Serenity River Villa, 9Bedroom feature pool Canggu
Serenity River Villa, 9Bedroom feature pool Canggu
别墅可以租用6或9间卧室的选择。 宁静河巴厘岛位于一个广阔的景观中,包括原生绿色和蜿蜒的水路。该庄园设计精心,采用爪哇Joglos系列,将Ubud宁静的氛围带到Kerobokan / Seminyak地区 *需缴纳15.5%的税费,请在办理入住手续时单独收取 >如果您需要机场接送,请在询问中注明
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The Villa can be rented as a 6 or 9 bedrooms option.

The Serenity River Bali is set within a sprawling landscape that encompasses native greenery and meandering waterways. The estate has been thoughtfully designed using a collection of Javanese Joglos to bring the tranquil ambience of Ubud to the Kerobokan/Seminyak area

* subject to 15.5 % tax, collected separately upon check in

> Please state in your inquiry if you'd require airport transfer


巴厘岛宁静河是感官放纵的真正圣所。它共有九个独家住宿,适合欣赏艺术的人们,以及生活中提供的更美好的乐趣。每个套房都是独一无二的风格,展现了来自印度尼西亚及其以外地区最杰出的文物和珍品。 巴黎Serenity River酒店拥有精品休闲的所有属性,类似于高端厨房,充满了视觉吸引力。它配备了所有必要的设施,每个人都可以分享很多,像一个有价值的客人在私人住宅。热情好客是首屈一指的,每一个可以想象的需求都是用真正的巴厘岛微笑照顾的。 别墅完全适合小团体,企业高管或大家庭,希望在一个豪华的环境中保持在一起。该酒店还设有一个竹凉亭和一个优雅的平台,似乎漂浮在游泳池的顶部,用于婚礼和庆祝活动。 房间 巴厘岛宁静河是感官放纵的真正圣所。它共有九个独家住宿,适合欣赏艺术的人们,以及生活中提供的更美好的乐趣。每个套房都是独一无二的风格,展现了来自印度尼西亚及其以外地区最杰出的文物和珍品。所有客房都是aprox。 52平方米,不包括户外场所,配备了所有必需品。 设备 The Serenity River Bali酒店的客人设施是首屈一指的,没有细节被忽视。该物业旨在将人们聚集在一起,拥有慷慨的生活环境和共同的用餐空间,以分享美食和谈话。还有许多较小的区域和隐藏的小龛,客人可以独自度过安静的时光。 客厅 在别墅的心脏是一个精巧的客厅,坐落在木材Joglo内,唤起了一个过去时代的形象。其高耸的天台设计用于模仿一座山,由坚硬的硬木支柱支撑着,作为浮动房间隔板的白色窗帘使其效果变软。 起居室配有一系列经典椅子和缓冲沙发。一个角落里精心雕刻的沙发床,偶尔的桌子上装有巴厘岛仪式的碗和其他美学的东西。这个Joglo的开阔的一面创造出从大自然中被蚕食的感觉。 游泳池 The Serenity River Bali酒店的游泳池是一个T形的透明水晶体,适合放松身心。它被一个木材阳光甲板边缘,并带有周围的米梯田和郁郁葱葱的植物群的热带美景。游泳池适合清晨的一圈,或者只是溅在身上,以打败一天的热。 餐厅 木制餐厅设有一个悠长的乡村风格的桌子,客人可以一起来享受悠闲的晚餐和晚餐。它附有一个设备齐全的服务厨房,有一个足够大的工作岛进行烹饪课程。专业厨师有责任根据要求准备美味的饭菜。 图书馆 图书馆是一个多功能的空间,可在大屏幕电视上阅读,制作或观看电影。一个缓冲沙发是一个邀请的地方坐下来放松,而一个充满热带鱼的水族馆增添了整体的宁静。有一些精选的书籍和生活方式出版物,客人可以在整个逗留期间自由借用。 酒吧 已经建立了一个储藏丰富的酒吧,以预期经验丰富的旅行者的假期需求。从一瓶葡萄酒到高级烈酒,冷啤酒和经典鸡尾酒,几乎所有的饮品都可以使用。酒吧是在一天结束时放松身心并与其他客人聚会的好地方。 婚礼与活动/行政会议/奖励 容量:200人 宁静河巴厘岛的绝佳大小适合于婚礼和衷心的庆祝活动。有充足的空间让家人和朋友聚集和见证这个场合的幸福。池畔优雅的竹亭提供了夫妻在走上共同命运之际交换誓言的完美背景。 一个经验丰富的团队随时帮助所有的婚礼安排,包括鲜花,餐饮,蛋糕和娱乐。情侣可以在餐厅精致的氛围中选择时尚的鸡尾酒会或更正式的坐下晚餐。酒店周围有许多浪漫的景点,以确保最佳的婚纱照。 请联系我们 了解更多信息。 位置 巴厘岛宁静河从Kerobokan / Seminyak一个安静的住宅区,摆脱了主流旅游狂热的步伐。这个特定的区域仍然是有生产力的水稻梯田,由共享的灌溉渠道穿过风景。这里的当地社区力图保护巴厘岛的文化价值观,生活是无止境的宗教仪式。 The Serenity River Bali酒店距离塞米亚克(Seminyak)中心的生活区仅有10分钟的车程,街道上设有餐厅,精品店,水疗中心和酒吧。有几个海滩相对靠近一个有趣的一天,或在巴厘岛着名的日落中享受乐趣。距离Ngurah Rai国际机场有30分钟的车程。 我们所有的别墅都配有客人关系经理的服务,他们将乐意协助旅游/运输,按摩和温泉,保姆和所有一般建议和信息,以确保您的假期是难忘的经历。 如果您需要机场接送,请在询问中注明。一辆车的转机费用为250KD,可以安排4人和行李(如果转机时间为晚上10点至凌晨7点,则收费为50KD)。费用直接支付给司机。 我们所有的价格都是美金。付款可以任何货币兑换成相当于美元。 所有税率均须缴纳政府税费及服务费的15.5%。所涉税是地方当局征收的当地居民税;所有税金在抵达时收取。
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The Serenity River Bali is a veritable sanctuary for sensory indulgence. It features a total of nine exclusive accommodations intended for guests who appreciate art and the finer pleasures that life has to offer. Every suite is unique and styled to showcase the most amazing compilation of artefacts and treasures sourced from Indonesia and beyond.

With all the attributes of a boutique retreat, The Serenity River Bali resembles a high-end galley that is full of visual appeal. It comes complete with all essential facilities that everyone gets to share much like being a valued guest in a private home. Hospitality is second to none and every conceivable need is taken care of with a genuine Balinese smile.

The Villa perfectly suited to small groups, business executives or extended families looking to stay together in a luxurious setting. The property also has a bamboo gazebo and an elegant platform that seemingly floats on top of the swimming pool for weddings and celebrations of the heart.

The Rooms

The Serenity River Bali is a veritable sanctuary for sensory indulgence. It features a total of nine exclusive accommodations intended for guests who appreciate art and the finer pleasures that life has to offer. Every suite is unique and styled to showcase the most amazing compilation of artefacts and treasures sourced from Indonesia and beyond. All rooms are aprox. 52m2, excluding outdoor areas and are equipped with all necessities.


Guest facilities at The Serenity River Bali are second to none and no small detail has been overlooked. The property has been designed to bring people together with a generous living environment and communal dining space to share good food and conversation. There are also plenty of smaller areas and hidden niches where guests can spend quiet time alone.

Living Room

At the heart of the Villa is an exquisite living room housed within a timber Joglo that conjures up images of a bygone era. Its soaring rooftop, designed to imitate a mountain, is supported by solid hardwood column and the effect is softened by white drapes that act as floating room dividers.
The living room is furnished in an array of classic chairs and cushioned sofas. There is an elaborately carved daybed in one corner together with occasional tables bearing Balinese ceremonial bowls and other aesthetic pieces. The open sides of this Joglo create the sensation of being cocooned from the outside world by nature.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at The Serenity River Bali is a T-shaped body of crystal clear water that lends itself to hours of quality relaxation. It is edged by a timber sun deck and takes in the tropical beauty of the surrounding rice terraces and lush flora. The pool is suitable for early morning laps or just splashing around to beat the heat of the day.

Dining Pavilion

The timber dining pavilion features a long rustic table where guests can come together to enjoy leisurely evenings of wining and dining. It is attached to a well-equipped service kitchen that has a work island big enough to conduct cooking classes. A professional chef is on duty to prepare flavoursome meals on request.


The library is a multi-functional space to read, work or catch a movie on the large screen television. A cushioned sofa is an inviting spot to sit back and unwind, while an aquarium filled with tropical fish adds to the overall serenity. There’s a fine selection of books and lifestyle publications that guests are free to borrow for the entire duration of their stay.


A well-stocked bar has been set up to anticipate the holiday needs of seasoned travellers. From bottles of wine to premium spirits, cold beers and classic cocktails, almost all drink preferences are available. The bar is a great spot to unwind at the end of the day and gather socially with other guests.

Weddings & Events / Executive Meetings / Incentives
capacity: 200 pax

The sheer size of The Serenity River Bali lends itself to weddings and heartfelt celebrations. There is ample space for families and friends to gather and witness the happiness of the occasion. An elegant bamboo pavilion by the pool provides the perfect backdrop for couples to exchange vows as they embark on a journey of shared destiny.

An experienced team is on hand to assist with all wedding day arrangements including the flowers, catering, cake and entertainment. Couples can choose a stylish cocktail reception or a more formal sit down dinner in the refined ambience of the dining pavilion. There are lots of romantic spots around the property to ensure the best possible wedding photos.

Please contact us for further information.


The Serenity River Bali is removed from the frenzied pace of mainstream tourism in a quiet residential quarter of Kerobokan / Seminyak. This particular area still has productive rice terraces fed by water from shared irrigation canals that traverse the landscape. The local community here strive to preserve Bali’s cultural values and life is coloured by endless cycle of religious ceremonies.

The Serenity River Bali is just a 10 minute drive from the lifestyle district of central Seminyak where the streets are lined with restaurants, boutiques, spas and bars. There are several beaches relatively close by for a fun day out or to take pleasure in Bali’s famous sunset. Ngurah Rai International Airport is a 30 minute journey away by car.

All of our villas come with the services of our guest relations manager, who will be pleased to assist with tours/transport, massages and spas, babysitting and all general advice and information needed to ensure your vacation is a memorable experience.

Please state in your inquiry if you'd require airport transfers. There's a transfer fee of IDR 250K one way for one car, to fit 4 people and luggage (surcharge of IDR 50K if the transfer is between 10pm - 7am). Fee payable to driver directly.

All our prices are in US Dollars. Payments can be made in any currency to the equivalent of US Dollars.

All rates are subject to 15.5% of Government Taxes and Services Charge. The tax referred is local occupancy tax as charged by the local authorities; all taxes are collected upon arrival.


额外房客 无需付费




Please treat the villa and furniture as if you would your own. The Villa is to be left in a condition equal to when the guests arrive. The guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the property caused by themselves, or their guests. Any breakages will be charged on a replacement value.

-Not Suitable for Pets.
-Follow fire safety precautions.
-Keep any valuables in safety box (if available).
-Smoking Not Allowed in Bedrooms (only outdoor area).
-Please turn off the A/C units when you leave for the day.

Early Check in and Late CheckOut is subject to availability and may be subject to extra fees. Please notify us in you want to check in earlier than 2 pm or check out later than noon.

If you need to arrange airport drop off please noty us at least 1 day before departure.

No Unregistered guests over maximum villa occupancy without extra payment.

Children Playing in the pool are the sole responsibility of their guardian and supervision is required at all times.

Report any dysfunction of the villa equipment directly to villa staff as soon as you detect it. We are a marketing agency accepting bookings on behalf for villa owner, and villa manager is the one who directly responsible for villa maintenance. Villa manager contacts will be provided in your booking confirmation.

Be cool and enjoy your stay.

--------end of house rules---------


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