view from the chalet towards the massif of Les Diableretssundown from the terrace of the chalet
Unique Swiss mountain chalet
Unique Swiss mountain chalet
2 - 12岁

Something special. You will NOT get drive-in, jacuzzi, high-tech, or a bath-tub, TV and WiFi, and the whisky-bar next door. But you will get: nature close-up, spectactular views, access to great hikes, a nearby village that has kept tis charm.


(Note: Minimum rental period: 2 weeks).

This place in Les Diablerets is a bit for the adventure-minded, but you will have a unique experience and can "get away from it all".

A spectacular view, and a unique location; big stone terrace at almost 1600 m above sea level. Formerly a summer season mountain rangeland shelter for cheese-making, the chalet has been transformed several times to be able to function as a mountain retreat.

Located facing south, at "Les Cretes" on the "Isenau" side of the mountains (below cable station "Isenau").

But, to be honest: no central heating (well: there is a fire-place that recuperates part of the heat, a gas-heater, and an oil-burning heater, but it can get quite cool at night); no 220V electricity (the 24 V current for the lamps comes from a solar-energy system).
There is running water and warm water (gas boiler) as well as a small kitchen with an oven and two burners.

One bedroom has a double-bed and a bunk-bed, so can sleep a maximum of 4,
Another bedroom has a double-bed; and an additional small room has a further single bed.
The place is better suited for 4 than for 6 adults (eg two couples or a couple with two to three children).
The shower is quite small, but functional.
No fixed-line phone, no TV, no WiFi.

You will need a 4x4 to get close to the chalet, or otherwise be prepared to walk some 10 or 20 minutes to get to it.
If you are really interested, I can explain more details over the phone or by email.

Les Diablerets is a well preserved village ((SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) "les diablerets" or www dot diablerets dot ch slash en slash intex dot cfm); in winter you can ski (off-piste) to and from the chalet. The chalet is exceptionally well located for hikers and snow-shoe enthusiasts. Diablerets/Villars is a vast resort, and boasts numerous mountain hiking paths in the summer. If you were to walk the whole way, Les Diablerets center and train station are around 60 minutes away from the chalet. Gstaad Glacier 3000 is a 10-minute drive (car or bus) from Les Diablerets train station.

As I mentioned: this is an exceptional place, not a standard chalet/apartment. I bought this place 17 years ago. The children had a great time there, and the chalet was rented out for many years to a family as a weekend and vacation home while I lived abroad.

If you are mildly interested, here is the test: if you don't like camping and can not imagine yourself ever vacationing in a RV, this chalet is probably not for you. If you like the outdoors, and enjoy camping, you will like it, as the chalet is much better than that.

Please contact me before actually booking.


The entire chalet.


I live in Basel, a two-and a half hour drive from Les Diablerets; but an acquaintance who has a chalet right next door (that he occupies from time to time), could be of assistance if needed.


Some friends have said: if you can enjoy camping or mobile-homes/trailers then the chalet is a lot better. But if you hate camping or really being outdoors you better look for an easy-access, comfy vacation apartment.


额外房客 无需付费
押金 $423
满1周立减: 7%


In order to really enjoy the chalet you will need to be able to:
build a fire, light an oil burning stove, perhaps: refill the oil burning stove or change a gas flask.

You should be prepared to walk, perhaps even get wet if you need to walk in the rain. Please have the bed linnen and towels cleaned in the local laundry service , and do a basic cleaning of the place at the end of your stay.

No smoking. Small dog OK.

Rates can vary according to the season. two week or one month rental preferred.
Please contact me before actually booking as the place is indeed special.





巴塞尔, 瑞士注册时间:十二月 2012

While I currently live in Europe, I bought this apartment in "Roma Norte" Mexico City as I lived in Mexico City for over 10 years and wish to continue to have a home there.
I enjoy playing the guitar (you can search for gregorheinrich on youtube).
That is why you will also find a guitar in the apartment. Feel free to use it.

I am renting out this apartment in order to cover some of my costs but hope that you like it as a base for exploring the city, just as I do. Having been to many countries in the world, mostly Latin America, the Caribbean, the US, and Europe, I think that staying in a real apartment can be a lot better than staying in a hotel, especially if you plan to visit for more than just a few days.
In Mexico City, an acquaintance of mine, Mayte Méndez (who speaks English and Spanish), is taking care of the apartment (and guests) while I am not there. So she will be your contact for arrival and departure information. At times when Mayte works, her sister helps out.

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