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Full facilities Boutique Retreat for your memorable holidays in Bali! 5 minutes from the Beach and close to restaurants and shops.

The Retreat is designed for the Best comfortable and relaxing Stay, …

入住时间 15:00后
退房时间 12:00
The ceiling in the bathroom started leaking on my first day and they didn't move me out for three days. The fridge in my new room was broken and the room didn't have the amenities of the first one. The toilet broke and wasn't fixed completely for three days. The safe was locked. …
To clear things out: -We didn't move your room immediately because there is no available room that day and the condition of the ceiling is not that urgent that we have to move your room immediately. When you speak about amenities were you talking about the dressing table that we moved immediately when you ask for it? Other than that, is the exact same room as your previous room :) -So many times repair men in your room when you come back to your room? Really? I doubt that since the workers only working for 2 days out of your 28 days stay and they work in the afternoon when you always leave the villa everyday at 6 a.m. and come back late at night for your yoga school. Yes you did encounter once on your day off that there are workers working to fix the fuse for the fridge, but that is done in the afternoon and we didn't know that day you'll be having your day off from your yoga school and we did apologize for that. - Yes the location is in the quiet part of Canggu, Pererenan, it's the quiet location and that's what our guests really loved, so please do your research before booking :) and too bad you can't ride a scooter, beach is only 5 minutes by scooter and central is only 10-15 minutes scooter ride. - Really surprised that you found our service unacceptable when me met occasionally at the villa and had never said a word about it. When you message us to "ASK" for a partial refund and we agreed to do so if you check out earlier wouldn't you just accept it if sour service is really 'unacceptable'? But still you continue to stay with us until your supposed check out date, Oh and you did said in that message me and Lisna were lovely. Maybe that statement only applied if we agreed to upgrade your room to a private room or refund your money I suppose. Really confusing indeed. Sorry that we are unable to upgrade your room because there is no reason to do so since your room is functioning-well and definitely we won't refund your money for the reasons you were stating or if you don't check out earlier. To make things more clear I will just put my review for you as a guest here :) Have a lovely day! Communication was good with Alyssa, she was staying with us for a month and everything was OK and she'd been a great guest. But aside for that, a week before her departure date, she surprised us with a message that asks for a partial refund or an upgraded room. The reasons she said was because of small problems she encountered during the course of her stay which we immediately taken care of. The problems she mentioned were the broken lightbulb in the bathroom which we repaired the day after because it was already so late when this happened (the bathroom has 2 lightbulbs so when 1 lightbulb is off you can still see things quite clear); broken bike lock which we give the new replacement immediately and I ask my staff to go to her location to help her; broken fuse so the mini fridge in the room was not able to be used for 2 days but there is a fridge in the common area that are always available for guests to use; Safety box that was accidentally locked by another guest before so she can't use us it for 1 day because it was so late when she notified us about this, so we unlocked the safe the next morning; Scorpion found in the room that we sorted out within minutes; she said she didn't feel relaxed because there is constantly workers coming in/out of the rooms when in fact during her 28 days stay, the workers only work for 2 days to fix the broken fuse and this is done in the afternoon when the guest already left the room so this statement is really confusing. What surprise us the most was the fact that she said she was already thinking to switch accommodation two weeks before her departure date because of all these little problems and she didn't feel comfortable with it. I did encounter her in the villa a couple of times within that two weeks period before her departure but she never once told me that the problems bothers her so much that she wanted to switch accommodation so it's really really confusing and disappointing. If she said she want to switch accommodation earlier, we will definitely partially refund her money for the remaining days left. In the end We didn't upgrade her room because there is no reason to do so since the room is well-functioning and we offered her the partial refund for the rest of the remaining 6 days if she decided to check out earlier, but in the end she continue to stay with us until her supposed check-out date. We are truly sorry for any conveniences during her stay and that our facilities are not up for her standards. Alyssa is staying in the shared bedroom and during her stay a couple of other guests have stayed in the exact same room and loved their stay and some even extending their stay with us :) so maybe a hotel is more suitable for her standard just not Airbnb but nevertheless thank you for staying with us :) - So surprised that you found that our service terrible when we met occasionally in the villa but never said a word about it and gave us a surprise message 6 days before departure, we did offer you to check out earlier and refund your money partially should you decided to check-out earlier you decided to continue to stay with us. Very confusing indeed :) Kindest, Anton

Anton was great - I arrived late and he helped me find the place. He even helped me make an international call to my bank in the morning. The room was clean and cute, and the rest of the villa was very peaceful and nice as well. There were healthy breakfast options included as we…

This place is so lovely! Everyone is really nice and giving advice when needed :). The breakfast is amazing!

孟格威, 巴厘岛, 印度尼西亚

Once a sleepy fishing village surrounded by verdant green rice paddies, Canggu on the south coast of Bali is fast becoming the “it” place for tourists and expats alike.

The rice paddies are still t…


The best way to get around & about in Canggu is naturally by motorbike or scooter. Riding a motorbike in Bali can be the most liberating feeling in the world. With the wind in your face and endless sm…

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Just another that call Bali home :)

I have great lodging for your stay in Bali. Looking forward to hosting you via Airbnb.


We have 2 staffs that are available until 4 p.m. at The Retreat, Mbak Lisma & Pak Arik. They will make up beds, do your laundry (at additional cost), making breakfast etc whom ensure 24 hours cleanli…

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