BedroomBetter In Belize Eco Lodge
Enjoy a Private Room in the Belize Rainforest(2)
Enjoy a Private Room in the Belize Rainforest(2)

Room #2 at Better In Belize Eco Lodge.

Come and stay at Better In Belize Eco Lodge and experience a magical adventure at our Rainforest Eco-Village at Better in Belize ! Bedroom #2 is equipped with a queen size bed. Meal plan is $ 39. U.S. per guest, per day which includes three meals and non-alcoholic beverages. There is a hotel tax of 9% charged on rate per day as well and a cleaning charge.


Bedroom #2 is located on the bottom level of this eco lodge. Equipped with a queen sized bed and a private wash basin. It can accommodate up to 2 persons. The room has a built in closet with safe and bathroom is located outside with hot and cold water.


Guests are welcome to use all communal spaces in the house, except the rest of the bedrooms. You will have access to downstairs and upstairs porch, bathrooms, gardens, fire pit and kitchen.


If you have opted for meal plans, our property managers will be on-site during your stay for anything you might need. If you are renting the entire home, they will be checking on you daily to ensure everything is going well with your stay.


There is a meal plan that comes with this Belize vacation rental at US$39/person/day which includes three meals with non-alcoholic beverages. Meals are enjoyed outdoors under the palapa-covered dining deck.

(PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to accommodate people with severe or life threatening food allergies or intolerances, e.g. peanut allergies, shellfish and gluten allergies).

Guests are responsible to pay a 9% hotel tax and a cleaning fee of $25 USD.



入住时间为15:00 - 19:00

This 5-bedroom, two-bathroom eco lodge is totally off-grid. That means it runs on solar power with generator back-up; and rainwater catchment.

Towel Policy
As part of our eco-conservation measures, we will provide one towel a day per person. You can hang and re-use your towels or request a clean one the next day. Towels are for indoor use only. Do not use or take outdoors. Thank you for your consideration and co-operation.

Our House Rules - The Toucan House
Upon check-in, we will give you an orientation tour of The Toucan House.
We will explain how to use the 24-volt lights.
Our water source is the rain so please minimize your water usage.
The inside toilet is an RV-type toilet like you would have on a bus. It is a very low-flush toilet with a foot-flush mechanism. To run a little water in it for
cleaning, hook on the lever with your toe and pull up. To flush it, push down
and let it snap up.
Do not use "heavy use" appliances such as blow dryers or coffee makers.
The outside toilet is a normal toilet.
There is an outdoor shower. Conserve water please!
When washing dishes, please conserve water.
When brushing teeth, do not leave tap running.
Please ensure that shampoo and soaps being used are bio-degradable.
Turn off lights when leaving the room. Use natural light when possible.
Please do not flush toilet paper, female sanitary napkins, tampons, wipes, or diapers down the toilet. There are waste baskets provided for disposal of ALL paper refuse.
Do not run fans constantly through the night or you will have no power.
Absolutely NO SMOKING allowed inside the premises. Immediate eviction
will result. We are a non-smoking facility.
Absolutely NO CANDLES allowed.
If you have a bonfire, ensure you have a bucket of water handy at all times and
do not leave the fire unattended and ensure the fire is completely extinguished
before you go to bed.
Turn off fans when you exit the premises.
Guest/s will be held responsible for any loss or damages to the property caused by themselves, their guests, or any person for whom they are responsible.
NOTE: Washer and dryer are not for guest use. Management use only.

需公用某些区域 - Kitchen, Porch, Bathrooms
便利设施缺陷 - Cell Phone Reception not available on the property



I want to write a bad review so I can keep this place to myself, BUT… that's really awful and I would feel very badly. The road out there is a bit long and daunting at first, but it is well worth the trek. The jungle experience was far more than I ever anticipated or expected, and the whole stay was nothing short of extraordinary. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't take the time to get to know Robert, Christy, and their adorable child, Javian. I can not wait to go back.
It was a delight to have you at the Toucan House and Robert and Christy enjoyed your company. So happy to hear that your experience in the rainforest was extraordinary. We would welcome you back with open arms and hope you return ! Many thanks, April


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As a Canadian who has endured harsh winters, I fell in love with this magnificant, tropical rainforest as I love the tranquility, beautiful green trees, clean air and wonderful wildlife. Being serenaded by the Howler Monkeys as I hiked through the rainforest, I felt that this ar…
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