Max 8 guests. two car parking. Yashima West Villa
Max 8 guests. two car parking. Yashima West Villa
★有0条评论的客人无法预订。如果你想使用它,你需要支付相当于住宿费用的押金。 ★吸烟者不能使用。即使伴随吸烟者也不可能预约。 ★虽然内部干净,昆虫可能会从外面侵入。 那些不擅长昆虫的人应该停止保留。 ★回收站中有详细的规定。麻烦的人应该停止预订。
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★ Guests with 0 reviews can not be booked. If you want to use it absolutely, you need a deposit equal to the accommodation fee.

★ Smokers can not use. Reservation is impossible even if accompanying smokers are included.

★ Although the interior is clean, insects may invade from outside.
Those who are not good at insects should stop reservation.

★ There are detailed rules in the Recycle Bin. Troublesome people should stop reservation.


6下预留的客人只能在1楼使用。 超过6位客人,您也可以使用2楼。 最多三个人可以睡在二楼。 如果你想使用一楼和二楼5人或更少,请支付住宿费每晚10,000日元。 位于一个安静的住宅区,这是一个免费停车场,禁止吸烟和1组预留的房子。 有电饭煲和洗衣机等干燥必需品,所以你可以像在家里一样消费。 入口前面的停车位有限制。 到市中心,坐火车是5站12分钟。或乘坐巴士15分钟。 超市,餐馆和便利店交通便利,距离酒店有不到5分钟的步行路程。 (第一层) - 22平方米的西式房间(有两个空调) - 厨房 - 西式洗手间(带自动洗脸池完美) - 盥洗台 - 浴室 (二楼) - 10平方米日式榻榻米房(带空调) - 西式厕所 - 盥洗台 无线网络和洗衣机是免费的。 管家就是像你家一样的自助服务。 请告诉我 - 安排入住时间 - 请务必通知我们使用停车场时的车辆类型。 如果您能保留违禁物品,则不收取额外费用。 ★承诺的事情★ - 出门退房时, ·空调照明关闭 ·锁定窗口 ·堵塞水龙头的水 - 整理(用过的餐具和眼镜的清理,折叠床上用品等) - 垃圾分类 - 清洁(长时间停留毛巾和清洗)清洁脏的部分 ★禁止事项★ - 使用鞋子和凉鞋 - 吸烟(在垃圾桶内扔烟头也是不可能的) - 被褥上的食物和饮料 - 清晨的夜晚,在外面响起的噪音 - 访问保留人员以外的人员 - 烟花,熏香,蚊香,蜡烛(屋内外) ★其他★ 14:00后办理入住手续(准时) 10:00之前退房(守时) 在办理入住手续时,请通过网站告知我们。 入口前面的停车位有限制。 小于长度= 4.7m,没有宽度= 1.7m或更小,高度=限制。 你可以从车头对角进入,请停车。 超过上述尺寸的汽车成为步行1分钟的地方。 使用停车场时请务必通知我们车辆类型。对于无法在车内停车的车辆,需要单独办理停车手续。如果客人在没有接触车型的情况下突然进入大型车辆,则会发生停车故障。 因为不是旅馆,办理登机手续之后的行李管理员不能办理。 收到邮件和送货上门也是不可能的。 Airbnb的详细地图可能会有所不同。 在预约成立之后,我发送一张比主持人更正确的地图和路线。 请一定带着眼睛的地图。 后院的户外有洗衣机。 您将方便的烹饪家电连接到相同的插座,但不能同时使用。 如果垃圾箱满了,我会收集垃圾,请通过网站与我联系。 因为这是一个老年人和一个缺口的房子,一个小昆虫可能会从这个缺口入侵。 虽然定期消毒,但是只有没有问题的客人请使用。
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Under 6 reserved guest are for use on the 1st floor only.
For more than 6 guest, you can use the 2nd floor also.
Up to three people can sleep on the second floor.
If you want to use the first and the second floor for 5 people or less, please pay 10,000 yen per night separately from the accommodation fee.

Located in a quiet residential area, it is a house with free parking, non-smoking and 1 group reserved.
There are one necessities such as rice cooker and washing machine with drying, so you can spend like at home.
Parking space in front of entrance is size restriction available.

To the downtown, it is 5 station 12 minutes by a train. Or it is 15 minutes by bus.
Supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores are conveniently located within 5 minutes on foot.

(the first floor)
- 22m2 Western-style room (with two air-conditioner)
- Kitchen
- Western style restroom (with washlet perfection)
- Washstand
- Bathroom

(the second floor)
- 10m2 Japanese tatami room (with an air-conditioner)
- Western style restroom
- Washstand

Wi-fi and washing machine for free.
House keeping is self service as such as your home.

Please tell me
- Scheduled check-in time
- Please be sure to inform us of the vehicle type when using the parking lot.

If you can keep the prohibited matter, no extra charge will be charged.
★ Promised matter ★
- When going out and checking out,
・air conditioning lighting OFF
· locking the window
· stopper water check of the faucet
- put in order (cleanup of used dishes and glasses. fold up the bedding,etc )
- Garbage sorting
- Cleaning (towel and washing of the sheets when staying for a long time. Cleaning the dirty part)

★ Prohibited matter ★
- Use of shoes and sandals
- Smoking (it is also impossible to throw out cigarette butts inside the trash can)
- Food and drink on futon
- Noises early in the morning night that echoes outside
- Access other than reserved persons
- Fireworks, incense, mosquito coils, use of candles (both inside and outside the house)

★ Others ★
The check-in after 14:00 (punctuality)
The check-out until 10:00 (punctuality)
At the time of check-in check-out, please let me know via a site.
The parking space in front of the entrance has a limit to size.
It is less than length = 4.7m, and there are no width = 1.7m or less, height = limit.
You can enter from head of the car diagonally, and please park.
The car exceeding the size mentioned above becomes the place of a 1-minute walk.
Please be sure to inform us of the vehicle type when using the parking lot. For cars that can not be stopped within the premises, parking procedures are required separately. If guest suddenly come in with a large car without contacting the car model, parking trouble occur.
Because it is not a hotel, the baggage caretaker after the check-in before check-in cannot do it.
The receipt of mail and the home delivery is impossible, too.
The detailed map of Airbnb may vary in a place.
After reservation establishment, I send a map and the route that are more correct than a host.
Please bring a map through eyes by all means.
There is the washing machine in the outdoors of the backyard.
You connect the convenient cooking household appliance with the same outlet, but am not usable at the same time.
Because I collect it if a trash box becomes full, please contact me via a site.
Because it is a house with old age and a gap, a small insect may invade from the gap.
Although we are regularly disinfecting, please use by only guest who think no problem.


5人以下是一楼。 5位客人或更少的使用在一楼和二楼,客人支付额外费用(每晚10,000日元)付款。 二楼有两个房间,一个房间是员工房间。 由于楼梯急剧上升,如果您是小孩或有跌倒的危险,请使用一楼而不使用楼梯。
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5 guests or less is the first floor .
5 guests or less use on the first and second floor, guest pay additional fee (10,000 yen per night) payment.

There are two rooms on the second floor, but one room is staff room.

Due to the steep rise of the stairs, if you are a little child or there is a risk of falling, please use the first floor without using the stairs.


你的问题想要电子邮件。 请通过电子邮件收集垃圾。
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Your question would like the email.
Please ask it for the collection of the garbage by an email.


- 请务必通知我们使用停车场时的车辆类型。对于无法在车内停车的车辆,需要单独办理停车手续。如果突然进来一辆大型车而不接触车型,将会出现停车问题。 请在办理入住时通过网站通知我们并退房。 不要在屋内穿鞋或凉鞋。 请不要在屋内和房屋内吸烟。 当垃圾袋变满时,请通过网站告知我们。 就像你自己的房子一样,请做以下事情。 请将所有使用的设备归还原来的安装位置。 请阅读附在垃圾桶上的说明,并将其放入垃圾桶。 请清洗和晾干旧毛巾。 如果纸张变脏,请将其清洗干净。 请清理脏的地方。 外出时,请检查空调·照明和水龙头。 因为这是一个老年人和一个缺口的房子,一个小昆虫可能会从这个缺口入侵。 虽然定期消毒,但是只有没有问题的客人请使用。 违反房子规定的客人必须支付以下费用。 在房间吸烟:20,000日元 烟蒂的处理:2,000日元 非法倾倒垃圾根本不分离:3,000日元 地板或墙壁的损坏:每1万日元。 不关掉空调:每个人2,000日元。 不停水地离开:实际费用
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- Please be sure to inform us of the vehicle type when using the parking lot. For cars that can not be stopped within the premises, parking procedures are required separately. If you suddenly come in with a large car without contacting the car model, parking trouble will occur.

Please inform us via the site at check in and check out.
Do not wear shoes or sandals inside the house.
Please do not smoke in the house and on the premises.
When the garbage bag becomes full, please let us know via the site.

Just like your own nice house, please do the following.
Please return all equipment used to the original installation location.
Please read the explanation attached to the garbage can and put it in the trash can.
Please wash and dry the used towels.
If the sheets get dirty, please wash them and dry them.
Please clean the dirty place.
When going out, please check the air conditioner · lighting off and faucet.

Because it is a house with old age and a gap, a small insect may invade from the gap.
Although we are regularly disinfecting, please use by only guest who think no problem.

The guest who violated a house rule must pay the following expenses.
Smoking in the room: 20,000 yen
Disposal of cigarette butt: 2,000 yen
Illegal dumping not to separate garbage at all: 3,000 yen
Damage of the floor or wall: 10,000 yen per one.
Without turning off an air-conditioner: 2,000 yen per one.
Leave without stopping water: actual expenses

额外房客 ¥171 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 ¥183
押金 ¥1828
满1周立减 5%


性价比不错。房间整洁,离jr站十分钟之内路程,附近有个大型超市和一个不退税的药妆价钱也还好,饮食有个屋岛食堂日式快餐,附近不远有个海鲜食堂每周三全场7折。 出租车到高松机场bus费用是2000日币左右。

The place is not far from two train lines, and there are some places nearby for eating. The house is very clean and there is already everything for breakfast, cooking and bathing. The information given were really precise and allowed me to find the house really easily.

General is okay. Area a little bit far. You will feel a little bit stressful about the rule from landlord.

Nice enough place not far from the station. Quiet area. Be prepared for some bugs (ants, spiders and mosquitos), as the house is very old. Bathtub had no plug. Also be prepared to sort your garbage to such an extent that it became too much of a hassle for us (e.g. wash the inside of bottles and sort their wrappers seperately, wash leftover food from plastic wrappings etc), so we ended up bringing the stuff with us to convenience store trash cans. We also never met our host. Unfortunately not a place we would come back to.
The ant appeared because you dropped the sweet food on the floor. Why did not you clean the floor despite there is a vacuum cleaner? This is different from the hotel, it is the house. All japanese house must separate garbage. If you think it is troublesome, you paying service fee and using ordinary hotel please. Also, it is natural that there are mosquitoes in the summer of Japan, and the spiders are living in the old house. You do not know anything about Japan. Because there are foreigners who do not know how to enter Japanese style baths, I removed the plug.

車のナビで行くと少しわかりにくかったですが管理人さんの案内がわかりやすくてすぐに辿り着けました。 お部屋はすごく綺麗で快適でした。

次の日は朝早くに高松港から小豆島へ渡る予定だったのですが、車で高松港までは10分程でとてもアクセスが良い立地で助かりました。 お家の方も部屋の中はとてもキレイで過ごしやすかったです。 ホストの方もリプライが早く良かったです。

Room as described per photos. Quiet residential district. Good for self driving. Some insects as expected as it is traditional Japanese house. Shopping malls just 3min walk nearby.
Thank you for advice. I also want to rebplace the linens kind, but I have to price up the price. I offer this house to those who want to stay cheaply, Guests wanting to use new linens should think that they should booking listing of more than 5,000 yen per person. リネン類を買い替えた方がいいとのご指摘を頂きましたが、格安で提供できるのは買い替えしていないからです。 (汚損破損の場合は買い替えますよ)使い古しのリネン類を使いたくないゲスト様は、1名5000円以上の物件を利用することをお勧めします。

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