Here's your Living Room with Double Sofa-BedHere's your Living Room with Double Sofa-Bed
(O) Heart of Shoreditch
2 - 12岁

我的一卧室公寓靠近Dishoom,Pizza East,Beigel Bake,Boundary Restaurant,Rooms&Rooftop和Rich Mix。这间一楼的公寓就位于精品店的一条大街上,所以它是中央的,没有太多的噪音。




额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $35
押金 $139
周末价格 $129 / 晚


1. Strictly No Smoking
2. No more than the 4 people to reside
3. No more than 4 people to be in the apartment at one time
4. No parties
5. No Illicit drug use on the premises
6. People seen to be uncontrollably intoxicated will be asked to leave.
7. All breakages will be noted and withdrawn from your deposit.
8. No Pets
9. Please do not give out our address to others.
10. Please do not get any mail sent to this address.
11. Please be considerate with our towels, linen and sofa. If you mark these with make-up, food or drinks, please endeavour to remove it when it occurs, as replacing these items drives up the cost of our service.
12. If a guest reduces the number of nights on the reservation; we consider it a cancellation of those dates and our Strict Cancellation Policy will be applied to those dates removed.
13. Unless previously agreed by us, a guest must present hardcopy, photo ID of the person who made the booking. If this cannot be shown by the guest, we may not allow you to check in.
Prior to arrival, guests may also be asked to change their profile picture to one that clearly shows their face.







Shoreditch is a great area and I enjoyed visiting London. Sadly, I didn't really enjoy this Airbnb experience. Guests should be aware that the neighbouring apartments are also Airbnbs rented out by Alice. If the guests in the other apartments want to party, you will hear every footstep, every slamming door, and every song they play. (It's also worth noting that the doors *must* be slammed, or they will not shut at all, and this includes the security door of the building.) Alice and her partner have many airbnb properties and you can tell they've never actually lived here. It's been poorly renovated and seems unfinished. The kitchen is not very well equipped, and though there was a washer, there was no way to dry clothes. We ended up leaving a day early to stay in a proper hotel for around the same price. I didn't feel Alice's response to our experience of being kept up all night by her other guests was adequate at all.
It should be noted that I am not allowed to cancel a booking because have a 'gut feeling' that someone is going to have a party. Even though my gut is usually 99% right. I had an Instant booking from guests who I 'felt' were going to have a party, so I sent Luke a message on the night of this 'party' saying that if there was any disturbance, please call me on my number asap. I didn't hear anything from Luke until the following day, so at this point the problem guests had already checked out and there was nothing more I could have done. Also, I lived at this apartment exactly 1 years ago. And this is the standard of most apartments in the area that locals live in.

We had a great stay at Alice's apartment. Great location and easy access to the entire city via the train system. It was hot while we were there so make sure you know how to use the provided dehumidifier and I would suggest requesting some fans. It is a ground floor unit so the windows do not really open for security reasons. Over all the unit was perfect for our four member family.

Beware... I tried to cancel this stay originally within 12 hours of booking bc I actually had received notice of my family already making reservations I wasn't aware of. I was informed that I couldn't do that which was frustrating since it was an obvious mistake and I tried to correct it immediately. When I was told I'd only get 50% back, I tried to rearrange and stay different nights instead even though this made our entire trip different but didn't want to lose out on the money. Through the process the communication was fine, then as the dates got closer the number of us staying in the place was reduced (due to having to choose different dates. 6 days before we were due to stay I requested the number occupants staying to be reduced.... crickets. Never responded. I waited, sent another request 2 days later.... nothing again... now it was obvious the reason I was getting silent treatment was that the host would have to return $55 for this... quite clearly she's not really in this business to make sure people enjoy their time but just to make sure she makes all the money she can. By now I was within the 7 days (meaning I don't even get 50% refund for cancelling) so we decided to not stay there at all. Our check in date arrives and magically all of a sudden there's communication from the host about how to check in!!!! Completely ignored the request to change party size just proceeds to go on about checking in. I could only assume she wasn't interested in helping us out just making her money instead... after not checking in and not even staying at her place, when I returned back home to the states and confirmed my phone was working properly I requested at least a return of the fees since we never stayed and got some message about how her communication was perfect and she sent 9 messages over 2 days... lie. She chooses to respond when it suited her, she wasn't willing to cancel within 12 hours of the original booking and anyone with any customer service experience knows that's just terrible. I should have known then that this was a poor choice... my absolute worse experience on Airbnb ever... anyone else beware before booking.... communication after she gets her money sucks if you have to make a change. Never again will I reserve Airbnb in a foreign country.
This response is so silly and over blown, but I will explain my side of the story for anyone reading this. Lyndsey booked and then asked to cancel. I said should could, however our cancellation policy would apply. Rather than cancelling she messaged me and asked if she could move the dates, I said yes and we spoke backwards and forwards (I sent 9 messages, over two days, it's not a lie). The dates were moved. Prior to her arrival she sent me a request to reduce the amount of guests staying. I must have missed this, however I would usually accept a reduction of guests. Rather than sending me another message, or calling me, Lyndsey just didn't check in nor did she tell me she wasn't going to check in. On her arrival date I sent her two messages, asking if she was still going to come. I heard nothing. Then, two weeks after her booking occurred she messaged me to say she didn't come because I didn't respond to her message. Very strange. She has over analysed the whole situation and i'm at a loss at how she thought the best thing to do would be to just not use the accommodation she'd booked.

Fantastic place, great location in a surprisingly quite side street in the heart of Shoreditch.
Thanks Andy!

Nice, small flat in an interesting neighbourhood. Good it was on the groundfloor, so not too hot in the summer heat. The flat is equipped with all you need. Very clean. - Just the staircase at the entrance was a bit smelly. Not so in the flat.

Logement très bien placé dans une ruelle calme dans le mythique et populaire quartier de Shoreditch. Juste à côté de Bricklane. Proche des transports publics. L'appartement est au rez-de-chaussée ce qui est agréable quand on a des valises. Le lit et le canapé-lit sont confortable. Il fait un peu chaud dans l'appartement car il y a 2 grand vélux sans store. J'ai signalé à Alice que la porte de la douche est vraiment très étroite pour rentrer et sortir de la douche. Comme pour toutes les appartement d'Alice et Vincent, la possiblité de déposer les valises au Bell Boi café, tout proche (£5) et génial. Je recommande ce logement.

Bel appartement, bien situé, très propre, il est facile d'accès en moyen de transport (bus à quelques centaines de mètres et overground idem). Check in et check out : pratique et rapide !


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