Fajardo PR Villa I *Power & Water, Business-Ready
Fajardo PR Villa I *Power & Water, Business-Ready
2 - 12岁

*Post-Hurricane Maria Note: The Villa is in top shape, and has a power generator and water tank to provide reliable utilities to our guests. Ask about our business center options to set up operations right from the villa.

Located in the exclusive area of La Roca in Fajardo, this spacious Villa has a breathtaking Atlantic view. Five minutes away from the Conquistador Hotel, Seven Seas & Las Croabas little seaside restaurants village. Near Walgreens, Grocery Stores, Golf Courses & Hospitals.


每天早晨,您可以欣赏美丽的自然景观,欣赏美丽的自然风光,欣赏一下建筑风格,尽情享受早晨的一杯咖啡,聆听温暖的海洋微风,您的一天将展现您的一切。选择,加上我们的欢迎礼宾人员将帮助您创建自己的定制体验。 豪华别墅III是一个完全空调宽敞的家庭,拥有12,000平方米。英尺。的生活空间分布在三层楼。里面,房子是一个梦想。一个开放的概念,邀请与木材,玻璃,金属和水泥的自然和简约的纹理。主客厅设有一个大型的沙发和智能电视系统,只使用Wi-Fi服务。厨房配备齐全的线路电器。 拥有5间卧室和5张护理床,家庭现代化的设计使得该物业成为大家都会说话的杰作!从总统套房到主套房到套房,拥有令人难以置信的特大号床和大号床,您可以从各个角度看到地平线上的奢华风景。 后面的露台区设有一个游泳池,俯瞰着已经提到的独特海景,加上波多黎各最受欢迎的景点,如生物发光湾和Fajardo's Light房子“El Faro”。在地平线上,您可能会看到El Yunque雨林的山脉。您可以在游泳池的泳池水中用加热器,烧烤,户外淋浴和浴室欣赏。您将拥有招待您的家人和客人所需的一切!
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Simply opening your eyes every morning with an incredible view of a beautiful nature scenery and living within an architectural statement to take pleasure in. While you are up enjoying a morning cup of coffee and listening to the warm ocean breeze your day will unfold any way you choose, plus our welcoming concierge staff will help you create your own custom experience.

The Luxurious Villa III is a fully air-conditioned, spacious home with 12,000 Sq. Ft. of living space spread among three floors. Inside, the house is a dream. An open concept that is inviting along with the natural and minimalist textures of wood, glass, metal, and cement. The main living room features a large sectional sofa and smart TV system for streaming only using the property Wi-Fi service. The kitchen is fully equipped with top of the line appliances.

With 5 bedrooms and 5 therapeutic beds, the home's modern design makes the property a masterpiece that will have everyone talking! From the Presidential Suite, to a Master Suite, to Suites, with an incredible King & Queen size beds, you'll be able to see the extravagant view in the horizon from every angle.

The back terrace area features a pool overlooking the unique Ocean view already mentioned plus some of the most visited places in Puerto Rico like the Bio-luminescent Bay and Fajardo's Light house "El Faro". Off to the horizon you may see the mountains of the El Yunque rain forest. You can luxuriate in the pool waters of the pool with heater, BBQ, outdoor shower, and bathroom. You'll have everything you need to entertain your family and guests!


豪华宽敞的别墅位于Fajardo的La Roca专属区域,将带领您拥有一个令人惊叹的大西洋景观,可观赏Icaco岛和其他几个群岛。附近的Waldorf Astoria Conquistador酒店,七海和Las Croabas小海边村庄。法加多在波多黎各的东边,被称为保卫加勒比海太阳的城市。
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Located in the exclusive area of La Roca in Fajardo, the Luxurious and spacious Villa will lead you to own a breathtaking Atlantic Ocean view overseeing Icaco's Island and several other Islands in plain sight. Nearby to the Waldorf Astoria Conquistador Hotel, Seven Sea’s and Las Croabas little seaside village. Fajardo is in the Eastern side of Puerto Rico and is known as the city that guards the sun of the Caribbean.


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We respect our guests' privacy but are always just a phone call or text message away. Our Magic Team will make sure that every little detail in the property is working during your stay, and our on-demand Concierge Service will grant your petitions, from dinner reservations to massages, boat rentals, and anything else you may want.


我们的豪华别墅位于宁静而独特的地方,享有小岛屿,灯塔和生物发光湾的壮丽景色,距离渡轮或水上交通仅需几分钟。 此外,该地区还有一些大型码头,还有机场和大自然保护区。占地316英亩的Las Cabezas de San Juan自然保护区拥有自1882年以来一直持续运营的灯塔。该地区的旅游包括灯塔,红树林和生物发光泻湖。需要进行预约才能进入理由并参观。 Fajardo以其出色的日航,浮潜和潜水而闻名。日间旅行通常会带您前往附近的一个旅游景点进行一天的浮潜,日光浴和fe宴(食物和软饮料是交易的一部分)。对于潜水员来说,周围有很好的清水,有很多的探索。当然,这方面的海鲜鲜美又美味。 Villa Marina酒店就在附近,您可以找到每天的双体船特惠,带您前往Icacos Cays一天的浮潜或只是躺在沙滩上。对于适量的费用,您将受到热带饮料,水,午餐和所有可以吃的水果的待遇。包括浮潜装置。这是一种你不会想念的经历。大约10分钟路程,您可以到达Puerto Real,您可以乘坐渡轮前往我们姐妹的别克斯岛和库莱布拉岛,您将在那里找到最美丽的海滩。如果您喜欢飞行,您可以到达我们位于Ceiba镇的区域机场,从那里您可以飞往别克斯,库莱布拉,圣托马斯,圣约翰,圣克罗伊和英属维尔京群岛。 我们还有一个框架地图,为您提供方便的推荐餐厅的名称和电话号码。 必须去吃饭:LaEstación,激情餐厅,“Los Kioskos de Luquillo”#20 ELTerruño,并要求Tito的Oyster Shack与当地的热酱。 请阅读所有财产和复杂的规则和条例以及租赁协议,以便在逗留期间考虑具体细节。 附加费用: 清洁费$ 558.00 保证金$ 1,000.00
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Our Luxurious Villa is located in a peaceful and and exclusive place with breathtaking views of the smaller islands, the Lighthouse and the Bio-luminescent Bay, which can be reached by ferry or water transportation in just minutes.

In addition, there are a number of large marinas in the area as well as an airport and a major nature preserve. The 316-acre Las Cabezas de San Juan nature preserve features a lighthouse that has been in continuous operation since 1882. The tour of this area includes the lighthouse, the mangroves, and the bioluminescent lagoon. Reservations are required to enter the grounds and take the tour.

Fajardo is well known for its excellent day sailing, snorkeling and diving. The day-sailing trips normally take you to one of the nearby cays for a day of snorkeling, sunbathing and feasting (food and soft drinks are part of the deal). For the divers, there is excellent clear water all around the cays, with plenty to explore. Of course, the seafood in this area is fresh and delicious.

Villa Marina is nearby and you can find daily catamaran charters that will take you out to the Icacos Cays for a day of snorkeling or just laying out on the beach. For a moderate fee you are treated to tropical drinks, water, lunch and all the fruit you can eat. The snorkeling gear is included. It is an experience you won't want to miss. About 10 minutes away you can reach Puerto Real where you can take a Ferry to visit our sister islands of Vieques and Culebra where you will find the most beautiful beaches. If you prefer to fly you can reach our regional airport in the town of Ceiba from where you can fly to Vieques, Culebra, St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix and the British Virgin Islands.

We also have a framed map with the names and telephone numbers of recommended restaurants for your convenience.

Must go to eat: La Estación, Passion Restaurant, 'Los Kioskos de Luquillo' #20 EL Terruño & ask for Tito's Oyster Shack with the Local Hot Sauce.

Please read all Property and Complex Rules and Regulations along with the Rental Agreement for specific details to take into consideration during your stay.

Additional Fees:
Cleaning Fee $558.00
Security Deposit $1,000.00



额外房客 $149 / 晚 (多于4位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $400
押金 $1000
满1周立减: 5%

1张特大号床, 2张沙发
1张特大号床, 1张沙发床
1张特大号床, 2张沙发
1张特大号床, 1张沙发床, 1张沙发
1张大床, 1张沙发床, 1张沙发
5张沙发, 1张婴儿床


Short Term Lease Agreement for “Traveler"

Poppy 47 Inc., Lessor agrees to rent said property to Lessee.

This Lease Agreement is valid during reservation selected dates by the Lessee during booking process.

“Check-in” starts once housekeeping and maintenance has finished preparing the property on “Check-In Date” from 3:00 p.m. onward, upon maintenance and housekeeping finish preparing the property for access until “Check-Out Date" before 11:00 a.m.

Lessee must provide a list of names for registered guests included in the reservation while booking that will be staying in the property for short term rental.

The parties agree the Rental Charges as specified in the Reservation Quote as follows:

1. Valid ID: Lessee will present a valid USA driver's license or a valid passport to take possession of keys to the property at the arrival. Key-less properties will be assigned a unique access code per reservation. In the event the keys are delivered to the Lessee, proper coordination for pick-up and return will be arranged with local contact prior arrival and/or departure.

2. Rent: The total amount of the rent is due on or before 12 weeks prior to occupancy. The Lessee acknowledges that the rent is the property of the Lessor & if Lessee vacate the property prior to the expiration of the term of the rental period, or find the property unsatisfactory for any reason, the Lessor will not return the rent as it is informed prior booking.

3. Security Deposit: When applicable, the Lessor will return the security deposit to the Lessee within ten days of Lessee vacating the property if, in the Lessor's opinion, is left clean, neat & there are no missing or damaged items. The Lessor reserves the right to retain the security deposit in whole or in part, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

a. Damage in excess of reasonable wear & tear that are incurred to the extent of the cost of repairs.

b. Cleaning Services: One (1) paid maid service visit is included in the rental upon guest departure that includes laundry of bedding and towels and general housekeeping. This fee does not include dish washing or excessive garbage since additional garbage bags are provided prior to arrival. Dish washing and BBQ and tools cleaning when used, if applicable, not done before leaving the property will incur in a $100.00USD fee. All debris, rubbish and discards are to be placed in the dumpster assigned outside of the property.

c. Duration: The property will be rented for the total number of days as described in the confirmation. Extensions to the arrangement may be available but must be arranged in advance. There is absolutely no guarantee that the unit will be available after the ending date, and it will be necessary for the Lessor to forcible remove the tenant once the lease has ended if an extension is not granted.

d. Failure to Vacate: Failure to comply with the before 11:00 a.m. check-out time may result in Lessee being denied access to the property or immediate eviction and will result a penalty fee from the security deposit of $100.00USD. Early check-in time not authorized by Lessor may result in an additional costs or denied access to the property after 3:00pm that starts regular check-in time.

e. Do not rearrange the interior furniture unless you have owner's permission. Failure to comply will result in a $100.00USD penalty fee from the security deposit.

f. If linens or towels are lost or damaged, this action will incur in additional charges/penalties, $50.00USD per piece.

g. One bath towel is provided per guest considering maximum occupancy per property. Additional bath towels request incur in a fee of $20.00USD each to be covered prior item delivery.

h. Damage to the counter tops will result in the loss of the entire security deposit.

i. Loss of keys, beepers and / or access devices or leaving them unreturned will incur in a $150.00USD penalty fee.

4. Maximum Occupancy: Customer must comply with maximum occupancy of people per property including children at any given time as specified and confirmed in the reservation. Exceeding the maximum number of guests allowed in or on the property premises may result in Lessee being denied access to the Property or being evicted from the property with no refund of all monies paid.

5. Additional Guest: Additional guest not specified on the original rental agreement will have an additional nightly charge of $100.00USD per person and may not exceed the maximum occupancy of the property.

6. Smoking: This is a strictly NON-SMOKING property. Failure to comply may result in Lessee being denied access to the property or immediate eviction with no refund for security deposit, when applicable, and all monies paid.

7. Pets: Animals and/or pets are not permitted in the property under any circumstances. Failure to comply may result in Lessee being denied access to the property or immediate eviction with no refund for security deposit, when applicable, and all monies paid.

8. Insufficient Funds: There shall be a $100.00USD service charge imposed by the Lessor for all checks returned for insufficient funds. If the check is returned prior to occupancy, the Lessee will not be allowed to occupy the premises until the rent is paid and cleared payment is received by credit card, cash or certified check. If the check is returned during occupancy, the tenant agrees to pay the rent in cash or to vacate the property. Vacating the property does not free the Lessee from the responsibility of paying the Lessor the entire rental fee.

9. Collection Cost: Lessee agrees to reimburse Lessor for any costs of collection, including legal fees and travel cost, should the Lessee default in his obligation to make rental payment to Lessor.

10. Cancellation: Cancellations made will forfeit 100% of all monies collected. Reservation deposit fee is non-refundable. Lessor is not responsible of Lessee cancellations. Lessee should include the Cancellation Insurance offered by the webpage at the time of booking.

11. No-Shows: No-shows are not refundable and will forfeit 100% of all monies paid.

12. Acts of Nature and/or Noise: Owner (Lessor) shall not be liable for events beyond his control which may interfere with your occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of God/Nature, acts or outages of private service provider’s companies contracted for services offered in reservations as add-ons, such as internet access, acts of governmental agencies affecting services and/or outages, such as electrical or water services, drought due to dry season, fire, strikes, war, inclement weather, including flooding and loud noise from street, nearby properties or events. Lessees are to obey noise house rules in the area. NO REBATE OR REFUND will be offered in these circumstances.

13. Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and/or Disease: Even though the property is built to withstand the effects of a Hurricane or Tropical Storm, and includes a strict scheduled fumigation process to avoid any disease, in the event that mandatory evacuation is ordered no refunds will be given unless:

a. The National Weather Service orders mandatory evacuations in a "Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning area"

b. A mandatory evacuation order has been given for the Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning area of residence of a vacationing Renter or Guest.

c. The Department of Health sets a mandatory eviction order, quarantine and/or official travel ban to destination due to outbreak of a disease.

14. Right of Entry: Lessor may enter the premises in order to protect, inspect, show or make repairs on the premises at all times in order for us to able to provide a high quality service. Customer will be notified via the reservation messaging center or contact information provided during reservation.

15. Unauthorized access to Private Property: Lessee agrees to stay in selected property as booked. Customer voluntary and unauthorized relocation to other private property different than the one rented will incur in customer’s responsibility to cover all costs incurred by the Lessor during the process and may result in Lessee immediate eviction with no refund for security deposit, when applicable, and all monies paid plus covering all additional penalty fees.

16. Indemnity: The Lessee, guests and other visitors to the property shall hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor(s) against any and all claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from negligence in the use of the premises regardless of the nature of the accident, injury or loss. Lessor will not be held responsible for the damages to Lessee’s property during the stay, such as perishable goods that might be damaged die to a power outage or malfunction of electronic equipment in the property. The insurance of the property will not cover renters in the case of theft or any other loss. Lessee need to refer to their personal policies and/or purchase travelers insurance.

17. Damage to Lessees Property: Lessees assumes sole risk and responsibility for all loss, damage and injury to their own property occasioned by malfunction of electronic equipment, fire, theft, water or storm damages or other elements or any other cause whatsoever. Lessor property must be left at the check-out as received. Property furniture and goods in the facilities must not leave the location at any time.

18. Un-authorized events: Unless specifically agreed upon request, no special events are to be held on the property. This includes weddings, baptisms, or any large party that exceeds the number of
registered occupants. If approved upon request, these events require special insurance/bonding that are not covered by Lessor and these are the responsibility of the Lessee. If an un-authorized event occurs this contract will be terminated immediately and all monies will be non-refundable.

19. Disputes: This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and shall be treated as though it were executed in this jurisdiction. Any action relating to this Agreement shall be instituted and prosecuted herein.

20. Miscellaneous: This Agreement, together with any attachments referenced herein and attached hereto, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes all prior written oral negotiations, representations or agreements. No modification of this Agreement shall be binding on either party unless it is in writing signed by both parties. Each section, subsection or paragraph of this Agreement shall be deemed severable and if for any reason any portion of this Agreement is unenforceable, invalid or contrary to any existing or future law, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not affect the applicability or validity of any other portion of this Agreement.

21. Additional Services Request: We offer additional services upon request at the arrival. Lessee needs to provide a full detailed list of the products with brand preference and/or activities of interest, if needed. There is a minimum required for the contracting of additional services in order to proceed and a 25% fee of the total price of purchase to complete the service. Once the service is done we will provide a digital copy of the receipt for the Lessee to make the 100% payment during the same day of the service provision. Lessor will not be held responsible for the Lessee’s experience with any third party service contracted and provided that might be included in the list provided of additional services.

22. Additional equipment: Lessor will not be held responsible for any damage or personal injury due to the use of equipment included as add-ons in the rental. Upon the use of all equipment provided as add-ons to reservations, the Lessee acknowledge that their use takes place strictly under their own risk.

23. A 4.5% fee is included in all reservations for Rental Amount only to help provide a safer and more secure booking experience, coupled with 24/7 customer support throughout your trip.

24. Air Conditioner or Electronic devices must be turned power off while no one is in the rooms or area of the property. If there is an inspection and the air conditioners or electronic devices are turned on during the hours that the property is vacant, additional charges for excess usage or damage to the units may apply. These can fuse, leak or freeze when left powered on all day as they are not manufactured for 24hrs constant use.

25. Electricity Usage: Electricity in Puerto Rico is almost 2.5 times the cost of Mainland in U.S.A. To reduce your carbon footprint and avoid high electricity consumption is requested that A/C units be switched off when not in the property or for long leaves of absence in the property. The electric meter will be read at the beginning and the end of the reservation. The owner commits to cover up to $15.00 per day in electric charges. Any electric consumption in excess of the previously mentioned amount will be charged to the Lessee at a cost of $0.37 per kilowatt/hour. If by any reason the A/C or lights are left powered-on at departure or in a regular inspection during your stay will incur in a $100.00 penalty fee.

26. Office Hours: Regular Office Hours are between Mondays to Fridays from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Out of Regular Office Hours requests, petitions and services without prior notice will result in additional charges for your stay.





The pictures don't do it justice! What a beautiful breathtaking home and view! It was a great time for my family and friends! Even when it rained it was a beautiful scenery. A lot of restaurants nearby and recommend renting a car during your stay. Will definitely make this a home I will visit often!

William the property manager was so easy and great to work with! Everything was amazing and the view was breathtaking! We will be coming back in December! 5 stars!

This place is amazing.. The chef was amazing and the driver that William and his staff put together for us was amazing. thank you William. this villa was amazing very clean and had every single thing we needed to enjoy our weekend... I recommend everyone stay here you will not regret it... Thank you William and staff


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