Perched above the two streams that join in a bubbling rush. You will be alone
Chiang Mai Hut in jungle




2 - 12岁


A place of peaceful solitude, for rest, meditation, creation, with no distractions apart from listening, to nature, to yourself.
To get here you will travel through the real Thailand, where food is grown and generations of proud Thais thrive.


The first, last and constant sound is of rushing water. You will be alone, completely safe, but alone, in the hut set at the foot of terraced farmland, and perched above the confluence of two streams running with water fresh from the mountain that looms over you. There are no amenities. No showers, no toilet, no electricity. You cook on an open fire in the hut. Clean river water is rushing by, if it gets hot, or you want a wash.

Bring your journal, your guitar, your drawing supplies, your books, your ocarina, your hoopla hoop, your book, your imagination. You will not want to leave, and we will not be surprised if you to book for 2 days but then want to stay longer. Subject to bookings stay as long as you want (but, to be truthful, I do not expect to be rushed with bookings as I appreciate this is not for everyone).

Let the Thai jungle, the solitude, the utter peacefulness subdue your worries and cleanse you. Meditate. Ponder. Create. Sit still and listen to the world around you continue on its merry way. Contemplate why you bother worrying at all.

We will come each morning with fresh water, food for the day, and anything else you ask for that we can supply. We are happy to join you for breakfast (my wife is Thai and a great cook), or conversation and company, but equally will be happy to drop supplies and then leave you alone.

You will sleep in the open air, but inside the dry, modest hut covered by a mosquito net.


The Hut, the jungle, the river - all that you can see and hear is yours to enjoy.

This area is ethnically Karen, with it's own distinct language and traditional dress. While the hut is your destination you will also enjoy spending time within this community. In fact we have air conditioned guest accommodation at our house that it is possible you can use, depending on your arrival time, expectations and appreciation of traditional Thai culture.


This hut is 2km from our home at Huay Mai Hok, which is 250km SW of Chiang Mai in the real Thailand, away from bustling city traffic and noise, across mountains and through shaded valleys. You can take the bus at a cost of ฿500/person each way, or we can collect you in our top of the line pickup at the same cost. Let us know which you prefer when you book so, if the bus, we can appropriately discount the "cleaning" (transport) fee. The bus leaves Chiang Mai at 5am and gets here around 11am. We can meet you and take you to the hut. Or if you opt for us to bring you we will leave at a time suitable to you, and get here around 6 hours later.

We will supply all your food and clean drinking water, toilet paper and anything else we can reasonably supply.

At least daily we will bring supplies, if you like we can cook you a meal or even enough for the day. But then you're on your own. We live 2km away in Huai Mai Hok.


You will be isolated with a 2km walk to the nearest help, so take care. Walking up the terraces will get you a phone signal. You will have our numbers and we will be ready to assist in any emergency 24 hours a day. There are medical facilities locally, and the nearest major hospital is 70km away.

Our nightly charge includes all food and water, whatever of our time you request, and bear in mind that all funds from your stay will stay in our local community. We are listing this to share the place and, as importantly, to bring a few tourist dollars/baht into this poor farming community. Who knows, if others see what we are doing maybe locals will see Huay Mai Hok has more to offer than just arable land. Believe me, it does.

可住: 2
卫生间: 0
床型: 日式床垫
卧室: 单间
床铺: 1
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客: 无需付费
清洁费: 62
押金: 155


There might be the occasional local Thai farmer crossing our land - a friendly Sawati Krap for men or Sawati Ka for women is all that's needed.








清迈, 泰国注册时间:五月 2012

I retired in Australia in 2015 (Business Systems Consultant) and moved to Thailand to be with my partner, Orr, and our 2 Thai kids. I was attracted not just to her, but to the Thai people and their generally joyous and appreciative approach to life.

I live with Orr in a small Thai (actually ethnic Karen) farming village in the mountains about 250km sw of Chiang Mai. We built our house here over 2 years using local materials and labour We bought and lived in the condo in Chiang Mai while our house was constructed, and we now visit Chiang Mai irregularly.

I have a simple life, devoid of the complications and occasional unnecesary dramas of city life. Being a farming community all we eat is locally sourced, the air is clean and the skys clear.

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