Yabbiekayu Homestay, Bungalow 3
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All of our bungalows are built based on eco friendly principles. Using 100% recycle timber, designed to be culturally sensitive, thermally comfortable with no aircon but using more natural innovative solutions, using LED lights to use as little energy as possible without leaving our guests needs of the modern comfort and luxury.


欢迎来到Yabbiekayu平房寄宿家庭,坐落在日惹市迷人的文化旅游村Tembi边缘的美丽稻田中。在俯瞰稻田的阳台上体验放松的下午,令人愉快的夜晚,只有青蛙和蟋蟀的声音观察萤火虫飘过。放松在一个私人的门外,浴室里有两个星星的浴缸,然后退休到你的大型4张海报床睡觉放松,晚上在豪华的早餐在门廊上放下你的日子冒险探索村庄和诱人的历史名城日惹。 平房3由古老爪哇屋的100%回收木材建成,从山上倒下,当地大理石地板和传统的屋顶瓦。它有一个单独的可关闭的床位和美丽的冷却大理石地板。平房3比其他平房更开放和通风,通过从私人门外的生活空间到南部,通过起居区到水面,向北的鱼塘。平房3的创新设计是通过水落下的水被冷却,并循环通过围绕平房的护城河。 床角包围了一个非常独特,坚实的柚木,古董,雕刻和绘画的传统爪哇四柱床,比一个标准的双人床要长得多。 内部起居区包括躺椅,咖啡桌,小橱柜,手提箱架和衣架,以及一个小写字台和椅子,迷你吧,小吃店和可调节的亲密照明。 室外浴室配有一个非常大的蛋形浴缸,两个分享下来的星星与现代化的淋浴,水槽和厕所。 连接的户外生活区和浴室四周是弯曲的砖石墙壁,配有可关闭的百叶窗,俯瞰稻田。户外起居区包括一张桌子和伞套,私人花园和鱼池,而前甲板上的桌椅则向公共区域望去。 总面积105m2 =内部居住面积30m2 +床角10m2 +前阳台10m2 +户外浴室20m2 +室外私人生活区35m2
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Welcome to Yabbiekayu bungalow homestay, built in a beautiful rice paddy location on the edge of the charming cultural, tourist village of Tembi, in Yogyakarta City. Experience relaxed afternoons on the veranda overlooking the rice paddies, and pleasant nights disturbed only by the sounds of frogs and crickets watching the fireflies float past. Relax in a private out door bathroom with a bath for two under the stars, before retiring to your large 4 poster bed for a relaxing nights sleep, prior to a luxury breakfast on the porch before setting off on your days adventure to explore the village and the enticing historical city of Yogyakarta.
Bungalow 3 built from 100% recycled timber from old Javanese houses brough down from the mountains, local marbled floor, and traditional roof tiles. It has a separate closable bed nook and beautiful cooling marble floor. Bungalow 3 is a little more open and airy than the other bungalows with a breezeway through from the private out door living space to the south through the living area to the water feature and fishpond to the north. Bungalow 3 is innovatively designed to be cooled by the water falling down the water feature and circulating through the moat that surrounds the bungalow.
The bed nook encloses a very unique, solid teak, antique, carved and painted traditional Javanese four-poster bed which is slightly narrower though much longer than a standard double bed.
The internal living area includes lounge chairs, coffee table, small cupboards, suitcase holder and clothes rack along with a small writing desk and chair, minibar, snack bar and adjustable intimate lighting.
The outdoor bathroom is equipped with a very large egg shaped bathtub ample for two to share under the stars along with modern shower, sink and toilet.
The connected outdoor living areas and the bathroom are surrounded by curved masonry walls with closable wooden shutters over looking the rice paddies. The outdoor living area includes a table and umbrella set, private gardens and fish pond while the table and chairs on the front deck looks out to the communal areas.
Total area 105m2 = Internal living area 30m2 + bed nook 10m2 + front veranda 10m2 + outdoor bathroom 20m2 + outdoor private living areas 35m2


您的洋房配有豪华毛巾和床上用品,有机可生物降解肥皂和洗发水,纯净的矿泉水,茶和咖啡设施,提供免费高速WiFi和豪华早餐。您的豪华早餐包括一系列西方和印度尼西亚的选择,如家用麦芽汁,炒饭,烤面包上的水煮蛋等。包括浓缩咖啡或茶,新鲜的家常果汁或水果沙拉,自制酸奶,全麦或酸面包,自制果酱等。我们经营一家小型餐厅,距离您的洋房只有几步之遥,我们的厨房目的是为每位客人提供健康,独特和令人难忘的用餐体验,基于谨慎细节准备的健康食材。我们的菜单包括当地和区域印度尼西亚特色菜以及一系列西方美食。 Yabbiekayu的所有餐点都是使用我们自己的正宗食谱,根据天然新鲜食材,包括可能的可食用花园中的水果和蔬菜制成的。我们的厨房使用过滤的饮用水,准备各个阶段,洗涤水果和蔬菜,做冰和做饭。我们不使用谷氨酸钠或其他人造色素或风味增强剂。我们也不用用转基因或棕榈油为基础的产品做饭,旨在确保我们的膳食是低脂肪和尽可能健康的。素食主义者,纯素和无麸质选项可供选择超级辣或无辣椒菜肴。如果您有任何特殊要求或饮食注意事项,请随时告知我们。如果你喜欢我们做饭的工作,那么请随时在这里进行烹饪课程的注册,或者放松身心并享用餐点。
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Your bungalow is supplied with luxury towels and bedding, and organic biodegradable soaps and shampoos, purified mineral water, tea and coffee facilities and comes with free hi speed WiFi and a Luxury breakfast. Your luxury breakfast includes a range of both western and Indonesian options such as home made muesli, fried rice, poached eggs on toast etc. Including espresso coffee or tea, fresh home made juices or fruit salads, home made yoghurt, wholemeal or sourdough breads, homemade jams etc. We run a small restaurants just a few steps from your bungalow, and our kitchen aim’s to provide every guest with a healthy, unique and memorable dining experience based on wholesome ingredients prepared with care and attention to detail. Our menu includes a combination of local and regional Indonesian specialities along with a range of our Western favourites. All meals at Yabbiekayu are prepared using our own authentic recipes based on natural fresh ingredients including fruits and vegetables from our edible gardens where possible. Our kitchen use filtered drinking quality water at all stages of preparation, washing fruit and vegetables, making ice and cooking. We do not use monosodium glutamate or other artificial colour or flavour enhancers. Nor do we cook with transfats or palm oil based products, aiming to ensure our meals are low fat and as healthy as possible. Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free options are available as are either super spicy or chili free dishes. If you have any special requests or dietary considerations please do not hesitate to let us know. If you like what we cook as much as we do, then please feel free to sign up for one of our cooking classes while you’re here or simply relax and enjoy your meal.


额外房客 $15 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)



To ensure the comfort of all guests, we ask that visitors smoke outside on the verandah of the bungalow.

The bungalows are located overlooking lush rice fields, on the edge of a small and very friendly traditional village. To support local tradition and culture we ask that guests dress politely when wandering around the village and point out that dogs are not usual in these villages, though any other pet may be considered on application.





住在那邊是一個很好的經驗。尤其浴室及喜歡浴缸,裡面的植栽有樸門的感覺,感覺生長了一段時間,有高有低,天然屏蔽效果很舒服。蚊子有點多,不過有提供很多蚊香跟電蚊拍,所以還ok。 床蠻舒服的,沒有冷氣但是床頭的電風扇剛剛好,只是頭很容易撞到床擋,進出床要小心一點,進去床後又覺得很有安全感,清晨的時候尤其舒服。 下次應該早點check in,才能待久一點享受。 It's been a pleasant journey, the plant design feels like kind of permaculture, very nice and beautiful. I especially love the bathtub, taking a bath during night is absolutely a huge enjoyment, bed is nice though without aircon but easily bumping head when getting on it haha, and there are many mosquitos but host had prepared mosquito killing vapor and other devices, so it's ok, of course without mosquitos would be better. Oh and the people there are really nice. Overall it's been really a pleasure staying there! Thanks a lot!

爪哇风格的木屋,热情而周到的服务,让你觉得住在家中。特别是每天早上都被阳光唤醒,在稻田中醒来,那种感觉实在太棒了。 我跟朋友定了Bungalow2 和3,3是Dave最喜欢的一间,我更喜欢2,特别是那张被稻田围绕的大床,每天早上都舍不得起来。

Jon & Veronica的用户个人资料
If you have the opportunity to stay here, you should! We loved every second of our stay at Yabbiekayu! JJ and Baboon are most gracious hosts with impeccable communication and recommendations

Lovely bungalow and very warm service. Everything was well considered. The food was fabulous and the team were both available and discrete. Highly recommended for a stay in Yogyakarta.

We had great communication with the staff of Yabbiekayu before our stay began. They are very friendly, helpful and professional. Dave really knows how to hire great people, as every person on the staff was excellent. The location is a bit out of the main city, but near a charming village with a great little art center. The little eco resort is very beautiful, our bungalow was stunning! The wood carvings, furnishings and koi pond added to the beauty of the old Javanese wooden house. The food was so good, we never went To a restaurant during our stay. Their chefs (local ladies) are equally adept with western and Indonesian cuisines, the ingredients were fresh and the meals were presented artistically. Every detail to add to the comfort and enjoyment of the stay was anticipated and tended to. The only down side was the numerous nearby mosques with their competing loudspeakers blaring prayers between 4 and 6 am. If you're a light sleeper, bring earplugs or go to bed early. All things considered, a great place to stay.
Thanks so much Lisa for your great review. I heard from the staff that you stayed at teh bungalow a lot and ate in a lot because you liked it so much. We really take that as a compliment. Thanks also for your beautiful comments about our staff, we really have been lucky to find such an amazing group of people who simply love helping other people. :) we really do hope you come and stay again soon

Yabbiekayu Homestay was great. The staff were very welcoming and tried their best (Thanks Christy, Bakti and FX!). We could tell that the training standards are quite high. The dinner and breakfast were very tasty and reasonably priced. We saw the cook after dinner and he took a great deal of pride in his food. Dave was great. He stopped by a night and we talked for a couple of hours. He has a wealth of experience in Indonesia and genuinely cares about the country and Indonnesians. Finally, my wife and I had a train that left at 1030 and the staff packed us a lunch, even though it was out of their comfort zone. All in all, a great stay.

Aaron Taylor的用户个人资料
Great place - really well designed in a beautiful area.
Thanks Aaron Glad you enjoyed it ! We have spent a lot of time considering and planning the design and construction. As a building junkie that's the real fun of it for me :) The beautiful area... we just got lucky. Thanks again for the nice review Hope to see you again soon Dave

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Yabbiekayu is managed by a small team of dedicated staff including;
The amazing Bakti the Guests Relations Manager who will probably email you and welcome you to join the online phone group to assist you with all your needs.
The truly awesome Babun our senior guest relations officer who will quite likely welcome you on arrival, and the charming and delightful Astina and JJ our guest relations officers who will probably meet you and assist during your stay.
All speak perfect English, have travelled overseas, and have extensive experience in assisting foreigners and Indonesians travelling through Yogya. Between them we are confident that they will be able to ensure you have a magnificent stay.

Yabbiekayu: A Yabbie is a small freshwater crustacean that lives in rivers in Australia, whilst Kayu is the Indonesian word for wood, hence the Wooden Yabbie. The name comes out of a crossover of the prior experience of the founder of Yabbiekayu running an internet publishing company in Australia where he was known as the bigyabbie. This combined with his lifelong obsession with timber, mixed with the feeling of joy of the expression "yippieayu!" lead to our unique name. In many ways the name sums up the experience of a foreigner living in a small village (pond) with a love for buildings made from natural local materials

Yabbiekayu was always intended as communal and friendly homestay, a place to meet like minded people, to relax and to act as a base for exploring the exciting range of activities that the lovely village of Tembi and the nearby city of Yogya have to offer.

At Yabbiekayu our goal is to be a model of ecologically sustainable tourism, creating quality employment for local people while sharing the remarkable experience of life in a small village in Java in sustainably built and managed bungalows. We offer a distinct Javanese style of highly personalised service and as such are here to assist you in any way to ensure your holiday is as perfect as possible, We can help out with requests from hiring motorbikes, masseurs or babysitters to finding a good optometrist, a secluded temple or an exciting art exhibition.

Our dream for Yabbiekayu is to be small, friendly, adaptable and flexible to your needs and wishes. We look forward to your visit.

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