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Wes Morgan's Bear Creek
Wes Morgan's Bear Creek

4 bed 3 bath pool home with games room and free internet, wonderful location for Disney , shopping and the beaches as well as Orlando City soccer


Welcome to HAPPINESS HOUSE! The place where dreams come true! brbrThis fantastic 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa in the popular Indian Creek development is perfectly located just 2.5 miles from Disney! Being so close to Disney, you can see Magic Kingdom fireworks at night! Your dream vacation begins as soon as you walk through the front door! brbrThis dream home has been especially equipped, decorated and furnished to provide you with upmost comfort and relaxation! This fantastic property welcomes you with a spacious dining room and living room with a 42 Flat Screen HDTV and a Blue Ray/DVD player. brbrTop quality mattresses await you in either the king sized bedroom or the queen sized bedroom! Kids will be excited to discover the magical Mickey Mouse room and the Wall E room! All rooms are equipped with cable and HDTV. brbrThe fully equipped modern kitchen fitted with brand new appliances will please the more demanding! brbrFor those rainy days, the games room will be your salvation with its pool table and air-hockey table.brbrCatch some rays by the private in-ground pool or enjoy some farniente under the lanai.brbrExercise yourself on the nearby tennis and basketball courts. Kids and toddlers will love the playground just around the corner.brbrStay in touch with your loved ones with unlimited calls to the USA and CANADA and WIFI high speed Internet! brbrLet your dream vacation begin! br


清洁费 $135



Cleaning fees are paid on bookings of 5 nights or less.

3 Bedroom $70.00
4 Bedroom $80.00
5 Bedroom $90.00
6 Bedroom $100.00
7 Bedroom $120.00


Maximum occupancy is based upon 2 guests sleeping on either a sofa bed or rollaway bed. If property has no pull out sofa, the supplier must deliver sufficient rollaway beds at no extra charge.

3 Bedroom sleeps 8
4 Bedroom sleeps 10
5 Bedroom sleeps 1(URL HIDDEN)
6 bedroom sleeps 1(URL HIDDEN)
7 bedroom sleeps 1(URL HIDDEN)
STANDARD CLASSIFICATION and every category of home must include as a minimum the following:(URL HIDDEN)This is the equivalent of a 3-star hotel. Generally older properties, with economy priced furniture, linens, fixtures and fittings. Signs of wear and tear can be expected although cleanliness must be impeccable. Care should be taken to ensure that the tops of surfaces (e.g. stair rails, picture frames, refrigerators, televisions, silk plants, A/C vents) are free of dust and the underneath of beds and furniture is similarly free of dust or debris. Drawers and cupboards should be empty of unnecessary items and clean. Whilst inexpensive towels and linens are acceptable they must be clean and free of stains and tears. All lighting must be operable.

* Private screened (heated on request) pool with a minimum of two loungers and a table and four chairs. Pool net provided on request.
* Fully equipped kitchen with oven, four hob range, fridge-freezer, microwave, coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster, large and small pots and pans, baking trays, matching set of cutlery,
plates and glasses for maximum occupancy level and a washing machine and drye(URL HIDDEN)Television in the living area with basic satellite or cable service. Living room must include a three seat sofa along with a two seat sofa, or two chairs.
* Telephone and free Wi Fi(URL HIDDEN)
* Generally a queen or double bed in the master bedroom, a double bed in the second bedroom, two singles in the third, two singles in the fourth and either a double or two singles in each additional bedroom. A pull out sofa bed or rollaway beds must be provided for maximum occupancy levels. Two sets of linens for each bed.
* Minimum of two bathrooms. Two bath towels, one hand towel per person for maximum occupancy level, at least one hairdryer.
* Vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, broom and dustpan


This is the equivalent of a 4-star hotel. These properties are generally newer, often larger and should show minimal signs of wear and tear. Bedding and linens should be of a higher quality than those found in standard homes and all fixtures and fittings should be noticeably more expensive.(URL HIDDEN)Amenities are as the standard properties, although there should be a DVD player and a second television in the master bedroom. Televisions should be of a flat screen plasma / LCD type and be a minimum of 36 in the living room and 19 in the master bedroom.

Executive gated properties must be located within enclosed subdivisions with locking gates. Access should be limited to residents and authorized guests and granted via security coded gates.

This is the equivalent of a 5-star hotel. These properties should meet the expectations of more discerning clients who demand the best. They should show no signs of wear and tear; carpets must be free of stains, walls and paintwork must be in excellent condition and all furniture, fixtures and fittings must be newer and of a premium quality. Any necessary repairs required after guest departure must be undertaken prior to next guest use(URL HIDDEN)
Amenities are as the executive properties, although there should be flat screen 19 televisions in the additional bedrooms, a stereo player or IPOD docking station available, Wi-Fi throughout the property and additional patio furniture if space permits. The television in the living room should be at least 42 and have enhanced cable or satellite. Landscaping must be appealing and well taken care of; dried grass less areas should not be visible and fresh mulch or another, similar decorative element should be on all grassed areas.
Deluxe with Game Room - Games rooms must include a games console with a minimum of two games, a soft tip dartboard, billiard / pool table and additional table game (e.g. soccer, air hockey).

All equipment must be in good working order. The games console can be located in a separate room. Proper lighting, fans or A/C and a table and chairs are recommended but not required.
Deluxe with Spa - Spas must be in good working order and advice on its use, either in person or by way of manual needs to be made readily available.

RESORT CLASSIFICATION(URL HIDDEN)This is the equivalent of a 5-star hotel. These properties are always located within enclosed subdivisions with locking, guarded gates. Access should be limited to residents and authorized guests and is granted via 24-hour manned security gates(URL HIDDEN)
Amenities are as the deluxe properties, although the subdivisions will include a community pool and clubhouse, often with gym, tennis courts, games room, movie room and bar(URL HIDDEN)RESERVATIONS, ADMINISTRATION, ACCOUNTING (and the small print(URL HIDDEN)
The supplier confirms that Florida Sunbright can consider all of its reservations as confirmed bookings. The supplier acknowledges that it will be held financially
accountable should it be unable to accommodate bookings previously confirmed. Furthermore, the supplier agrees to offer a suitable alternative for consideration.
Reservations will include the clients full name, arrival date and duration, exact accommodation and facilities required and any special requests. Special requests are to be noted by the supplier and every attempt made to accommodate them(URL HIDDEN)Amendments / changes by Florida Sunbright - Any changes to confirmed bookings will be emailed or faxed to the supplier promptly. If it is not possible to accommodate the change, the supplier agrees that Florida Sunbright may cancel the booking subject to the standard Florida Sunbright cancellation charges(URL HIDDEN)Amendments / changes by the supplier - The supplier will not alter any booking unless circumstances occur that are beyond its control or that would adversely affect a client’s enjoyment of the accommodation booked. If it is necessary to change a confirmed booking the supplier will notify Florida Sunbright as soon as possible to offer comparable alternatives for consideration. Florida Sunbright will then either accept the changed arrangements and a compensation payment, or cancel the booking without cancellation charge or compensation payment. In these circumstances the compensation offered will be not less than 15% of the supplier’s invoice for the original booking and once accepted will constitute a full and final settlement of any possible future claim by the client.(URL HIDDEN)Cancellations - Whenever possible the supplier will avoid passing cancellation charges back to Florida Sunbright, however when unavoidable the following charges apply:

8 business days or more in advance of arrival date - No charge, 7 to 3 business days in advance of arrival date 50 % of invoice cost, 2 days or less 100% of invoice cos(URL HIDDEN)Curtailment - In the event that a client curtails their vacation, the supplier agrees to make every effort to cancel accommodation without cancellation charges(URL HIDDEN)Quality control and customer care - Florida Sunbright conducts random daily inspections, the purpose of which is to maintain a database of photographs and
information to assist in the grading of homes. These are not detailed inspections, but are more of an exercise in due diligence to ensure the quality of homes provided meets the promised criteria for each product classification. The supplier agrees that it will maintain a quality control procedure to ensure that safe and clean homes are provided to Florida Sunbright. Should a home on inspection be found to be of a substandard quality, the supplier understands that Florida Sunbright may cancel the booking without penalty(URL HIDDEN)Conflict resolution - The supplier agrees to resolve any justifiable complaints in resort within 24 hours of emailed notification from American Sunshine Vacations Inc. Should a client present 5 or more genuine issues with a home, the supplier acknowledges that a change of accommodation may be offered as an option to the client. The supplier will be given the opportunity to relocate the client, but if suitable alternative accommodation cannot be provided, Florida Sunbright will relocate the clients and reclaim any associated costs and compensation from the supplier. In the unlikely event that a situation cannot be resolved within 24 hours, Florida Sunbright reserves the right to cancel the booking without cancellation charge. Furthermore, should Florida Sunbright consider it necessary to make a financial payment to client, the supplier agrees to fully reimburse Florida Sunbright for any expense incurred. Customer care and maintenance services are required 7 days a week, in the event that supplier does not respond in a timely manner Florida Sunbright reserves the right to coordinate solutions to problems at the supplier’s expense (to include cleaning and minor property maintenance).

Should any client seek compensation for a justifiable, unresolved complaint on their return home, Florida Sunbright will negotiate with the client and supplier to determine a mutually agreeable compensation payment that will then be deducted from the supplier.(URL HIDDEN)Building work, service loss, pest infestation - The supplier must advise Florida Sunbright of any building work taking place within 2 properties to the front, sides and rear of a clients property, as this may require the option of offering a change of accommodation to the client. If required, the supplier acknowledges that Florida Sunbright may cancel the booking without penalty(URL HIDDEN)
Loss of electricity, water, or air conditioning / heating must be restored within a maximum of 8 hours, or a suitable alternative property must be provided. Cable or satellite television outages require the supplier to provide a DVD player and DVDs for a maximum of 24 hours before an alternative property must be offered.
Rodents, bed bugs and other vermin found in a property require the option of an immediate move to suitable alternative accommodation. Ant or cockroach activity must be attended to within 24 hours, or a suitable alternative property must be offered(URL HIDDEN)Homes immediately surrounding the accommodation must not be in a visible state of abandon with overgrown gardens and pond like swimming pools.(URL HIDDEN)Homes for sale - No realtor shall enter a home that is occupied and contracted for short term rental. The only exception would be with the written consent of the clients occupying the property. Should any realtor enter a home without prior consent, any client claims of lost items, compensation and or desire to be moved to another property shall be granted to the clients with full liability of costs directed to the property management company.(URL HIDDEN)Accounting - The supplier agrees to invoice Florida Sunbright by way of monthly statement at the end of each month. Details of the bookings being invoiced, including client names, arrival dates and Florida Sunbright reference numbers must accompany all statements to ensure prompt payment. Payment will be issued on or around the 15th of the month(URL HIDDEN)
Force Majeure - The supplier accepts responsibility for the acts and or omissions of its employees, agents, suppliers or sub-contractors and also for any deficiencies in the service it is contractually obliged to provide, or the failure of such services to reach a reasonable standard as determined by Florida Sunbright. However, the supplier will not be held responsible for circumstances beyond its control that result from; war or threat of war, riots and civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, weather conditions, fire, flood, drought, industrial disputes, government action, technical transportation problems that might affect the accommodation, or other circumstances amounting to Force Majeure(URL HIDDEN)Confidentiality - This agreement is confidential. It shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Florida, USA. The supplier shall reveal none of its content to any third party(URL HIDDEN)Litigation - In connection with any litigation arising from this agreement, Florida Sunbright shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys fees and costs(URL HIDDEN)Key contacts -

Booking confirmations / stop sales / inventory changes, (EMAIL HIDDEN) teleph(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)
Contracting, (EMAIL HIDDEN) teleph(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)The Supplier acknowledges that all accommodation supplied to Florida Sunbright will be properly registered and licensed, at both the state and county levels.





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