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2 - 12岁

The best, powdery white sandy beaches at your doorstep, within luxurious Cap Cana Resort, with golf, tennis, horse-back riding and deep-sea fishing facilities, and many restaurants. 5 minutes by car from the famous nightlife and the airport.
You’ll love the absolutely amazing ocean view from the terrace, right in front of the beach and fantastic pools, king-size comfy bed, high ceilings and the sunlight. Most guests are honeymooners or anniversary couples, they highly recommend their stay!


You will return with black and blue marks from pinching yourself as you experience the incredible luxury and breathtaking experience of spending one of the best vacations of your life, whether it is marveling at the white powder beaches by foot or on horseback or the perfection of the velvet like grass of the world-class golf courses, with competition level deep sea fishing available, gourmet restaurants and nightlife at the nearby Punta Cana village. It is my commitment to make not only the accommodations but the entire experience enjoyable, comfortable and safe, I am US born and have vacationed myself in the Dominican Republic for several years, and I will insure the trip and stay surpasses your highest expectations.


This luxury penthouse is at the "Sotogrande at Cap Cana" vacation complex within the safe, secure-access luxury resort called Cap Cana, check out (URL HIDDEN) It is the best combination of secluded, quiet luxury with easy access to all the adventure sports and nightlife you can imagine.


The condo has our trusted, dedicated housekeeper Darianna that will provide daily bed-making, cleaning and light cooking (breakfast and lunch) with the food items you purchase at the convenience store on premises or the modern supermarket 5 minutes away by car. I recommend renting a car with a local GPS to give you the maximum freedom to explore the many beautiful areas, plus the local taxis are ridiculously expensive!

Can you give me directions to your condo from the airport and tell me what the procedure is for getting the key to your condo?

Best thing before you arrive is to install the (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) application on your smartphone. Please send a message to our housekeeper Darianna at +(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) when you are ready to leave the airport, tell her who you are, she will meet you at the Sotogrande lobby to give you the keys and show you the apartment. The housekeeper will make your bed, change your sheets and towels when requested, clean the apartment daily and is available to prepare your breakfast and light lunch, her working hours are from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., but of course I am sure you´ll like your privacy and you may agree with her at what hours within that schedule you like her help, otherwise she´ll stay out of the condo.

I highly recommend you rent a car and a local GPS unit, as many roads are not very well marked, it will be very useful to better explore all the beautiful areas of Punta Cana, and many units have restaurants and attractions coded into the data base of the unit.

I suggest printing out a (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) Map from the Punta Cana Airport to the Cap Cana Marina (within Cap Cana, it is the exit before Sotogrande), but you can see Juanillo Beach with is right next to the Sotogrande complex.

When leaving the car park from the Punta Cana Airport at the first roundabout you take the first right. Go straight (now you see on your left hand side Punta Cana Village. Here are different small and nice restaurants, as well as the supermarket "El Nacional”. At the following roundabout, take the 1st right. You are still on the same road. Now keep left and after aproximately 200/300 meters, the 1st exit to your left is the Cap Cana Exit. If you go straight forward you go either to La Romana and Santo Domingo (by the new motor way) or to Veron and Bavaro.

Now you follow this road during aprox. 3-4 kilometers until you find the entrance gate for Cap Cana.

Please tell security your name and that you are going to Sotogrande 2304. They have been notified by me by email for you to be authorized to enter and I will copy you on this request also, which I suggest you print out and carry with you.

Now you are in Cap Cana! After 200 meters there is a roundabout and take the 1st right. You are now on the main boulevard. You take the 2nd left at 2 km. aprox. The first left is the Marina and the second left takes you to Sotogrande. Follow this road until the end, there is one possibility to turn left which takes you to the Sanctuary hotel and Juanillo Beach. At the roundabout you will see Sotogrande in front of you. Please take the entrance and go up to the lobby.

At the lobby there will be some staff or maintenance who can help you with your luggage. They can indicate where the garage is so you can park your car in the assigned parking space. From the garage you can go straight into the garden, but this you will find out when you are there.


Is there a grill on the property or one available for use?

Frankly, I didn´t buy one because I am not that comfortable with people grilling on the terrace since it is wooden, but since you ask, I assume you are an experienced BBQ person, I am sure you could pick up a small Hibachi to use while you are there. I will also check on what the regulations are in the condo for this, but in the worst case, the best thing would be to take it down to the beach…

Is there wifi internet available in the condo?

Yes, a private connection (for our condo) with a 1 megabyte download speed contracted (maybe higher now). The password is printed on the underside of the WiFi router that is at the end of the kitchen counter next to the wall.

Tipping for those who serve you including cleaning the room?

This is not required, it is entirely at your discretion, salaries are quite low in the Dominican Republic and tips are always appreciated, in pesos or dollars.

Use of US Dollars versus local currencies for purchases like gas and food. Are conversions available?

The use of US Dollars in stores and gas stations is widely accepted. The conversion will usually be around 40 pesos per US$.

Bars and drinks or do most people bring/buy the alcohol to make their own drinks and also beer?

The best bar would be in the Cap Cana Marina and the Punta Cana Village, but of course nothing better that to watch the sunset from the terrace with a huge drink of your choice (that you have previously purchased yourself at the Supermarket)!

Availability of bicycles?

Yes, they are available for rental, the front desk can arrange this for you.

On site medical facilities and will they accept Us Health Insurance?

There is a very modern hospital called Hospiten (URL HIDDEN) I doubt that they would accept US Health Insurance (that would be reimbursed after the fact), but I urge you to check with them beforehand, just in case I am mistaken.

How close to the beach or is there a long walk or is transportation needed?

The beach is right in front of the penthouse, and there is another beach called Juanillo about 5 minutes walking.

How long is the beach for walking?

The Cap Cana resort has about 5 miles of beaches, but I think it is not accessible as a single, long stretch, although I have been driving for quite some distance (several miles) on some.

Ocean activities like kayaks and Hobies and any fees?

The hotel right next door to the Sotogrande condo is Sanctuary, I understand that most of our guests use their restaurants and spa (for a fee) and that they rent kayaks (URL HIDDEN) . If you´d like, I suggest you may contact them and ask them if you are staying at Sotogrande, if it would be possible to rent kayaks, although they may say “no” when asked officially, but have no problem when you are there in person. I realize that this does not make most Americans feel very comfortable, since it seems quite arbitrary and a lot will depend on your attitude and theirs, your efforts at acquiring some Spanish, etc.

As a couple who has had all these issues conveniently covered under the all inclusive plans, we find ourselves unable to fathom 30 days in such an environment. Activities would be very important to us, like golf, tennis, gyms, pools and exercises, nightly entertainment and scuba diving for my wife?

The Punta Cana village has many, many restaurants and several discotheques. The area is very safe, as the Dominican Police knows how important the area is to the national economy, most criminals are smart enough to stay away from tourists. I definitely recommend renting a car and a local GPS, in one month you will definitely want to visit nearby attractions like Altos de Chavón at La Romana (about 45 minutes away), or the old part of Santo Domingo (about 2 ¼ hours by highway).

One of your previous guests mentioned an all-inclusive option that could be purchased with the overall resort for $65 per day/per person. Do you know any details about that amenity? Is it only offered at the neighboring resort, or does it include hospitality at Sotogrande? And, can we purchase only for a day or non-consecutive days?

The all-inclusive option (according to recent guests) is $65 per day/per person, and is offered within the same resort that you will be staying at (I think they also give you the option of dining at the neighboring 2 hotels). I have not used this myself, but recent guests have said that the food is good and if you are planning on drinking quite a bit, it turns out to be a good deal. Personally, I prefer to explore the other restaurants within Cap Cana (all within about 10-15 minutes by shuttle or golf cart or bicycle), or a 5 minute drive to the nearby Punta Cana village, which has many, many restaurants of all types and prices. You can definitely "mix" the 2 options, I understand you may purchase individual or non-consecutive days, but check upon arrival. One of the best things about the DR is that they are extremely flexible, especially for tourists with a good attitude and smile!

It would be helpful to get answers to these questions, but if we need to (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) let me know a time to reach out to you?

Glad to (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) with you. Let me know when would be a good time, perhaps during the weekend is best using my (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) JimNovack. However, as I mentioned before, I am a little concerned that I do not have all the answers, and that many of the things you ask will be arranged “on the fly” when you are there. I myself am a planner, and being in the Dominican Republic is at times an exercise in patience and emotional intelligence because they simply don´t have the same customer-experience attitude that may be drummed into the mind of Disney theme park employees, unexpected situations are more acceptable and don´t represent a problem, but are rather “God´s Will”. On the other hand, I must say that each time I go and after a few days, slip into the local pace, I do have a very relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Any recommendations for things to do? We are pretty adventurous and interested in local culture rather than tourist excursions and we will have a car?
Trip Advisor always has many up to date options, but other that those listed in Punta Cana, I would really recommend checking out La Romana (about 35 minutes away on the new highway), check out the La Romana Marina there and the Italian-renaissance inspired “Altos de Chavón” village (cruise ship tourists are jokingly told that it is 500 years old, but it was built by an American billionaire a few decades ago), and of course 2 hours from Cap Cana is Santo Domingo itself, it you´d like to check out the old part of the city. If you´d like to spend a night there, here is a nice hotel in the old colonial part. By the way, if you are interested at staying at the Hostal Nicolás de Ovando, check out the Internet pricing first, I have been told sometimes it is lower than calling the Hotel directly…

Ms. Yesenia GONZALEZ
Encargada de Reservas/Reservation Manager
Calle Las Damas - Ciudad Colonial
10211 Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic
hostal-nicolas-de-ovand(URL HIDDEN) - (URL HIDDEN)


Have a wonderful time!

-Jim Novack

Remember Darianna is our local housekeeper in Dominican Republic,
she can be reached at ((PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), but usually it is better to send a (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) message


可住: 4
卫生间: 1.5
卧室: 1
床铺: 2
入住时间: 15:00 - 17:00
退房时间: 12:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $59
满1周立减: 21%

入住时间为15:00 - 17:00





Wonderfull place and stay! Great place to relax!

Great place. Wonderful location!

Great apartment and the best price, this is the ideal getaway for people that want a quiet and relaxing stay. The views from the apartment and the pool make the location one of a kind, although a I can't say the same for the beach, which we didn't like at all. Too shallow. Everything else was wonderful, would recommend.

Beautiful home I would recommend this home to anyone. The communication was perfect and was very prompt on questions on area.


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