Amazing mountain viewsMountains as far as the eye can see
Carter`s Kaleidoscope View
2 - 12岁

Ellijay Mountain Cabin - Carter`s Kaleidescope View


Amazing mountain views resemble the unique views seen through a kaleidescope....they are different with each passing day. Carter`s Kaleidescope View is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath cozy one level cabin located in halfway between Ellijay and Blue Ridge. This tranquil cabin has 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom for a truly relaxing retreat. The large hot tub overlooks the vast mountain vista and when you listen closely, the sounds of the rushing creek below can be heard. On the cooler mountain nights, a wood burning fireplace in the living room warms your feet and spirit. If you are looking for a romantic getaway or a small family getaway, Carter`s Kaleidescope View is the way to go.


Carter`s Kaleidescope View is a cozy 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom one level cabin that can accommodate up to four (4) guests and offers the following:
Queen bedroom on MAIN level with shared bath & 32" flat screen T.V
Queen bedroom on MAIN level with shared bath
Full shared bathroom on MAIN level with tub/shower unit
Cozy living room with rocked wood burning fireplace (only usable during months of Oct 1st - April 1st)
NO Dishwasher
Hot Tub overlooking mountain view
Fire Pit


Minimum Stays May Vary:
Leaf Season (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) night minimum
Thanksgiving (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) night minimum
Christmas New Years (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) night minimum


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $140
押金 $250


Guest shall provide a guest list prior to driving directions being sent. If you are found to exceed the maximum occupancy of your cabin, you will be charged a minimum of $200 and it will be considered a breach of contract and may result in immediate eviction with NO REFUNDS OR REBATES.

ALL GUESTS MUST BE AT LEAST 25 YEARS OLD OR OLDER, except for those who are in the presence of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s.) By submitting your reservation you are confirming that you are 25 years old or older and that all of the guests are either 25 years or older, or any who are under 25 are with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s.)


Check in time is any time after 3:00 PM; check-out is any time prior to 11:00 AM. Cabin will not be available until check-in time of 3:00 PM. Guests acknowledges Agreement/Contract and authorizes Blue Sky Cabin Rentals to charge their credit card on file one full night`s rental for a check-in earlier than 3:00 PM or a check-out later than 11:00 AM. No Check-In or Check-Out allowed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year`s Day.

Directions will be emailed seven (7) days prior to your arrival date providing the reservation has been paid in full and guest list has been submitted. To avoid getting lost, we highly recommend you DO NOT use GPS or internet mapping once you arrive in Ellijay. Please PRINT directions as cell service is not always available. Mileage markers and landmarks are included to ensure your safe arrival. If Guests leave home without directions, Blue Sky Cabin Rentals cannot be held responsible for Guests being unable to find their rental unit. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered(URL HIDDEN)

Roads leading to most rental properties are dirt, gravel, bumpy and mountainous. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals is not responsible for conditions of road NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered.


Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that for Blue Sky Cabin Rentals to continue to offer PET FRIENDLY CABINS the following items must be adhered to. Limit of pets to 2 pets under 40 pounds each. Please notify our office for pets over 40 pounds or for more than 2 pets. Prior approval from office is needed and must be noted on your reservation.

Pets are only allowed in Pet Friendly Cabins. If pets are brought to non-pet-friendly cabin, a charge of not less than $500 will be charged to the credit card on file.

Pets are not permitted in hot tub. Guests agree to pay minimum $100 cleaning fee if pet gets in the hot tub.

Pets must be completely housebroken, well behaved, and pest free.

We provide a pet bed in each pet friendly cabin. Pets are not allowed on furniture or on or in beds.

If your pet gets on our beds or other furniture, the furniture/bed must be protected by the renter against hair, soiled paws, or any other soiling. Please bring appropriate protection such as old sheets/towels. Guests will be charged a cleaning fee of not less than $50 if pet hair causes a delay in cleaning services. We will charge an additional cleaning fee for soiled comforters. Guests agree that they will NOT use any linens or towels on pets other than towels provided by Guests.

Pets shall NOT be left uncrated while alone in cabin.

Guests agree to pay for any damages caused by pets. If pets have an accident in cabin, all clean-up will be performed by the Guests. Guests further agree to pick up waste from the grounds and deposit in outside garbage cans. Guests agree that failure to comply with clean-ups of either inside cabin or outside cabin will result in an additional cleaning charge of no less than $50.

Guests agree to be in full control of their pets at all times and take full responsibility for their pets. For your dog’s protection, please keep him/her on a leash at all times and be wary of other dogs. You are surrounded by thousands of acres of forest, pets can get lost very easily if they are off the leash.

If any of these Pet Policy items are not met, Guests are in violation of this Agreement/Contract. Guests acknowledge Agreement/Contract and authorize Blue Sky Cabin Rentals to charge their credit card on file for any damages sustained.


Each of our properties are privately owned and not built to accommodate large number of tenants. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals does NOT permit weddings, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, parties, family reunions(URL HIDDEN)

NON SMOKING - All cabins are non-smoking (including all decks, porches and steps). Guests agree to pay not less than $350 for odor abatement if they smoke in the cabin or if cigarette butts are left on the grounds.

No drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age of twenty-one (21) is allowed in rental properties. Guests agree that if Guests are arrested for underage drinking at rental properties or if Blue Sky Cabin Rentals observe Guests under the legal age of twenty-one (21) drinking alcoholic beverages, this Agreement/Contract may be terminated and Guests evicted with no refund or rebate at the option of Blue Sky Cabin Rentals. Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited.

Maximum occupancy is stated in all accommodation descriptions. Guest further agrees that each additional guest over the age of 4, including visitors, will be listed and on file with Blue Sky Cabin Rentals. Roll-away beds, inflatable mattresses & sleeping bags are prohibited(URL HIDDEN)

Use of premises shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors or residents, including but not limited to; parties, excessive speeding through neighborhoods, riding of ATV`s or Off Road Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes, excessive noise and/or obnoxious behavior, discharging of Firearms, BB/Pellet Guns, Paint Ball Guns, Potato Cannons, or Fireworks, etc. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals has the prerogative to terminate this Agreement/Contract and to demand that disruptive Guests vacate the premises, thereby forfeiting all monies to Blue Sky Cabin Rentals. Noise carries in the mountains, refrain from making excessive noise between the hours of 10 pm - 8 am. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered. Any violation of the above terms of conduct will result in immediate eviction. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered.


CABLE/SATELLITE TV - Blue Sky Cabin Rentals cannot guarantee TV channel availability. Rental properties do not offer premium packages, i.e., Movie Channels, Sports Channels, Pay Per View, etc. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals cannot under any circumstance activate premium channels.
FURNISHINGS/FURNITURE - All furnishings/furniture in the cabin are in place as the owners wish them. Guests agree to pay not less than $100 if furniture is rearranged in such a manner that results in cleaning services being delayed.
LONG DISTANCE CALLS - Cabin telephones are toll restricted and do not permit long distance calls except for calling card calls, credit card calls, collect calls, valid third party calls, and emergency (911) calls. Guests agree that any special feature calls including but not limited to; Call Return, Call Block, Call Forward that Guests activates will be billed to Guests credit card on file plus a $15 service charge per incidence. Cell phone coverage varies by carrier and signal strength may be poor in some areas.
PROPANE GRILLS - Properties with propane grills are fueled by liquid propane, and under NO circumstances may Guests add charcoal or any derivative of charcoal to the propane grills. Guests agree that if Guests add charcoal to a propane grill, Blue Sky Cabin Rentals is authorized to charge not less than $100 to Guests credit card for cleaning of grill.
Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that gas log fireplaces are seasonal and are only operational from October 1st through April 1st. No other items may be burned in gas log fireplace, including but not limited to; sticks, wood, charcoal, lava rocks, etc. Gas logs may not be moved or restacked; guest agrees to pay not less than $150 if logs have been moved. All gas starters in wood burning fireplaces have been capped off and no gas is available.

Wood burning fireplaces may be used year round. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals provides hardwood logs from October 1 through April 1. Guests are responsible for their own starter logs and matches. NO LIGHTER FLUID ALLOWED Guest wanting to use fireplace during other times need to provide their own hardwood logs or Dura flame type logs.

Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that fire pits may be used year round, however, firewood is NOT provided for use in the fire pits. Guests must provide their own hardwood logs to burn in fire pits - firewood at the cabin cannot be used in fire pits. If a property does not offer a fire pit guests will not make one. Guests agree to pay not less than $100, if any other items are burned in fireplaces or if Blue Sky Cabin Rentals wood is used in fire pit.

HOT TUBS - Guests may not add any objects or chemicals to the hot tubs. Guests agree to pay not less than $100, if hot tub has been compromised in such a manner that results in cleaning services being delayed. Hot tubs have been cleaned prior to Guests arrival. Guests agree to pay an additional charge of $50 if Guests request an additional cleaning of hot tub during stay. Guests understand that hot tub usage is at their own risk and will not hold Blue Sky Cabin Rentals or Property Owner responsible for any injury. It is absolutely forbidden for children to be in the hot tub without a responsible adult. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered.

In case of a breakdown of any property equipment, guests shall notify Blue Sky Cabin Rentals immediately. We cannot guarantee; heat, air conditioning, electricity, water, any appliances, cable, satellite, television, telephones, electronics, gas logs, grills, etc. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be given. Should a repair person make a call to repair or replace a unit that is found to be in non-working order and the problem was due to Guests oversight, neglect or misuse, Guests agree that the repair call costs may be billed to the Guests credit card on file.
LOCK OUT - A lock out of Guests from cabin will result in a $25 service call during business hours. Guests agree that a lock out after business hours will result in a locksmith being called and Guests credit card being charged accordingly.
KEY RETURN - Guests are responsible for the return of the property key. They are to be returned to the lock box or as instructed in the cabin. If the property key is not returned upon check-out, Guests agree that Blue Sky Cabin Rentals is authorized to charge the credit card on file not less than $100 for the costs of re-keying or replacing all of the locks and re-issuing new keys to owners, cleaning crews, and Blue Sky Cabin Rentals.
BEAR - DEER - LADYBUGS - INSECTS - Guests are in the mountains and woods and depending upon the time of year may encounter Bear, Deer, Turkey, Ladybugs, Carpenter Bees, Wasps, Scorpions, Snakes, Ticks, Ants, Chiggers, squirrels etc. Guests are encouraged to dress accordingly and to bring insect repellent for outdoor activities. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered.
CONSTRUCTION - Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that construction of new accommodations and attractions occur in resort areas. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered for inconveniences due to but not limited to; construction, construction noise, road repair, and maintenance.

Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that Blue Sky Cabin Rentals reserve the right to enter property at any time to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check damages, make repairs, alterations, and improvements, as Blue Sky Cabin Rentals deem necessary.

Blue Sky Cabin Rentals is not responsible for any items Guests leaves behind in cabin. If guest would like items shipped, a fee of $25 plus UPS shipping costs for the return will be charged to credit card. Items will be discarded or donated after 7 days.


Premises are to be left in clean, undamaged condition, and Guests must follow check-in and check-out procedures located in the cabin book or in kitchen, along with the pet policy. Properties have been cleaned and inspected prior to Guests arrival. Guests agree to call Blue Sky Cabin Rentals if any damages or defects are noticed. Guests acknowledge Agreement/Contract and authorizes Blue Sky Cabin Rentals to charge their credit card on file for any damages, repairs, replacement, or special cleaning sustained for real or personal property.


Blue Sky Cabin Rentals serves as the Agent and represents the owners of vacation properties in its rental program, and is acting at all times, in and for the best interest of the owners. Guests are a licensee of the Owner and not a tenant; and Guests are not acquiring any interest in the property.
Blue Sky Cabin Rentals strive to comply with all reservation requests for specific vacation properties. However, due to ownership changes, properties being removed from rental program, mechanical problems, or other unforeseen circumstances, Blue Sky Cabin Rentals cannot absolutely guarantee a specific property. Blue Sky Cabin Rentals reserves the right to change property unit assignment without liability should rental property become unavailable. Where comparable properties are not available, Guests will have the option of selecting from available properties at the published rate or receiving a complete refund.
Blue Sky Cabin Rentals reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. All rental properties are leased without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap.
Due to liability issues, Blue Sky Cabin Rentals will be unable to provide prospective renters with directions or keys to preview properties. Information regarding individual listings is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed.


Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that Blue Sky Cabin Rentals reserves the right to remove renter, if any of the of Agreement/Contract items are not met. NO REFUND OR REBATE will be offered.


A material breach of this Agreement by Guests, which, in the sole determination of Blue Sky Cabin Rentals, results in damage to the Premises, personal injury to Guests or others, a breach of the peace, a nuisance to others, or a violation of criminal law or local code, shall be grounds for termination of Guests tenancy. Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in IMMEDIATE EVICTION and forfeiture of rent and security deposit. If the tenancy created hereunder is for 30 days or less, the expedited eviction procedures set forth in the Cabins Act will apply. Guest(s) may be evicted under such procedures if Guest(s): (I) hold over in possession after Guest(s) tenancy has expired; (II) commit a material breach of any provision of this Agreement that according to its terms would result in the termination of Guest(s) tenancy; (III) fail to pay rent as required by this Agreement, or (IV) have obtained possession of the Premises by fraud or misrepresentation. Any reservation made under false pretenses will result in forfeiture of advance payments and the party will not be permitted to check-in.


This Agreement/Contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia and be treated as though it were executed in the County of Gilmer, State of Georgia. Any action relating to this Agreement/Contract shall be instituted and prosecuted only in the Gilmer County Superior Court, Georgia. Guests specifically consent to such jurisdiction and to extraterritorial service of process.

Guests acknowledge, understand, and agree that Guests shall be solely responsible for any property damage, accident or injury to any person or loss sustained by any person, including loss of money, jewelry, and other items of personal property, arising out of or in any way related to Guests use of the premises or the items of personal property provided by Blue Sky Cabin Rentals, the Owner at Guests request. Guests shall inspect and be familiar with proper use and application of such items prior to using them. Guests hereby agree to INDEMNIFY and hold Blue Sky Cabin Rentals, employees, owners and officers; and/or Homeowners harmless from any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to Guests use of premises or the items of personal property provided therein. Guests hereby agree to hold Blue Sky Cabin Rentals and/or homeowner, employees and officers harmless and to indemnify same against any and all claims which may arise during and after the course of rental as a consequence of any acts or omissions of Blue Sky Cabin Rentals and/or cabin owner, employees and officers. Guests assume the risk of injury or other losses relating to any recreational activities and will hold owner and Blue Sky Cabin Rentals harmless with respect there to.





This cabin was very cute. Just enough space for 2 people for a getaway and maybe good for a family of 3. We unfortunately arrived to some unexpected weather damage and our electricity was out for a few hours but the rental employees were very responsive. We did get the power back on btw. The view was wonderful and it was very clean. The wifi did not work for the first day we got there because we were told that we didn't need a password but it did in fact ask for one but, again, the rental company was very responsive and we eventually figured it out because who can live without wifi nowadays. The kitchen was decently stocked with some salt, pepper, dish soap, sponges and garbage bags and utensils. There were plenty of towels and laundry detergent pods. We did frequently use the fireplace and it was very nice. I would suggest bringing some kindling or possibly finding some outside. We could not because it basically rained the whole weekend but we managed. And again, we were unable to use the hot tub because of bad weather but I'm sure it would have been great. If you have a low laying car, I suggest driving very slowly because it's a gravel road and you don't want to damage the bottom of your car. If you have a Jeep or SUV or even a regular sedan, you should be fine. This place was very quiet and peaceful and even though the weather was NOT ideal, we had a wonderful time. I would recommend this to a couple who is trying to get away from the city for a bit or even the kids. It's perfect for 2 people.

Spectacular view of the mountains. Can't overstate the beauty of the panoramic view from the spacious deck. Would recommend. There were a few (admittedly) minor issues that kept this from being a five-star experience. First the surface road connecting you from highway to cabin is pockmarked and in desperate need of regrading. There are a couple of spots where the holes in the road are significant enough that sedans would have had trouble navigating. Travelers be warned that trying to navigate in poor weather might be mildly stressful. Second, there was no gas in the grill. I should have checked this upon arrival--I am confident the company that manages the property would have addressed this, as they called a number of times pre-visit and upon arrival to see if we needed anything (very courteous of them!). That said, it was disappointing to fire the grill up and have it putter out before I could get steaks on it, and it was too late in the evening to call about it. Third, we were a bit rushed out by the cleaning service, which arrived early. I am positive that this was mere promptness on the cleaning service's part and, therefore, unintentional. That said, it was a bit of a weird vibe at check-out. Speaking of check-out, you pay a cleaning fee but are also expected to clean / dry / put away dishes and empty trash. Totally fair and not a problem, but the cleaning fees seemed high if you're the one doing most of the prep and stripping things down . These minor issues work against a tight cost-benefit margin. Because the property is managed by an outside group rather than the direct owner, like traditional Airbnb rentals, you pay quite a bit extra in fees. The view from the hot tub overlooking the mountain makes up for this! But, there were some minor issues that prevented a whole-hearted "five stars." Still, as I noted above, we absolutely recommend this location.

Great weekend!
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Thank you for choosing Blue Sky Cabin Rentals for your vacation getaway. We enjoyed having you, and hope you stay with us again for your next mountain getaway!


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When you first arrive in the North Georgia mountains, you will immediately notice that the pace is a little easier and time seems to move just a little bit slower. SINCE 2004, Blue Sky Cabin Rentals has been THE choice for mountain rentals. We offer a variety of homes, from RUSTIC to ULTRA LUXURY, and can accommodate from 1 to 12. ALL LOCALLY MANAGED, we live here because we love it here, and our goal is to give EVERY GUEST the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. Whether you are looking for a mountain view property or one with a water view, need pet friendly or not - you will be able to find the place of your dreams. Ready for the perfect mountain getaway? Come to the mountains with Blue Sky Cabin Rentals: "Where the pavement ends, and relaxation begins."

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