Typical house in the Castle - Mouraria in Romance
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Charming house in Castle Hill (typical quarter), newly remodel in its entirety with all comforts. Very cozy and bright, all rooms with windows or doors. Terrace with spectacular view. In winter you can also warm up with a wood burning stove. A TREAT!


在里斯本的心脏,你不会找到另一个公寓,但不是一个房子。 恢复了很多的爱和尊重里斯本在外面的建筑特征。 里面你可以享受动机“复古”和一般的葡萄牙语的装饰。 座椅和木地板是这场比赛的例子。有很多壮观的自然光线。 所有客房均设有大窗户和双层玻璃门,具有更好的隔音和隔音效果。 一个迷人的双层在开放空间楼下,厨房,设备齐全,准备使用。 在生活/休闲空间中,还有一个典型的木质炉灶,您可以在冬季的夜晚享受和放松身心。 一个带有很大压力的大淋浴间的大型厕所位于楼下。 楼上,一间带一张双人床的房间和一个露台,您可以在醒来时伸展。 露台非常私人,还设有淋浴,您可以在夏季在一些日光浴之间放松身心。 在里斯本历史中心,在典型的摩尔人区/ Costa do Castelo附近,由您在舒适的露台休息的美妙而多样的景观(格雷斯,拉哥,三拉山谷,塞维利亚三座观景)迷住。 当你离开房子时,迷失在狭窄的街道上,并从厨房或附近的印度餐厅里感受到不同的气味。 本地市场变化不足50米。 地铁站Martim Moniz(50米)和典型的电车28站(80米)。 照片自己说,但更好的是尝试生活这个美好的生活葡萄牙语! 里斯本市中心的这个社区有900多年的历史。在穆里亚尔,穆斯林在基督教征服之后定居下来,据推测,在伊斯兰教颂歌的忧郁之声中,是发现了福多音乐风格的起源。阿拉伯城市规划遗产在街道上仍然可见,它是一个与几个世纪以来首都所进行的贸易活动一直相关的社区 在这个和周围的社区,起源于葡萄牙Mudejar艺术的第一个作品,来自Manueline艺术。 他的歌曲的悲伤和忧郁是法多的起源。出生在我们街上,旁边的三巷磨坊,玛丽亚Severa Onofriana,葡萄牙语fado歌手这个时期的第一个和最后的表达。 在法多屋前,出生于二十世纪,费尔南多·毛里西奥(Fernando Mauricio)被认为是“摩尔人四分之一”的国王。 我们的街道现在是Fado图像的一部分。 以上,玛丽莎(Mariza)的一个粉红色的粉红色拼盘,玛丽莎(Magiza)成长,当时的葡萄牙语越来越多的歌手就是Mariza学习了如何唱歌法多。 在Martim Moniz的摩尔人购物中心落成后,该社区已经成为一个非常繁忙的地方,并且欢迎。 目前,摩尔人季度被认为是首都最安全的地区之一,它是不同文化的人们的聚会点,同时也是一个保存着古代民间传统的遗址,这是由多个法拉多人的存在证实的,酒吧,小酒馆和当地文化体育一对商业场所,中国和印度裔等。 “ “旅行从我们街上的地铁站Martim Moniz附近开始,沿着Mouraria街走到我们的健康圣母教堂,美丽的瓷砖和雕刻的祭坛,下午可以访问,当时有大量的游览。在拉戈尔修道院Martim Moniz是奇特的和摩洛哥季的多民族购物中心。 在Escadinhas健康的古雅的摩尔人季度,在拉哥达罗萨,同名的修道院和圣劳伦斯。继续由Achada,克里斯托弗教堂和攀登人行道Marquis Tancos,是市政市场Loureiro,其中包括一些艺术家的工作室和一个美丽的露台。 通过Rua da Costa do Castelo通过Chapitô的马戏团学校,并沿着Escadinhas S. Crispim,到达Rua deSãoMamede,Paláciodo Correio Velho离开。由Lane的Almada去圣玛丽抹大拉教堂。 Rua daSé抵达圣安东尼奥岛,与小酒馆和圣安东尼博物馆在星期一关闭。更进一步的是大教堂,1147年,您可以在那里参观大教堂的财政部和罗马遗址。 将Rua Augusto Rosa登上Mirador de Santa Luzia,欣赏Tagus和Alfama区的景色。但仍然是不可缺少的城堡S.豪尔赫 - 解释中心城市。您可以通过S.Tiago Street到达,并得到地图的支持。建筑和合理的努力。在城堡 花园享有城市和河口的壮丽景色。离开,左转到Rua doChãoda Feira,以及Mor Largo到圣卢西亚教堂。 在广泛的das Portas do Sol可以欣赏风景,参观基辅里卡多EspíritoSanto及其研讨会,然后休息其中一个露台。或者沿着拱门右边的楼梯走到拉戈德·米格尔教堂,跟着拉姆和圣斯蒂芬教堂的狭窄小巷。由Rua dos Remedios来到内华达州和葡萄牙吉他的喷泉广场。 而且,如果在6月份,当庆祝活动,浸泡在巨大的流行动画...“
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In the heart of Lisbon you are going to find not another apartment but a house.

Restored with much affection and respecting the architectural traits of Lisbon on the outside.

Inside you can enjoy motives "retro" and a decor typically Portuguese.

Settees and wooden floors are example of this race. With plenty of spectacular natural light.

All rooms have large windows and double glass doors to have a better acoustic and thermal isolation.

A charming duplex in opening space downstairs, Kitchen, fully equipped and ready to use.

In the living / open space still has a typical wood stove that you can enjoy and fill comfortable in your winter evenings.

A large WC with a great shower with plenty of pressure is situated downstairs.

Upstairs, a room with a good double bed and a terrace that you can stretch upon waking.

The terrace is very private and features also a shower outside where you can cool off in the summer between some sunbathing.

In the historic center of Lisbon in the neighborhood of typical Moorish quarter / Costa do Castelo be enchanted by the wonderful and varied view (viewpoint of Grace, Three Mills of Largo, Largo da Severa) resting in your cozy terrace.

When you leave the house, get lost in the narrow streets and surprised by the different smells from the kitchen or the nearby Indian restaurant.

Local market varied less than 50 m.
Metro station Martim Moniz (50m) and typical tram 28 stop (80m).

The photos speak for themselves, but even better is to try to live this good life Portuguese!

This neighborhood in the heart of Lisbon has over 900 years of history. In Mouraria the Muslims settled following the Christian conquest and it is speculated that in the melancholy sound of the Islamic chants is to be found the origin of the Fado genre of music. The Arab urban planning legacy is still visible in its streets and it is a neighborhood that has always been linked with the trading activities that the capital has carried on over the centuries
In this and the surrounding neighborhoods, originated the first productions of Portuguese Mudejar art, that came the Manueline art.
The sadness and melancholy of his songs are the origin of Fado. Born in our street, next to the Three Alley Mills, Maria Severa Onofriana, Portuguese fado singer first and last expression of this period.
In front of the fado house , was born in the twentieth century, Fernando Mauricio that was considered the "king of the Moorish quarter fado" .
Our street is now part of the iconography of Fado.
Above, a Pink House Pink Platter of Lagares, Mariza grew, the more international contemporary Portuguese fado singer, was there that Mariza learnt how ti sing Fado.
After the inauguration of a Shopping Center of the Moorish in Martim Moniz, the neighborhood has become a very busy place and welcoming.
Currently, the Moorish quarter is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the capital, it is a meeting point for people of different cultures and, simultaneously, a site that keeps alive their ancient folk traditions, as confirmed by the existence of several fado houses , bars, taverns and local cultural and sporting a pair of commercial establishments Chinese and Indian origin, among others. "

"The tour starts near the Metro station Martim Moniz, on our street. Follow Mouraria Street to the Church of Our Lady of Health, with beautiful tiles and carved altar, visitable afternoon and when there is mass. Renovated in Largo Martim Moniz is the peculiar and multiethnic Mall of the Moorish quarter.

Among the quaint Moorish quarter by Escadinhas Health and proceed at Largo da Rosa, with the Convent of the same name and the St. Lawrence. Continued by off Achada, the Church of S. Christopher and climbing the Sidewalk Marquis Tancos, is the Municipal Market Floor Loureiro, which includes some artists' studios and a beautiful terrace.

By Rua da Costa do Castelo passes the Circus School of Chapitô and down the Escadinhas S. Crispim, reaches the Rua de São Mamede, the Palácio do Correio Velho left. By Lane's Almada go to Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Rua da Sé arrives at the Largo de Santo António, with taverns and St. Anthony Museum, which is closed on Mondays. Further up is the Cathedral, 1147, where you can visit the Treasury of the Cathedral and the Roman ruins.

Climb Rua Augusto Rosa to the Mirador de Santa Luzia and enjoy the views of the Tagus and the Alfama district. But there is still the indispensable Castle S. Jorge - Interpretation Center City. You get there via S.Tiago Street and with the support of the map. The architecture and justifies the effort. In the castle gardens enjoy the superb views of the city and the estuary. Exit, turn left onto Rua do Chão da Feira, and the Mor Largo to the church of Santa Luzia.

In broad das Portas do Sol can admire the scenery, visit the Foundation Ricardo Espírito Santo and its workshops and then rest one of the terraces. Or go down the stairs to the right of the arch, to the Church of Largo de S. Miguel, following up the very narrow alley of the Ram and St. Stephen's Church. By Rua dos Remedios arrives at Fountain Square from Within - Fado and Portuguese Guitar.

And, if in June, when performing the Festivities, soak in the huge popular animation ... "


万一,我不能和你在办理入住手续: 在门旁边,有一个小黑盒子里面有钥匙。 打开盖子(自上而下),选择我将通过短信提供的代码提前或通过电话到达那里。同时按下两侧按钮,盒子中的钥匙将打开(您可能需要帮助才能从上到下拉开口)。 从钥匙链上取下钥匙,打开门,再把钥匙放在箱子里。关闭盒子,洗牌,关上盖子...欢迎您到里斯本的家中...在入口门前您会发现更多的钥匙在白色的架子上,以正常使用。 (请不要忘记里面的钥匙,如果发生这种情况,你不能从外面打开门)。 在屋子里面: 您将在卡片中找到无线密码,该卡位于入口附近的白色货架上的卡中。 在电视机下方,您将在附近找到一些旅游手册,指南,地图和建议,并在里斯本见面。但更好的是通过小巷损失! 毛巾在洗脸盆下面的浴室里。 至于垃圾,你可以在街上找到(左边约15米),一个玻璃容器。所有其他垃圾必须放在密封袋中的小容器中,或在19时/晚上7点之后将其放在门前。 要打开电视机,只需按电源按钮,然后按一下P(程序)按钮一次,然后仅使用遥控器更改通道,并打开应该有绿灯的框。 在厨房里有你需要做的所有设备。在橱柜里还有一些香料,咖啡,茶 电器的用户手册位于烤箱下面的抽屉中 在房子里有一本客人书,你可以在这里写下你的意见,建议和分享经验,不仅与我一样,还可以为其他客人写信。 当您离开房子时,请确保空调,水龙头,灯和任何家用电器或电热器关闭。我和地球将感谢你节约能源,永远更安全! 在最后一天,当你离开时,确保钥匙在盒子中,代码被洗牌。您可以将通常使用的钥匙留在同一个货架上,并将其关闭,只需关上门。 在冬天,旁边的壁炉里有一切你需要做的火。当火被点燃时,使用通风口关上壁炉的门和氧合。 “Boa viagem!”,当你安全到达时,让我知道。我也非常感激,如果你可以在您预订房屋的网站上写下关于我的房子的意见,我将非常感谢! 最后一件事不要忘了里斯本又回来了! 谢谢! 桑德拉 WI-Fi - 名称:Vodafone CEF(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (URL HIDDEN) 重要的电话号码,国际号码后(00 351): 里斯本中央出租车:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)国家紧急号码:112(将您连接到消防员,警察和救护车服务)。 警察:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)警察摩尔人:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)救护车:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) 消防员:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)葡萄牙红十字:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)失物招领:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)
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In case, just in case, I can’t be with you in check-in:

Next to the door, there’s a small black box with the keys inside.

Open the lid (top-down), select code that I will provide by text message to you in advance or by phone when you get there. Simultaneously press the two side buttons and the box will open with the key in it (You may need help with your other hand to pull the opening from top to bottom).

Remove the key from the key chain, open the door and put the key again in the box. Close the box, shuffle the code and close the lid ... welcome to your home in Lisbon…in front of the entry door you will find more keys in the white shelf to your normal use. (Please never forget the keys in the lock from the inside. If this happens you can not open the door from the outside).

Inside the house:

You will find the wi-fi password in a card, which is in a card on a white shelf near the entry.

Underneath the TV, you will find some tourist brochures, guides, maps and suggestions of restaurants in the neighbourhood and places to meet in Lisbon .... but even better is being lost through the alleyways!

Towels are in the bathroom under the washbasin.

As for the garbage, you can find in the street (about 15m at left), a container of glass. All other garbage must be placed in sealed bags in the small containers in the street or you can just leave it in front of the door after 19h / 7pm.

To turn on TV just press the power button and then press one of the P (program) buttons just once, then use the remote control only to change the channels and to turn on the box that should have a green light on.

In the kitchen there is all the equipment you will need to cook. In the cupboard there is also some spices, coffee, tea…

The user manuals for appliances are in a drawer under the oven

There is a guest book in the house where you can write your comments, suggestions and share experiences, not only with me but also for other guests.

When you leave the house, please make sure the air conditioning, the taps, the lights and any appliances or electric heaters are turned off. Me and the planet will thank you for saving energy and is always more secure!

On the last day, when you leave, make sure that the keys are in the box and that code is shuffled. You can leave the keys normally used on the same shelf white where you finf it, and simply close the door.

In Winter, next to the fireplace there is everything you will need to make the fire. When the fire is lit close the door to the fireplace and oxygenate by using the vent.

“Boa viagem!” and let me know when you arrive home safely. I would also be very grateful if you could write your opinion about my house in the website where you booked the house...I'll be very grateful!

One last thing...don't forget Lisbon and come back again!

Thank you!

WI-Fi – Name: Vodafone CEF685 Key: 91C1A73BD0
Circuit suggestion link in Lisbon: (URL HIDDEN)

Important phone numbers, after the international code (00 351):
Lisbon Central Taxis: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) National Emergency Number: 112 (connects you to the firefighters, police and ambulance services).
Firefighters: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) Portuguese Red Cross: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) Lost and Found: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)


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Usually I try to receive personally the (URL HIDDEN) for me a pleasure! In check in the house is presented and its surroundings, I can recommend places to visit as restaurants or any information...than I let the guests "get lost" in this beautiful city ... is the best way to know!




额外房客 $19 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)
清洁费 $61
押金 $243
周末价格 $109 / 晚


It is intended to make people feel at home, his house in the heart of Lisbon.
Thus, maintaining hygiene, enjoy the space (furniture, equipment, appliances) without damage or mistreat, is expected.
An ecological approach is also grateful, turning off lights and appliances if not necessary.
Smoking if possible should smoke in outdoor areas of the house, is the window on the terrace or in the lobby.





Pretty nice place, with just a few quirks. Cool part of town. The patio is a nice touch.

Sandra was incredibly gracious and welcoming. She met us at arrival even as we booked her Airbnb last min. She gave us detailed suggestions and recommendations. Her place was spotless and has a great patio with a view. Highly recommend. One caution: the Airbnb is in a somewhat difficult area if you struggle with hills/stairs.

Perfectly situated and very clean. We enjoyed our stay here!

Sandra was communicative and friendly, making sure we were able to reach the apartment after our flight to Lisbon. The place was clean and comfortable -- and located in the charming neighborhood of Alfama. Directions for wifi and appliances were conveniently on one page and easy to follow. Internet was fast, washing machine worked, towels and sheets were clean. We have no complainants! Thank you for making our stay so memorable in Lisbon. :)

Super cozy place. If you want authentic this is good option - the neighborhood is alive and joyful. The house is charming and you get pretty good value for 2 bedrooms. Sandra is a very sweet woman.

Great, comfortable place with AC! Great location, too!

We had a very enjoyable stay at Sandra’s house. The location allowed for easy walking to many of the most interesting tourist sites. The house was fine for us as a couple, but would be tight more than three adults or a family with one or two small children. We particularly enjoyed the terrace as a place to eat our home-based meals with a great view. She met us when we arrived and showed us her window system, which truly does silence the outdoor noise, which would be a problem otherwise. We were also grateful that Sandra directed us to the restaurant Ze da Mouraria, a great spot for traditional Portuguese food at amazing prices. It is right around the corner in the nearby alley. We would probably not have gone in without her guidance. We enjoyed our lunch there so much (the neighborhood restaurant is lunch only) that we went to their dinner restaurant later in our stay and had a great meal there also. If you want to cook, the neighborhood is not very well stocked with markets, however the Mercado de Arroios is just a couple of stops away on the Metro and easy to get to. I wish I had found it earlier in our stay, so maybe this will help you. Selection there is good, and the prices are great.

里斯本, 葡萄牙注册时间:七月 2012

I'm a dynamic and enterprising person. Given the difficulties we are experiencing right now in Portugal, decided not to depress and fight, until I came across this idea of tourist accommodation that is really is my thing!

Personally I never liked the concept of hotel, I find them impersonal and equal to each other regardless of where in the world are.

I like people, cultures, the "mix" with the people and customs of each country or locality and "drink" your best. So, I think this project will be developed by me with great commitment, pride and love to receive. Respect the space and freedom of my guests, supporting them at all times and providing them a place that only a local person can do. I am a simple person, close, friendly, honest, charismatic and tolerant.

Rules?! They are important to good coexistence between people, it is a fact. However, it is believed that each person has the same awareness of respect and tolerance. It's just that I expect of my guests.

Can not live without my family, without my friends that keep close to me, since childhood and adolescence. I love to eat, drink and socialize. I love music, movies, parties ... but can not live without the moments of silence, quiet peace...!

I also hope you to come and enjoy all that I prepared with such care and attention, including the pampering and attention that are tailored to each guest and their needs. I sincerely appreciate that ... and of course recommend.

All the best and see you soon.


Sou uma pessoa dinamica e empreendedora. Perante as dificuldades que estamos a viver neste momento em Portugal, resolvi não deprimir e lutar, até que dei com esta ideia de arrendamento turistico que muito me agrada.

Pessoalmente nunca gostei de hoteis, acho-os impessoais e iguais entre si independentemente do local do mundo onde estejamos.

Gosto de pessoas, de culturas, de me "misturar" com as gentes e hábitos de cada local ou país e "beber" do seu melhor. Por isso, penso que este projeto será por mim desenvolvido com muito empenho, brio e gosto por receber. Respeitar o espaço e liberdade dos meus hospedes, apoiando-os em tudo e proporcionando-lhes momentos que só um local poderá fazer. Sou uma pessoa simples, próxima, afável, honesta, carismática e tolerante.

Regras?! São importantes na boa convivencia entre as pessoas, é um facto. No entanto, há que acreditar que cada pessoa tem esta mesma consciencia de respeito e tolerancia. É apenas isto que espero dos meus hospedes.

Não vivo sem a minha familia, sem os meus amigos que cultivo e mantenho, desde infancia e adolescencia. Adoro comer, beber e conviver. Gosto muito de musica, de cinema, de festas...mas também não passo sem os momentos de silêncio, sossego a paz. Não sei o que diga mais sobre mim?!

Espero ainda que venham e usufruam de tudo o que preparei com tanto carinho e atenção, inclusive dos mimos e atenções que sejam adaptados a cada hospede e suas necessidades. Quero sinceramente, que apreciem e claro...recomendem.

Tudo de bom e até breve.

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