HUGE LIVING ROOM with lots of seating options.2 windows that let in  lots of natural light, with 3 different curtain/shade options to block some or all of the light.
Master Suite w Bath in SoHo/Nolita
Master Suite w Bath in SoHo/Nolita
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Located in the heart of Nolita, SoHo's boutique neighbor, this large Master Bedroom has it's own private ensuite bathroom and everything you need to comfortably call it home: 2 empty closets, a desk, 11 empty drawers, luggage racks, and USB outlets await. Not to mention full access to a spacious and sunlit living room & fully stocked kitchen. This apartment is on the 2nd floor of an elevator/door man building. Please read on...


嗨!以下是我们3间卧室,2间卧室公寓的详细描述。我们希望您的大部分问题都能得到回答,但可以帮助您解决任何问题。更重要的是,我们期待着可以托管你! 可用性: 我们的日历总是最新的(不需要问) 定价与最低价: 定价根据星期几和月份而异。我们的标准最低入住天数为4,但我们会根据可用性和其他预订情况积极更改。如果您有特殊要求,我们很乐意为您提供较短的住宿时间,因此请随时与我们联系。 位置位置: 我们的公寓位于Nolita的心脏地带(直接位于SoHo东部,位于曼哈顿下城中心),迅速成为NYC最受欢迎的社区。如果你不熟悉,Airbnb的描述就是: “作为时尚潮流的小社区,Nolita将精湛的设计精品店与精湛的设计精品店融合在一起,让人们从前面的舞台上欣赏到人们的简单乐趣,这个时尚友好的社区由狭窄的街道,图画完美的窗户展示,和人行道咖啡馆,邀请您沉迷于一杯精致的浓缩咖啡。轻松步行和舒适的古雅,诺丽塔面对冷静的热点时不会面对竞争。 Nolita具有独特的外观和感觉,使其成为城市中最高的房地产价格。但为什么要为Nolita的酒店支付$ 500 +的费用,或者是在距离酒店10分钟的350美元?留在我们一个2倍大小的套房,进入一个精美的公寓(更多在下面),以及良好的公司/当地的知识:) 不要指望看到大品牌和典型的第五大道/百老汇零售商。 Nolita拥有一家餐厅和酒吧,设计师精品店,小画廊和利基购物场所;你会发现无数的选择,像隐藏的宝石。在我们的街区有2个米高的星级餐厅! 当然,当你准备出发去曼哈顿的其他地区的时候,我们也是中心地带,距离城市最好的社区几分钟:SoHo,Lower East Side,Little Italy,West Village,Meatpacking,Union Square ,格林威治村,东村等。几条主要的地铁/地铁线距离酒店仅有几分钟步行路程(6,NR,B,D,F,M,J,Z),附近的威廉斯堡大桥允许您探索布鲁克林缓解。 建筑细节 我们的公寓位于电梯楼的二楼,兼职门卫(早上8点 - 午夜)。所有走廊/楼梯间都设有一个内部庭院,带长椅的花园和灯光。在我们的街区是伊丽莎白街花园,提供了一个很好的逃脱午餐,阅读一本书,或日光浴,完成与草,花园,桌椅。 公寓详细信息 该单位是3间卧室2间浴室公寓,面积为1,100平方英尺,对于Nolita(纽约州)而言很大。一个长长的走廊从前门前往生活/公共休息室,占地面积23 x 16英尺。有一个大沙发,两把椅子,一把阅览椅和一个带座位的餐桌。 厨房是厨房风格,拥有所有必需品,以及法国新闻和航空印刷机,用于制作完美的咖啡。我们很乐意为您提供包括冰箱在内的所有设施,但最好是客人将烹饪时间保持在最低限度。 主卧室沿着另一个走廊,经过公共浴室,朝向公寓的后面。 主卧室/浴室 主人套房设有一张大号床(Sealy Beautyrest),2个空橱柜,一个大抽屉(全部为6个抽屉),一个带存储和USB插座的桌子,行李架,当地指南,空调,风扇和行李架我们已经尽可能容易地为客人解开并安置到新的家中。 浴室新装修,有2个空抽屉和空药柜,配有所有必需品:肥皂,沐浴露,洗发水,护发素,吹风机,卫生纸等。 请注意:这是一个带淋浴的3/4浴缸 - 没有浴缸。由于某些原因,浴缸安装在普通浴室(如果需要,欢迎使用它)。 TOWELS / SHEETS: 每个客人都提供浴巾,手巾,洗布,床上总是会有一张新鲜的床单。如果您在入住期间想要一个干净的变化,我们会将其留给您。 理想顾客: 旅行者,情侣和专业人士。只要你们尊重,我们会相处得很好! 你的主人: 我们是33岁和34岁的两个朋友(男性),在我们自己的创业公司工作,并分享主人套装 我们的3间卧室2浴室公寓与家人,朋友和Airbnb。 我们喜欢旅游,会见新朋友,保持一个干净整洁的公寓,和好的交谈。虽然我们在家里工作,但我们的书桌就在我们的卧室里(我们长时间工作/晚上),而且我们定期出发。 注意:我们中的一个人总是有机会旅行。在这种情况下,朋友或其他Airbnb客人可能会留在对方的卧室,否则将会空白(更可能是后者)。
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Hi! Below is a detailed description of our 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom apartment. We hope that most of your questions will be answered but can help with any specifics. More importantly, we look forward to the possibility of hosting you!

Our calendar is always up to date (no need to ask)

Pricing varies based on day of week and month of year. Our standard minimum number of nights is 4, but we actively change it based on availability and other bookings. If you have a special request, we are happy to entertain shorter stays, so feel free to contact us.

Our apartment is in the heart of Nolita (directly east of SoHo, in the center of Lower Manhattan), which has quickly become NYC’s most sought after neighborhood. If you’re not familiar with it, Airbnb’s description is spot on:

"As the trendiest little neighborhood you're still hearing about, Nolita combines the sophisticated allure of designer boutiques with the simple pleasure of people-watching from front stoops. This fashionable and friendly neighborhood is composed of narrow streets, picture-perfect window displays, and sidewalk cafes that invite you to indulge in a cup of fine espresso. Easily walkable and cozily quaint, Nolita faces no competition when it comes to cool hotspots."

Nolita has a unique look and feel that makes it worth the highest real estate prices in the city. But why pay $500+ for a hotel in Nolita, or $350+ to be 10 minutes away? Stay with us for a suite 2x the size, access to a beautifully appointed apartment (more on that below), and good company/local knowledge :)

Don’t expect to see big name brands and the typical 5th Avenue / Broadway retailers. Nolita is home to one of a kind restaurants & bars, designer boutiques, tiny galleries, and niche shopping destinations; you’ll find countless options that feel like hidden gems. There are 2 michelin star restaurants on our block!

Of course, when you are ready to venture out to other areas of Manhattan, we are also very central located and minutes from all of the best neighborhoods in the city: SoHo, Lower East Side, Little Italy, West Village, Meatpacking, Union Square, Greenwich Village, East Village etc. Several major subway/metro lines are just a few minutes walk away (6, N R, B, D, F, M, J, Z), and the nearby Williamsburg Bridge allows you to explore Brooklyn with ease.

Our apartment is on the second floor of an elevator building with a part-time doorman (8am - midnight). There is an interior courtyard, a garden with benches, and lighting in all of the hallways/stairwells. On our block is the Elizabeth Street Garden, providing a nice escape for lunch, reading a book, or sunbathing, complete with grass, gardens, tables and chairs.

The unit is a 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom condo, and at 1,100 square feet, it’s large for Nolita (and New York for that matter). A long hallway leads from the front door to the living/common room, which dominates the floor plan at 23 x 16 feet. There is a large couch, two side chairs, a reading chair, and a dining room table with seating for 4.

The kitchen is galley style and has all of the essentials, along with a french press and aero press for making the perfect coffee. We are happy to provide access to everything, including the refrigerator, but would prefer guests to keep cooking to a minimum.

The master bedroom is straight down another hallway, past the common bathroom, and towards the back of the apartment.

The master suite has a queen sized bed (Sealy Beautyrest), 2 empty closets, a large chest of drawers (all 6 are empty), a desk with storage & USB outlets, luggage racks, a local guidebook, air conditioner, fan, and luggage racks. We've made it as easy as possible for our guests to unpack and settle into their new home.

The bathroom is newly renovated, has 2 empty drawers & empty medicine cabinet, and comes with all of the essentials: soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, toilet paper, etc.
Please note: this is a 3/4 bath with a shower - there is no bathtub. For some reason the bathtub was installed in the common bathroom (you're welcome to use it if need be).

Each guest is provided with a bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, and the bed will always have a fresh change of sheets. If you want a clean change during your stay, we'll leave that up to you.

Travelers, couples, and professionals. As long as you're respectful, we'll get along great!

We are two friends (male), ages 33 and 34, that work on our own startups and share the master suite of our 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with family, friends, and Airbnb.
We love traveling, meeting new people, keeping a clean and tidy apartment, and good conversation. Although we work from home, our desks are in our bedrooms (we work long days/nights), and we are out and about on a regular basis.

Note: There’s always a good chance that one of us is traveling. In that event, a friend or another Airbnb guest may stay in the other's bedroom, or it will simply go vacant (more likely the latter).


所有的公共空间,虽然我们期望你使用你的连接浴室(除非你真的需要洗澡!)。 一旦您的预订得到确认,您将收到关于如何在入住期间入住的详细说明。 注意:您不必计划在下午4点之后抵达任何特定时间,您可以按照提供的说明自行进行。 提前和晚期签到请求将根据可用性收取额外费用。
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All of the common spaces, although we do expect you to use your ensuite bathroom (unless you really need a bath!).
Once your reservation is confirmed, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to get in and out during your stay.
NOTE: you do not have to plan on arriving at any particular time after the 4pm check-in - you'll be able to let yourself in on your own, following the instructions that will be provided.
Early and late checkin requests are subject to an additional fee based on availability.


我们是朋友,是的,我们在客厅里闲逛。通常是观看电视节目,或者吃午餐/晚餐,然后再回到我们的卧室(或与朋友一起出去玩耍)。大多数的周末,我们将在晚上很好地工作。在周末,我们充分利用纽约市的所有功能。我们希望您感到欢迎,欢迎您加入我们。你是我们的客人,我们希望你让自己在家里,并利用共同的空间(如果你是这么倾向的话),让我们知道我们。 我们非常乐意提供当地的建议,甚至可以带你出城去!
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We are friends, so yes, we hang out in the living room. Often times it's to watch a TV show, or to eat lunch/dinner...and then it's back to work in our bedrooms (or out with friends). Most weeknights we'll be working well into the evening. On the weekends we make the most of what NYC has to offer. We want you to feel welcome, and you're more than welcome to join us. You're our guest, and we hope you make yourself at home and utilize the common space (and get to know us if you're so inclined).

We're more than happy to offer local suggestions, or perhaps even take you out on the town!


虽然我们是家伙,我们非常干净,整洁,有组织(甚至有点OCD :)所有我们要求的是,我们的客人对待公寓,就像是自己的一样,我们会尽全力树立好榜样!
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Although we are guys, we are very clean, tidy, and organized (perhaps even a little OCD :) All that we ask is that our guests treat the apartment as if it were their own...and we'll do our best to set a good example!


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $45
押金 $299
满1周立减: 5%
周末价格 $215 / 晚


入住时间为16:00 - 00:00

We ask that you 1) don't smoke in the apartment or out the windows, 2) don't bring back unexpected guests, and 3) be respectful of late night noise.





Great location and a very clean room that was as comfy as a hotel room. Nolan and Kyle were great hosts who kindly accommodated our check-in and check-out requests. They also recommended many local restaurants and coffee shops to check out and we loved all of them!

I couldn't ask for a better stay! I used to pay $300/night at a hotel in mid town and Nolan's place was 1000 times better! Location : I honestly can't tell you how far it is from the subway station as I only used Lyft and Via. But there are restaurants(Cafe Habana-Grilled corn is a MUST!, Prince Street Pizza, The Butcher's Daughter-Amazing Iced Latte), Boutiques(No name brand but very stylish) and Locally Hand-made Accessory shops and a small convenient store all in 2 -3 blocks away. It is super close to Brooklyn and Chelsea which we spent most of our time - for $5-$10, you can get to most of places with Lyft and Via Apartment : The room was very cozy and clean and the bed was super comfy. The room was quite larger than most of the hotel rooms I've stayed in NYC. It has 2 larger sized closets and a dresser. The bathroom was also a decent size and was very clean. It has two large drawers under the sink that both of us were able to place our makeups and other items. All in all, it has more than enough storage spaces for two of us. I loved the courtyard and the doormen were super friendly.

Nolan's place was perfect for my trip! Clean, quiet, and in a great neighborhood. Nolan was incredibly accommodating as well. I would definitely recommend his place to anyone travelling to NYC!

Amazing stay! This is a great location and a very nice apartment to stay at while visiting NYC. Would definitely stay again.

The apartment was very comfortable & the room was great. Clean & well appointed with plenty of closet space, kettle, desk to work, & room to move around. Nolan & Kyle were helpful & charming hosts. I was very happy & the building also great, doorman too. Thank you.

Wonderful, private room which is in the perfect location downtown. Easy check in and very organized and clean room.

Awesome place to stay!

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Tech entrepreneur, originally from Florida, living in Nolita - New York City. I'm well traveled, easy going, organized & tidy, and enjoy meeting new people.

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