Dining room tableLeisure area.
Gorgeous Lake Retreat : Sunset Bay
2 - 12岁

Quiet retreat for family or business. Perfect for very young kids and dogs

1. Sugar Sand beach/lake, crystal clear water, gentle slope
2. Expansive perennial gardens, bird feeders & great garden patios
3. Large, flat front and back lawns. Lay out, play ball or have a camp fire
4. 1/2 miles to Mission Park: free: tennis, basketball, volley ball, frisbee golf, Baseball & paved trails
5. Two kayaks, two paddle boards (windsurfers), 2 rowboats, life jackets, yard toys & games, fishing gear, bikes


Sunset Bay is an artfully designed four season waterfront home with stunning lake views, surrounded by expansive perennial gardens. The property offers a unique experience for any season. In warm seasons, you can literally create the illusion that you are in the gardens by opening all the windows to invite the sounds of songbirds, rustling wind and fragrance of summer flowers.

Four bedrooms comfortably accommodate 10 people. Two wood burning fireplaces, in the great room and den add to the warmth and provide a sense of "place" to the all the wood interior. The main living space is a contemporary yet warm design constructed of wood, stone, and sculpted concrete.

The kitchen, den, office, dinning, great room are all discrete spaces; yet are all interconnected and large enough so that you can withdraw into your own private space.

The top floor has three bedrooms. The Master Bedroom, constructed with privacy in mind, has stunning lake views, soaring ceilings, a private bathroom with heated whirlpool bath and shower. A gas fireplace in the master bedroom adds a cozy note. It is truly amazing, comfortable and unique. This is definitely the bedroom to fight over.

The second and third top floor bedrooms are constructed of cedar walls and vaulted knotty pine ceilings. Both open to a deck facing the woods in back of the house.

The first floor bedroom has a private bathroom and shower and separate entrance. You can keep this space private or open the pocket door to the main living room to allow access to the bathroom and laundry that are a part of the space.

There is a fully equipped chef's kitchen with Wolff cooktop, convection oven, large refrigerator with ice maker, microwave, coffee grinder, stovetop, pots and pans, espresso maker, cooking utensils and dinnerware. Just outside the kitchen through the den is a high tech gas grill on the bluestone outdoor patio.

The kitchen island is truly an engaging space where no one is left out of the fun. The cooks, preparers and clean up crew are included with what is going on in all the spaces around them.

The secondary dinning area, (ostrich table) seats six, the main dinning table accommodates 10, and the kitchen island 4 more.

Other amenities include a fully equipped laundry room including washer and dryer. The den contains a large screen TV (no cable). So you can stream any Apple or Android device to the TV using Apple TV, Chromcast or Lightening HDMI plug for Apple Devices.

The home is surrounded by perennial gardens and the wildlife they attract. Bird feeders attract diverse wildlife including humming birds, sparrows, and pileated woodpeckers. In the center of the garden facing the lake is a bluestone patio with table and chairs and umbrella for outdoor dinning and relaxing.

An expansive lawn extends from the garden to the lake. There is plenty of space for lawn games and socializing. Near the beach is a large fire pit for cozy camp fires.

We have created a cozy sugar sand beach next to Sunset Bay's natural shoreline, which is home to frog, dragonfly and fish habitats. Beyond the short strand of bullrushes, the water is crystal clear with a weedless, sugar sand bottom, no muck, no stones or rocks and no drop offs. Just pure sand. The lake is only 3 feet deep at 250 feet from shore making it extremely safe for swimming and fun for water sports.

We have installed a year round dock, mooring pin, and floating swim platform for our guests exclusive use. The dock is not suitable for tying up boats at this time it is all steel and needs proper brackets. The mooring pin is used to secure the floating swim platform. If you rent a boat it can be pulled up on the beach or you will find chains off the ladder side of the swim platform suitable to anchor/moor a heavy boat.

My neighbor has graciously made available their water volleyball net. It is installed in knee deep water off the beach near the property line to the left. Great for badminton, volleyball, kick volleyball and all manner of net games.

Close to Crosslake, Brainerd, Crosby, Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point


Guests will have full access to the property, excluding a pantry off the main kitchen, attached and detached garages which owners use for storage. Watercraft are available on the water's edge and in the yard.

Dennis, your host, has been on the lake since 1969. Be sure to ask him about the best fishing spots on the lake.

All manner of rental boats are availiable in the area and often include delivery.

Close to Crosslake, Brainerd, Crosby, Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point


The property owner will greet guests upon their arrival, either personally or via telephone to go over the home basics. The property owner will trouble shoot any problems that arise during guests' stay.


Guests can rent boats or bring their own for waterskiing, cursing, fishing or tubing.

Horseshoe lake is a crystal clear 900 acre fresh water lake. It is never overcrowded and provides for excellent swimming, water sports, and fishing. The lake is filled with wildlife: loons, and other water fowl, muskrat, turtles, amphibians. It is also home to large mouth bass, northern pike, crappie, and sunfish.

Close to Crosslake, Brainerd, Crosby, Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point


1张双人床, 1张单人床
1张双人床, 1张单人床


额外房客 $25 / 晚 多于4位房客
清洁费 $199
押金 $750


Guests understand and agree to the following rules:

Your Host complies with MN Statutes Chapter 157 (If interested, contact Host for Compliance Certification Statement) and collects, as required by law, Local and State Taxes with a combined rate of 7.375%. The fees paid to Airbnb to secure your booking do not include these Local and State Sales Taxes.

Airbnb does not provide a means of collecting sales taxes during booking. A sales tax bill will be transmitted to you, through Airbnb, prior to your departure. A Guests booking constitutes agreement to separately pay this sales tax bill. Guests agree pay the sales tax by writing a check, during their period of occupancy, that is payable to: Up To The Lake LLC. Checks are to be left under the blotter by the iMac computer. Guests agree that Host can collect sales tax owing from Guests security deposit if Guest fails to remit a check for the sales tax owing. Thank You for your cooperation in this matter.

DO NOT rent this property if you are looking for a party house. Parties are prohibited. This is our family's home. Feel free to have a vigorous game of whiffle ball on the lawn, laugh around the campfire and holler up to the cabin from the beach for a drink and even invite a friend or two for dinner and friendly conversation. Our neighbors are lovely and enjoy seeing people having fun at the lake so please please behave reasonably. We monitor the property and strictly enforce the no extra guests and no parties policy. Our neighbors quiet enjoyment is our first priority.

The cleaning service usually arrives promptly at 11:00 am with a crew of four workers and requires access to the driveway and the entire property. The cleaning service charges us a fee of $100 per hour or portion of an hour that they must wait to enter the premise. Guests agrees that Host can collect from Guests security deposit any fee levied by the cleaning service because of a Guests late checkout. To avoid extra cleaning charges related to late checkout, consider packing the evening before your departure.

Guests will be charged for extra cleaning fees if the professional cleaning service assesses us additional cleaning fees or if your Host is required to hire a handyman to clean up a yard littered with garbage. To avoid extra cleaning fees please put everything back, including outdoor stuff, where you found it upon your arrival. No need to clean, just picked up is great. Our cleaning service cleans all surfaces.
1. Wash and put away all dishes, pans etc.; run dishwasher after your last meal. It is acceptable to leave your breakfast dishes in a running dishwasher on your final day.
2. Pick up all garbage from the yard and home and place in garbage bags.
3. Deposit rubbish in the wheeled garbage bin at the driveway entrance. If bin is full Guests agree to call Host as there is an alternate location for rubbish.
4. Bag and deposit all recycling in the plastic bin by the service door of the detached garage. If bin is full Guests agree to call Host as there is an alternate location for recycling.
5. Guests agree to never leave bags of rubbish or recycling on the property because it will attract animals which will scatter the refuse. Guests agree to clean up scattered refuse if they leave bags of garbage/recycling out and it is subsequently ransacked by animals.

Host provides firewood for free. We check firewood levels every three weeks. We have a large trailer filled with fire wood by the detached garage. There is a beautiful fire pit down by the beach. There is a ring for storing firewood down by the the fire pit. There is a wheelbarrow under the treehouse by the firewood. The amount of firewood in the trailer is quite large and should never get close to running out. If however you notice that the firewood is getting low please call your Host ASAP so we can get more as needed.

Guests understand and agree to haul the firewood they use to the fire ring down by the fire pit and return the wheelbarrow to its home under the treehouse. Guest are encouraged to leave the fire ring full of wood for the next Guest.

Please do not burn fires during the day so there is always wood at night for fires.

The rowboats are emptied and cleaned every three weeks by your Hosts.

Guests understand and agree that it rains and the rowboats will collect rainwater. Guests further understand agree that if they would like to use the rowboats, and there is rainwater in the boats, that they will have to pump the water from the boat(s). A hand pump is provided for this purpose by your Hosts(hanging on a tree branch by the dock). It is further understood that not all Guests use the rowboats and the boats can collect substantial amounts of rainwater over the three weeks between cleanings

The paddle boards are actually old Mistral One Design sailboards. They have they same specifications as racing class paddle boards. Guests understand that racing class paddle boards track better and are faster, but are not as stable as recreational class paddle boards. Adults, and heavier people in general, may find these boards more challenging.

Guests understand and agree that both the attached and detached garages are private and not for guests use. Guests are free to access the attached garage, from time to time, to access items stored in the attached garage. As private spaces these zones may be cluttered.

The Grill is cleaned and prepped every three weeks by your Hosts. The cleaning service does not clean grills.

Hosts prepping includes providing three filled reserve propane tanks. This is a lot of propane and should last much more then three weeks.

Still, Guests wanting to use the grill agree to check and insure that prior Guests did not use all the propane so that there remains enough propane for the Guests needs. Should propane run low/out and Guests want to grill, guests agree to take the tank(s) to a gas station for exchange. Guests agree to contact host about the charges and a refund for the propane exchange will be credited to your rental. No receipts are necessary.

Guests agree, if they used the grill, to clean the grill at the end of their stay.

Guests understand and agree that the cleanliness of the grill is dependent on prior guests and that if the grill is not up to their standards they will have to prepare the grill to their standards. Guests can of course turn on the burners to cook the grill clean and use the provided cleaning tools as necessary.

We make every attempt to never run out of anything. We are not perfect. Sometimes I expect we will fail. Just contact us and we will work very hard to make things right. There are not delivery service up there and sometimes Guests might have to drive to Cross Lake (7 miles away) to get a supply. We stock large quantities of supplies on site. Guests should call hosts to secure on site access to supply items that run out or are looking low. Guests understand and agree that if an item runs out (Soap, Toilet Paper, Detergents, paper towels, etc.) and the item is not available on site, that the guest will supply the item and contact Host for reimbursement. Host will immediately credit Guests rental account for the value of the item(s). Receipt are not necessary.

Robomow (Moe):
We have been very successful in keeping woodticks/deerticks out of the yard. We accomplish this primarily by keeping the grass short.

Moe is our tool for keeping the grass short. He cuts the grass starting every Friday night at 9:30 PM. He is nearly silent.

Guest agree and understand that they will have to clean the front (lakeside yard) prior to this time. There are plenty of places to store stuff in the front yard where Moe does not cut. Use the condition of the yard when you arrived as a template. In addition to those areas where Moe does not venture you can leave stuff in the beach area. You can still use the yard when Moe is cutting. He is very slow and has a front bumper to sense obstructions. Also 9:30 is mosquito time and you will be departing the next morning; making way for Moe is a good excuse to prepare for departure.

Of course you can feel free to have a last night campfire. Moe has a flashing red light in his nose and a white light on his back. You will see him coming in the dark. Moe does not come onto the outside fire pit patio.

If you are an arriving Guest Moe may still be cutting the front yard as late as 7 PM Saturday night. (3 hours after your earliest arrival). Arriving guest agree to accommodate Moe by just avoiding him as he putts along and agree to not leaving things in his path that he can run over. After this time Guests are free to use the front yard at will until Friday night at 9:30 PM.

Between 5 PM and 7 PM Moe starts cutting the grass in the back yard (by the Detached Garage). He will cut all night long and will be done with the back yard by noon on Sunday. Guests agree to keep the back yard free of stuff Moe can run over until noon on Sunday.

Your hosts weed and detail the yard sometime during the first full week of each month. We are a pesticide and herbicide free property. My family has owned this property for over 30 years. We and the prior owner never sprayed chemicals. That said we are not weed free. We have beautiful, huge, full perennial gardens and sometime a weed even gets out of control during our three to four week absence. We hope you appreciate the exceptional number, size and beauty of our gardens and are understanding of our chemical free approach to gardening/yard maintenance and the natural battle we gladly wage with our weeds. Guests agree to not fog our property (yard/gardens) for bugs. Our property is essentially free of mosquitos from midnight until sunset each day. There are some flies/horse-flies/deer-flies during the day but never enough that we personally find it necessary to use bug repellent. There are lots of mosquitoes from sunset until around 11 Pm/midnight after which time they generally diminish dramatically. Most folks will want bug repellent during that time. Cheers. Enjoy.

All pet guests require pre-approval. If at all possible please send us an inquiry that addresses the concerns below prior to using instant book. If you do instant book please immediately message us about pet appriovals.

When inquiring about pets, please provide information about the animal´s breed, size and temperament.

1. Dogs only; with pre-approval.
2. Dogs left alone in the home must be confined to laundry room/entryway area of the house, which is quite large with windows, and very comfortable.
3. No dogs with a history of aggression toward people.
4. No dogs that display aggression with other dogs.
5. No dogs that are not house trained, including chewing
6. Guest must immediately clean up after their pets.
8. Pets that bark when you leave the house must never be left alone in the house.





Beautiful home in beautiful setting. True to pictures and written descriptions. Wonderful experience!

Lovingly cared for home and gardens that will take your breath away. From kayaks and bikes to a fully outfitted kitchen it all so welcoming and easy to vacation here. The beachfront and lake are beautiful- truly all sand. It was a wonderful and relaxing trip for our family to a little slice of zen paradise on Horseshoe Lake. We had so much fun, thank you Dennis for being such a thoughtful host and sharing your lovely home.
We are always pleased when folks enjoy themselves at our home. We love the lake and it warms our hearts when others can see the beauty our perfect yet imperfect home. Cheers Dennis

This place is absolutely amazing. Better than any resort with all the offerings- even floaties already blown up. It was perfect for our kids and puppy but also we couldn't have asked for better with my mom who has a spinal cord injury. She could get into the water with assistance because the water elevation is so level. The water is so clean and the pictures of the cabin don't even begin to do it justice. We were so excited when we got there at how nice it was. We had one of the best weeks ever. It is right in the middle of the busier lakes so you still get all the shops and such but the peacefulness of this cabin and lake were priceless. Thank you!

The house was spacious well equipped and comfy. I would describe it as antiques meet zen garden Quirky charm! The lake was peaceful and so clear Loved kayaking We had lots of wind but also Incredible sunrises and sunsets. Fire pit is fantastic As are the fireplaces inside the house Would return any time of year A fun up north week! My only complaint was that mission park which is walking distance away was resurfacing their tennis courts So we had to drive to Nissaw to play

Dennis' family lakehouse is exactly as described and could not have been a better location for our relaxing week at the lake. The lake is beautiful and full of fish, the house is comfortable and provides everything needed to relax and unwind. Dennis is an incredibly accommodating host and communication was frequent and easy. Thank you Dennis for helping us escape the Texas heat and enjoy a week of family time in paradise. We look forward to a return visit.

We absolutely loved our stay at Dennis's cabin, it was a gorgeous home and property with everything we needed for a great family vacation! The layout of the home was perfect for multiple families, and the property was perfect for both adults and young children. Dennis was a fantastic host, providing quick answers to our questions both before & during our stay. Thank you!!

I rented this beautiful, secluded vacation home to get away for a few days in a private retreat -- to work and contemplate in the beauty of a frozen lake and the quiet of ... a frozen lake. Dennis' home is absolutely perfect for such a retreat, and for a bustling family. It has everything needed for relaxing, cooking, and, as I did, retreating. It has internet and access to streaming television (if you want such things). Ten minutes to a grocery and liquor store (if you want such things). The home is clean and well appointed. Linens and beds were clean and soft and comfortable. There are two super efficient and relatively-easy to use fireplaces with all the wood you'll need (don't forget to bring newsprint to start the fire). Communication with Dennis was superior. He was quick to reply during the reservation process and did a walk through of the property by phone once I was checked in (very important, but very easy). And, once settled in, Dennis was quick to reply to the one or two questions I had. Spending a few days on a beautiful frozen lake, in the shortened days of winter, was perfect. The deer roamed in the late afternoon, and some fishermen were in their fish/ice houses. And, today, I saw a lone wolf in the middle of the lake. It was an amazing sight, as it pounced, rested, and walked about like it owned the place. Very very cool. I loved the time up North and this home was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty and solitude.

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My wife Kristin and I run a retail store. We enjoy outdoor sports. We water, cross country and downhill skiers, love to road bike and run. We love travel and sharing our home with people from around the world.

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