Leather Sofas, Kitchen, Gym, WIFI - Highagte Studio has it all.Your dwelling is completely private deep at the rear of the property - come and go as you please - you even have remote control access to your door.
Studio: Gym, Pool, Sauna, AC, Free WIFI, Breakfast
2 - 12岁
Highgate Studio是一个完全独立的套房。具有快速WIFI,全新的逆向循环A / C,厨房+冰箱。靠近公共交通,网球场和一条美丽的自然保护区。您会喜欢位置的便利,宁静的私人氛围和户外空间。早餐,游泳池,桑拿浴和足球网全包!适合情侣,独奏冒险家,商务旅客。不适合U12儿童游泳池附近的一室公寓。
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Highgate Studio is a completely self-contained suite. With fast WIFI, Brand new reverse cycle A/C, Kitchen+Fridge. Close to public transport, tennis courts and a nice natural reserve across the road. You’ll love the convenience of the location, the peaceful and private ambience, and the outdoors space. Breakfast, Pool, Sauna and Soccer-net all inclusive! Ideal for couples, solo adventurers, business travellers. Not suited to children U12 due to the proximity of the pool to the studio apartment.

1张大床, 1张双人床, 1张沙发, 1张充气床垫


额外房客 $12 / 晚 多于2位房客
清洁费 $21
满1周立减: 11%
周末价格 $44 / 晚


Household Rules
Common Areas- Everyone is to clean up after themselves or any guests in common areas.
Personal rooms- Should be clean and floors swept and/or vacuumed out at least once a fortnight, no leftover food or food wrappers/trash is to be kept in rooms at all.
Bathrooms- Should be cleaned out after each use and when needed.
Kitchen- Should be cleaned after cooking. All dishes and cookware should be cleaned after used and left to dry, then to be put up in proper area.
Cleaning Supplies- Purchased by Tenant. (Bathroom cleaning supplies, dishwasher liquid, disinfectant etc.)
No more then 2 guests at a time, unless discussed and accepted by Landlord. Only 1 additional guest can stay the night and for no longer then 1 day, unless discussed and accepted by Landlord. An extra $12 per day will be added to Rent for a Guest that stays (sleeps, showers, eats, uses utilities) with Tenant for one day or more, with permission from Landlord.
Cigarettes or any other type of Smoking Is not permitted at all in the studio apartment. If smoking outside, all cigarette butts need to be properly disposed of in a trashcan.
Alcohol Use-
Alcohol may only be consumed by those the age of 18 and older, and only in a responsible manner.
Drug Use-
Any type of illegal Drug is not to be brought around or used in the house. Any violation of this rule and the Authorities will be contacted and Tenant will be evicted.
Noise should not be loud enough to bother any one in the house or for the sound to travel out of the room with the door shut. If it does, when asked to turn down the first time should be done immediately and not raised again.
No visiting pets are allowed in the premises what so ever, without prior permission from the Landlord.
Electrical Appliances: Heaters / Stoves / Electric Blankets –
Due to safety concerns, heaters, stoves & electric blankets shall be switched off when the room is unattended under every circumstance. Should the Tenant fail to observe this rule, the Landlord reserves the right to remove the electrical appliance from the premises in order to make safe the premises from the risk of fire.

Children –
Unaccompanied children shall not be allowed onto the property due to the proximity of a swimming pool to the studio suite.
Bins –
A bin shall be supplied at the front of the studio for the convenience of the Tenant. The Tenant should place all rubbish in the black bin at the front of the apartment and notify the Landlord when the full bin is ready for collection.
Parking is available in the street directly in front of the property. Parking should be completed in a way that if someone else needs to get out they can.
Laundry -
Laundry service is available to be washed, dried and folded on the following basis: $10 per colour/white load. There is no charge for cleaning the linen in the room on a weekly basis, however there will be a charge for replacing linen which is damaged or permanently stained by the Tenant.
Toilet –
The toilet is a modern full size quality ceramic bowl flush eco-friendly chem toilet. It is the Tenants entire responsibility to notify the landlord by sms when the toilet requires a service in order to empty the storage tank. A minimum of 8 hours’ notice should be provided to the Landlord for this to occur. Should the Tenant fail to provide sufficient notice and the toilet thereafter overflows whereupon a cleaning service is required, the Tenant will be charged a non-negotiable soiling fee of $100.00. At no times should anything any foreign object other than toilet paper be placed in the toilet. A supply of sanitizing chemical will be provided to the Tenant and this should be used in accordance with the landlord’s instructions.
Smoke Detector –
A smoke detector is fitted in the room for the safety of the Tenant.
Conflict Resolution
Each housemate will strive to develop mutual cooperation and good feelings with all other housemates. Should disagreements arise, each shall try to resolve the dispute in good faith using clear communication. If disputes continue thereafter, the housemates will discuss with Landlord and come to a conclusion with the Landlords decision or by a vote.
As required by law, the landlord may enter the Tenant’s room only for the following reasons: (a) in case of emergency; (b) to make necessary or agreed-upon repairs, improvements, supply necessary agreed upon services, or exhibit dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgages, Tenants, workers, or contractors; (c) when the Tenant has abandoned or surrendered the premises; (d) pursuant to court order; (e) or to inspect living area of Tenant to make sure all rules are being followed.
Damage to Property
The tenant shall be liable for the cost of repairs to fix damage for which the Tenant is responsible (beyond normal wear and tear), or for heavy soiling or for cleaning of the Studio Apartment. The landlord and Tenant shall conduct a pre-move in and pre-move out inspection of the rental area before the Tenant moves out at which time the landlord shall inform the Tenant of needed repairs and/or cleaning in writing. The Tenant shall have the right to make any repairs identified at the pre-move out inspection at his or her expense before the move out date without further liability. The tenant will otherwise be responsible for the cost of repaying the Landlord for the repair of any other such damage or cleaning that is required at or before the Studio Apartment is vacated.









Great little place Super close to the Showgrounds All around a great stay!

Excellent location, convenient and quiet. Host most hospitable, friendly and helpful. At a different season we would certainly have made use of the pool! Once we got used to the Eco-friendly toilet and shower, all went well.

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Yan and I really enjoy our four nights stay. Nick and Amanda's place is very comfortable and well-equipped. They are very nice hosts and alway make sure our stay is comfortable. We would come back and stay here again, if we visit Adelaide again.

A great little place to stay, Nick was really friendly and the studio made the stay that more comfortable.

Comfortable, spacious, good privacy , well-equipped and near to the city. Recommended.

Nicholas was an amazing host ! The studio was cute, very reasonably priced and had all the amenities that you could hope for ! I would 100% recommend it to anybody visiting Adelaide. 5 stars all the way !

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Amanda and Nick are a happy and friendly couple who enjoy hosting guests from around the world at their Studio apartment. Having travelled throughout nearly 50 countries around the world the couple enjoy interacting with people from all parts of the globe and like to ensure guests feel comfortable and private throughout their stay. If you want a 5 star concierge check in experience - Luxury Hotel hospitality trained Nick's your man!
With a passion for travel, innovative building design, fast cars, soccer and snow skiing Nick and Amanda live life to the fullest.
Life motto - "The only truth is Love"!

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