Hollywood/Weho OCEAN Vibe Studio on SUNSET BLVD!!!
这个装饰海洋主题的好莱坞工作室在SUNSET BLVD上位于好莱坞/西好莱坞的边界上,舒适地睡觉4(1皇后,1折下来的蒲团,1个空气床垫),现场洗衣功能,是95步得分了!!!
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This decorative OCEAN themed Hollywood studio apartment right on SUNSET BLVD is located rt on the border of Hollywood/West Hollywood and sleeps 4 comfortably (1 queen, 1 fold down futon, 1 air mattress), features on site laundry, it is a 95 Walk score!!!


这个装饰海洋主题的好莱坞工作室在SUNSET BLVD上位于好莱坞/西好莱坞的边界上,舒适地睡觉4(1皇后,1折下来的蒲团,1个空气床垫),现场洗衣功能,是95步得分&靠近Bossa Nova&El Compadre餐厅以及“摇滚”Ralphs杂货店!公寓本身是501平方英尺,好莱坞标志也是;) 所有主要的旅游景点距离酒店(The Mann Chinese Theatre,Hollywood Bowl,Panteges Theatre,Kodak Theatre,Hollywood&Highland Shops,Hollywood Wax Museum等),餐馆/餐馆(Katsuya,Yamashiro,Beso,Cleo ,Aventine,艺妓,Musso&Frank,Loteria,厨房24,招标绿色,Chipotle,比萨饼店,Roscoe的鸡和华夫饼干,Stout,Umami汉堡,In-N-Out汉堡)和夜生活(Warwick,Good Times at Davey Waynes,无空缺,脏洗衣服,钢琴酒吧,创意,鸟类,备用房,AV,Blok,装载,声音,剧场,晚餐俱乐部,诱惑,艾默生剧院,Drais,生锈的M鱼,卡波蒂纳,哈佛和石头,小丑室等)。
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This decorative OCEAN themed Hollywood studio apartment right on SUNSET BLVD is located rt on the border of Hollywood/West Hollywood and sleeps 4 comfortably (1 queen, 1 fold down futon, 1 air mattress), features on site laundry, it is a 95 Walk score & is close to Bossa Nova & El Compadre Restaurants as well as the 'rock and roll' Ralphs grocery store!! The apartment itself is 501 sq ft and the Hollywood Sign isclose by as well ;)

All of the major tourist attractions just a couple blocks away (The Mann Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Bowl, Panteges Theatre, Kodak Theatre, Hollywood & Highland Shops, Hollywood Wax Museum, Etc.), restaurants/eateries (Katsuya, Yamashiro, Beso, Cleo, Aventine, Geisha House, Musso & Frank, Loteria, Kitchen 24, Tender Greens, Chipotle, Village Pizzeria, Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, Stout, Umami Burger, In-N-Out Burger), and nightlife (Warwick, Good Times at Davey Waynes, No Vacancy, Dirty Laundry, Piano Bar, Create, Birds, Spare Room, AV, Blok, Loaded, Sound, Playhouse, Supper Club, Lure, Emerson Theatre, Drais, The Rusty Mullet, Cabo Cantina, Harvard and Stone, Jumbo's Clown Room, Etc.).


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The Apartment Complex and the Apartment itself, as well as the laundry room.


我随时可以使用任何您需要的东西(请谨慎使用)。 此外,作为洛杉矶现在的10年居民,我刚刚学到了很多关于这个城市的经验,并且一直在尝试为我的客人提供旅游(如果符合我的日程安排)使用非常便宜的Uber应用程序,或我们之间商定的数量。无论是想要看到的酒吧/夜总会,感兴趣的某些名人家园,旅游景点或历史地标/活动网站,只需通过消息主题查询我可以提供的不同选项,我们可以尝试做一些事情。如果你要和我一起去旅游,我会说你对当地的城市观点更感兴趣,而不是任何人都可以在好莱坞大道上跳过的超“旅游”之旅,但是如果旅游不是对你来说,这也是很酷的! :)
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I am available anytime for anything you may need (Please use discretion).

Also, as a now 10 year resident of Los Angeles, I have just learned a lot about the city and have been trying out the idea of offering up tours to my guests (in the event that it fits into my schedule) of certain parts of town either using the very inexpensive Uber app, or an agreed upon amount between us. Whether it's bars/nightclubs you want to see and get a feel for, certain celebrity homes of interest, tourist attractions, or historic landmarks/event sites, just inquire with me thru the message thread for the different options I can offer and we can try to work something out. If you're going for a tour with me, I'd say you're interested more in a local's perspective of the city rather than the hyper "touristy" tours anyone can jump on over on Hollywood Blvd., but if touring is not for you, that's totally cool too! :)


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Discount cards are included in the pictures section of this listing that will get you free rides with both major ridesharing platforms, Uber (Code is 35gz4s) & Lyft (Code is 2S235Z) :)


额外房客 $10 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $35
押金 $500
满1周立减: 2%

1张大床, 1张沙发, 1张充气床垫

入住时间为17:00 - 00:00

I want everyone to have a good time while staying in my place, all that I ask is that you clean up after yourself if there are ever any spills, etc. I also would prefer no pets or smoking (inquire and I may make exceptions). Also please try to keep the noise level down and be mindful of my neighbors. No music allowed, and no parties of any kind. The number of people you have listed in the itinerary should be the only people inside the property at a given time.

Also, just a heads up, I am a very busy person and do not live close to the listing. When I am not working during normal business hours, I am usually out to dinner or with friends or in my home which again, is not close to the listing. The place is set up to run smoothly on it's own, from check-in to my house keeper cleaning before you arrive and generally replacing items that are listed in the description like toilet paper, etc., but if some reason something is missing, the apartment is located just around the corner from Ralph's grocery store and a few liquor stores for your convenience. However, if you require my services for any reason, if there is an extenuating circumstance (like you locked yourself out of the apartment) or I just happen to be working, busy, or located far from the apartment, I reserve the right to charge $40 per visit for gas and my time. This is not meant as a means for me to make money nor is it meant to be a hard and fast rule (I will certainly not charge everyone for every service request if I happen to be near the listing and not busy), but it is merely in place simply to de-motivate abuse of my time on easy, do it yourself things like changing a light bulb, walking around the corner to the store, using common sense appliances, and/or guest error situations. Also, like any other apartment building, maintenance requests usually do not come same day. So keep that in mind as well. I am just like you, not an electrician, plumber, maintenance person, or anything close to a handy man. So chances are, if you can't do the job, neither can I, and you may end up waiting a day or two before maintenance can fit you into the schedule. Again, just like it probably is at whatever apartment complex you live in at home. This is not a hotel, this is an Airbnb. So please keep all of this in mind.

When I host people, I assume that they have common sense knowledge on how to operate an apartment correctly on their own, but you'd be surprised at some of the things I am asked lol, and the time that people have no problem taking away on minuscule things. And I'm a nice guy so my default is to try and help, so this is set in place again, to simply de-motivate situations like that. And there is a possibility that I won't charge the $40, depending on the situation and what we discuss, but I'm putting it here again, just to let you guys know that I reserve the right to if I feel the house visit calls for it. I have multiple listings and it can be a difficult task keeping up with everything being so far away. When you book my place, you're simply agreeing to a clean, operational, do-it-yourself apartment. If any of that is not the way it should be, please let me know, but otherwise, thank you so much for understanding and I look forward to hosting you! :)





Very close to the nightlife and action! Highly recommend

I'll try to keep this short. This place is not worth it, no matter how cheap it might be. We paid $75/night (too much for what we got). We didn't mind not having a tv, microwave, toaster, or even air conditioning but my wife and I should not have had to lower our standards this low for $75/night. Aside from the fact that a junkie lives in the street next door (pretty typical) Evan (the "host") asked us to call when we arrived so we could get buzzed in the first time. I called and was told he would text me because he was on a business call.... after waiting for some time we figured out how to get in on our own. Got into the room... things just went downhill from there. Only the bedroom and bath lights worked, Evan just told us to buy the bulbs and replace them ourselves. No ceiling fan, we had to use a box fan. I don't think anything worked semi normally. The toilet, sink and tub leaked the whole time and the toilet wouldn't flush quite right. Bathroom was disgusting, we would feel better rolling around on a public gym locker room floor. The bed was not clean, sheets and comforter were stained with something that apparently wouldn't come out. We had to change the sheets ourselves with the extras which were still questionable. The floor would have probably been more comfortable than the bed. Not sure that the cleaning lady he hires uses anything but a broom and a duster to sweep everything to the corner. The place definitely needed some cleaning with actual cleaning supplies. It's funny that the reviews on Even were most "great", he clearly had more important things to do than host or take proper care of his property. Needless to say we had a great time in California, when we weren't in the room. If you want to disregard our review and book this place... good luck. I'll add pictures of what this place ACTUALLY looked like if I get the chance.

Good for the price. Host is quick with response.

Enjoyed our stay! Thank you Evan!!

Evan's was easy to communicate. We did not see him but the info provided let us check in and out smoothly. The place location is great to explore Hollywood but at least a 20 min walk from the subway. Amenities are very minimal ( no coffee maker, microwave, hairdryer...), the apartment could be better set up with more pieces of furniture, and was not very clean (trashes were not empty, and cleanness of the floor was suspicious). It was also very hot when we got there. There is no AC and the fans are outdated so very noisy. If you don't handle the hot weather, don't book this place. I guess it is an OK value place for LA.

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Place is as described. Air mattress blown up next to bed, made the area tight, but it was exactly what I needed, a place to sleep. About 0.5 miles from Chinese Theater; which we walked to. Be aware of thin walls in older buildings. Evan was easy to reach and talk to regarding his place. Check in and check out was simple. And, for a weekend stay, we had no problem with parking.

We used this apartment as a "crash pad" while we kept ourselves busy during the day sightseeing around LA. There were four of us but two children; it would be really cramped if you tried to put 4 adults into this space. Also the kitchen is pretty spartan; there is no coffee maker or microwave, but there is a Ralph's (grocery store) right around the corner.


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I am a working professional in the Entertainment Industry & have a start-up App Company :)

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