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Room in Cambridge (Double and Furnished)
Room in Cambridge (Double and Furnished)
宽敞且布置良好的双人间位于Barnwell Road路的4室,设有花园。该房子位于靠近McDonalds的新市场路和Big Sainsbury商店附近的一个地区,靠近Coldhams Lane,从而可以进入餐厅和超市。轻松快捷地进入M11和A14,以及前往市中心和剑桥市中心的非常好的巴士路线。房子很好绝缘和温暖。车库为自行车和快速互联网宽带连接。
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A spacious & well furnished double room available in a 4bedroom house with garden located on Barnwell Road. The house is located in an area close to McDonalds's restaurant on New market Road & the Big Sainsbury Store close to Coldhams Lane thus providing access to a restaurant and a Supermarket. Easy & quick access to M11 & A14 and very good bus route to the City Centre and round Cambridge City. The house is very well insulated & warm. Garage for bikes and fast internet broadband connection.







A lovely family to stay for a quick stop over in Cambridge

I recommend this if you are looking for accommodation .

The house is very close to Cambridge, a little walk to the road can be reached 3 bus station. Twenty minutes to reach Cambridge. Really very convenient. Home quiet and clean. Bed is also very comfortable. The only downside is not to let us use the kitchen. With the price of the h…

Steve communicated with me regularly even though he was on holiday, I think when everyone's back from holiday along with his kid sister, the house could become quite congested especially in the morning when everyone wants to use the one bathroom! Steve is very friendly though, so…

comfortable room

After some miscommunication checking in, the host was nice and friendly, who mentioned, alot, about a previous guest who had caused him issues. Ultimately the host was reluctant to give me a key, but ultimately did. The room was nice, however based on thr standards elsewhere an…

My party had to arrive around 11:30pm due to our travel schedule and the host was not happy about it. We apologized multiple times, but he told us that his wife and himself is "pissed." The house rule indicates that check in is anytime after 3pm but this is a lie. If you cannot c…
What party are you on about? I am sorry we must have missed it. You seem to be as confused as even your review and obviously cannot tell the time correctly. Why will any host be "pissed" about the travel plans of a guest they don't even know? That don't even make sense. The way the Airbnb business model have been setup, a guest can either make a booking or reservation and notify a host about details of their arrival. You made a booking at our home 12 days before your scheduled arrival and told us the day before your arrival that you will be checking in late because you had to have a "proper dinner" after your travel before you started to head to our home. You first stated 12.50am which is actually the second day from the day you were suppose to arrive and I notified you that it was too late as my wife and kid would have been in bed at that time. You then stated 10-11pm on the day of your arrival and I had planned with my family for that time. 10-11pm is not the same as 3pm because anyone would know that at that time people are tired and worn-out for the day and about to retire to their beds. In the interest of clarity, you arrived at our home at exactly 12.15am which is actually the second day from when you were suppose to check-in thus leaving my wife and 1 year old kid waiting for you and your girl to arrive at our home when they should have been in bed. Unfortunately I was not at home to welcome you guys because of the nature of my job but my wife was available to welcome you and your girl and show you guys your room. The first impression you and your girl gave my wife as she try to usher you guys in was have your girl walk up the stairs in our home as though she knew where she was going to in the house while you were carrying the excess luggage you both had. My wife had to stop your ill-mannered girl and notified you guys to take off your shoes so as not to soil the carpet flooring while she showed you guys the room you all will be staying. (You confirm this in your response to my feedback on your profile which seems to be the only review on your profile even though you claim you have been using Airbnb for so many years and I'm surprised you never had any reviews). You claimed you had one towel in your room and if you needed anything, all you simply needed to do was ask. You said no one was around. Do you imply my wife left the house the night you arrived or you actually looked for someone around the house and there was no one? Maybe that should let me question my wife of her activities while I am at work. Thanks for revealing that light. Logically, for the reason that no one was around you perceived that you could use my wife's towel in the bathroom not only to clean yourselves but lay as a foot mat. You simply forgot to contact your host the same way you contacted them before your arrival or perhaps you did not have mobile network. The next day you and your girl left the house without notifying anyone of your possible time of return. How were you guys to know if your host would have been at home when you guys had returned from your outing? I found out about the use of my wife's towel plus you guys leaving our home unannounced and not knowing when you were going to return and I made a move to give you a call to discuss with you guys. You were simply rude over the phone and I expressed my displeasure about your whole attitude. I responded by telling you guys that I do not feel confident to leave for work that night and if you can make your way back as soon as possible so we can have a proper discussion in person. You responded by saying you and your girl were going to be back at our home by 9pm and I responded by saying I would have been at work at that time. With an attitude, you started to rudely ask me what the problem was and you were happy to leave if we are not happy to have you as our guest. I responded by saying my sentiments actually matches that opinion and I am happy to cancel your booking. You then said I will have to give you a full refund and I said I will charge you for the time you had stayed at our home. We have been on Airbnb for less than a year and have had good reviews from all the guest that had stayed at our home. All those folks couldn't have been wrong if we were such a bad host and I guess part of the reason you chose to stay with us too. This situation is one of a bad communication and an abysmal attitude which goes a long way to say a lot about your personality. Airbnb gives you access to means of accommodation which includes residential properties where people with real lives do habit and you cant just go to people's houses and assume things. I sincerely hope you can learn from this and work on your communication and attitude or you can just patronize a proper hotel next time.

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