Stor altan vid poolen. Solstolar (2) och matgrupp. Hus och gästhus. 4000 kvm tomt är det totalt. Inga hus som syns från tomten men Roxenbaden är en liten ort med stora tomter och fina hus så det är inte öde.
Summerhouse with pool and space for a big family




2 - 12岁

House in Roxenbaden, near Berg and Linköping in a nice rural area with lovely houses. Swimming pool 8*4, heated and a large pool deck. Several sitting areas outside. Property of 4000 sqm. One main building, one guest house and a small guest house with two beds. In total 10 beds and a sofa bed but we prefer a max of 8 guests since there is one bathroom. Shower and Cinderella toilet (will look for translation). Dishwasher and kitchen as well as bbq. Four bedrooms + extra little house w 2 beds.


Two houses. A swimming pool and setting in a beautiful, charming and quiet area in Östergötland, near Linköping. BBQ, sun chairs, big garden. Shower and incineration toilet in bathroom. Outhouse and outdoor shower as well. There is a trampoline but it is seven years old and has been outside during winters so we cannot guarantee safety. Use if you wish but on own risk.


Main building, approx 80 sqm. Guest house approx. 35 sqm. Small guest house with two beds. Pool june-august. Outdoor toilet. There is a trampoline but it is seven years old and has been outside during winters so we cannot guarantee safety. Use if you wish but on own risk.


4000 sqm prop with two houses, one with kitchen, one with kitchenette. Peaceful area, beautiful houses in the area of Roxenbaden.

There are three houses you can use. Main house, guest house, called Lilla huset and a small guest house by the grill, called Bryggan.

Shower and toilet
There is an incineration toilet - Cinderella - and a shower cabin with an enterance by main house. Instrux to toilet can be found in the bathroom. The lock to the door is a bit strange - you need to pull it and then lock the wrong way :).

There is also a outhouse/utedass in the building closest to gate. There is a solar heated outdoor shower by the pool.

Please go pee outdoors in outskirts of garden if possible. The cinderella toilet doesn't like too many visits and too much fluid.

We have our own water from a well. In the main house and bathroom we have hot and cold water. There is often no problem with the water supply with normal use but there are limits in how you can use it aspecially if you are several persons. And sadly this years winter has been very dry in the area so it is extra sensitive. Always be careful not to use to much water while showering etc. We drink the water but some of us in the family and some guests prefer buying bottled water - so do as you wish. If there is a temporary shortage of water, let it fill up during the night and fill up the plastic tank in kitchen from a gas station or Sandvik camping. There are also showers in Sandvik camping. Please also contact us if this should happen.

Soap, shampoo etc is available to use. Also tablets for dishing machine. Feel free to use!

Also feel free to use paper plates and plastic glasses in cupboard to avoid using dish washer too frequently.

There are two grills. Do not forget turning of the gas! Instruction: Lift lid, turn on gas to open-mode, turn on the knods. To close - do the opposite - turn of knods, close gas (!) and close lid. Please clean after use. Turn of gas.

There are two tv:s. Use chrome cast Or watch dvd in main house. Please feel free to watch some of all the films piled up besides the TV. We have a lot of DVDs. The TV reception is better in the guest house. To watch tv1, tv2 and tv4 (and perhaps some other) in main house put it in Av1. Av2 is for dvd and hdmi1 is for "chrome cast" (from your smart phones). The app is available in app stores. The TV in the guest house is better (antenna is better) but you can also use dvd fromThe play station 3 if you wish.

Yes, in main building.

Key is in a key safe in kitchen. Always keep a closed pool when not supervising. It is regulated by law. Do not eat or drink in pool. No sharp objects and please be careful with our pool alltogether.

There are birds, deer and other animals in the neighbourhood. Hope you get to see some. Please be gentle with nature, do not litter and do not shout out loud or play loud music either. We have neighbours. No parties allowed. If you smoke do it outdoors but careful not to throw cigarettes in the nature. It is never ok of course but it is also very dangerous since we have had a very dry season with fires not to far away.

There are games and balls of different sorts. Play!

Sheets and towels
In cupboard in main bedroom. Put in Ikea bag before leaving.

Throw garbage in plastic bags in big green dust bin car entrance.

Cupboards in kitchen.
Two cuboards over sink. One for your food supplies and one with plates and glasses. Drawers contain cuttleries and stuff needed while cooking. please seal/close packages with food if you put fex pasta there.

Cleaning before leaving
Please throw garbage, do dishes and if needed wipe of food stains and use vakuum. Put sheets and towels in Ikea bag.

No pets
Pets are not allowed due to allergy. Nor is smoking allowed.

Feel cold?

Infra heater - on veranda at the "grillhouse " there is a nice heater above the table for grill evenings outdoors. Switch on the wall. Switch it off after using.

Fireplaces indoors - do not use them. we need to get them controlled. Use radiators if it is cold inside.

Outdoor lighting

There is a switch in the dining room and one in the kitchen to light up lamps outdoors. There are also lamps on guesthoise and by the grill. Switches inside these houses.

Fridge and freezer
Look in kitchen, guesthouse and cellar (same key as to main house to cellar - Access from pool side). Three small fridges and one freezer.

First aid
Look in small white cupboard above sink and in bath room.

Treat the house nicely and with love. It is a relaxing lovely place to be. The main house is more than a 100 years old as is the area of Roxenbaden. It is a beautiful area! No loud music or noise at night outdoors. It is a quiet area with friendly neighbors who do not want to be disturbed.

There are also two buildings you see from the pool. One old old house and one storage house. They are not maintained or for use at the moment.

The garden is 4000 sqm and you may also use the grass area outside our little white gate. This gate and the path leads to Roxenbadenvägen. If you walk it, turn left and go down to the water (pass a yellow and a new white house) you will find a small beach. If the water filled with algues, have a nice swim. Otherwise use our pool. :)

There is a trampoline but it is seven years old and has been outside during winters so we cannot guarantee safety. Use if you wish but on own risk.

Please contact us directly if something goes wrong or if you need help with devices. We are happy to help!

卫生间: 1
卧室: 5
床铺: 10
入住时间: 15:00后
退房时间: 14:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓
自助入住: 密码钥匙盒


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $103
押金 $129
满1周立减: 10%







Very traditional Swedish holiday home, brilliant surroundings, houses and pool. Would recommend anyone to stay here. The host Ylva could not have been more helpful before and during our stay.

斯德哥尔摩, 瑞典注册时间:七月 2016

Ylva och Joakim Rosing + två tonårsbarn.
Vi har själva hyrt hus, i Frankrike ett par ganger och en gång i Sverige så vi vet att det är spännande att komma till en ny plats och rå sig själva. Vi älskar vårt fina ställe i Roxenbaden men tonåringarna vill gärna göra lite andra saker så vi ser att vi kan hyra ut det delvis så att också andra får njuta av att vara där.

We are a family of four. We have rented houses ourselves and really like that way of seeing new places. Our teenagers can skip a few weeks in the country side now so we are ready to let others feel the nice well being feeling of Roxenbaden, in summer and in early autumn. We speak English and French besides Swedish of course.