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2BR cosy condo behind Orchard Shopping District
2BR cosy condo behind Orchard Shopping District




2 - 12岁


Please note all guests must check-in via HASSLE FREE Airport transfer only (for security). IT IS CHARGEABLE.Please check instructions and rates.

This two bedroom condo is a stone throw away from Orchard and Little India. The layout is simple yet its bright,colorful and cosy. Both bedrooms have queen beds. master room has a simple wardrobe. One bath with access door from both living area and master bed. Its is a typical modern apartment layout for small families of two adults and two children.


主门通往厨房区,配有炉灶,微波炉,水槽,冰箱,洗衣机和烘干机。主厅是一个开放区域,一个三座餐厅和一个带沙发和坐垫和灰色地毯的起居区。我们还有一个不想分享的人的一个很棒的扶手椅;)起居室的照明已经完成了一个主要荧光灯管,配有落地灯和LED面板。 LED面板通过动态光源设置,特别为生活区域带来了很多的色彩。客厅还设有一个小阳台,供户外放松身心。 这个公寓的最好的部分之一是颜色如何融合。居住区的基本颜色主题是黑暗的,餐厅是白色的,卧室是不同色彩的明亮,对比色的颜色.LED面板和垫子做的工作带来各种颜色,创造最有吸引力的环境。由于大窗户和玻璃门,整个公寓非常明亮。这当然使得公寓感觉比实际要大得多。 主卧室设有舒适的沙发大号床和带玻璃架子的衣柜。这当然使得衣柜感觉非常独特。浴室连接到主卧室,并设有浴缸内的浴缸。第二间卧室更紧凑,只需一张适合整个卧室的大号床。这间卧室的床是可折叠的,以便客人如果愿意打开床房门。如果客人不想保持房间关闭,还有一个窗帘可以用作门。卧室门有木制框架,玻璃嵌入中心。 这间公寓比我们提供的最好。我个人喜欢住在这间公寓,总是在没有预订的情况下留下机会留下来。希望你喜欢这个公寓,就像我做的那样:)
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The main door opens to the kitchen area complete with stove, microwave, sink, refrigerator, washer and dryer. The main hall is open area with a three seater dining set and a living area complete with a sofa and cushions and grey rug. We also have an great armchair of people who don't want to share ;) the lighting in the living room has been done with a main fluorescent tube complemented by a floor lamp and LED panels. the LED panels in particular bring a lot of color to the living area through its dynamic light settings. The living room also has a small balcony for outdoor relaxation.
One of the best part of this apartment is how the colors blend in. While the basic color theme of the living area is dark, the dining is white and the bedrooms are different shades of bright, contrasting colors.LED panels and cushions do the job of bringing in a variety of colors to create the most appealing environment. The whole apartment is extremely bright owing to the large window panels and glass doors. It certainly makes the apartment feel much bigger than it actually is.
The main bedroom has a comfy divan queen size bed and a wardrobe with shelves made of glass. It certainly makes the wardrobe feel very unique. The bath is connected to the main bedroom and features a bath tub that is built into the floor of the bath. The second bedroom is much more compact with just a queen size bed that fits the entire bedroom. The bed in this bedroom is foldable to allow the guests to open the bed room door if they wish to. there is a also a curtain tha can used as a door subsitute if the guests do not wish to keep the room closed. The bedroom doors have wooden frames with glass embedded at the center.
This apartment is better than the best we offered. I personally enjoy staying in this apartment and always take the opportunity to stay whenever there are no bookings. Hope you love this apartment as much as I do :)


24小时免费检查 我们为所有客人安排了机场接送服务。指定人员将从机场接您,在住宿下车,帮您行李,办理入住手续和了解规定。 收费(新加坡元的固定费用) 四名或以下客人携带行李(5座轿车) - $ 30(午夜抵达后10美元附加费)。 五位客人及以上(七人厢式货车) - 四十元 您需要直接向车主付款,如需预订,请提供以下详细信息: 1.联系方式 - 如果你正在漫游,你的海外号码。如果您想从机场购买$ 10 SIM卡,请通过文字或电话通知我们。 2.航班号/抵达时间(接机) 3.客人人数:成人/儿童 我们关心客人的需求。因此,我们将为您带来更多的支持和关心,如您所期待的更多的酒店。我们为您提供毛巾,洗发水,洗手液,牙膏,吹风机和熨斗 我们有一个设备齐全的厨房,烹饪设备和杯子给客人。厨房配有易于使用的水壶和标准尺寸的微波炉。炊具也可用于轻煎,如煎蛋和法国吐司 客人还可以使用24/7全天候(100 Mbps)的无线网络连接,洗衣机和冰箱。
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we have arranged airport transfers for all our guests. The designated personnel will pick you from the airport, drop off at the accommodation, help with your luggage, check-in and understanding of rules.
Charges (flat fee in Singapore Dollars)
Four or less guests with luggage (5 seater sedan)- $30 ( $ 10 surcharge for after midnight arrival).
Five guests and above (7 seater van) - $40

You'll need to PAY BY CASH directly to the driver, For booking, please provide the following details:
1. Contact details - Your overseas number if you’re on roaming. If you prefer to buy a $10 SIM card from the airport , please let us know via text or call.
2. Flight Number / Arrival Time ( Pick Up Terminal)
3. Number of Guests: Adults/Children
We care about the needs of a guest. Hence we bring you as much support and care as you'd be expect from hotel and more. We provide you with towel(s) , shampoo, hand wash, toothpaste, hair dryer and iron
We have a kitchen fully equipped with utensils, cooking equipment and cups for guests. The kitchen has a easy-to-use kettle and a standard size microwave. The cooker can also be used for light cooking such as omelette and french toast
Guests also have access to WiFi 24/7 ( 100 Mbps),Washing Machine and and fridge.


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We will give you the privacy we feel you deserve. It's our promise to bring the best of AirBnB to you. We generally do the check-ins personally. We love to meet our guests and we would definitely try to come meet you during your stay if we are unavailable for check-in


24小时免费检查 我们为所有客人安排了机场接送服务。指定人员将从机场接您,在住宿下车,帮您行李,办理入住手续和了解规定。 收费(新加坡元的固定费用) 四名或以下客人携带行李(5座轿车) - $ 30(午夜抵达后10美元附加费)。 五位客人及以上(七人厢式货车) - 四十元 你需要直接付钱给司机。 这不是一个企业。独立承包商从事这项服务。我们将在每月底支付大量资金,以保持价格在这个水平。 轿车价格相当(如果不低于)出租车费用。出租车不提供直接登记入住。它也会为您找到找到公寓的麻烦。许多客人在第一次旅行中遇到问题找到公寓。 它保证您的支票不管航班延误或任何其他不可预见的情况。 我们对此造成的任何不便深表歉意,并尽可能明确地保留这些信息。私有财产具有严格的安全性,签证只能通过授权人员进行
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we have arranged airport transfers for all our guests. The designated personnel will pick you from the airport, drop off at the accommodation, help with your luggage, check-in and understanding of rules.
Charges (flat fee in Singapore Dollars)
Four or less guests with luggage (5 seater sedan)- $30 ( $ 10 surcharge for after midnight arrival).
Five guests and above (7 seater van) - $40

You'll need to PAY BY CASH directly to the driver.

This is not a business venture. Independent contractors are engaged in this particular service. We will pay them a bulk amount at the end of every month in order to keep prices at this level.
Sedan price is equal (if not lower) than the taxi fare. Taxis don’t offer you direct check-in. It will also save you the trouble of finding the apartment. A lot of guests have experienced issues finding the apartment on their first trip.
It guarantees your check in regardless of flight delays or any other unforeseen circumstances.

We do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this additional fee has caused and have tried our best to keep this information as explicit as possible. Private properties have strict security and check-ins can only be done via authorized personnel only

可住: 5
卫生间: 1
卧室: 2
床铺: 3
入住时间: 15:00后
退房时间: 10:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓
自助入住: 门卫


额外房客: 11 / 晚 多于3位房客
清洁费: 29
押金: 377
满1周立减: 5%
周末价格: 150 / 晚



- NOTE: Once booking is made, please provide contact number, flight number, flight number and arrival time to book the HASSLE FREE CHECK IN
- Please note that the space isn't big enough for parties.
- We do not welcome unauthorized guests/ visitors. Only guests who booked the apartment will be allowed to stay in the premise.
- Check-out times are strict. We generally have back-to-back bookings
- It's a non-smoking environment . Smoking is allowed in the balcony only. You're expected to keep the apartment neat and tidy during the entire stay.
- Please use only what you need. Switch off the air-conditioning when you're not present, turn the water heater off after use. Waste of resources is undesirable.
- You will not cause harm to anything in the apartment. Any damage will result in bad feedback and consequent claims.
- Please wash the dishes after using. We have also placed a waste-bin beside the main door.
- We only allow light cooking. Guest may use the microwave. The kitchen isn't equipped for heavy cooking unfortunately.
- Please leave your shoes inside the house. You may use any available space in the shoe cupboard. You may also use the umbrella stand to keep your wet umbrella.
- We have the right to cancel bookings for fussy guests and/or guests who make unreasonable requests. We have the right to stop you from staying in the apartment if you're inconsiderate to us. AirBnB hosts should be treated with respect under all circumstances
- Due to enhanced security at the premise, check-ins can only be done via our HASSLE FREE CHECK-IN.





2017年9月01日 - 2018年1月01日起最少住宿2晚


한꾹인덜만 얄아보꼐쓰게쓰미다. 집 위치좋아요. 예뻐요. 호쓰뜨랑 몌쎼찌하능뎨 껍나느려오. 꺼의 안댄따꼬 뽀면댑미댜. 끄리고 찝 뜰어갸는뎨 연략안대서 얖에서 쌉씹뿐 기댜려뜸미다. 열씨 쪠끄아윳인뎨 야횹시 오씹쌈뿐에 뮨 뚜들기미다.. 열씨예 냐갼다니꺄 왕째려뽀니다. 좋은숙소입니다. 위치는 좋아요.

It was the worst condominium ever recorded. When we walked into a condominium hostel, there were more than 10 cigarette butts on the balcony. And the refrigerator contained the food that someone ate. We didn't want to stay here for a moment. Now we feel like we're out of hell.

Two of us stayed in the apartment, the bed was comfortable and apartment clean. All amenities as described. In a quiet neighbour hood. Good space for two people.

The communication regarding check in turned into a bigger drama than it needed to be on couple of levels. I had requested if we could get into the apartment early, and I understand the host was probably trying to be helpful and hold out in case the place was free for us, but trying to clarify dragged on and an early 'no' would have made planning easier. When I finally got the check in details, fortunatley I spotted they were for the wrong apartment. When the apartment details were confirmed, on the day my travel I was given local telephone numbers for the persons servicing the apartments. Unfortunaly when we arrived there was no response from either number. It was fortunate I managed to track down the building caretaker who was helpful. The photos are flattering of size. To give an idea of reality, the first picture shows a grey sofa, which for perspective is only a two seater. The door has been reoved from the second room as it is filled with the bed. Saying all of this the apartment is good value, for Singapore, and a few people staying togther. It is also in a good location.

Nous sommes très content d'avoir choisi cet appartement. La communication avec BB Homes est parfaite. Nous voyagions avec nos 3 enfants et l'appartement répondait à nos attentes. Propreté, situation géographique, rapport qualité prix. Highly recommanded !

Close to amenities, clean and tidy apt - just like how it was featured in the airbnb ad. Host may need to improve on communication speed and follow ups.

In general, it s ok to stay


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BB Homes的用户个人资料

Hi there!
I am an expatriate living in Singapore for the past four years. I came here five years ago to do my Bachelor's Degree and am currently working as a teacher. I aspire to be an entrepreneur someday. I love to meet travelers like you and hear your stories!
I have been an AirBnB host for about a year now. I admit it, I was quite skeptic about it in the beginning, but a year down the road, I feel that it was an awesome decision. Throughout all this time, I have met some truly wonderful people. It's unbelievable how diverse people and their cultures can be and yet how easily people can connect with each other over the simplest of things. I think that the most disappointing part of being a host is that these awesome people will leave eventually.
As a host, I would describe myself as amiable and sociable. I feel I am quite liberal and love to hold a deep conversation on pretty much anything. I always have a thirst for knowledge and I believe meeting new people gives me the opportunity to learn about fascinating new things.
I believe if you've read till here it means that you must be quite interested in our house or might have made the booking already. Well, frankly it can be quite difficult to write about one's own self so I guess I will just leave it here and patiently wait to meet you in person.. Hope you have a great stay in Singapore : )

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