new xeriscaping! amazing terra cotta and lots of sunshine
Lake Neighborhood Home & Retreat Experience
2 - 12岁

My quiet & safe neighborhood is 46 years old, the 1/4 acre property is a nice corner lot surrounded by huge trees with large patches of bright sky. A picturesque lake with a massive view, a wrap-around multi-use trail and a family park is 3 blocks away; very nice people share this trail. Main/3rd 10min, Lyons 12min, Boulder 25min, Denver 60min, Estes Park 55min, Rocky Mtn National Park 60min

This Listing is the Guest Room; Rock Room at Effortless Home, Garden Room at Effortless Home.


NEW PHOTOS COMING SOON! There's a new writing desk instead of the coffee table, and I've framed some new large format photography to spruce up the room. A second shower is right across the hall!

Tri-level brick home, 2,100 sf, open main floor with kitchen, living and dining rooms, french glass doors open into the sun room. Upstairs is your bedroom, the Guest Bedroom, and your private or semi-shared bathroom with a deep jet bath tub (no shower); also a host's bedroom, and our second listing Bedroom. Downstairs is a Retreat bedroom, a full bathroom with your shower and the fireplace, rec room, training area and laundry.

We have a large side yard with two Locust trees providing shade, there is a sitting area. We have a front porch with seating area, a sunset spot. The back patio has the most amazing, therapeutically designed hot tub ever, BBQ, Fire Pit & seating, lighting, & new xeriscape gardens are happening everywhere on this property!

I am a meditation, conscious embodiment & fitness coach. There are multiple training and zazen areas on this property inside and out. The sun room is used as a meditation, embodiment and reading room: embodiment practices here are Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong, Rinzai & Mondo Zen, Tai Chi & yoga. You are welcome to use this space respectfully. Training equipment is accessible with approval. Includes free weights, balls, bands, Muay Tai 6' 100lb bag, 250 lb. pedestal, etc. Note: the sun room is currently a greenhouse for my xeriscape plants. There is room to sit, read, relax, talk to plants, but not exercise.


I highly encourage you to make yourself comfortable in many areas to hang out in. Any room except other bedrooms and the garage unless accessing something specific like the extra refrigerator. Certain items or spaces have guidelines to follow.


I care about making your stay as enjoyable as possible, whatever that means for you. I offer you much more than a great place to stay for the night. I am happy to provide you a delicious organic meal, a hiking tour or meditation session during your stay. Maybe you want to enjoy a fun, martial arts based workout.


I offer Personal Immersion Retreats @ Effortless Home! You can stay in one of my Rooms and train with me on a daily or scheduled basis. These programs are not allowed to be offered through AirBnB yet for me, they still only allow Experiences in large cities. There is a room and/or board rate and a fee based on how many hours per week you want to engage in one-on-one training or simple practice. See Joshin.Life for more information. If my AirBnB calendar says our Room is Unavailable, it's probably because someone is staying here on a Personal Retreat. If you still want to stay here, we may have the other bedroom available for you, and you can contact me from my website or book it here.



清洁费 $5
满1周立减: 10%

入住时间为15:00 - 19:00

Please be energy and water conscious.

This is a Shoes Off Home, it's obvious where to leave them inside the door.

Please shower or be clean before using the Hot Tub. No Glass out back. Tub Hours are 8am - 12am. Low Noise before 10am, after 10pm.

Pets may be accommodated, please ask.

Parties & Events must be approved.






We loved this place! Super cute, clean, peaceful, and Joshin was an amazing host. Clear communication throughout our stay. We couldn't have asked for better!!

Great place to stay! Would definitely stay here again anytime in the area. Joshin is very friendly, interesting, and is more than happy to work with to make your stay as comfortable as possible. He has a ton of local knowledge and is a great resource no matter what you are doing in the area. The place itself is very clean and well kept. Would strongly recommend staying here!

IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF POT, DO NOT STAY HERE. I hate to be negative, and I know it is Colorado. That being said, if it had specifically said "420 friendly in the home" we would NOT have stayed here. The closest thing mentioned was under the amenities "smoking allowed." There is no mention of pot, and the smell of the house reeks of pot. The amenities lists A/C, but really we were only to use the fans in the house. The hot tub looked much nicer in the pictures. The photos also said "continental breakfast included!" and that was never mentioned to us besides "you can make yourself coffee, it can be found in the protein powder container behind the dog food." We had to share the bathroom with not just the host but another couple in the next room. Fine I guess, but not for $70 a night. We slept on a futon bed with no fitted sheet. He knew we were going to use the hot tub, but only give us two towels for both of us (we had to use the same towels for the shower the next day) The hot tub was murky and dirty. The water was yellowed. He said he had a busy weekend and that's why it looked like that. The "therapeutic hot tub" is why we spent $70 and booked this place, and we spent no more than 15 minutes in the tub. We had to plug in the outdoor lights and unplug them ourselves (which was tucked way behind a wood pile) When we got out of the tub he asked us to unplug lights in the sunroom that we didn't know were our responsibility. Alone, we wouldn't mind doing that and helping out. We checked in early, then left for Rocky Mountain National Park (a great suggestion from Joshin) We got in late that night, but Joshin was still up. He never instructed us on where to park. We didn't know the street parking laws in Longmont, or if there was a street sweeper or trash truck coming (turns out there was a trash truck that next morning) At 8am, he pounds on our door, and scolds us for parking behind him. Saying "It is unacceptable to park behind the host. I need you to move your car." My husband told him he had not parked behind the other guest because he hadn't met them, and didn't want them to feel uncomfortable asking perfect strangers to move their car. He later apologized to both of us for scolding us, but the damage was done. Basically, we paid a total of $70 for a dorm room experience. Maybe we caught him on a bad day, but still, this experience was overall awful and we will be contacting AirBnB about a refund (at least partial.) We had JUST stayed at a $100 AirBnB in Longmont with similar amenities listed that actually followed through, so this experience was a huge...
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Well, this is an unfortunate turn of events. You make a lot of claims here Leslie and are clearly disappointed, interesting that this is the only time I've heard any of this. This is a 4 Bd house in a beautiful neighborhood, your room was fully furnished with a large closet. Hardly a dorm room experience. Let me address your mistakes : 1. I don't have to post that I am cannabis friendly, and kept it off my profile for a reason, so thanks for posting on here in the manner that portrays my home improperly. Clearly your stay here during 4th of July week must be exactly how it is in my home every day of the year. 2. During your immediate orientation I asked you if you were okay with smoking in the house, and that if you weren't smokers would be told to keep smoke outside or in their rooms. So for days you said nothing and suffered. I tell every guest this, and the house would have accommodated you if you had spoken up. 3. It's an awesome hot tub and it works fine. Treated water isn't clear, I've had people constantly using the tub, it's a holiday week and the wind blows tree debris into the tub. I treat the tub constantly and apologize if I'm not out there skimming it before every person goes in there. The color is only from the vegetative matter falling in and no one skimming the tub for themselves. You expect me to follow you around and turn on and off outside lights?! I'll be sure to move the wood pile. And I asked you to turn off the sunroom lights because you were 10 feet away from the plug. It wasn't your responsibility, as you stated, I was just asking you for a favor since I turned them on for you specifically. 4. You're the one guest out of the last 30 that I forgot to say, "Don't block me in." It's a shame I have to say that apparently 100% of the time. I live on a corner and my property has room for 7 cars on the street. If you're a guest at someone's house that you don't know, and you come home for the evening and there are two cars in the driveway, one on each side, YOUR thought is, I only have two choices, hmmm, should I block in my host or another guest that I don't know?! Did you get up early that day? No, you slept in past 8am. You can make up assumptions about street cleaning and anything else you want to, it's my house and you had plenty of spaces to park without blocking anyone. Wake up. To say that I violently knocked on your door, or woke you is offensive and the other couple was right there in the hall. You made a stupid mistake, and I needed to tend to an ill family member, so again, thank you for painting such a ridiculous picture of what it's like to stay here. 5. You didn't ask for more towels. I would have given you the spa robes if you brought it up. 6. Do you really care what container I reuse to store coffee in? and the fact that it's behind a sealed glass jar of dog food? somehow that's important and reflects your negative experience? Not once since February has a guest asked about getting the breakfast that I was willing to provide here. I'll take that statement off my listing. Did you ask about getting breakfast? No. 7. In your closet was the fitted sheet for your linen set as I pointed out, it's there as every guest in this room can attest to. I keep the fleece on the mattress because it cuts down on the embroidery texture. The futon should hardly be a surprise to you as it's clearly pictured in this listings' photos. I'm so glad I wrote you a 5-star review, to the couple that says everything is fine and great and then writes a review like this.

Joshin was very nice and had good suggestions for exploring the mountains. His place was very clean and comfortable.

What we loved: Joshins serene surroundings Location, tranquility, the incredible views around Lake Macintosh Its proximity to everything we needed from the mountains to microbreweries to a great local music scene.

Very nice home. Very hospitable hosts. Would definitely book this room again!

Joshin had a very quiet nieghborhood that made for a peaceful sleep. His home was comfortable and relaxing. Joshin was detail oriented and a pleasant host.


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a biophilic venture activist passionate about wellness, conscious embodiment, pure awareness, wilderness, ecological stewardship, & sustainable business models and what they produce as a result. I'm constantly improving my ability to open my heart and be childlike and joyful. Sharing my home is part of that process and one I am pretty comfortable with.
I've been in business for myself and in sales activities for over twenty years. Now I am concentrating on several projects: re-launching The EarthSeeds Project and Global View Foundation, bringing my expertise on sustainability and personal wellness back to an individual level through coaching and consulting services, and starting Joshin.Life my self-published website that is a self-expression, lifestyle, and landing site for coaching.

One of the projects I am experimenting with here is creating a residential immersion program where a guest can stay with us, whether you work locally or not, and experience a personalized retreat developed with your needs and goals. I can offer you a place to come and relax, recharge and deepen your connection to yourself. We can arrange a schedule that allows for training and coaching sessions of your choice: fitness, qigong, meditation, wilderness immersion, martial arts, you can even enjoy home-cooked meals, shakes and smoothies, fresh teas.

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