Una cena con vista su Firenze! Dinner with a view on Florence!Un distinto soggiorno per un elegante relax. A refined stay for an elegant relaxation.
In the Heart (of the Heart) of Florence!
真正在佛罗伦萨心脏的心脏,一个顶楼独特,位置和气氛! 共和国广场十九世纪纪念性商场的独家入口,您可以欣赏到迷人的环境,拥有古色古香的细节,周围环绕着历史中心的美丽景色。 从这里,您可以在几分钟内轻松步行,轻松所有的佛罗伦萨文艺复兴时期的魅力,迎接一个时尚的社区,丰富的历史和巨大的活力。
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Really in the heart of the heart of Florence, a penthouse unique, for location and atmosphere!
The exclusive entrance from the nineteenth-century monumental arcades of Republic Square takes you on a fascinating setting with fine antique details, surrounded by beautiful views of the historic center.
From here you can reach walking in minutes and easily all the places of charm of Renaissance of Florence, greeted by a trendy neighborhood, rich of history and great vitality.


顶楼独特的,我们在Piazza della Repubblica 5(紧邻硬石咖啡厅旁边)的住宿位于佛罗伦萨首都十九世纪纪念性建筑的五楼(带电梯,礼宾和视频门电话),与从商业广场直接进入广场的拱廊下。 公寓富有时代家具和珍贵物品,技术设备(小型和大型电器,如洗衣机,电磁炉,微波炉,咖啡机,水壶,烤面包机等)和日常用品(厨房配件:餐具,眼镜,餐具,餐巾,以及用于咖啡,茶,盐,胡椒,油,糖等的胶囊)。 如果您在逗留期间需要特殊的配件,我们会尽量在抵达之前取得。 每个客人离开后,公寓将从专业的清洁公司(干预后的干预过程中和之后监督工作)全面清理,准备并可能补充其自然基本设备,并对其进行清洁,并提供床单更换和提供一套新鲜毛巾(这将补充新客人通常提供的配件)。
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Penthouse unique in its kind, our accommodation in Piazza della Repubblica 5 (right next to the Hard Rock Cafe) is located on the 5th floor (with elevator, concierge and video door phone) of a nineteenth-century monumental building of Florence Capital, with direct access from the commercial gallery, under the arcades of the square.
The apartment is enriched with period furniture and precious objects, technical equipment (small and large appliances such as washing machine, induction cooker, microwave oven, espresso coffee machine, kettle, toaster, etc.) and items for everyday use (accessories for the kitchen: dishes, glasses, cutlery, napkins, as well as capsules for coffee, tea, salt, pepper, oil, sugar, etc.).
If you need special accessories useful during your stay, we try to obtain them before your arrival.
The apartment, after the departure of each guest, is cleaned thoroughly in its entirety, prepared and possibly supplemented in its natural basic equipment, from a professional cleaning company (the work is supervised personally, during and after the intervention) that sanitizes and provides the linen change and the provision of a set of fresh towels (which will complement the accessories normally made available of the new guests).


我们的客人可以在入住时间表内进入公寓,在此期间,我们提供钥匙,并提供所有可能的信息和指导,以发现巨大的城市和隐藏的迷人场所(不仅仅是那些美食...)。 如果您信任我们的个人品味,就像许多当地娱乐和茶点的传统客户一样,我们将很高兴地看到最美丽如画的地方,从多年来我们经常满意,我们希望能够满足您的青睐。 无法不可抗力(延迟运输等),准时在入口处,我们可以在实际到达时间(没有正式附加费)的情况下同意最后一刻的入住手续。 公寓全部租用完整,配备了所有配件。游客可以随意使用它们,完全自由和独立。 如果您需要任何特殊设备,并且不容易获得,客人可以随时通知我们,我们将尽快在公寓内尽快提供。
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Our guests can enter the apartment in the timetable of check-in, during which we deliver the keys and providing all possible information and directions can be useful to discover the monumental city and the hidden charming places (not least those gastronomic...).
If you trust of our personal tastes, like traditional customers of many local entertainment and refreshment, we will be happy to indicate a trace of the most picturesque places, which from years we frequent with satisfaction and that we hope will meet your favor.
Unable for force majeure (delay in transportation, etc.), to be on time at the entrance, we can agree on a last-minute check-in, at the actual time of arrival (with no formally applied surcharge ).
The apartment is rented in full in its completeness, equipped with all the accessories described. Visitors can use them at will in complete freedom and independence.
Should you need any special equipment, and not readily available, the guest may notify us at any time and we'll do our best to make available in the apartment as soon as possible.


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Always residents in the historic center, a few hundred meters from the apartment, we will be able to be available in real time (as well as at check-in and check-out), even attending all the possible emergencies and the needs that our guests can need.


我们的广场Della Repubblica 5的顶层公寓以其优越的中心地位,由各种运输,公共和私人服务。 以下所有可能的指示,以实现公寓:不要犹豫与我们联系随时向我们询问任何进一步的细节。 如果您来自比萨机场Galileo Galilei,与佛罗伦萨的连接服务更快,是乘坐巴士“Autostradale”的班车,直达Santa Maria Novella火车站(单程价格:€10;往返价格:20欧元。也在线预订)。 公共汽车每小时开始,70分钟内将在Santa Maria Novella火车站前面。 从佛罗伦萨机场Amerigo Vespucci乘坐班车,每30分钟,需要25分钟的时间才能直达火车站(班车价格为6欧元,往返价格为10欧元。 搭乘出租车,费用约为25欧元(行车时间:约15分钟)。 距离火车站步行约五分钟路程,从大教堂方向出发,从车站广场开始,经由Panzani - 经由Cerretani - 经由Vecchietti - 经由'Pecori - 通过Brunelleschi - 共和国广场(我们在共和国广场到五号,毗邻硬石咖啡厅和Feltrinelli的“红色”书店,在历史悠久的CaffèPaszkowski前面)。 如果您需要一辆公共汽车,公共汽车线路22(停在车站旁边的“Stazione - Pensilina”),每10分钟一班,到达公寓区约2分钟。 最后一站(Santa Maria Maggiore广场)距离酒店约100米。 公交车票的价格为1,20欧元,一旦盖上公交车,在接下来的90分钟内,可以利用任何城市公交车,甚至改变线路几次。 所有的纸张票务服务都可以在终端内部或附近购买。 如果您选择出租车,几分钟的路程中火车站的费用约为10欧元。 出租车站在车站前方(抵达方)。 对于那些以自己的车来到镇上的人,我们有一个私人车库的名单,距离公寓不到200米,标准价格为每天€25,将保持关闭并守卫您的车。 佛罗伦萨的旅游区和纪念碑被照相机所包围,只允许前往老城区的居民进入(违例者可以罚款)。 一旦抵达车库,您将进入“白名单”,让您在整个城市逗留期间无障碍地进入历史中心。 靠近公寓的车库有: 车库delle泰尔梅(通过delleTerme,47) 车库地狱(通过dell'Inferno,1) Garage del Sole(通过del Sole,14) 早上通常还有以前的客人,然后是清洁公司,不可能把您的行李放在公寓里,但是我们会尽可能地加快入场时间(通常在下午3点)。 如果您预约,可以将您的行李寄存在位于Santa Maria Maggiore教堂前面的Via dei Boni 5 / r的非常中央的私人存款(它位于地图上非常标记的小路上)。 您可以安全地离开您的行李,并参观城市(您将在佛罗伦萨最美丽的纪念性地区,我们可以建议您在旅程之后刷新自己的好地方)。 我们将与您实时联系,因为清洁公司将完成公寓的准备工作(我们将尽可能快速地进行)。 当您在城里时,有任何具体的信息和沟通,您可以直接联系我们的个人电话号码。
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Our penthouse of Piazza della Repubblica 5, for its outstanding centrality, is served by all kinds of transport, public and private.
Below all possible indications to achieve the apartment: do not hesitate to contact us at any time to ask us any further details.

If you come from the Airport Galileo Galilei of Pisa, the link service with Florence, faster is the shuttle by bus "Autostradale" which directly reaches the Santa Maria Novella train station (one way price: € 10; round trip price: € 20. Also on-line booking).
The bus starts every hour and within 70 minutes will be in front of the train station of Santa Maria Novella.
From the Florence Airport Amerigo Vespucci, a shuttle bus, every 30 minutes, takes 25 minutes to reach directly the train station (one way price of shuttle: € 6; round trip price: € 10. Available on the bus).
With the taxi, the cost is about € 25 (journey time: about 15 minutes).

The journey on foot from the station is about 5 minutes away, in the direction of the cathedral, starting from Station Square and continuing along via Panzani - via Cerretani - via Vecchietti - via de' Pecori - via Brunelleschi - Republic Square (we are in the Republic square to n . 5, next to the Hard Rock Cafè and the "Red" bookstore by Feltrinelli, in front of the historic Caffè Paszkowski).

If you need a bus, the bus line 22 (stop "Stazione - Pensilina", at the side of the station), with frequency every 10 minutes, reaches in about 2 minutes, the apartment area.
Your stop is the last stop (Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore), which is about 100 meters from the house.

The price of the bus ticket is € 1,20 and, once stamped on the bus allows, for the next 90 minutes, to take advantage of any city bus, even changing line several times.
All paper tickets listed services are available for purchase inside or in the immediate vicinity of the terminal.

If you choose the taxi, the cost is about € 10 from the train station in a few minutes journey.
The taxi stand is in front of the station (arrivals side).

For those who come to town with their own car, we have a list of private garages located less than 200 meters from the apartment, which the standard price of € 25 a day, will keep in a closed and guarded your car.
The tourist area and the monuments of Florence are surrounded by cameras that allow access only to residents of the old town district (with fine for violators).
Once arrived to the garage, you'll be entered in the "White List" that allows you access to the historic center without limitations throughout your stay in the city.
Garages closer to the apartment are:
Garage delle Terme (via delleTerme, 47)
Garage Inferno (via dell'Inferno, 1)
Garage del Sole (via del Sole, 14)

In the morning usually there are still the previous guests, then the cleaning company and it's not possible leave your luggage in the apartment, but we will accelerate as much as possible the entry time (usually at 3:00 PM).
If you prefere you can leave your luggage in a private deposit very central, located in Via dei Boni 5/r in front of Santa Maria Maggiore church (it is in a small road very well marked on the maps).
You can safely leave your luggage and make a little tour of the city (you will be in the most beautiful monumental area of Florence and we can advise you of the good places to refresh yourself after your journey).
We will contact you in real time, as the cleaning company will have finished the preparation of the apartment (we will try to be as rapid as possible!).

When you will be in town, for any specific information and communication, you can contact us directly to our personal phone number.



额外房客 $47 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $91
押金 $122
周末价格 $132 / 晚







Great location. A wonderful respite from the mass of humanity outside the front door. It is very quiet, nice views from the fifth floor, and a very welcome elevator. Host provided more than enough detail and information to enjoy your stay.

Loved this place! Great location in the heart of Old City Center. 2 blocks from the Duomo, close to Ponte Vecchio and so many other historical sights. Raphaela and Michaelangelo are the best!!! They spent at least 45 minutes to an hour with us, telling us about restaurants and how to get to different locations and just answering questions . I would be happy to stay there again.

I was so happy to have chosen Raffaella's place in Florence. I am a single woman traveling alone and felt very safe the entire time. The views from the apartment are worth the price alone. I would spend my mornings having tea while looking out of the windows mesmerized. The apartment could not be more central and is easily accessible- the elevator was such a relief after long days walking. The bed is very comfortable and clearly new. The apartment has a number of useful amenities and the air conditioning works well. Raffaella and Michelangelo are excellent hosts and the check in and check out were a breeze. They even made a reservation for a taxi for me- which made things much easier to get back to the airport.

The apartment is simply charming! And the hosts were as well. Even though our train was 90 minutes late and we had no way of letting them know this while on route, once we got to the apartment everything felt perfect. It was about a 15 minute (slow) walk from the Santa Maria Novella train station. Raffaella and Michaelangelo greeted us with kindness, smiles, and suggestions of how to enjoy their town. The apartment is located on the top floor. And it has a beautiful view of the San Lorenzo church. The kitchen was small, but it had all of the necessary amenities. We appreciated the microwave, to warm up leftovers in the morning and the washing machine allowed us to have clean clothes for the remainder of our Italy trip. There is a drying rack for our newly washed clothes, and I even used the iron to straighten a very crushed shirt (something I don't even do at home). The shutters blocked all of the light in the bedroom, and the windows protected us from street sounds – so we slept well every night of our week there. We relied on the air conditioning during the record highs of our stay in order to cool down and enjoy our time there. The best thing about the apartment was it's location. It is incredibly central for tourists. The Duomo was a 2 minute walk. Accademia, Uffizi, Mercado Centrale, and Ponte Vecchio were all a 10 minute amble away in different directions.

Absolutely amazing place and hosts. sat with me for 30 min to give me recommendations. Cannot rate any higher!!

Rafaella and her partner were very helpful and provided a lot of good information to help us navigate the city. The apartment was quiet but right in the heart of everything. Walking distance to everything. Beautiful views of the city from the room. She should charge double! We hope to come back. Gracious hosts. They went out of their way to ensure we were comfortable.

Perfect centralized location! All of Florence and its amazing sights within a few blocks in any direction. Rafaella went beyond to make us feel at home and share her city. We will be returning to Florence and would love to stay at Rafaella's place again.


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Siamo un piccolo team di persone nate e vissute a Firenze, provenienti dalle più differenti esperienze artistiche ed imprenditoriali e da sempre ispirati dal bello e dalla ricercatezza.
Vivendo e lavorando proprio nel cuore dello splendido contesto della Firenze storica e monumentale, siamo lieti di poter offrire ai nostri ospiti un'accoglienza miratamente personalizzata in luoghi d'elezione e di prestigio, che gestiamo direttamente con appassionata dedizione, affinché la permanenza in una delle più belle città d'arte del mondo possa trasformarsi in un soggiorno confortevole e in un indimenticabile ricordo.
Vi aspettiamo!
Raffaella & Michelangelo,

We are a small team of people born and lived in Florence, coming from the most different artistic and entrepreneurial experience and from always inspired by the beauty and the sophistication.
Living and working in the heart of the splendid historic setting and monumental of Florence, we are pleased to offer our guests a personal welcome in a targeted places of prestige, that we manage directly with passionate dedication, so that the stay in one of the most beautiful cities of art in the world can be transformed into a comfortable and unforgettable stay.
See you in Florence!
Raffaella & Michelangelo,

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