on a dû réclamer et de jus de fruits qu'on n'a pas eu. Les matelas sont tres durs mais les chambres sont très spacieuses avec une salle de bain chacune. Notre hôte a été très réactif à toutes nos demandes. A 5 mn du district 1, mais le parcours ne présente aucun intérêt, nous avons donc privilégié le taxi (disponible au pied de la Tour) ou le Uber. Je recommande pour le rapport qualité prix, mais pas pour 6 personnes qui souhaitent cuisiner dans l'appartement (il faut compléter l'équipement).


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