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Our home is on private property, the nearest house is down the driveway or through the woods. It's a quiet, tranquil area, secluded with tall trees and a pond in the middle of nature. Guests can tour the quaint towns of Highland, Milton and Marlboro nearby & enjoy the busier towns for just about anything.


Quiet, secluded, and cozy property in Highland near the Hudson River and close to New Paltz, Gardiner, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park and Wappingers Falls. Located in Ulster county, also very close to Dutchess County.

The space has a queen sized bed in 1 room and a 1 full sized bed with twin bed trundle underneath in the other room. Sleeping room can accommodate up to 6 people with a queen sized blow up aero-bed mattress or single cot for additional person charge. Please be advised, the air mattress is not located in the house, so in order to sleep 6 people, guests would have to let us know so we can put it there, otherwise there are no accommodations for 6 people. See under pricing.

The entire place is on the second level upstairs consisting of 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom. Downstairs is only a garage.

If driving, you can park on the property.

Stewart airport is nearby. Minnewaska State Park 35 mins away. Vanderbilt Mansion National Historical site, Home of Franklin Roosevelt National Historical site, and Eleanor Roosevelt National Historical site all under 30 mins. New Paltz Golf Course (25 mins) and Apple Greens Golf Course (15 mins). Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall. Mohonk Preserve Inc. Hike the Labyrinth. Hudson Valley Sports Dome off Chapel Hill Road. Hike the Giant Stairs at Palisades Interstate Park. Splash Down Beach in Fishkill, NY.


Guests can use the whole house upstairs which includes the 2 bedrooms as listed, the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, porch and stone patio.


We usually respond to requests within a few hours or a day by text, email or airbnb message. Email, text or call if any immediate questions or problems don't hesitate, please.

**We will send you a confirmation email when the date you arrive is close, giving you a few details about things in the area and some side notes about the property.

We like to welcome guests with a few things about our listing before they arrive and would appreciate it if they read the few things we have to explain.


All guests are required to call us before their stay. We send out an email closer to the time of a guest's stay that gives better information about the property and what we expect from our guests. This is our way of making sure we know who people are, what they are like and what we expect during their stay. We do check in with guests during their stay and expect that they know that our property rules and household rules apply to everyone who visits and stays on our property. Please do not expect us as owners not to visit and maintain things on our property from time to time. We do not feel guests should be under the assumption that this is a rental we do not look after often since we have a lot invested here. We may/may not be around during your stay. Property managers in hotels oversee their properties and we do the same with our property.

**Pets do not live on our property but when we do stay there, our dog comes with us. For those that have allergies it is a short haired dog (Italian greyhound), that has hardly any hair left because he is older. We always vacuum after every stay, so you should not see a lot of signs that our dog stays here when we are here.

**Please note: in winter weather (snow or ice) it may be difficult to get up our driveway, so please keep that in mind in the event that you book when it snows. The driveway will be plowed, but cars without 4 wheel drive or a lower gear may have trouble. Please try to get to the property earlier if snow is on its way.

**Watch out for poison ivy, sumac or oak...after all, it is the woods and it can be anywhere.

**We have filtered well water which comes straight from our well and nature. It is perfectly fine to drink and the best tasting water compared almost every other state. Better than bottled!

**There are usually some continental breakfast items on a pantry shelf labeled for guests, as well as some items in the refrigerator and in the basket or in containers on the counter. Coffee is on the left side of the refrigerator and sometimes eggs, English muffins, bread, bagels, butter, cream cheese, OJ and coffee creamer. We do not provide food to guests for their whole stay. Please see house rules as this is important for guests to understand.

**Pool will be taken down or closed in early September due to the fall and forest debris. It is very hard to maintain during this time so we need to close it earlier than other people. It also may not be up for some reason either due to the weather or construction. Advisable to check beforehand. Sorry for the inconvenience.

**Due to the large population of people who do not fully read listings, we must communicate (because Airbnb doesn't have space to list it under each facility) that our laundry facilities are for guests over 5 days in length. We've had a couple of people bringing their entire week of laundry to our house to wash/dry over a 2 night stay and we are not permitting that.

**There's new things happening on our property all the time. I'm sorry for not always updating pictures of the grounds, but that is because the property is being changed every week. We can't post pictures of the grounds week by week as they change from the new bed & breakfast being built. There are always improvements and changes, but the inside is the same as the pictures. We appreciate your understanding of our need to work with our contractors in between your stays.

**Developed 1.5 acre lot (with buried electric and phone wire) for sale on the other side of the pond. Ask for details.

1张双人床, 1张单人床
1张单人床, 1张充气床垫

#1 Respect our house and our things. Please refrain from moving or taking apart any household decor, furniture and personal items. If there are children staying, please don't let them jump on the beds or couch. We don't give permission to move the furniture around, there are a few reasons why, #1 because that the wood floor does not need any more permanent scratches or gouging, #2 because some of the furniture could get damaged. Please respect our things. Airbnb holds security deposit for hosts in these instances and we have used it before.

#2 We only have 10 large bathing towels and not enough closet space for more. Please try to use only 1 but no more than 2 towels for each person during your visit and put the used towels into the white hamper before you leave (otherwise we ask that guests bring their own extras because we do not allow laundry access for short term guests). Please take into consideration that our cleaning fee is necessary to maintain the house and many people who list a 2 bedroom house have these fees higher, so using less towels per person would help us keep the fee lower.

#3 Please do not take the used bed linens off the beds and pile them up onto the floor, we will do the laundry. Fold unused linens up on a chair, put them in a drawer, or in the bed comforter bags in the closet so they stay clean.

#4 Please remember to shut ALL the lights and air conditioner when you leave. As hosts we check in at times and would appreciate it if guests followed these simple things such as being considerate of our energy bill by shutting lights, tvs, radio, and any appliances that are left on or open. Also please do not leave the screen door to the porch open while you are either outside or inside. We do not like several flying insects especially disease carrying mosquitoes in the house and it is very bothersome to encounter these on a daily basis, especially trying to sleep.

#5 Please don't eat in our bedrooms or let children walk around and eat. We don't even eat in our bedrooms. The time after your stay and us getting to clean the house may attract bugs to those areas (this is the country and we have problems if there's food around or on the floors and in the garbage pails for longer periods of time).

#6 Any dishes that are used during a guest's stay must be cleaned. This is not included in the cleaning fee. If guests don't feel like cleaning dishes during their stay, we ask that they please bring paper plates and plastic utensils and cups for their own use. We're sorry but there was no room in this house for a dishwasher.

#7 If something is broken/damaged during your stay, please have courtesy and tell us, because we may have to claim it from the Airbnb security deposit, that's why it's there, because these things have happened before. If we stayed at someone's house and something was broken/damaged we would have no problem paying for it. In fact we would insist because it's the right thing to do.

#8 ***No smoking inside the house. No campfires, fire-pits, or candles. No use of the wood burning stove. Outdoor burning requires a permit that guests do not have and fire and town authorities will come to the house if they see smoke or smell a fire on the property and suspect someone is without a permit. You can incur a fine that you will have to pay because they will ask you for your burn permit and someone's ID and if it does not match ours, you will be fined.

#9 No hunting. No fishing. No swimming, or throwing anything in the pond. This is private property and we have this posted on our trees as you enter the property. You need licenses/permits for many things in this town.

#10 No loud parties with any drugs. Our neighbors will tell us as well as our family member who is an officer in the Marlboro County police department (everyone knows everyone in a small town and we are not blind, or deaf...we can also smell smoke/smokers of any sort) so we will report it to Airbnb which will be in the notes about you as a renting guest. We have found items left by guests that are considered to be illegal, so please don't let us find this on your stay.

#11 Guests should not feel they are entitled to using our liquor. No exceptions. We will report it to Airbnb which will be in the notes about you as a renting guest. Please leave our personal food items untouched. There are food/beverages clearly labeled "guests" or on the left hand side of the refrigerator. This also includes many condiments and kitchen counter offered items for our guests. Only the displayed toiletries are for guest use such as the provided shampoo, body wash, soap, body and hand lotion and the basic necessities such as towels, hairdryer, toilet paper. Please don't go through our closets looking for things you didn't bring. We stay at this house often when guests do not rent and it is fully stocked with our personal belongings. In instances you do not have something you thought you packed, there is a Rite Aid, Hannaford, and Warehouse store right on 9W, so it's convenient to find what you need close by. In the past we have noticed some people used our personal items and we find that a bit disrespectful and strange, as well as unhygienic. Using our liquor is absolutely not permitted and we make this our rule because past guests have felt free to find and use our liquor and our food, so in instances this happens again, we will charge guests extra and report it. If you want liquor and food, please bring it beforehand or travel to the numerous options for you to choose from around town.

#12 Please don't litter: it is important that all guests avoid throwing cigarette butts around our property, as well as cans, bottles, garbage, food, and personal belongings. The large blue garbage can outside is only for recycling cans and bottles. It is labeled for those who don't know. We walk around the property to note these things and have surveillance also.

#13 Only the number of people in this listing are allowed to stay on the property mainly for insurance reasons. There are no parties with invites to other outside guests permitted, even if the guests are not staying overnight. See #10

#14 No Pets, no exceptions. See Highland Pet Resort located around the block or check our pictures to view their business card for boarding close to our rental.

We're sorry to have to display this for those who would never think of doing such things in someone else's home.

Thank you for understanding.

需爬楼梯 - Two bedroom house is above the garage.
房源里养有宠物 - Only when hosts are occupying the home our Italian Greyhound is with us.
便利设施缺陷 - Laundry services for guests over 5 days in length only.


A wonderful house in a beautiful location. The changing colors over the trees with the lake was gorgeous. Perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Lisa and John's place was absolutely beautiful. The home was very welcoming and they were both very helpful and clear with communication and directions. They made my stay relaxing, easy and memorable. The home was close to the venue I needed to be at for my event. I highly enjoyed he view abs hospitality! Thank you guys!

Enjoyed the quiet secluded location. The Hosts were very accommodating and provided everything we could have ended up needing for our stay. We will absolutely keep them as our go to for this area.

The place is advertized as "secluded home". Well, secluded it was and we absolutely loved it! Lisa was fantastic and helpful and the place was cozy and different. However, if you are afraid of the dark or being alone in the middle of nowhere, go somewhere else...(-:

Great location and very nice place for the cost.

Lisa, Nancy & John's place was the perfect place for our little group of friends during our friend's wedding. They provided all the amenities and comforts we could have requested. We would be happy to stay here again!

The house was great. Secluded, but not isolated. There were a ton of amenities, food, and drinks for us!

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