Beautiful kitchen
15% OFF Sept. BeachView 30 Seconds to Beach!
2 - 12岁

Beach view two bedrooms, two baths with Jacuzzi tub!
30 second walk to the beach/many restaurants across the street/garage parking/WiFi/washer/dryer/2 free bikes,/boogie boards. Linens/towels/ beach towels provided after Labor Day and before Memorial Day, kitchen is fully stocked with dishes and cookware, great surfing, Disneyland 20 minutes away and dolphins steps from your front door.
Personal Concierge Service for excursions/babysitting!

1张沙发床, 1张沙发


清洁费 $175
押金 $700


We are a family friendly property. Parties are Not allowed and groups under 30 years old will not be eligible to rent this property Feel free to call us regarding this rule for possible exceptions :) There is a maximum capacity of 7 guests including any daytime visitors. There is a $50 per day charge for more than 7 guests including daytime visitors. PLEASE NOTE: Linens, bath towels and beach towels are provided after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. During the summer months linens will need to be rented by a local service or you are welcome to bring your own.
Once the reservation has been confirmed a rental agreement for your review and signature will be sent from HappiTravels.
The signed rental agreement and ID of guest signing the rental agreement will need to be sent to HappiTravels to complete the reservation.
There is a $50 per hour early check in fee if requested. Early check in may not be possible and is absolutely not available in the summer months, no exceptions.
The rental agreement below will be emailed to you for from HappiTravels for your review, signature and will need to be returned to complete the reservation:
Section 1:
Check-in is after 3 PM and check-out is 10 AM.
Section 2:
Flooring-No outdoor equipment is allowed in the house! This includes bikes, surf boards, boogie boards, skate boards and ice chests! Any outdoor equipment found indoors can result in full forfeit of deposit!!
Refrigerator/freezer: Please do not overfill the refrigerator or freezer. There are fans/vents inside the back of each that if blocked will stop air flow which could lead to repairs which you will be responsible for if it is determined the damage was due to over packing the refrigerator or freezer.
This unit does not have air conditioning , but does have the ocean breeze. There are ceiling and floor fans in every room. Most rentals this close to the ocean do not have air conditioning.
Section 3:
Payment- Balance is due 60 days before arrival.
Section 4: Please be considerate to your neighbors regarding minimal noise after 10 pm and before 9 am- that includes use of washer and dryer.
Section 5:
Security Deposit- There may be a partial or full forfeit of the security deposit should there be any damage claims filed regarding your stay for any of the following issues:
No damage is done to the unit or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.
No charges are incurred due to contraband or collection of rents or services rendered during the stay.
All keys and remotes are left on the kitchen counter and the unit is locked.
All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
No linens, towels, dishes, cookware, boogie boards, chairs, fins or bikes are lost or stolen.
All towels and linens are not to be taken from the unit or stained.
No smoking in the rental or on the property.
No illegal drug use in the unit or on the property.
The renter is not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner), or
the local law enforcement.
There may be an hourly fee for any persons or belongings left in the rental or garage past the 10 AM check-out time and for every hour there after.
If there is damage beyond the deposit amount the guests agrees to pay the full amount of damages.
*Alterations of any of the TV's (ie. moving a TV to a different room or disconnecting the wires to the TV or cable box) will result in a full forfeit of the deposit!*
Section 6:
Washer and dryer is shared by both units. They are coin operated.
Section 7:
FALSIFIED RESERVATION: Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money and the party will not be permitted to check in.
Section 8:
No fire pits allowed on the premises.
No large pieces of indoor furniture allowed outdoors. No fireworks. Fire works are illegal in the city of Newport Beach.
Section 9:
Smoking: There is no smoking (including vapor cigarettes) in the house. Patio doors must be closed if smoking on patio. Smoke odor in rental may result in loss of deposit.
Section 10:
Excessive sand found in rental, tub or sinks can result in loss of deposit! There is a hose on the front patio to rinse off sand.

Optional Housekeeping:
If you are interested in having our cleaning staff clean your unit during your stay there is an additional charge and you would need to contact Sheryl our cleaning supervisor to inquire about cost, set up a cleaning and pay her directly.
Sheryl's number is: ((PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) It is best to text her and best if you set up cleanings Prior to your arrival.
Toilets: Do not put anything in toilets except toilet paper. Do NOT put toilet wipes in toilet. There will be deduction from deposit if a plumber is called out.
Section 11:
No Pets- Pets reported on premises will result in loss of full deposit.
Please remind any visitors that pets are not allowed on the property at anytime. Pets on the property, including the patios, will result in forfeit of entire deposit!
Section 12:
Parties, Noise, Alcohol use, and liquidated damages
Parties often cause disturbances, and result in the police being called. You will find a policy below regarding damages if police are called.

Please note: Anyone under the age of 21 caught with alcohol WILL be cited/arrested. Alcohol is not allowed on public property and that includes the beach. The police have a no tolerance policy.
Because of prior disturbances, the following policy has been implemented.
Most police intervention is due to a breach of the peace. When and if the police determine it necessary to arrive at the premise occupied by Guest(s) to investigate any activity by the Guest(s) or occupants authorized, either directly or by implication by Guest(s), and that activity is founded and verified, and such activity violates the peace and/or other resident's, tenant's, and/or guest's peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their property,or violates other city or county ordinances or Local, State, and/or Federal penal codes, rules, regulations, or case law, and/or necessitate any intervention due to any action or failure to act by any Guest, activities causing damage to the owner,owner's reputation, and/or business reputation, and possible cumulative damages leading to the city negating the license will result in cash damages paid by Guest(s) of $1500 as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, and completely separate and distinct from the "deposit", and can result in automatic simultaneous immediate eviction to prevent further damages to the premises, business, owners reputation in the community, and business reputation. Both parties agree that $1500 in liquidated damages will compensate owner for actual time spent to investigate and evict, speaking with witnesses, neighbors, Guest(s) and Co-Guest(s), legal consultations and legal fees, associates time, and security personnel time. This $1,500 will cover only these costs up to 5 hours total and Owner(s) have the right to pursue actual damages which exceed the 5 hours anticipated. This liquidated damages clause is only by and between the Owner and Guest(s) and any other injured party may bring their own cause of action against the Guest(s), including, but not limited to the City of Newport Beach.
Upon such violation(s),
Guest(s) will immediately surrender the property back to Owner, and without further notice, other than warnings herein agreed to be locked out of the unit until such time as the liquidated damages can be paid to Owner. Only then will Guest(s) be allowed back into the unit to remove their personal belongings.
Section 12 A:
Guest: A guest is well defined in California Law. Guests, for the purposes of this agreement, are individuals who occupy the property for less than 30 days and have entered into a written agreement with the owner to occupy the property prior to occupancy. Guests may have less rights than tenants in California. Some minor children or others unable to enter into agreements on their own, who are legally related to the Guest(s), may be considered Guests as per this agreement, but only if they are listed in the agreement and the Guest(s) have informed and they have consented to the agreement to the best of their abilities. When a Guest unilaterally invites another person, without prior written authorization, knowledge, or consent of the Owner, to enter the property and premises, that person(s) are not Guests and are considered trespassers. All other individuals not listed on agreement who enter the property are also considered trespassers and have no right to be on the property and may be expelled at the demand of the Guest, owner, or agents of either, at will, and immediately, should they be discovered and have no explanation or legal claim for their presence. Oftentimes, Guest's children bring other minor friends. The parents of those friends must sign releases in order to meet the requirements of being a Guest.
Owner: The owner is defined as the person who has a secured interest in the property, who pays the taxes on the property, who is otherwise responsible for the property's upkeep, maintenance, and all other associated duties related to property ownership. .

Theft or loss of property, security cameras. Fully operational and functional video cameras are installed at the outside access points of the structure, and each is obvious and visible, for the safety and protection of guests, guest's personal property, and ownership interest. As a result of these cameras, and other factors, ZERO property losses have been reported under current ownership. However, should such occur, these recordings will be made available to you to help you pursue prosecution or insurance claims. For your privacy, there are no security cameras within the interior of the structure. Our goal is for you to have the most fun, most comfortable, and safest trip possible for you and your family. I acknowledge that I have been notified about the placement of security cameras, that I have informed each person in my party of the existence of these cameras, that I understand that video cameras will be recording video for our safety, protection, and comfort at each access point of the units.
Section 13:
Any litigation shall be held in an Orange County court.
Section 14:
BIKES- There are two beach cruisers available which you are welcome to ride at your own risk. There are locks to all bikes. Although this is a safe area, bikes can disappear quickly. The bikes are your responsibility. Any injuries which occur to the tenants or guests of tenants on the bikes is not the responsibility of the owner.
A person under 18 years of age shall not operate a bicycle, or ride upon a bicycle as a passenger, upon a street, bike way, as defined in Section 890.4 of the Streets and Highways Code, or any other public bicycle path or trail unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet that meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute.
Also, riding bikes at night require that you have some kind of light on the bike or you MAY GET A TICKET!
Section 15:
PARKING- There is ONE parking space available in the garage for EACH UNIT plus a small parking space behind the garage.

Vehicles over the garage size dimensions will have to find parking on the street. Parking on the street in summer months can be difficult to find. Compact cars are easiest to park in garage. Cars larger than a compact may not fit in the garage! You are responsible for driving a vehicle that fits into the garage and you are able to park that vehicle in the garage.
If you park on the street watch for street sweeping signs where you park. You will get a ticket if parked on a street sweeping street after 8:30 AM.
Section 16:
MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Do not exceed the maximum number of seven occupants.
There is a $50 charge per day prior to arrival for each additional overnight guest or daytime visitors beyond seven guests total. Please let me know if there will be additional visitors prior to arrival.
I have read and understood this entire agreement, including but not limited to Sections 1-16 of this rental agreement as well as read and reviewed either (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) Airbnb or (URL HIDDEN) web page for this unit and understand all details relating to the rental. I am over 25 years of age.







This was our very first airbnb rental experience, so bear with me! This was a beautiful, well appointed rental in a great location. We met up with friends who rented an airbnb 1 block away, so this worked out well. Walking distance to the beach, grocery store, and several restaurants. Beach chairs and miscellaneous items were provided in the garage. I should note that my husband managed to park our minivan in the garage by backing it in, so it can be done. But the garage is small, it was a fairly tight fit. Please be aware that if you stay in the lower level you will hear every footfall of the people in the rental above you. Also there is construction going on next door which made sleeping in impossible. That being said, the home is well maintained, and the patio is a wonderful place to relax. Linens and towels can be rented for about $120. We ended up bringing our own, and this proved to be a major inconvenience with a family of four. Bedding, towels, and beach towels take up a lot of space. For the cleaning fee they charge, linens and towels should be provided. For reference, I pay $150 bimonthly to have our 5500 sq ft home cleaned by the coast in Encinitas. I don't understand a $175 cleaning fee. This seems excessive and unnecessary for the size of the rental. As we live by the beach at our home, I understand dealing with sand, but $175 to clean a small 2 bedroom, where they ask us to run the dishes, and there is no linens to wash just doesn't ring true to me. If it takes more than an hour, possibly two to fully clean this unit I would be surprised. Financial issues aside, Michelle and Rollo were both very easy to work with, and we had no issues with the amenities provided. However, because of the cost breakdown mentioned above, and the construction on the street, we would give it some serious thought prior to renting this particular location again.
We are glad you enjoyed your stay. We were not aware of construction but by city ordnance construction has to stop by 6pm. If there is construction it is usually a short project. We do provided all linens, towels and beach towels year round except the very busy summer season. Our cleaning staff work very hard to make sure the units are very clean prior to each guests arrival so it is a deeper clean than a typical non rental home. We do appreciate all feedback.

Home is very comfortable and in a great location. We were able to leave the car parked and we walked everywhere and loved it!

AMAZING!!!! Beautiful house with all of the amenities you could need in a wonderful neighborhood. We stayed there with our two young children and teenage cousin and everyone had a great time! Richard and Sheryl were the best hosts and very attentive! Would highly recommend this place and we can't wait to go back!

It's a great place and location.

If you want a warm welcome, comfortable home away from home kind of vacation- book this home! First off, Richard and Sheryl are the best host! Very accomidating and attentive! Rolo is very helpful! Everyone greeted us with a warm welcome and we appreciated that! The home was well stocked for a comfortable stay and location is prime! Thank you very much happy travel! We will surely be back! Oh and the bonus for us was our amazing neighbors the Mileys family-Miles (a sweet 5 year old) is the neighborhood greeter. Loved every minute!

Loved the house! Perfect for my family of 5! The hosts were very understanding when I made a mistake on the address and was an hour later than I had planned. Highly recommend!

Bairro agradável e tranquilo. Bem próximo do mar. Restaurantes perto. Duas bicicletas disponíveis que foram muito usadas!


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