Great room faces ocean
Pole House with Panorama Views
Pole House with Panorama Views

Great location, Very private, Awesome views

aloha and welcome to my Island and my Home! this is rare opportunity to enjoy your Oahu experience in my house- only available bc traveling..

lived in house, enjoy the peace/quiet of the Gold Coast's residential Nbrhds... Wailupe is on mountain side , 5 blocks facing ocean. enjoy tennis, bball/park across street, great views.
Hawaii GE tax 4.5% and of (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)% to be collected at check In


rare Pole house is elevated 18 feet above the street(2 wide easy stairs flights to come "UP" to the view, parking just above street level with extra free street parking.
this is first time rental for the "house",
10 minutes from waikiki ,noise and fun restaurants,etc, 10 min from Hanauma Bay,and a 5 min walk to convienent Aina Haina shopping center


aloha and welcome to my personal home,,, this is rare chance to rent my house for the first time.... as such, this will still look like my home with my belonging in it... the house , as pictured, is a Pole House, elevated about 18 feet over the street on poles which gradually lower to an elevated backyard.

youll have access to the house", which consists of:
- main grand room of living and kitchen, open concept
- 2 bedrooms, 1 main with queen size(my room)
2nd room which share the same open ceiling as the grandroom(this is my son's room, so will have plenty of his boy stuff and toys in boxes, lined up against the wall...he's one in the picture of our profile)
- large balcony(lanai in hawaiian) great for eating(small 4 person glass table on deck... great for eating and enjoying the panoramic views towards the ocean(about 5 blocks straight ahead facing)
- 1 bathroom with tub/shower (please note, I would greatly appreciate you helping by following our shower cleanup rule-- since the water here produces water spots which cannot be easily removed, thank you for drying the glass shower doors and frame and chrome fixtures, , I've provided white towels to dry, also a squeegie to get the big amounts of water off the glass , yet a towel is needed, since any drops will turn into water spots..) you know if all drops are wiped dry if it take from 2-3 minutes to wipe thema all... Mahalo Nui Loa , for your Kokua here!

areas which no access for house guests:
1- I have an office off to side of the main living room, just has my desk with all office ,work papers, so will close off the wooden curtains to that room, there are other places to do work, ie. large kitchen center island or small desk in living room by window, or coffee table for your laptops,etc
2- there is a another apartment, which is part of the house(it was the master bedroom) it's being rented now, and my tenant will be here to offer an assistance during your stay... this unit has a door off the living room, which is closed and has it's own separate entrance around the back of the house... Having Dave here , gives you more security , and Dave is available to help with any questions you might have on Oahu , I'd be better with Neighbor Island info , as I travel every week to other islands, and can give you lots of insider info)


absolutely, as mentioned above, Dave, the tenant in the apartment will be here to help and answer questions, and I'm available by phone(the reason I can rent my house, is I'm visiting my mother for Xmas, so that opens up this rare oppportunity to stay in my very lived in house... please enjoy and hope this Xmas holiday is special in my home... it's a great, very quiet neighborhood, with families on all sides(homes are close by here in land starved East Oahu's gold Coast

I love to help others, I am a world traveler, and have lived in Honolulu for 26 years(coming from East coast) so I know what appeals to most visitors, and know the Hidden Hawaii, and how to get off the beaten path...i.e. great hikes(45 min to be on top of mountain and see other side of island)
great value in eats(healthy and pacific Asian specialties).

Start your trip in Honolulu in my house, and I'll be glad to fill you visiting neighbor islands(I fly every week to the other islands) and know the sites, hiking and camping...


thank you for being the first to rent my own house.. .I 'm rather attached to it(my 1st home) and it's a dream to live in Hawaii with ocean views, Please enjoy,,, looking to do this only if can find people who will treat it as their own place... really appreciate you taking care of my home(pls note the much thanks for taking the 2,3 min to dry the shower right after use)

washer and dryer in back lanai... shared with apartment, Enjoy,

mahalo have a great visit.. Let me or Dave know if we can do anything to make it more memorable.

Hawaii GE tax 4.5% and of 9.25 = 13.25% to be collected at check In


额外房客 $10 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
押金 $200

1张沙发床, 1张沙发, 1张地板床垫

入住时间为15:00 - 21:00

- Quiet Hours 10 pm
- No Shoes in the house
- no candles or open fires inside house ( its all redwood--- fire and redwood do not mix, Lol). Stove /oven is gas flame and is available ,of course, to use in kitchen






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